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Doar Drives To Fifth Straight Fall Classic Title

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (October 7) – Brutally cold temps, damp air and breaks of sunshine is what mother nature sent Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway for the 20th Anniversary MTH Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports. An impressive 310 drivers signed in to battle over the duration of the weekend, and an even more impressive number of fans came to sit and watch the best of WISSOTA battle for the title, Fall Classic Champion.

Friday night’s program had heats for all eight WISSOTA classes and featured 294 cars, 34 races, 272 laps all being completed in just under four hours’ time. 

Saturday night’s program welcomed the USRA Late Models for a complete show in addition to B-features and Feature events for the WISSOTA Classes. The night proved to be exciting and eventful with side by side action, close battles, cautions, rollovers and some fence work, but, fans were treated to multiple hours of watching dirt fly.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks were the first of nine features of the night, with Brady Larson and Keith Tourville on the front row. Trouville snagged the early lead as Cody Kummer took second and Kyle Dykhoff claimed third. Dykhoff however retired to the infield, which allowed the top two drivers to pull away. Soon the yellow flag waved, and this would be the first of many yellow flags to fly. After the laps were chipped away, Kummer made his way into the top position. Cody Kummer held the lead the second half of the event and took the win. Jim Gullikson, Jeff Ekdahl, Keith Tourville and Hunter VanGilder claimed the top five points.

Andrew Inman claimed the early lead in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature and drove away while Wyatt Boyum and Brady Larson battled for second. Larson took the point and closed the gap Inman had established. The first caution of the race was triggered which started a snowball effect. As the drivers made their way through a handful of cautions, Larson secured the lead, but Inman and Boyum didn’t let him get away. With a handful of laps to go, one final caution slowed the drivers, and as the field was regrouped, Zach Benson and Inman gave it a final push to get the win. Inman, Benson and Larson raced three-wide for the lead and Benson remained at Larson’s door until the checkers waved. The margin of difference between first and second was a mere 0.056 seconds, and Brady Larson took the prize. Zach Benson settled for second with Andrew Inman, Haley Lee and Nick Ayotte rounding out the top five points.

After a couple of feature events plagued with cautions, the WISSOTA Late Models took the clay for their event and had a similar pattern. Pat Doar took the initial lead, but James Giossi moved in to battle for the point. Giossi nosed ahead on lap two, but a caution slowed the drivers. As the drivers retook the green, Giossi was in command but spun in the curve. Drivers scattered, contact occurred and both Giossi and Don Shaw rolled. More cautions took place throughout the event, including another incident with a driver going over on his side, and fence repairs had to take place. The feature was eventually completed in its entirety with Pat Doar making all the right and strategic moves on the track to earn him the win. Remaining top points were claimed by Daniel Bargender, Michael Leach, Nick Panitzke and Dave Mass.

The WISSOTA Modifieds also had a couple cautions in the opening laps, but when the race resumed, Shane Sabraski claimed the lead. Dave Cain and Ryan Gierke battled side by side for second, and they remained door to door for multiple laps until Gierke spun in turn three. The yellow was triggered which put Dan Ebert at Cain’s side. Sabraski led them back to green and Cain and Ebert fought for second. Ebert and Cain moved forward to go three-wide with Sabraski for first. Sabraski held the lead, but Ebert remained glued to his rear. After a few laps, Ebert nosed ahead for the lead, but Sabraski slid low and then high to take the point. As they exchanged slide jobs, Cain came back to battle. After a caution reset the field, Ebert, Sabraski and Cain went three-wide again for the lead with Ebert still in command. Slower drivers soon came into view and Ebert began to put drivers down a lap. Cain then found Clayton Wagamon at his door and they battled for second as they encountered lapped traffic. With the checkers in the air, Dave Cain took the second point followed by Clayton Wagamon, Don Eischens and Jody Bellefeuille as Dan Ebert took the win.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks also began their feature with a caution on lap one, however after the initial caution, they completed the remainder of their event without incident. As the green flew, drivers raced three and nearly four-wide on the race surface. Brandon Duellman nosed out first with Tim Johnson and Dylan Nelson to his rear. Duellman stretched his lead as Shane Sabraski took third and put pressure on Johnson. Johnson, Sabraski and Cole Chernosky raced three-wide for second as cars covered the entire race surface. Duellman prepared to lap slower cars which allowed Sabraski to reel in Duellman. Chernosky followed Sabraski and they both caught Duellman in traffic. They were nearly four-wide in the field as they fought for positions. Soon, the top six drivers all had a chance at the lead as they raced wide across the track with lapped cars mixed in. Shane Sabraski however made his way through the traffic and pulled away from the competitors to take the win. Dexton Koch, Dylan Nelson, Cole Chernosky and Brandon Duellman rounded out the top points.

Charlie Olson and Lucas Peterson brought the USRA Late Models to the stand for the next feature event, and Olson claimed the lead. Matthew Larson and Peterson kept close to Olson as the top three drivers separated themselves from the field. Peterson dropped back on the track while Larson remained glued to Olson. A quick caution was triggered for debris, but as the race resumed Olson was in command. Olson tried to speed away, however Larson kept close. With five laps to go, Larson nosed ahead at the line. Matthew Larson secured the lead the final couple laps and took the checkers for his first ever USRA Late Model win. Charlie Olson, Cade Nelson, Zack Drews and Lucas Peterson grabbed points two through five.

The WISSOTA Mod Fours took the track with Tommy Bawden and Dustin Holtquist on the front row. This race event was the final chance for Mod Fours to earn national points, and going into the event, Bawden and Holtquist were in a tie for the lead. They took the green side by side, and Bawden nosed ahead with the lead. Tyler Larson and Holtquist remained close, but Holtquist then got loose on the back stretch, which allowed Bawden to speed away from his competitor. Laps passed with Bawden tracking down slower drivers, and as he found traffic a caution was triggered. With only five laps to go, Bawden had Holtquist and Larson on his rear. They sped off when the green waved and Bawden held the lead. Holtquist, Larson and Tommy Pogones raced three wide for second when Holtquist raced back to Bawden’s side. They were nose to nose when the white waved, but as the checkers were raised, Holtquist’s pace slowed, and Tommy Bawden sped off to take the win. Tommy Pogones finished second with Tyler Larson, Dustin Holtquist and Connor Hass as the top finishers.

Jake Smith and Ryan Olson led the WISSOTA Pure Stocks to the stand for their feature event, and Olson claimed the early lead. Although a caution occurred and slowed the drivers, Olson was not affected by it. Ryan Olson led every lap of the feature event and took the win in a dominating performance. Remaining top points went to Austin Carlson, Rob Grabon, Jake Smith and James Rahn.

With the race event nearing the eighth hour of racing, the WISSOTA Hornets took the track to close out the 2023 Fall Classic. Mac Johnston, Joe Wilber and Adam VanDerostyne grabbed points one, two and three as the green waved. The top five drivers drove in a single file line, while drivers in points six through ten were nearly five-wide. With the race half over, the mid-pack racers still raced close for points as Johnston remained in the lead. With seven laps to go, the yellow lights flickered on and the drivers were sorted and reset. A couple more restarts occurred before the Hornets finished those seven laps, but it was Mac Johnston who remained the top racers and took the win. Joe Wilber, Travis Olafson, Anthony Jenson and Adam VanDerostyne rounded out the top five points.

The final checkers had flown, countless laps were turned, 310 drivers took the clay, and the 2023 MTH Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports was officially in the books. Thank you to all the drivers and fans who braved the brutally cold temps to enjoy hours of race action at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway. The 2023 season will come to a close on Friday October 20th and Saturday October 21st at the 13th Annual Topless Nationals. This is always a fun event, be sure to put it on your calendar and join us one final time this year, at the Big O.


WISSOTA Late Models
Feature: 1. 11D-Pat Doar[1]; 2. 10-Daniel Bargender[14]; 3. 01-Michael Leach[16]; 4. 22-Nick Panitzke[10]; 5. 2-Dave Mass[3]; 6. 6M-Jeff Massingill[18]; 7. 5E-Shane Edginton[24]; 8. 7-Harry Hanson[8]; 9. 21-Hunter Rasdon[23]; 10. 7C-Jim Carlson[13]; 11. 31-Travis Budisalovich[15]; 12. 21X-Joel Collins[25]; 13. 24M-Cody Martin[21]; 14. 5G-Scott Greer[19]; 15. (DNF) 42-Paul Niznik[26]; 16. (DNF) 10S-Cole Searing[20]; 17. (DNF) 1-Lukas Koski[12]; 18. (DNF) 85-John Kaanta[17]; 19. (DNF) 71-Zach Wohlers[22]; 20. (DNF) 7X-Jesse Glenz[2]; 21. (DNF) 11-James Giossi[4]; 22. (DNF) 173-Andy Jones[6]; 23. (DNF) 42S-Don Shaw[5]; 24. (DNF) 28-Jeff Provinzino[9]; 25. (DNF) 47-Danny Vang[7]; 26. (DNF) 5-Josh Zimpel[11]
B Feature 1: 1. 85-John Kaanta[1]; 2. 5G-Scott Greer[4]; 3. 24M-Cody Martin[3]; 4. 21-Hunter Rasdon[5]; 5. 1L-Trent Follmer[6]; 6. 12S-Trajan Schmidt[2]; 7. 7L-Scott Lehn[9]; 8. 2K-Patrick Kelley[8]; 9. 92-Richard Chasteen[7]; 10. (DNS) 55S-Ryan Schaufler
B Feature 2: 1. 6M-Jeff Massingill[2]; 2. 10S-Cole Searing[9]; 3. 71-Zach Wohlers[1]; 4. 5E-Shane Edginton[5]; 5. 21X-Joel Collins[3]; 6. 73-Larry Fitzsimmons[4]; 7. 42-Paul Niznik[7]; 8. 24-Jase Lien[6]; 9. 24C-Chuck Metzger[8]
Heat 1: 1. 11D-Pat Doar[4]; 2. 22-Nick Panitzke[2]; 3. 5-Josh Zimpel[1]; 4. 10-Daniel Bargender[6]; 5. 6M-Jeff Massingill[5]; 6. 5G-Scott Greer[7]; 7. 5E-Shane Edginton[3]; 8. 24C-Chuck Metzger[8]
Heat 2: 1. 7X-Jesse Glenz[2]; 2. 47-Danny Vang[3]; 3. 7-Harry Hanson[6]; 4. 31-Travis Budisalovich[5]; 5. 12S-Trajan Schmidt[4]; 6. 21X-Joel Collins[7]; 7. 21-Hunter Rasdon[8]; 8. 42-Paul Niznik[9]; 9. 7L-Scott Lehn[1]
Heat 3: 1. 2-Dave Mass[2]; 2. 173-Andy Jones[4]; 3. 1-Lukas Koski[3]; 4. 28-Jeff Provinzino[9]; 5. 85-John Kaanta[7]; 6. 73-Larry Fitzsimmons[1]; 7. 1L-Trent Follmer[6]; 8. 2K-Patrick Kelley[8]; 9. (DNF) 55S-Ryan Schaufler[5]
Heat 4: 1. 42S-Don Shaw[1]; 2. 11-James Giossi[5]; 3. 7C-Jim Carlson[3]; 4. 01-Michael Leach[4]; 5. 71-Zach Wohlers[7]; 6. 24M-Cody Martin[8]; 7. 24-Jase Lien[6]; 8. 92-Richard Chasteen[9]; 9. (DNF) 10S-Cole Searing[2]

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature: 1. 60-Dan Ebert[5]; 2. 2C-Dave Cain[4]; 3. 14W-Clayton Wagamon[7]; 4. 9E-Don Eischens[6]; 5. 11B-Jody Bellefeuille[8]; 6. 89JR-JT Johnson[13]; 7. 7A-Shane Sabraski[1]; 8. 26G-Ryan Gierke[3]; 9. 27P-Parker Anderson[19]; 10. 21-Jake Smith[21]; 11. 6ST-Joseph Thomas[14]; 12. 18A-Landon Atkinson[9]; 13. 22-Brandon Copp[22]; 14. 7-Brandon Mehrwerth[17]; 15. 06-Jeremy Nelson[23]; 16. 2*-Denis Czech[24]; 17. (DNF) 9B-Brendan Blascyk[12]; 18. (DNF) T40-Danny Thomas[15]; 19. (DNF) 9-Brady Uotinen[20]; 20. (DNF) 112-Brennan Gave[25]; 21. (DNF) 5K-Tyler Kaeter[10]; 22. (DNF) 442-Aaron Johnson[26]; 23. (DNF) 24D-Brandon Dolman[2]; 24. (DNF) 04JR-Adam Ayotte[11]; 25. (DNF) 32-Max Nelson[16]; 26. (DNF) 18S-Kennedy Swan[18]
B Feature 1: 1. 7-Brandon Mehrwerth[1]; 2. 27P-Parker Anderson[3]; 3. 21-Jake Smith[4]; 4. 06-Jeremy Nelson[12]; 5. 4A-Hunter Anderson[5]; 6. 88-Eric Lamm[7]; 7. 13-Cayden Schmeling[8]; 8. 15S-Wade Skindelien[6]; 9. (DNF) T23-John Toppozini[9]; 10. (DNF) 74-Shaun Kreyer[2]; 11. (DNF) 8-Dakota Smith[10]; 12. (DNF) 2G-Todd Gehl[11]
B Feature 2: 1. 18S-Kennedy Swan[6]; 2. 9-Brady Uotinen[2]; 3. 22-Brandon Copp[7]; 4. 2*-Denis Czech[1]; 5. 38-Simon Wahlstrom[5]; 6. 112-Brennan Gave[4]; 7. 442-Aaron Johnson[10]; 8. WIN1-Karl Leavenworth[11]; 9. 2-Charlie Castle[9]; 10. 11X-Austin Chyba[12]; 11. 24-Tyler English[8]; 12. (DNF) 1L-Donnie Lofdahl[3]
Heat 1: 1. 11B-Jody Bellefeuille[1]; 2. 9E-Don Eischens[5]; 3. 7-Brandon Mehrwerth[3]; 4. 9B-Brendan Blascyk[8]; 5. 112-Brennan Gave[7]; 6. 88-Eric Lamm[6]; 7. 24-Tyler English[2]; 8. (DNF) 06-Jeremy Nelson[4]
Heat 2: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[6]; 2. 14W-Clayton Wagamon[5]; 3. 2*-Denis Czech[3]; 4. 6ST-Joseph Thomas[7]; 5. 9-Brady Uotinen[8]; 6. 15S-Wade Skindelien[4]; 7. (DNF) 2G-Todd Gehl[1]; 8. (DNF) WIN1-Karl Leavenworth[2]
Heat 3: 1. 18A-Landon Atkinson[1]; 2. 2C-Dave Cain[6]; 3. T40-Danny Thomas[2]; 4. 21-Jake Smith[4]; 5. 27P-Parker Anderson[8]; 6. 18S-Kennedy Swan[5]; 7. T23-John Toppozini[7]; 8. 8-Dakota Smith[3]
Heat 4: 1. 26G-Ryan Gierke[4]; 2. 60-Dan Ebert[6]; 3. 04JR-Adam Ayotte[5]; 4. 89JR-JT Johnson[8]; 5. 4A-Hunter Anderson[2]; 6. 38-Simon Wahlstrom[3]; 7. 13-Cayden Schmeling[1]; 8. 442-Aaron Johnson[7]
Heat 5: 1. 24D-Brandon Dolman[5]; 2. 5K-Tyler Kaeter[3]; 3. 32-Max Nelson[2]; 4. 1L-Donnie Lofdahl[1]; 5. 74-Shaun Kreyer[8]; 6. 22-Brandon Copp[6]; 7. 2-Charlie Castle[7]; 8. (DNS) 11X-Austin Chyba

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[8]; 2. 78K-Dexton Koch[12]; 3. 25-Dylan Nelson[7]; 4. 33C-Cole Chernosky[9]; 5. 0-Brandon Duellman[1]; 6. 81-Tim Johnson[3]; 7. 19-Tristan LaBarge[5]; 8. 7R-Tommy Richards[6]; 9. 21C-Patrick Beeksma[15]; 10. 71-Brandon Clemens[2]; 11. 12K-Duane (DJ) Keeler[16]; 12. 24W-Chris Wark[10]; 13. 14-Russell Kostreba[22]; 14. L1-Andrew Johnson[20]; 15. 33-Aaron Johnson[4]; 16. T23-John Toppozini[14]; 17. 3-Brandon Linquist[21]; 18. 71XX-Travis Scott[23]; 19. 5-Jason Havel[27]; 20. 00E-Tanner Erickson[24]; 21. (DNF) 9-Dylan Kromschroeder[25]; 22. (DNF) 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[18]; 23. (DNF) 77L-Scott Lawrence[26]; 24. (DNF) 2*-Denis Czech[13]; 25. (DNF) 22N-Dan Nissalke[17]; 26. (DNF) 06-Jeremy Nelson[19]; 27. (DNF) 19X-James Trantina III[11]
B Feature 1: 1. 22N-Dan Nissalke[7]; 2. L1-Andrew Johnson[1]; 3. 71XX-Travis Scott[2]; 4. 17-Ryan Kostreba[5]; 5. 77L-Scott Lawrence[8]; 6. 71X-William Fisher[6]; 7. 57C-Dalton Carlson[9]; 8. 9K-Kolby Kiehl[13]; 9. 81X-Matt Sparby[3]; 10. 4A-Allan Cleveland[10]; 11. (DNF) 77J-Jim Critser[11]; 12. (DNS) 8T-Nicholas Schultz; 13. (DQ) 44K-Joshua Kough[4]
B Feature 2: 1. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[3]; 2. 3-Brandon Linquist[1]; 3. 00E-Tanner Erickson[5]; 4. 69-John Adams[2]; 5. 21X-Joel Collins[4]; 6. 2-Matt Melhouse[9]; 7. 57-Wes Hines[6]; 8. 1-Karter Reents[12]; 9. 67-Ryan Satter[7]; 10. 214-Tucker Budreau[10]; 11. 11G-Riley Groshong[11]; 12. 00-Jason Hobbs[8]; 13. (DNS) 77-Andy Ladd
B Feature 3: 1. 06-Jeremy Nelson[2]; 2. 14-Russell Kostreba[1]; 3. 9-Dylan Kromschroeder[3]; 4. 5-Jason Havel[4]; 5. 43-Kyle Matuska[5]; 6. 24L-Jase Lien[6]; 7. 2XL-Jason Garner[7]; 8. 11-Kevin Salin[11]; 9. 2F-Jeffrey Frey[8]; 10. 12-David Dosh[10]; 11. T26-Nic Lewis[9]; 12. (DNF) 6SIX-Forrest Foster[13]; 13. (DNS) 28-Brandon Englund
Heat 1: 1. 0-Brandon Duellman[9]; 2. 19-Tristan LaBarge[7]; 3. T23-John Toppozini[6]; 4. 81X-Matt Sparby[2]; 5. 43-Kyle Matuska[5]; 6. 71X-William Fisher[8]; 7. (DNF) 8T-Nicholas Schultz[1]; 8. (DNF) 28-Brandon Englund[4]; 9. (DNF) 77-Andy Ladd[3]
Heat 2: 1. 25-Dylan Nelson[2]; 2. 7R-Tommy Richards[6]; 3. 3-Brandon Linquist[4]; 4. 14-Russell Kostreba[7]; 5. 71XX-Travis Scott[9]; 6. 24L-Jase Lien[3]; 7. 2XL-Jason Garner[8]; 8. T26-Nic Lewis[5]; 9. 12-David Dosh[1]
Heat 3: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[2]; 2. 19X-James Trantina III[4]; 3. 78K-Dexton Koch[7]; 4. 06-Jeremy Nelson[1]; 5. 17-Ryan Kostreba[3]; 6. 22N-Dan Nissalke[5]; 7. 77L-Scott Lawrence[8]; 8. 2-Matt Melhouse[9]; 9. 11G-Riley Groshong[6]
Heat 4: 1. 33C-Cole Chernosky[2]; 2. 21C-Patrick Beeksma[1]; 3. 12K-Duane (DJ) Keeler[5]; 4. 44K-Joshua Kough[4]; 5. 21X-Joel Collins[7]; 6. 67-Ryan Satter[6]; 7. 00-Jason Hobbs[3]; 8. 214-Tucker Budreau[8]; 9. 11-Kevin Salin[9]
Heat 5: 1. 33-Aaron Johnson[4]; 2. 71-Brandon Clemens[8]; 3. L1-Andrew Johnson[5]; 4. 9-Dylan Kromschroeder[3]; 5. 69-John Adams[9]; 6. 57-Wes Hines[7]; 7. 2F-Jeffrey Frey[6]; 8. (DNF) 1-Karter Reents[2]; 9. (DNF) 9K-Kolby Kiehl[1]
Heat 6: 1. 24W-Chris Wark[1]; 2. 81-Tim Johnson[8]; 3. 2*-Denis Czech[7]; 4. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[2]; 5. 00E-Tanner Erickson[3]; 6. 5-Jason Havel[9]; 7. 57C-Dalton Carlson[6]; 8. 4A-Allan Cleveland[5]; 9. 77J-Jim Critser[4]

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature: 1. 63JR-Brady Larson[3]; 2. 17B-Zach Benson[5]; 3. 11JR-Andrew Inman[2]; 4. 50H-Haley Lee[13]; 5. 04N-Nick Ayotte[11]; 6. 33C-Cole Boston[22]; 7. 21-Wyatt Boyum[1]; 8. 9M-Jake Molitor[4]; 9. 13B-Jess Brekke[18]; 10. 44FX-Mark Froehlich[7]; 11. 17-Ashley Mehrwerth[21]; 12. 27-Corey Mehrwerth[9]; 13. 69R-Terry Reilly[23]; 14. 16-Garrett Paull[20]; 15. 11-Ashton Schulte[16]; 16. 12-Derek Stanoch[27]; 17. 13-Devyn Weleski[24]; 18. (DNF) 74-Gary James Nelson[12]; 19. (DNF) 3T-Travis Schulte[8]; 20. (DNF) 60-Dan Ebert[14]; 21. (DNF) 16V-Jason VandeKamp[19]; 22. (DNF) 69-Justin Bassa[6]; 23. (DNF) B37-Cody Borgeson[25]; 24. (DNF) 14K-Shawn Kelley[17]; 25. (DNF) 86-Don Smith[15]; 26. (DNF) 19X-James Trantina III[10]; 27. (DNF) 87-William Moelter[26]
B Feature 1: 1. 14K-Shawn Kelley[1]; 2. 16-Garrett Paull[4]; 3. 69R-Terry Reilly[2]; 4. 12-Derek Stanoch[3]; 5. 30K-Jake Kierstead[7]; 6. 3D-Daniel Bjonfald[5]; 7. 4W-Joey Wagamon[12]; 8. 08-Levi Voss[6]; 9. X-Tucker Jacobson[15]; 10. 743-Devon Charpenter[13]; 11. 1-Joe Pangrac[14]; 12. 46G-Brockton Grams[10]; 13. (DNF) 18X-Connor Drewry[17]; 14. (DNF) 78-Cole Anderson[11]; 15. (DNF) 7A-Eric Anderson[8]; 16. (DNS) 5-David Swearingen; 17. (DNS) 32LLL-Cody Carlson
B Feature 2: 1. 13B-Jess Brekke[2]; 2. 17-Ashley Mehrwerth[7]; 3. 13-Devyn Weleski[6]; 4. 10-Mervin Castle III[10]; 5. 28-Paul Ripley[5]; 6. 33-Jake Hagemann[14]; 7. 89-Matt Klukas[3]; 8. DIRT-Tim Siercks[1]; 9. 32J-John Howard[8]; 10. 19-Darrin Lawler[11]; 11. 980-Kaden Woodie[4]; 12. 23-Alexander McFarlen[9]; 13. 97X-Brian Schott[12]; 14. 13BB-Chris Bretting[13]; 15. 45-Keegan Kough[15]; 16. 198-Zach Augustus[16]; 17. (DNS) 47-Erik Gruhlke
B Feature 3: 1. 16V-Jason VandeKamp[2]; 2. 33C-Cole Boston[5]; 3. B37-Cody Borgeson[4]; 4. 28T-Scott Tofte[7]; 5. 3P-David Pixley[11]; 6. 33CC-Cole Chernosky[8]; 7. 7G-Rick Grams[1]; 8. 48-Cole Kelley[3]; 9. 87-William Moelter[15]; 10. 74J-Corey Koenig[6]; 11. 32N-Nick Howard[13]; 12. 61-Andrea Keeney[12]; 13. 03-Bryce Huff[16]; 14. (DNF) 2DB-Daniel Berglund[10]; 15. (DNF) 445-Charles Bistodeau[9]; 16. (DNF) 11R-Landyn Randt[17]; 17. (DNF) 2D-Jonathan Dulas[14]
Heat 1: 1. 69-Justin Bassa[2]; 2. 11JR-Andrew Inman[8]; 3. 7G-Rick Grams[4]; 4. 13B-Jess Brekke[7]; 5. 12-Derek Stanoch[10]; 6. 17-Ashley Mehrwerth[9]; 7. 78-Cole Anderson[6]; 8. 743-Devon Charpenter[3]; 9. 1-Joe Pangrac[5]; 10. X-Tucker Jacobson[1]
Heat 2: 1. 17B-Zach Benson[3]; 2. 11-Ashton Schulte[1]; 3. 48-Cole Kelley[2]; 4. 28-Paul Ripley[4]; 5. 16-Garrett Paull[9]; 6. 32LLL-Cody Carlson[5]; 7. 3P-David Pixley[7]; 8. 4W-Joey Wagamon[10]; 9. 33-Jake Hagemann[8]; 10. 45-Keegan Kough[6]
Heat 3: 1. 3T-Travis Schulte[1]; 2. 44FX-Mark Froehlich[5]; 3. 9M-Jake Molitor[10]; 4. 86-Don Smith[9]; 5. 30K-Jake Kierstead[6]; 6. 7A-Eric Anderson[2]; 7. 46G-Brockton Grams[8]; 8. 13BB-Chris Bretting[3]; 9. (DNF) 198-Zach Augustus[7]; 10. (DNF) 18X-Connor Drewry[4]
Heat 4: 1. 63JR-Brady Larson[4]; 2. 74-Gary James Nelson[3]; 3. DIRT-Tim Siercks[5]; 4. 3D-Daniel Bjonfald[1]; 5. 08-Levi Voss[7]; 6. 32J-John Howard[2]; 7. 19-Darrin Lawler[6]; 8. 97X-Brian Schott[10]; 9. (DNF) 03-Bryce Huff[9]; 10. (DNF) 47-Erik Gruhlke[8]
Heat 5: 1. 27-Corey Mehrwerth[1]; 2. 04N-Nick Ayotte[4]; 3. 60-Dan Ebert[6]; 4. 16V-Jason VandeKamp[7]; 5. B37-Cody Borgeson[8]; 6. 33CC-Cole Chernosky[2]; 7. 10-Mervin Castle III[3]; 8. 61-Andrea Keeney[9]; 9. (DNF) 5-David Swearingen[5]
Heat 6: 1. 21-Wyatt Boyum[6]; 2. 14K-Shawn Kelley[2]; 3. 89-Matt Klukas[1]; 4. 33C-Cole Boston[4]; 5. 13-Devyn Weleski[7]; 6. 28T-Scott Tofte[8]; 7. 2DB-Daniel Berglund[5]; 8. 32N-Nick Howard[3]; 9. 2D-Jonathan Dulas[9]
Heat 7: 1. 19X-James Trantina III[1]; 2. 50H-Haley Lee[3]; 3. 69R-Terry Reilly[4]; 4. 980-Kaden Woodie[5]; 5. 74J-Corey Koenig[7]; 6. 23-Alexander McFarlen[6]; 7. 445-Charles Bistodeau[9]; 8. (DNF) 87-William Moelter[8]; 9. (DNS) 11R-Landyn Randt

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature: 1. 12K-Cody Kummer[4]; 2. 21-Jim Gullikson[7]; 3. 11JR-Jeff Ekdahl[8]; 4. 111-Keith Tourville[2]; 5. 84-Hunter VanGilder[11]; 6. 01-Tommy Pogones[18]; 7. 40-Nick Traynor[6]; 8. 10T-Darek Turner[13]; 9. 05-Kyle Howland[24]; 10. 11F-Sam Fankhauser[14]; 11. 19C-Charlie Shiek[21]; 12. 33-Chris Dudley[23]; 13. 40L-Travis Loew[17]; 14. (DNF) 980-Kaden Woodie[12]; 15. (DNF) 26-Ty Agen[16]; 16. (DNF) 19-Brady Larson[1]; 17. (DNF) 55-Thomas Worth[25]; 18. (DNF) 11-Levi Randt[20]; 19. (DNF) 11K-Davey Kruchten[5]; 20. (DNF) 21H-Jacob Huston[19]; 21. (DNF) 3RJR-Cole Richards[22]; 22. (DNF) 51-Eric Riley[10]; 23. (DNF) 3R-Danny Richards[15]; 24. (DNF) 20-Andrew Hanson[9]; 25. (DNF) 9-Adam Soltis[26]; 26. (DNF) 11X-Kyle Dykhoff[3]
B Feature 1: 1. 40L-Travis Loew[1]; 2. 21H-Jacob Huston[5]; 3. 19C-Charlie Shiek[2]; 4. 33-Chris Dudley[4]; 5. T20-Michael Tuma[3]; 6. 20F-Connor Franson[13]; 7. 87X-Quentin Busitzky[11]; 8. 60-Andrew Milz[9]; 9. 66E-Steve Eggersgluess[10]; 10. 15-Jeff Hass[8]; 11. (DNF) KOL34-Kolton Brauer[12]; 12. (DNF) 52*-Aden Saunders[7]; 13. (DQ) 7-Caiden Engel[6]
B Feature 2: 1. 01-Tommy Pogones[6]; 2. 11-Levi Randt[5]; 3. 3RJR-Cole Richards[1]; 4. 05-Kyle Howland[9]; 5. 55-Thomas Worth[4]; 6. 9-Adam Soltis[3]; 7. 92R-Courtney Rose[12]; 8. 37X-Quain Busitzky[7]; 9. 17B-Rachel Boston[10]; 10. 24-Marcus Ammerman[11]; 11. 27-Joel Bjergo[8]; 12. (DNF) 12-Kammron Rose[2]
Heat 1: 1. 111-Keith Tourville[4]; 2. 11JR-Jeff Ekdahl[3]; 3. 40-Nick Traynor[8]; 4. 26-Ty Agen[6]; 5. 33-Chris Dudley[1]; 6. 9-Adam Soltis[9]; 7. 66E-Steve Eggersgluess[5]; 8. (DNF) 24-Marcus Ammerman[2]; 9. (DNS) 20F-Connor Franson
Heat 2: 1. 19-Brady Larson[6]; 2. 10T-Darek Turner[2]; 3. 11F-Sam Fankhauser[5]; 4. 12-Kammron Rose[3]; 5. 21H-Jacob Huston[4]; 6. 7-Caiden Engel[7]; 7. 60-Andrew Milz[1]; 8. 17B-Rachel Boston[8]
Heat 3: 1. 11X-Kyle Dykhoff[4]; 2. 84-Hunter VanGilder[1]; 3. 3R-Danny Richards[2]; 4. 40L-Travis Loew[6]; 5. 11-Levi Randt[5]; 6. 01-Tommy Pogones[7]; 7. 05-Kyle Howland[3]; 8. 87X-Quentin Busitzky[8]
Heat 4: 1. 12K-Cody Kummer[2]; 2. 980-Kaden Woodie[1]; 3. 21-Jim Gullikson[7]; 4. 3RJR-Cole Richards[5]; 5. 55-Thomas Worth[3]; 6. 37X-Quain Busitzky[6]; 7. 15-Jeff Hass[8]; 8. (DNF) KOL34-Kolton Brauer[4]
Heat 5: 1. 11K-Davey Kruchten[2]; 2. 20-Andrew Hanson[3]; 3. 51-Eric Riley[6]; 4. 19C-Charlie Shiek[1]; 5. T20-Michael Tuma[7]; 6. 52*-Aden Saunders[5]; 7. 27-Joel Bjergo[8]; 8. (DNF) 92R-Courtney Rose[4]

Feature (20 Laps): 1. TB81-Tommy Bawden[1]; 2. 04-Tommy Pogones[13]; 3. 7L-Tyler Larson[3]; 4. 5H-Dustin Holtquist[2]; 5. 15H-Connor Hass[5]; 6. 37-Dean Larson[4]; 7. N88-Gerrald Nohner[7]; 8. 31J-Denis Czech[10]; 9. 60-Maeghan Milz[8]; 10. 92-Nick Seitz[9]; 11. 14T-Rowan Tramm[15]; 12. N28-Hailey Nohner[11]; 13. (DNF) 7-Alexander McFarlen[6]; 14. (DNF) 18-Luke Erlandson[17]; 15. (DNS) 89-Chris McClain; 16. (DNS) 5-Robert Holtquist; 17. (DNS) 5JF-Brian Feda
Heat 1: 1. TB81-Tommy Bawden[6]; 2. 15H-Connor Hass[2]; 3. N88-Gerrald Nohner[3]; 4. 7-Alexander McFarlen[7]; 5. 31J-Denis Czech[4]; 6. N28-Hailey Nohner[8]; 7. (DNF) 04-Tommy Pogones[5]; 8. (DNF) 14T-Rowan Tramm[1]
Heat 2: 1. 7L-Tyler Larson[2]; 2. 5H-Dustin Holtquist[7]; 3. 37-Dean Larson[8]; 4. 60-Maeghan Milz[4]; 5. 92-Nick Seitz[1]; 6. (DNF) 5-Robert Holtquist[3]; 7. (DNF) 89-Chris McClain[5]; 8. (DNF) 5JF-Brian Feda[6]

WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Feature: 1. 1-Ryan Olson[2]; 2. 57-Austin Carlson[4]; 3. 16-Rob Grabon[6]; 4. 86J-Jake Smith[1]; 5. 23R-James Rahn[3]; 6. 25-Billy Binkley[11]; 7. 7D-Trevor Phillips[13]; 8. 62-Joshua Bitker[17]; 9. 8-Jonny Nowak[15]; 10. X81-Alexa Sparby[9]; 11. (DNF) 81-Charlie Pitcavage[10]; 12. (DNF) 72-Kevin Baumgarner[5]; 13. (DNF) 39-Deryk Weleski[7]; 14. (DNF) 70-Chris Dudley[8]; 15. (DNF) 24L-Aaron Bitker[12]; 16. (DNS) 3G-Guy Gaskill; 17. (DNS) 23-James Rich Jr
Heat 1: 1. 86J-Jake Smith[5]; 2. 1-Ryan Olson[6]; 3. 23R-James Rahn[9]; 4. 39-Deryk Weleski[7]; 5. 81-Charlie Pitcavage[3]; 6. 25-Billy Binkley[1]; 7. 7D-Trevor Phillips[2]; 8. 8-Jonny Nowak[4]; 9. (DNF) 62-Joshua Bitker[8]
Heat 2: 1. 57-Austin Carlson[1]; 2. 72-Kevin Baumgarner[3]; 3. 16-Rob Grabon[6]; 4. 70-Chris Dudley[7]; 5. X81-Alexa Sparby[2]; 6. 24L-Aaron Bitker[5]; 7. 3G-Guy Gaskill[4]; 8. 23-James Rich Jr[8]

Feature: 1. 13-Mac Johnston[3]; 2. 0K-Joseph Wilber[2]; 3. 00-Travis Olafson[7]; 4. 23T-Anthony Jenson[10]; 5. 87T-Adam VanDerostyne[1]; 6. 16-Brady Albertson[12]; 7. 73-Payson Patrin[11]; 8. 45-Andy Leino[21]; 9. 25K-McKenna Folstad[6]; 10. 14A-AJ House[8]; 11. 64-Eric Pfundt[9]; 12. 26H-Jenna Hagemann[4]; 13. 3-Scott Erickson[14]; 14. 10A-Riley Ament[19]; 15. 8X-Adam Throener[15]; 16. 25-Zeb Graves[22]; 17. 720-Jeff Lemon[24]; 18. 34-Mark Gangl[13]; 19. (DNF) 0X-Dylan Black[17]; 20. (DNF) 377-Ella Sparks[16]; 21. (DNF) 89J-Randy Jacoboski[18]; 22. (DNF) 20D-Derek Dunbar[23]; 23. (DNF) 2-Kole Kampsen[5]; 24. (DNF) 37C-Colton Trembath[20]
Heat 1: 1. 26H-Jenna Hagemann[1]; 2. 2-Kole Kampsen[4]; 3. 13-Mac Johnston[8]; 4. 64-Eric Pfundt[7]; 5. 3-Scott Erickson[6]; 6. 0X-Dylan Black[5]; 7. 10A-Riley Ament[2]; 8. (DNS) 20D-Derek Dunbar
Heat 2: 1. 87T-Adam VanDerostyne[4]; 2. 25K-McKenna Folstad[3]; 3. 14A-AJ House[5]; 4. 23T-Anthony Jenson[7]; 5. 8X-Adam Throener[2]; 6. 89J-Randy Jacoboski[6]; 7. (DNF) 720-Jeff Lemon[8]; 8. (DQ) 25-Zeb Graves[1]
Heat 3: 1. 0K-Joseph Wilber[2]; 2. 00-Travis Olafson[3]; 3. 73-Payson Patrin[1]; 4. 16-Brady Albertson[6]; 5. 34-Mark Gangl[7]; 6. 377-Ella Sparks[4]; 7. 37C-Colton Trembath[5]; 8. 45-Andy Leino[8]

USRA Late Models
Feature: 1. 1-Matthew Larson[3]; 2. 10CO-Charlie Olsen[1]; 3. 44-Cade Nelson[4]; 4. 0-Zack Drews[8]; 5. 65-Lucas Peterson[2]; 6. 208-Kory Ressie[7]; 7. 2-Derek Quinn[5]; 8. 24-Chuck Metzger[6]; 9. 63-Patrick Kelley[13]; 10. 35X-Parker Foster[9]; 11. 26D-Chad Dawson[12]; 12. (DNF) 50-Ben Wolden[10]; 13. (DNF) 73E-Brandon Englund[11]; 14. (DNS) 73-Joseph Fitzsimmons
Heat 1: 1. 10CO-Charlie Olsen[3]; 2. 1-Matthew Larson[6]; 3. 24-Chuck Metzger[1]; 4. 208-Kory Ressie[5]; 5. 50-Ben Wolden[4]; 6. 26D-Chad Dawson[7]; 7. (DNF) 63-Patrick Kelley[2]
Heat 2: 1. 65-Lucas Peterson[3]; 2. 2-Derek Quinn[2]; 3. 44-Cade Nelson[6]; 4. 0-Zack Drews[4]; 5. 35X-Parker Foster[1]; 6. 73E-Brandon Englund[7]; 7. (DNF) 73-Joseph Fitzsimmons[5]

Doar Headlines Winners at 19th Annual Minnesota Truck Headquarters Fall Classic Finale

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (October 8) – The 19th Annual Minnesota Truck Headquarters Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports came to a conclusion Saturday night at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway. A total of 11 BMains were ran in addition to all eight features with fans getting hours of watching great WISSOTA Dirt Race action. At the end of the night Pat Doar, Shane Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson, Jason VandeKamp, Justin Vogel, Landyn Randt, Ryan Olson and Nathan Kohl took home the hardware and big checks.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked off the first feature of the night with Tim Johnson in the early lead. Nick Traynor took second but found Justin Vogel at his side. Traynor and Vogel didn’t let Johnson get away as they kept close. A couple of cautions slowed the drivers, but Johnson, Traynor and Vogel remained in top points. Braden Brauer passed Traynor for third as Vogel raced to Johnson’s outside. Vogel nosed ahead with the lead but Johnson raced back to his side. Vogel broke away from Johnson with a few laps to go as Traynor and Brauer challenged Johnson. Justin Vogel kept his foot down and took his 5th Fall Classic Championship. Tim Johnson, Braden Brauer, Nick Traynor and Andrew Hanson rounded out the top points.

Haley Lee and Jason VandeKamp led the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds to the green and VandeKamp claimed the immediate lead. Lee held second but had Mitch Weiss at her side. Laps went by with Lee and Weiss in a battle for second, while VandeKamp continued to hold the lead. A caution slowed the drivers and as the green waved, VandeKamp, Travis Schulte and Lee snagged top points. Schulte and Lee raced parallel in the turns as Kennedy Swan and Jamie Davis broke into the top five. As the white flag was raised, Jason VandeKamp saw slower drivers on the horizon but the checkers waved and VandeKamp took his 2nd Fall Classic win. Travis Schulte, Haley Lee, Kennedy Swan and Jamie Davis finished in points two through five.

The WISSOTA Late Models rolled on the track for the night’s next feature. After a four-wide salute, they took the green with Harry Hanson and Dave Flynn on the front row. The drivers were nearly four wide as the race began and Don Shaw sped his way to the front. Just a few laps into the race, Shaw prepared to lap slower drivers. Shaw was in heavy traffic which allowed Dave Mass to close the margin. Mass was within a car length of Shaw as Pat Doar sped to Flynn’s side. Doar and Flynn were side by side for third a couple of laps as the yellow waved for debris. The drivers were sorted with Shaw on his own and Mass and Flynn to his rear. Shaw sped off on the restart as Doar took third and slid to Mass’ door. Mass then scraped the wall and Doar shot into second. Another caution was triggered for debris and the drivers were realigned. Shaw brought the drivers back to green, but Flynn and Doar drove to his sides. Doar shot into the lead as Shaw suffered a mechanical issue and retired to the infield. Hanson and Flynn kept close to Doar after another restart, but Doar put his foot down and pulled away. Pat Doar didn’t look back as he took the checkers and his 4th straight Fall Classic Championship. Remaining top points went to Shane Edginton, Jeff Massingill, Danny Vang and Harry Hanson.

Jody Bellefeuille and Jeremy Nelson lined row one of the WISSOTA Modifieds as they took the track for a 35 lap feature. As the green dropped, Shane Sabraski sped his way into the lead, but Bellefeuille raced to his door to take the point. Sabraski moved to the side of the #11 and after a couple laps of side by side racing, Sabraski edged out the lead. Sabraski put space between himself and the field as he encountered slower traffic as laps went by. After a caution for debris, Sabraski had Bellefeuille and Clayton Wagamon back on his rear. Bellefeuille didn’t let Sabraski get away as he sped to the side of the 7A. Sabraski and Bellefeuille slid by one another lap after lap as they swapped for the top point. Sabraski broke away from Bellefeuille, but the yellow then appeared again. With just a handful of laps to go, Shane Sabraski held the top point until the checkers waved and took his 8th Fall Classic win. Jody Bellefeuille, Ryan Gierke, Clayton Wagamon and Joseph Thomas grabbed points two through five.

After winning the Modifieds, Shane Sabraski jumped into his WISSOTA Super Stock and started inside of Denis Czech on row one. As the first lap wrapped up, Czech nosed out the lead over Sabraski with Dave Mass in third. Dexton Koch moved into the third point and raced the low line to go three wide with Czech and  Sabraski for the lead. Koch took the point and built up a commanding lead as a caution was triggered with eight laps to go. Mass and Jeremy Nelson were on Koch’s rear as the race resumed, however the yellow immediately followed. There was a muffler on the front stretch and it was from the 78k of Koch, so Koch’s night came to an abrupt end. Dave Mass assumed the lead when the race resumed with Nelson and Sabraski in tow. Nelson worked the middle groove and had a slight lead over Mass with few laps to go. Nelson then stretched that lead until the race concluded. Jeremy Nelson took his 3rd Fall Classic Championship with Dave Mass, Brandon Duellman, Shane Sabraski and Denis Czech as the top finishers.

Dean Larson and Robert Holtquist battled for the top point as the WISSOTA Mod Fours took the green. Holtquist snagged the spot with Skyler Smith and Landyn Randt to his rear. Randt slid by Smith for second and made his way to Holtquist’s side. The leaders caught a slower car which let Holtquist drive away, but Randt and Tommy Bawden chased him down. After a quick caution, the field was reset with both Levi and Landyn Randt on Holtquist’s bumper with ten laps still to race. Both Randt’s and Holtquist separated from the pack as Landyn Randt snuck by Holtquist. One final caution slowed the drivers, but Landyn Randt held the lead and took his first ever Fall Classic win. Remaining top points went to David Slovick, Connor Hass, Levi Randt and Skyler Smith.

Austin Carlson and Ryan Olson brought the WISSOTA Pure Stocks to the stand and Olson took the early lead. Carlson kept close to Olson the opening laps as the first caution occurred. Olson led the drivers back to green but a handful of cautions kept the Pures at a stop and go pace. As the race resumed, Josh Berg made his way to the top position with Olson and James Rahn in tow. Berg led the pack around the curves of the Big O, and with only four laps to go, Berg clipped a track tire and spun. Olson assumed the lead again with Rahn and Carlson back as the top three. Rahn moved to the inside line and snuck by Olson. With only two laps to go, James Rahn took the win. After going through post-race-tech however, Rahn was disqualified, and Ryan Olson was awarded the win. Josh Berg, Austin Carlson, Dusty Caspers and Andrew Milz rounded out the top five positions.

The WISSOTA Hornets took the clay for the final feature of the night. Jenna Hagemann and Brandon Nyberg filled row one of the race and as they took the green, the yellow soon followed. Hagemann edged out a slight lead, but Justin Barsness and Nyberg made the battle nearly three wide. Nyberg snagged the lead while Hagemann, Barsness, Joseph Wilber and Nathan Kohl raced close for points two through five. Nyberg had his cruise set as the race went red as Ryder Gangl rolled in turn three. Gangl was ok as the drivers settled back into positions. Nyberg brought the drivers back to green, but Kohl raced to his door. Kohl and Nyberg ran side by side nearly the final ten laps, but it was Nathan Kohl who took the win. After the top five drivers went through tech, drivers who finished in points two through five were disqualified. The final finishing order was Nathan Kohl as the champion with Jenna Hagemann, Jesse Turnvall, Joseph Wilber and Mark Gangl grabbing the points.

With the final checkers waving the 19th Annual Fall Classic was in the history books. The next and final race event of the 2022 season for Ogilvie Raceway will be the Topless Nationals on October 21st and 22nd.

WISSOTA Late Models
Feature: 1. 11D-Pat Doar[6]; 2. 5E-Shane Edginton[5]; 3. 6M-Jeff Massingill[15]; 4. 47-Danny Vang[14]; 5. 7-Harry Hanson[1]; 6. 21-Mike Bellefeuille[28]; 7. 29F-Dave Flynn[2]; 8. 31-Travis Budisalovich[16]; 9. 44-Cole Schill[13]; 10. 173-Andy Jones[8]; 11. 7C-Jim Carlson[7]; 12. 28-Max Nelson[17]; 13. 73-Brandon Englund[24]; 14. 73A-Adam Prieve[18]; 15. (DNF) T18-TJ Adams[26]; 16. (DNF) 11X-Jody Bellefeuille[11]; 17. (DNF) 18L-Rob Caho Jr[25]; 18. (DNF) 42S-Don Shaw[3]; 19. (DNF) 2-Dave Mass[4]; 20. (DNF) 21X-Joel Collins[10]; 21. (DNF) 5G-Scott Greer[23]; 22. (DNF) 42-Paul Niznik[12]; 23. (DNF) 17J-Marcus Simonson[20]; 24. (DNF) 12S-Brad Seng[27]; 25. (DNF) 0-Dakota Hubbard[21]; 26. (DNF) 5-Josh Zimpel[9]; 27. (DNF) 89-Scott Meeds[19]; 28. (DNF) 92-Richard Chasteen[22]

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[3]; 2. 11X-Jody Bellefeuille[1]; 3. 26G-Ryan Gierke[4]; 4. 14W-Clayton Wagamon[5]; 5. 6ST-Joseph Thomas[17]; 6. 9E-Don Eischens[6]; 7. 2C-Dave Cain[12]; 8. 89JR-JT Johnson[7]; 9. 57-Mike Anderson[13]; 10. 60-Dan Ebert[16]; 11. 33X-Justin Froemming[10]; 12. 112-Brennan Gave[23]; 13. 442-Aaron Johnson[22]; 14. 43K-Kaden Blaeser[14]; 15. T23-John Toppozini[24]; 16. 10W-Ward Imrie[18]; 17. 4J-Lee Grosz[20]; 18. 621-Colin Chaschuk[9]; 19. 8S-Tony Schill[21]; 20. 11-Sam Fankhauser[25]; 21. (DNF) 06-Jeremy Nelson[2]; 22. (DNF) 18A-Landon Atkinson[15]; 23. (DNF) 88-Eric Lamm[11]; 24. (DNF) 12A-Matt Aukland[19]; 25. (DNF) 2-Todd Gehl[8]
B Feature 1: 1. 6ST-Joseph Thomas[3]; 2. 12A-Matt Aukland[1]; 3. 8S-Tony Schill[2]; 4. 112-Brennan Gave[4]; 5. 40F-John Farrington[8]; 6. 11-Sam Fankhauser[6]; 7. 88W-Tanner Williamson[7]; 8. 4A-Hunter Anderson[9]; 9. 12-Tony Caissie[14]; 10. 17-Michael Procopio[12]; 11. 27-Chris Unrau[13]; 12. (DNF) 99K-Mark Kangas[5]; 13. (DNF) 04JR-Nick Ayotte[10]; 14. (DNS) 22M-Davey Mills; 15. (DQ) 15F-Devin Fouquette[11]
B Feature 2: 1. 10W-Ward Imrie[1]; 2. 4J-Lee Grosz[6]; 3. 442-Aaron Johnson[10]; 4. T23-John Toppozini[2]; 5. 99L-Steve Lavasseur[7]; 6. 2G-Brock Gronwold[8]; 7. 97L-Peter Loecken[14]; 8. 74-Dustin Wahl[9]; 9. 48-Marcus Simonson[3]; 10. 12W-Kent Winkelman[11]; 11. 99-Doyle Erickson[13]; 12. 8-Al Giesbrecht[12]; 13. 2D-Jonathan Dulas[15]; 14. (DNF) 7J-Rick Jacobson[5]; 15. (DNS) 36-Danny Bayer

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature: 1. 06-Jeremy Nelson[4]; 2. 2-Dave Mass[6]; 3. 0-Brandon Duellman[14]; 4. 7A-Shane Sabraski[1]; 5. 2C-Denis Czech[2]; 6. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[5]; 7. 46-Dustin Nelson[18]; 8. 19-James Trantina III[20]; 9. 3-Brandon Linquist[13]; 10. 77-Scott Lawrence[11]; 11. L1-Andrew Johnson[10]; 12. 24W-Chris Wark[8]; 13. 25-Dylan Nelson[19]; 14. 22T-Terran Spacek[15]; 15. 21-Jim Gullikson[12]; 16. 8-Matthew Larson[22]; 17. 5-Jason Havel[16]; 18. 76-Doug Koski[23]; 19. 15T-Erick Thiesse[25]; 20. (DNF) 51-Jeremiah Passow[24]; 21. (DNF) 17-Ryan Kostreba[21]; 22. (DNF) 19L-Tristan LaBarge[7]; 23. (DNF) 21X-Joel Collins[17]; 24. (DNF) 1-Karter Reents[3]; 25. (DQ) 78K-Dexton Koch[9]
B Feature 1: 1. 21X-Joel Collins[1]; 2. 25-Dylan Nelson[2]; 3. 17-Ryan Kostreba[14]; 4. 76-Doug Koski[4]; 5. 24-Chuck Metzger[5]; 6. 100-John Adams[3]; 7. 15T-Erick Thiesse[6]; 8. 8K-Nicholas Krattenmaker[7]; 9. 11-Kevin Salin[10]; 10. 2F-Jeffrey Frey[11]; 11. 2XL-Jason Garner[15]; 12. 41-Tommy Patton[13]; 13. 19X-William Fisher[12]; 14. 81L-Brian Lee[8]; 15. 62G-Kenny Barber[9]
B Feature 2: 1. 46-Dustin Nelson[1]; 2. 19-James Trantina III[3]; 3. 8-Matthew Larson[2]; 4. 51-Jeremiah Passow[7]; 5. 24L-Jase Lien[8]; 6. 10-Rich Bishop[11]; 7. 10X-Josh Schmidt[5]; 8. 14-Russell Kostreba[4]; 9. 37-Tyler Vanderby[9]; 10. 26-Matt Melhouse[14]; 11. 81-Riley Groshong[6]; 12. 12-David Dosh[12]; 13. (DNF) 23J-Jared Bamberger[10]; 14. (DNS) 89JR-JT Johnson

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature: 1. 95-Jason VandeKamp[2]; 2. 3T-Travis Schulte[5]; 3. 50H-Haley Lee[1]; 4. 18S-Kennedy Swan[12]; 5. 85-Jamie Davis[17]; 6. 23-Mitch Weiss[4]; 7. B37-Cody Borgeson[16]; 8. 13B-Jess Brekke[18]; 9. 33C-Cole Boston[11]; 10. 87-William Moelter[22]; 11. 9-Brady Uotinen[19]; 12. 17B-Zach Benson[24]; 13. 40-Mike Schnider[15]; 14. 69-Justin Bassa[3]; 15. 91-Jarrett Carter[20]; 16. 14-Adam Brotherton[8]; 17. 63X-Grayson Pratt[14]; 18. 27-Corey Mehrwerth[26]; 19. 17-Ashley Mehrwerth[23]; 20. 2TG-Tanner Gehl[25]; 21. EZ1-Randy Laage[10]; 22. 2-Charlie Castle[7]; 23. (DNF) 77X-Dylan McCaughan[21]; 24. (DNF) 12-Derek Stanoch[13]; 25. (DNF) 21-Wyatt Boyum[9]; 26. (DNF) 112-Brennan Gave[6]
B Feature 1: 1. 85-Jamie Davis[2]; 2. 91-Jarrett Carter[4]; 3. 17-Ashley Mehrwerth[16]; 4. 28-Jake Molitor[1]; 5. 16-Garrett Paull[3]; 6. H1-Matthew Larson[7]; 7. 27-Corey Mehrwerth[5]; 8. 40K-Colton Kramer[15]; 9. 08-Levi Voss[11]; 10. 873-Taven Woodie[10]; 11. 2D-Daniel Berglund[12]; 12. (DNF) 71S-Tim Siercks[8]; 13. (DNF) 32J-John Howard[13]; 14. (DNF) 10-Mervin Castle III[6]; 15. (DNF) 55-Jacob Toepper[9]; 16. (DNS) 89-Kolby Reed
B Feature 2: 1. 13B-Jess Brekke[1]; 2. 77X-Dylan McCaughan[2]; 3. 17B-Zach Benson[13]; 4. 24-Cole Elton[9]; 5. 14L-Ben Lewis[5]; 6. 13C-Chris Bretting[11]; 7. OK-Matt Kelley[10]; 8. 24T-Liz Toepper[12]; 9. 78-Cole Anderson[3]; 10. 7G-Rick Grams[8]; 11. 37-Joey Price[16]; 12. (DNF) 33-Jake Hagemann[7]; 13. (DNF) 7A-Eric Anderson[14]; 14. (DNS) 3P-David Pixley; 15. (DNS) 21R-Ross Siiter; 16. (DQ) 63JR-Brady Larson[4]
B Feature 3: 1. 9-Brady Uotinen[2]; 2. 87-William Moelter[3]; 3. 2TG-Tanner Gehl[12]; 4. 11-Ashton Schulte[7]; 5. 13-Devyn Weleski[6]; 6. 74J-Josh Christy[1]; 7. 19J-Jared Akervik[8]; 8. 61-Andrea Keeney[11]; 9. (DNF) 03-Bryce Huff[5]; 10. (DNF) 71B-David Siercks[9]; 11. (DNF) 13H-Kevin Hautala[15]; 12. (DNF) BAN1-Casey Kintner[14]; 13. (DNF) 19-Darrin Lawler[10]; 14. (DNS) 70JR-David Simpson; 15. (DNS) 44FX-Mark Froehlich; 16. (DNS) 13M-Cole Mueller

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature: 1. 10-Justin Vogel[3]; 2. 69JR-Tim Johnson[1]; 3. 34JR-Braden Brauer[8]; 4. 40-Nick Traynor[2]; 5. 20-Andrew Hanson[16]; 6. 11JR-Jeff Ekdahl[5]; 7. 24-James Clausen[4]; 8. 55-Thomas Worth[6]; 9. 26-Ty Agen[19]; 10. 67-Ryan Satter[17]; 11. 980-Kaden Woodie[18]; 12. 9-Adam Soltis[7]; 13. KOL34-Kolton Brauer[20]; 14. 05-Kyle Howland[24]; 15. 67R-Weston Ramsrud[9]; 16. 12-Kammron Rose[23]; 17. 01-Justin Pogones[10]; 18. 7-Caiden Engel[25]; 19. 35S-Kegan Stueve[22]; 20. T20-Michael Tuma[21]; 21. 7BR-Lucas Boyce[14]; 22. (DNF) 51-Eric Riley[13]; 23. (DNF) 19C-Charlie Shiek[11]; 24. (DNF) 36-Ross Spitzer[15]; 25. (DNF) 97-Hunter Domagala[12]
B Feature 1: 1. 67-Ryan Satter[3]; 2. 26-Ty Agen[6]; 3. T20-Michael Tuma[7]; 4. 12-Kammron Rose[2]; 5. 87X-Quentin Busitzky[4]; 6. 7-Caiden Engel[9]; 7. (DNF) 18-Gavin Rowland[8]; 8. (DNF) 7Z-Nick Emon[5]; 9. (DNF) 16-Greg Platzer[1]; 10. (DNF) 12X-Kurt Becken[10]
B Feature 2: 1. 980-Kaden Woodie[6]; 2. KOL34-Kolton Brauer[9]; 3. 35S-Kegan Stueve[1]; 4. 05-Kyle Howland[4]; 5. 77-Daniel Harstad[5]; 6. 37X-Quain Busitzky[2]; 7. 17-Zach Beaulieu[8]; 8. 69-Dominick Platow[7]; 9. 92R-Courtney Rose[10]; 10. (DNF) 27-Justis Bjergo[3]

Feature: 1. 11R-Landyn Randt[6]; 2. 17-David Slovick[8]; 3. 15H-Connor Hass[15]; 4. 11-Levi Randt[9]; 5. 16-Skyler Smith[4]; 6. 04-Tommy Pogones[10]; 7. XL1-Chad Funt[12]; 8. 7L-Tyler Larson[7]; 9. TB81-Tommy Bawden[5]; 10. 37-Dean Larson[1]; 11. N88-Gerrald Nohner[11]; 12. 6SIX-Forrest Foster[19]; 13. 99-Blake Erickson[14]; 14. 6-Patrick Specht[21]; 15. 89-Chris McClain[17]; 16. 60-Maeghan Milz[13]; 17. N28-Hailey Nohner[16]; 18. (DNF) 5H-Dustin Holtquist[18]; 19. (DNF) 5-Robert Holtquist[2]; 20. (DNF) 31J-Jordan Fischer[3]; 21. (DNF) 07-Donald Mead[20]

WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Feature: 1. 1-Ryan Olson[2]; 2. 35B-Josh Berg[5]; 3. 57-Austin Carlson[1]; 4. 5-Dusty Caspers[7]; 5. 60-Andrew Milz[9]; 6. 16R-Ashley Robinette[10]; 7. (DNF) 86J-Jake Smith[3]; 8. (DNF) 231-Tom Treviranus[4]; 9. (DNF) 26-Tyler Kachinske[12]; 10. (DNF) 131-Jessie Limberios[6]; 11. (DNF) 39-Deryk Weleski[11]; 12. (DNF) 62-Aaron Bitker[8]; 13. (DQ) 23R-James Rahn[13]

Feature: 1. 2JR-Nathan Kohl[9]; 2. 26H-Jenna Hagemann[1]; 3. 11-Jesse Turnvall[17]; 4. OK-Joseph Wilber[6]; 5. 34-Mark Gangl[11]; 6. 21-Paul George[13]; 7. 87T-Adam VanDerostyne[3]; 8. 21H-Blake Hawker[14]; 9. 16-Brady Albertson[19]; 10. 05R-Andrew Malinowski[21]; 11. 28-Josh Rowe[24]; 12. 53-Branley Theel[25]; 13. 94A-Bobie Arnes[22]; 14. (DNF) 59F-Zachary Furbur[23]; 15. (DNF) 41-Ryder Gangl[10]; 16. (DNF) 2-Mark Lambert[5]; 17. (DNF) 23T-Anthony Jenson[7]; 18. (DNF) 00T-Travis Olafson[18]; 19. (DNF) 14A-AJ House[8]; 20. (DNF) 73-Payson Patrin[20]; 21. (DQ) 13N-Brandon Nyberg[2]; 22. (DQ) 24-Marcus Ammerman[16]; 23. (DQ) 47J-Justin Barsness[4]; 24. (DQ) 113-Mac Johnston[12]; 25. (DQ) 37A-Alex Aderman[15]
B Feature 1: 1. 11-Jesse Turnvall[1]; 2. 16-Brady Albertson[3]; 3. 05R-Andrew Malinowski[13]; 4. 59F-Zachary Furbur[14]; 5. 19-Josh Backstrom[8]; 6. 8X-Adam Throener[9]; 7. 53-Branley Theel[4]; 8. 377-Ella Sparks[10]; 9. 85-Emily Acciari[7]; 10. (DNF) 5X-Peyton Edelman[2]; 11. (DNF) 97X-Carter Kmett[12]; 12. (DNF) 11PX-Hunter Goulet[11]; 13. (DNS) 40-Adam Post; 14. (DQ) 119-Brandon Backstrom[6]
B Feature 2: 1. 00T-Travis Olafson[4]; 2. 73-Payson Patrin[3]; 3. 94A-Bobie Arnes[12]; 4. 28-Josh Rowe[2]; 5. 7S-Marty Serbus[9]; 6. 32J-Nick Howard[10]; 7. 00-Kole Kampsen[13]; 8. 13-Brad Howe[14]; 9. 12-Joseph Miller[7]; 10. (DNF) AOK-John Aderman[5]; 11. (DNF) 0X-Dylan Black[8]; 12. (DNS) 89J-Randy Jacoboski; 13. (DNS) 11A-Jamie Ammerman; 14. (DQ) 35-Alyssa Nelson[6]

19th Annual Minnesota Truck Headquarters Fall Classic Night #1 Results

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (October 7) – Friday was Night 1 of the 19th Annual Minnesota Truck Headquarters Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway. 296 drivers signed in for the event with 33 heat races being completed in just four hours.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked off the night’s heats with a three wide battle for first. Braden Brauer, Tim Johnson and Jeff Ekdahl battled and swapped for the top point, but at the race’s completion, Johnson took the win. James Clausen took the lead early in the second heat and took the win as the third heat rolled on the track. Nick Traynor waited for the leaders to battle three wide before he made his way into the lead position as the race came to an end. The final street stock heat of the night had a four wide battle as the green waved, but Thomas Worth snagged the lead and then the win.

An impressive 64 Midwest Modifieds were scheduled to race seven heats with Jamie Davis taking the early lead of the first heat. Jason VandeKamp took advantage of the high side off a restart and cruised by Davis for the win. Kennedy Swan and Brennan Gave snagged wins of heats two and three with a comfortable lead. Derek Stanoch took the lead in the fourth heat but had Grayson Pratt and Mitch Weiss jockeying for the point. Stanoch held off the competitors and took the win. Taven Woodie took the lead in the fifth heat, but Haley Lee claimed the win. Heat six had a few leader changes but Charlie Castle settled in the lead. Cody Borgeson gave one final push to challenge Castle, but Castle took the win. The final heat of Midwest Modifieds had a good few cautions, but Justin Bassa took the win.

The WISSOTA Late Models had three heats on the agenda with Don Shawn, Harry Hanson and Dave Mass all claiming the immediate leads and taking wins.

Shane Sabraski started second and took the early lead in heat one of the WISSOTA Modifieds and continued on to take the win. Eric Lamm and Ryan Gierke battled door to door the first few laps of heat two until Gierke pulled away. Gierke took the win as the third heat rolled on the race surface. Dave Cain sped away with the lead as the green waved. Clayton Wagamon caught and passed Cain to win the third heat while Don Eischens won heat four. The final heat of Mods featured a good battle between JT Johnson and Jody Bellefeuille, and Bellefeuille took the win.

Jordan Hinkemeyer started the first WISSOTA Super Stock heat in fourth and after a couple cautions, took the win while Chris Wark and Dexton Koch won their heats by a straight-away. Andrew Johnson led the fourth heat from the start, but with few laps to go, he had Jeremy Nelson and Tarren Spacek on his bumper. They were nearly three wide as they came to the checkers, and Johnson pulled off the win. Heat five of the Super Stocks featured Shane Sabraski, Jim Gullikson, James Trantina and Dave Mass in a close battle for points but it was Sabraski who claimed the win.

The WISSOTA Mod Fours took the track with two heats scheduled. Dean Larson won the first heat while Robert Holtquist won the second.

The first heat of WISSOTA Pure Stocks took the green with a three wide fight for first. Tyler Kachinske and James Rahn kept close the race entirety and finished in that order. However, after driver’s went through post-race tech, Kachinske and Rahn were both disqualified, and the win was awarded to Austin Carlson. Ryan Olson grabbed the checkers in the second heat.

The WISSOTA Hornets wrapped up the first night of the Fall Classic with five heats scheduled. Justin Barsness, Joseph Wilber, Jenna Hagemann, Anthony Jenson and A.J. House topped their competitors and their heat wins.

With the Hornet races complete, opening night of the 19th Annual Fall Classic was complete. Saturday night will feature Bmain and feature races for all classes. Racing starts at 5:00pm.

WISSOTA Late Models
Heat 1: 1. 42S-Don Shaw[2]; 2. 173-Andy Jones[3]; 3. 21X-Joel Collins[5]; 4. 11X-Jody Bellefeuille[6]; 5. 6M-Jeff Massingill[1]; 6. 28-Max Nelson[4]; 7. 89-Scott Meeds[9]; 8. 0-Dakota Hubbard[7]; 9. (DNF) 73-Brandon Englund[8]; 10. (DNF) 18L-Rob Caho Jr[10]
Heat 2: 1. 7-Harry Hanson[3]; 2. 5E-Shane Edginton[5]; 3. 11D-Pat Doar[8]; 4. 5-Josh Zimpel[9]; 5. 44-Cole Schill[7]; 6. 73A-Adam Prieve[6]; 7. 17J-Marcus Simonson[4]; 8. (DNS) 12S-Brad Seng; 9. (DNS) T18-TJ Adams
Heat 3: 1. 2-Dave Mass[2]; 2. 7C-Jim Carlson[4]; 3. 29F-Dave Flynn[9]; 4. 42-Paul Niznik[5]; 5. 47-Danny Vang[6]; 6. 31-Travis Budisalovich[7]; 7. (DNF) 92-Richard Chasteen[1]; 8. (DNF) 5G-Scott Greer[3]; 9. (DQ) 21-Mike Bellefeuille[8]

WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat 1: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[2]; 2. 33X-Justin Froemming[1]; 3. 10W-Ward Imrie[3]; 4. 12A-Matt Aukland[7]; 5. 6ST-Joseph Thomas[6]; 6. 99L-Steve Lavasseur[5]; 7. 2G-Brock Gronwold[4]; 8. 442-Aaron Johnson[9]; 9. 12-Tony Caissie[8]; 10. (DNS) 2D-Jonathan Dulas
Heat 2: 1. 26G-Ryan Gierke[2]; 2. 88-Eric Lamm[1]; 3. 43K-Kaden Blaeser[5]; 4. 18A-Landon Atkinson[8]; 5. 36-Danny Bayer[4]; 6. 88W-Tanner Williamson[3]; 7. 4A-Hunter Anderson[6]; 8. 8-Al Giesbrecht[7]; 9. (DNF) 22M-Davey Mills[9]
Heat 3: 1. 14W-Clayton Wagamon[2]; 2. 2C-Dave Cain[1]; 3. 60-Dan Ebert[4]; 4. 8S-Tony Schill[6]; 5. 99K-Mark Kangas[5]; 6. 7J-Rick Jacobson[8]; 7. 74-Dustin Wahl[7]; 8. 15F-Devin Fouquette[3]; 9. 97L-Peter Loecken[9]
Heat 4: 1. 9E-Don Eischens[1]; 2. 57-Mike Anderson[2]; 3. 2-Todd Gehl[6]; 4. 621-Colin Chaschuk[9]; 5. 112-Brennan Gave[3]; 6. 11-Sam Fankhauser[8]; 7. 04JR-Nick Ayotte[7]; 8. 12W-Kent Winkelman[5]; 9. 99-Doyle Erickson[4]
Heat 5 : 1. 11X-Jody Bellefeuille[4]; 2. 89JR-JT Johnson[3]; 3. 06-Jeremy Nelson[9]; 4. T23-John Toppozini[5]; 5. 48-Marcus Simonson[1]; 6. 4J-Lee Grosz[7]; 7. 40F-John Farrington[8]; 8. 17-Michael Procopio[6]; 9. 27-Chris Unrau[2]

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Heat 1: 1. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[4]; 2. 2C-Denis Czech[8]; 3. 3-Brandon Linquist[6]; 4. 21X-Joel Collins[7]; 5. 8-Matthew Larson[9]; 6. 81-Riley Groshong[3]; 7. 62G-Kenny Barber[2]; 8. (DNF) 89JR-JT Johnson[5]; 9. (DNF) 17-Ryan Kostreba[1]
Heat 2: 1. 24W-Chris Wark[1]; 2. 1-Karter Reents[8]; 3. 5-Jason Havel[4]; 4. 69-John Adams[3]; 5. 24-Chuck Metzger[5]; 6. 51-Jeremiah Passow[6]; 7. 81L-Brian Lee[9]; 8. 23J-Jared Bamberger[2]; 9. (DQ) 2XL-Jason Garner[7]
Heat 3: 1. 78K-Dexton Koch[1]; 2. 77-Scott Lawrence[4]; 3. 19L-Tristan LaBarge[8]; 4. 46-Dustin Nelson[6]; 5. 76-Doug Koski[3]; 6. 15T-Erick Thiesse[7]; 7. 24L-Jase Lien[9]; 8. 2F-Jeffrey Frey[5]; 9. (DNF) 26-Matt Melhouse[2]
Heat 4: 1. L1-Andrew Johnson[1]; 2. 06-Jeremy Nelson[8]; 3. 22T-Terran Spacek[5]; 4. 0-Brandon Duellman[9]; 5. 14-Russell Kostreba[4]; 6. 8K-Nicholas Krattenmaker[3]; 7. 11-Kevin Salin[7]; 8. 10-Rich Bishop[6]; 9. 12-David Dosh[2]
Heat 5: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[5]; 2. 21-Jim Gullikson[3]; 3. 2-Dave Mass[9]; 4. 25-Dylan Nelson[6]; 5. 19-James Trantina III[1]; 6. 10X-Josh Schmidt[8]; 7. 37-Tyler Vanderby[4]; 8. 19X-William Fisher[7]; 9. 41-Tommy Patton[2]

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat 1: 1. 95-Jason VandeKamp[6]; 2. 85-Jamie Davis[2]; 3. 87-William Moelter[3]; 4. 9-Brady Uotinen[8]; 5. H1-Matthew Larson[4]; 6. 03-Bryce Huff[10]; 7. (DNF) 32J-John Howard[1]; 8. (DNF) 13M-Cole Mueller[9]; 9. (DNF) 37-Joey Price[7]; 10. (DNS) 44FX-Mark Froehlich
Heat 2: 1. 18S-Kennedy Swan[1]; 2. 14-Adam Brotherton[5]; 3. 78-Cole Anderson[2]; 4. 13B-Jess Brekke[9]; 5. 33-Jake Hagemann[4]; 6. 55-Jacob Toepper[3]; 7. 71B-David Siercks[8]; 8. 13C-Chris Bretting[6]; 9. 2D-Daniel Berglund[7]
Heat 3: 1. 112-Brennan Gave[2]; 2. 21-Wyatt Boyum[5]; 3. 33C-Cole Boston[8]; 4. 70JR-David Simpson[3]; 5. 3P-David Pixley[1]; 6. 24-Cole Elton[6]; 7. 19-Darrin Lawler[7]; 8. 08-Levi Voss[4]; 9. 24T-Liz Toepper[9]
Heat 4: 1. 12-Derek Stanoch[1]; 2. 63X-Grayson Pratt[4]; 3. 23-Mitch Weiss[9]; 4. 91-Jarrett Carter[6]; 5. 11-Ashton Schulte[5]; 6. 7G-Rick Grams[7]; 7. (DNF) 2TG-Tanner Gehl[8]; 8. (DNF) 7A-Eric Anderson[2]; 9. (DNF) 21R-Ross Siiter[3]
Heat 5: 1. 50H-Haley Lee[8]; 2. EZ1-Randy Laage[5]; 3. 28-Jake Molitor[6]; 4. 74J-Josh Christy[9]; 5. 13-Devyn Weleski[3]; 6. 19J-Jared Akervik[7]; 7. 873-Taven Woodie[1]; 8. (DNF) BAN1-Casey Kintner[2]; 9. (DNF) 13H-Kevin Hautala[4]
Heat 6: 1. 2-Charlie Castle[2]; 2. B37-Cody Borgeson[3]; 3. 77X-Dylan McCaughan[5]; 4. 16-Garrett Paull[8]; 5. 27-Corey Mehrwerth[7]; 6. 10-Mervin Castle III[9]; 7. (DNF) 17B-Zach Benson[4]; 8. (DNF) 89-Kolby Reed[1]; 9. (DNF) 17-Ashley Mehrwerth[6]
Heat 7: 1. 69-Justin Bassa[3]; 2. 40-Mike Schnider[4]; 3. 3T-Travis Schulte[9]; 4. 63JR-Brady Larson[1]; 5. 14L-Ben Lewis[7]; 6. 71S-Tim Siercks[8]; 7. OK-Matt Kelley[5]; 8. 61-Andrea Keeney[6]; 9. (DNF) 40K-Colton Kramer[2]

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat 1: 1. 69JR-Tim Johnson[8]; 2. 34JR-Braden Brauer[1]; 3. 11JR-Jeff Ekdahl[9]; 4. 16-Greg Platzer[2]; 5. 35S-Kegan Stueve[7]; 6. 27-Justis Bjergo[4]; 7. (DNF) 17-Zach Beaulieu[3]; 8. (DNF) 7-Caiden Engel[6]; 9. (DNF) 12X-Kurt Becken[5]
Heat 2: 1. 24-James Clausen[3]; 2. 9-Adam Soltis[5]; 3. 51-Eric Riley[1]; 4. 36-Ross Spitzer[6]; 5. 20-Andrew Hanson[9]; 6. 67-Ryan Satter[7]; 7. 26-Ty Agen[4]; 8. 980-Kaden Woodie[2]; 9. 18-Gavin Rowland[8]
Heat 3: 1. 40-Nick Traynor[6]; 2. 10-Justin Vogel[9]; 3. 7BR-Lucas Boyce[3]; 4. 97-Hunter Domagala[7]; 5. 37X-Quain Busitzky[4]; 6. 05-Kyle Howland[5]; 7. 77-Daniel Harstad[1]; 8. T20-Michael Tuma[8]; 9. 69-Dominick Platow[2]
Heat 4: 1. 55-Thomas Worth[2]; 2. 67R-Weston Ramsrud[1]; 3. 01-Justin Pogones[5]; 4. 19C-Charlie Shiek[8]; 5. 12-Kammron Rose[3]; 6. 87X-Quentin Busitzky[4]; 7. 7Z-Nick Emon[9]; 8. (DNF) KOL34-Kolton Brauer[6]; 9. (DNS) 92R-Courtney Rose

Heat 1: 1. 37-Dean Larson[2]; 2. 31J-Jordan Fischer[3]; 3. TB81-Tommy Bawden[5]; 4. 11R-Landyn Randt[8]; 5. N88-Gerrald Nohner[4]; 6. 04-Tommy Pogones[9]; 7. 99-Blake Erickson[1]; 8. 15H-Connor Hass[7]; 9. (DNF) 5H-Dustin Holtquist[6]; 10. (DNF) 6SIX-Forrest Foster[10]
Heat 2: 1. 5-Robert Holtquist[2]; 2. 16-Skyler Smith[3]; 3. 7L-Tyler Larson[1]; 4. 17-David Slovick[5]; 5. 11-Levi Randt[8]; 6. XL1-Chad Funt[6]; 7. 60-Maeghan Milz[9]; 8. N28-Hailey Nohner[7]; 9. (DNF) 89-Chris McClain[4]; 10. (DNS) 07-Donald Mead

WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Heat 1: 1. 57-Austin Carlson[6]; 2. 231-Tom Treviranus[3]; 3. 131-Jessie Limberios[1]; 4. 5-Dusty Caspers[5]; 5. 60-Andrew Milz[7]; 6. (DQ) 26-Tyler Kachinske[2]; 7. (DQ) 23R-James Rahn[4]
Heat 2: 1. 1-Ryan Olson[3]; 2. 86J-Jake Smith[6]; 3. 35B-Josh Berg[5]; 4. 62-Aaron Bitker[1]; 5. 16R-Ashley Robinette[2]; 6. (DNF) 39-Deryk Weleski[4]

Heat 1: 1. 47J-Justin Barsness[3]; 2. 34-Mark Gangl[4]; 3. 113-Mac Johnston[6]; 4. 28-Josh Rowe[2]; 5. 11-Jesse Turnvall[9]; 6. 119-Brandon Backstrom[1]; 7. 8X-Adam Throener[7]; 8. (DNF) 11A-Jamie Ammerman[5]; 9. (DNF) 05R-Andrew Malinowski[8]
Heat 2: 1. OK-Joseph Wilber[2]; 2. 2JR-Nathan Kohl[5]; 3. 24-Marcus Ammerman[3]; 4. 21-Paul George[8]; 5. 73-Payson Patrin[7]; 6. 35-Alyssa Nelson[1]; 7. 0X-Dylan Black[6]; 8. 7S-Marty Serbus[9]; 9. (DNF) 94A-Bobie Arnes[4]
Heat 3: 1. 26H-Jenna Hagemann[5]; 2. 13N-Brandon Nyberg[7]; 3. 37A-Alex Aderman[2]; 4. 16-Brady Albertson[4]; 5. 00T-Travis Olafson[1]; 6. AOK-John Aderman[8]; 7. 19-Josh Backstrom[3]; 8. 377-Ella Sparks[9]; 9. 32J-Nick Howard[6]
Heat 4: 1. 23T-Anthony Jenson[2]; 2. 2-Mark Lambert[6]; 3. 41-Ryder Gangl[8]; 4. 89J-Randy Jacoboski[5]; 5. 40-Adam Post[1]; 6. (DNF) 3E-Hunter Goulet[3]; 7. (DNF) 13-Brad Howe[9]; 8. (DNF) 97X-Carter Kmett[7]; 9. (DQ) 59F-Zachary Furbur[4]
Heat 5: 1. 14A-AJ House[2]; 2. 87T-Adam VanDerostyne[7]; 3. 21H-Blake Hawker[4]; 4. 5X-Peyton Edelman[5]; 5. 53-Branley Theel[6]; 6. 85-Emily Acciari[1]; 7. 12-Joseph Miller[8]; 8. (DQ) 00-Kole Kampsen[3]

2021 Fall Classic Night No. 2 Recap

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (October 9) – With mother nature threatening rain, Night 2 of the FYE Motorsports MTH Fall Classic race night shifted to a 1:00pm start. The afternoon was jam packed with 21 races on the schedule which included nine feature events.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks were the first feature event of the day and Nick Traynor and Russell Kostreba brought the drivers to the green. Traynor sped off with the lead as Justin Vogel slid into second and challenged Traynor. As the top two pulled away, Kostreba, Cody Kummer and Parker Anderson raced three wide for third. Traynor began to put space between him and Vogel, while Anderson closed in. Anderson dove low next to Vogel and stole second. The yellow then flew, and as the drivers took the green, there was a mess in turns one and two. Traynor remained in command as the race resumed, with Vogel and Andrew Hanson in tow. The top drivers stayed in that order the remainder of the race with Nick Traynor taking the win. Justin Vogel, Andrew Hanson, Cody Kummer and Kolby Kiehl earned the top points. After drivers went through tech, Nick Traynor was disqualified, and Justin Vogel was declared the Fall Classic champion for his fourth time.

Travis Schulte grabbed the lead when the green waved for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Corey Mehrwerth took second with Ryan Savoy in third. Savoy reeled in and slid next to Mehrwerth for second, but Mehrwerth pulled away. After a restart, Savoy charged to Schulte’s door but Schulte held the point. Mehrwerth moved back into the second point as another caution occurred. Schulte, Mehrwerth and Savoy remained the top drivers as the green waved, but after a slip up, Savoy raced to second and Justin Froemming grabbed third. Savoy tried to chase down Schulte with a few laps to go, but Schulte kept his cruise set and took his third Fall Classic win. Remaining top points went to Ryan Savoy, Justin Froemming, Corey Mehrwerth and Zach Benson.

As the WISSOTA Late Models took the green, Dave Mass shot into the lead. Nick Panitzke took second while Pat Doar held third. Doar worked the high side and quickly flew next to Mass. Doar cruised into the top point and within six laps, the leaders were in lapped traffic. A couple of cautions slowed the drivers, however Doar took command when the race resumed. Again, as a few laps passed, Doar found himself in slower traffic which allowed Mass to reel him in. Doar and Mass were stuck in traffic, and they swapped for the top spot lap after lap. Once they cleared traffic, Mass snagged the lead, but Doar did not let him out of sight. Doar and Mass were once again, door to door for the lead when Doar claimed it. The final 10 laps went by quick as Doar stretched his lead. Doar grabbed the checkers and won his third straight WISSOTA Late Model Fall Classic championship. Dave Mass, Nick Panitzke, Don Shaw and Travis Budisalovich rounded out the top five.

With the National Points battle very close in the WISSOTA Modifieds, there were many fans ready to watch this exciting race. Shane Sabraski and Dan Ebert were on the front row, and when the green waved, Sabraski sped off. Matt Aukland grabbed second, Jeremy Nelson (4) took third while Ebert worked the high line. Ebert made his was back into second while Nelson (4) worked on Aukland. After a quick restart, drivers were three wide as they battled. As they came through turn three contact occurred and six drivers sat in the curve. Once the track was clear, Sabraski led the drivers back to green. The top racers remained side by side as they rounded the Big O, but it was Sabraski who retook the lead. Ebert dove low to Sabraski’s door and slid up the track. Ebert hit some loose clay which allowed Sabraski to drive away. Ebert once again chased Sabraski, and with 10 laps to go, they were lapping cars. Ebert tried another slid job, but again couldn’t make the car stick. Sabraski kept the lead, and as the white waved, Ebert was on Sabraski’s rear. As they entered the final turn the drivers were door to door, and it was a drag race to the finish. Dan Ebert crossed the line first and became a two-time Fall Classic Champion. Shane Sabraski finished second with Jeremy Nelson (4), Tyler Peterson and Ryan Gierke in top points.

Shane Sabraski jumped from the Mod to his WISSOTA Super Stock for the next race event. Sabraski took the lead as the green flew with Dave Flynn and Dylan Nelson to his rear. As other drivers raced three wide, Nelson shot by Flynn for second. Just then, contact occurred between cars which resulted in Matthew Larson and Butch Butcher into the wall and fence. After drivers were sorted and the race resumed, Sabraski retained the lead. Flynn, Nelson and Dexton Koch raced three wide which allowed Sabraski to drive away. Sabraski established a solid lead, however Nelson slowly closed the gap. Sabraski caught slower traffic with four laps to go, but he cruised to the checkers and won his 7th Super Stock Fall Classic feature. Dylan Nelson, Dave Flynn, Dexton Koch and Dustin Nelson were the top finishers.

Ryan Mikkelson, Max Nelson and Gavin Tarras took points one, two and three when the USRA Late Model feature began. As Nelson chased after Mikkelson he slid up the track which allowed Tarras to cruise into second. Tarras tried to chase after Mikkelson, however Mikkelson took the win by a straight-away. Remaining top points went to Gavin Tarras, Joe Provinzino, Larry Fitzsimmons and Max Nelson.

The WISSOTA Mod Fours had a tricky time completing their feature. There were a few cautions with a couple being severe. Dean Larson was the early leader in the race, but after a couple cautions, Larson, Skyler Smith and Dustin Holtquist were three wide for the lead. Holtquist nosed out the top point with Smith and Tommy Bawden to his rear. Bawden moved into second and with three laps left, Bawden was within a car length of Holtquist. The yellow waved, but when the race resumed, the leaders rubbed tires which ended with five cars colliding in turn four. After drivers were sorted and realigned, they retook the green. The drivers entered turn one, another caution was triggered as one car upside down and two others on top of one another. Once again, Holtquist brought the cars back to green and took the Fall Classic win for the fourth time. Remaining top points were awarded to, Chad Funt, Robert Holtquist, Skyler Smith and Connor Hass. After drivers went through tech, Hass was disqualified and Dean Shaver earned the fifth point.

Mike Schnider took first and Josh Berg grabbed second as the green waved for the WISOSTA Pure Stock feature. The top two drivers drove away from Michael Roth in third as Austin Carlson put pressure on Roth. Roth drifted high on the track surface which allowed drivers to creep by when the yellow waved. Just as the race resumed, more bumping and rubbing took place and another caution was triggered. The green waved for the final time which was followed by the white and checkered flags. Mike Schnider led every lap of the race and took his first Fall Class feature win. Josh Berg, Austin Carlson, Michael Roth and Kevin Baumgarner rounded out the top five.

As the WISSOTA Hornets took the green, the yellow quickly followed with cars scattered all over. Once the race restarted, Matt Pederson and Marcus Ammerman brought the drivers through the curves. Pederson pulled into the lead but Ammerman worked Pederson. Joseph Wilber moved into third and closed the gap with the leaders. Wilber drove to  Ammerman’s door, but Ammerman broke away and chased after Pederson. As the white flag dropped, Pederson was in slower traffic but he held the lead and took the checkers for his 2nd Fall Classic win. Marcus Ammerman, Joseph Wilber, Mac Johnston and Jacob Aarhus grabbed top points.

With the conclusion of the Hornet feature, the 18th Annual FYE Motorsports MTH Fall Class was complete even with the night long threat of rain. The next and final race of the 2021 race season at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway will be the Topless Nationals on October 22nd and 23rd.


WISSOTA Late Models
Feature: 1. 11D-Pat Doar[2]; 2. 2-Dave Mass[1]; 3. 22-Nick Panitzke[3]; 4. 42S-Don Shaw[4]; 5. 31-Travis Budisalovich[8]; 6. 28M-Sam Mars[7]; 7. 66-Dan Ebert[12]; 8. 7-Harry Hanson[5]; 9. 12S-Brad Seng[11]; 10. 17-Mike Greseth[22]; 11. 42-Paul Niznik[15]; 12. 90-Lance Matthees[25]; 13. 51-Chuck Olson[19]; 14. 7C-Jim Carlson[20]; 15. 29K-Ryan Kereluk[23]; 16. 18L-Jason Schill[10]; 17. (DNF) 44S-Sam Zender[21]; 18. (DNF) 28-Jeff Provinzino[24]; 19. (DNF) 15-Ryan Mikkelson[17]; 20. (DNF) 5E-Shane Edginton[6]; 21. (DNF) C4-Ryan Corbett[13]; 22. (DNF) 11-James Giossi[9]; 23. (DNF) 7X-Jesse Glenz[16]; 24. (DNF) 21-Mike Bellefeuille[18]; 25. (DNF) 1 2-Bryce Sward[14]
B Feature 1: 1. 15-Ryan Mikkelson[2]; 2. 21-Mike Bellefeuille[1]; 3. 51-Chuck Olson[3]; 4. 7C-Jim Carlson[5]; 5. 44S-Sam Zender[9]; 6. 17-Mike Greseth[4]; 7. 29K-Ryan Kereluk[7]; 8. 28-Jeff Provinzino[8]; 9. 35-George Ledin Jr[11]; 10. 90-Lance Matthees[10]; 11. 22E-Kevin Eder[16]; 12. X-Chuck Swenson[6]; 13. 27-Jared Zimpel[12]; 14. 7L-Scott Lehn[14]; 15. (DNF) 76-Dustin Johanneck[15]; 16. (DNF) 2K-Patrick Kelley[13]; 17. (DNF) 92-Richard Chasteen[17]

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature: 1. 60-Dan Ebert[2]; 2. 7A-Shane Sabraski[1]; 3. 4-Jeremy Nelson[5]; 4. 1TPO-Tyler Peterson[4]; 5. 26G-Ryan Gierke[7]; 6. 2C-Dave Cain[6]; 7. 12A-Matt Aukland[3]; 8. 14W-Clayton Wagamon[8]; 9. 18A-Landon Atkinson[10]; 10. 9E-Don Eischens[15]; 11. 11X-Jody Bellefeuille[16]; 12. 5G-Scott Greer[21]; 13. 11-Sam Fankhauser[23]; 14. 46R-Ryan Putnam[18]; 15. 22B-Josh Beaulieu[19]; 16. 12-Tony Caissie[24]; 17. (DNF) 24-Brandon Dolman[11]; 18. (DNF) 32-Jon Tollakson[17]; 19. (DNF) 88L-Eric Lamm[14]; 20. (DNF) 04JR-Adam Ayotte[13]; 21. (DNF) 06-Jeremy Nelson[22]; 22. (DNF) 2-Denis Czech[12]; 23. (DNF) 442-Aaron Johnson[25]; 24. (DNF) 11B-Andy Jones[9]; 25. (DNF) 15T-Erick Thiesse[20]
B Feature: 1. 32-Jon Tollakson[2]; 2. 46R-Ryan Putnam[1]; 3. 22B-Josh Beaulieu[6]; 4. 15T-Erick Thiesse[3]; 5. 5G-Scott Greer[4]; 6. 06-Jeremy Nelson[5]; 7. 11-Sam Fankhauser[7]; 8. 12-Tony Caissie[16]; 9. 442-Aaron Johnson[14]; 10. 1L-Donnie Lofdahl[9]; 11. 25-Jamie Trautner[10]; 12. 96-Taton Hansen[12]; 13. (DNF) 74-Shaun Kreyer[13]; 14. (DNF) 97L-Peter Loecken[8]; 15. (DNF) 88-Tanner Williamson[11]; 16. (DNF) 24JR-Jase Lien[15]; 17. (DNS) 54-Ron German

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[1]; 2. 25-Dylan Nelson[6]; 3. 29F-Dave Flynn[2]; 4. 78K-Dexton Koch[3]; 5. 46-Dustin Nelson[9]; 6. 21-Jim Gullikson[11]; 7. 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder[14]; 8. 2-Dave Mass[25]; 9. 70X-Kurt Becken[22]; 10. 64-Erick Thiesse[4]; 11. 17-Ryan Kostreba[7]; 12. 12-Jim Campbell[10]; 13. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[21]; 14. 77-Scott Lawrence[17]; 15. 5-Josh Zimpel[20]; 16. 3-Nicholas Jacobson[16]; 17. 9-Ronnie Malecki[23]; 18. 2F-Jeffrey Frey[24]; 19. (DNF) 4E-Jared Zimpel[19]; 20. (DNF) 7R-Tommy Richards[18]; 21. (DNF) 22T-Terran Spacek[5]; 22. (DNF) 43-Kyle Matuska[13]; 23. (DNF) 8-Matthew Larson[12]; 24. (DNF) 32X-Butch Butcher[15]; 25. (DNF) 18-Kevin Schmidt[8]
B Feature 1: 1. 77-Scott Lawrence[1]; 2. 4E-Jared Zimpel[3]; 3. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[2]; 4. 9-Ronnie Malecki[4]; 5. 1-Karter Reents[5]; 6. 33-Austin Niemeyer[10]; 7. 24L-Jase Lien[6]; 8. 12D-David Dosh[8]; 9. 980-Kaden Woodie[14]; 10. 57-Dalton Carlson[13]; 11. 81-Brian Lee[18]; 12. (DNF) 2-Dave Mass[15]; 13. (DNF) 11X-Jason Schill[9]; 14. (DNF) 12K-Cody Kummer[7]; 15. (DNF) 11-Kevin Salin[12]; 16. (DNF) 7-Joe Miller[11]; 17. (DNF) L1-Andrew Johnson[16]; 18. (DNS) 24W-Chris Wark
B Feature 2: 1. 7R-Tommy Richards[2]; 2. 5-Josh Zimpel[4]; 3. 70X-Kurt Becken[8]; 4. 2F-Jeffrey Frey[6]; 5. 71X-Travis Scott[12]; 6. 7N-Nathan House[5]; 7. 18X-Brendon Scott[16]; 8. 10X-Josh Schmidt[14]; 9. 69-John Adams[18]; 10. 77J-Jim Critser[17]; 11. 55-Ernest Duckwitz Jr[9]; 12. (DNF) 3S-Ryan Studanski[3]; 13. (DNF) 10B-Rich Bishop[10]; 14. (DNF) 20-Jeremy North[7]; 15. (DNF) 15F-Jeff Flaten[11]; 16. (DNF) 982-Aaron Wilson[13]; 17. (DNS) 21C-Patrick Beeksma; 18. (DNS) 67-Austin Arbogast

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature: 1. 3T-Travis Schulte[1]; 2. 16-Ryan Savoy[3]; 3. 33X-Justin Froemming[5]; 4. 27-Corey Mehrwerth[2]; 5. 17B-Zach Benson[12]; 6. 16V-Jason VandeKamp[8]; 7. 18S-Kennedy Swan[13]; 8. 112-Brennan Gave[9]; 9. 22T-Tyler Kintner[17]; 10. 17-Ashley Mehrwerth[6]; 11. EZ1-Randy Laage[7]; 12. 2C-Dave Cain[20]; 13. 7R-Tommy Richards[14]; 14. 21S-Jake Smith[25]; 15. 12M-Eric Gadach[10]; 16. 9B-Brendan Blascyk[18]; 17. 11S-Ashton Schulte[19]; 18. 43K-Kaden Blaeser[21]; 19. 29-Alan Farley[22]; 20. 21B-Cody Lee[24]; 21. (DNF) 11JR-Andrew Inman[15]; 22. (DNF) 7-Brandon Mehrwerth[4]; 23. (DNF) 17K-Mason Lesmeister[16]; 24. (DNF) 14L-Benjamin Lewis[23]; 25. (DNF) 9-Brady Uotinen[11]
B Feature: 1. 22T-Tyler Kintner[2]; 2. 43K-Kaden Blaeser[1]; 3. 91-Jarrett Carter[6]; 4. 44FX-Mark Froehlich[15]; 5. B37-Tim Borgeson[10]; 6. 33-Jake Hagemann[12]; 7. 19-Darrin Lawler[4]; 8. 46J-Taylor Jacobson[7]; 9. 88-Paul Veert[11]; 10. 13B-Chris Bretting[13]; 11. (DNF) 87S-Reise Stenberg[5]; 12. (DNF) 40-Mike Schnider[3]; 13. (DNF) 04N-Nick Ayotte[14]; 14. (DNF) 57-Corey Storck[8]; 15. (DNF) 10-Mervin Castle III[9]
B Feature 2: 1. 9B-Brendan Blascyk[8]; 2. 29-Alan Farley[2]; 3. 2S-Scott Splittstoesser[5]; 4. 74-Gary James Nelson[1]; 5. 28R-Paul Ripley[9]; 6. 33C-Cole Boston[3]; 7. 8-Nicholas Krattenmaker[4]; 8. 22M-Jared Miller[12]; 9. 88T-Jacob Toepper[7]; 10. 4W-Joey Wagamon[14]; 11. 21O-Joel Olson[10]; 12. 13M-John Mueller[6]; 13. 61-Andrea Keeney[13]; 14. (DNF) 110-Mike Harsh[11]
B Feature 3: 1. 11S-Ashton Schulte[1]; 2. 14L-Benjamin Lewis[2]; 3. 06-Jeremy Nelson[8]; 4. 11-Devyn Weleski[6]; 5. 18-Justin Feltus[5]; 6. 24T-Liz Toepper[10]; 7. 63X-Grayson Pratt[7]; 8. 1S-Scott Bintz[9]; 9. 210-Ryan Fletcher[14]; 10. 68-Todd Duchscherer[3]; 11. (DNF) 32M-Mason Musel[12]; 12. (DNF) 32N-Nick Howard[11]; 13. (DNS) 21-Wyatt Boyum; 14. (DNS) 2D-Daniel Berglund
B Feature 4: 1. 2C-Dave Cain[1]; 2. 21B-Cody Lee[5]; 3. 69-Justin Bassa[3]; 4. 21S-Jake Smith[13]; 5. 2-Charlie Castle[9]; 6. 28-Jake Molitor[4]; 7. 13-Scott Oeltjen[6]; 8. 23-Rick Siiter[7]; 9. 3P-David Pixley[2]; 10. 32J-John Howard[10]; 11. 46G-Brockton Grams[11]; 12. (DNF) 24-Cole Elton[12]; 13. (DNF) 3N-Nick Kipka[8]; 14. (DNS) 97II-Josh Winsky

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature: 1. 10V-Justin Vogel[3]; 2. 20-Andrew Hanson[6]; 3. 12-Cody Kummer[4]; 4. 9K-Kolby Kiehl[13]; 5. 67-Ryan Satter[17]; 6. 05-Kyle Howland[10]; 7. 9-Adam Soltis[11]; 8. 14K-Russell Kostreba[2]; 9. 01-Justin Pogones[9]; 10. 51-Eric Riley[12]; 11. 1S-Scott Bintz[15]; 12. 27HP-Parker Anderson[5]; 13. 11JR-Jeff Ekdahl[14]; 14. 19-Todd Carter[20]; 15. 10-Joe Potter[24]; 16. 22W-Jim Williams[18]; 17. 19C-Charlie Shiek[21]; 18. 36-Ross Spitzer[23]; 19. 12K-Jay Kesan[8]; 20. 7-Caiden Engel[25]; 21. (DNF) 1R-Cole Richards[22]; 22. (DNF) 12X-Kurt Becken[7]; 23. (DNF) 14-Jeremy Castro[16]; 24. (DNF) T20-Michael Tuma[19]; 25. (DQ) 40-Nick Traynor[1]
B Feature 1: 1. 67-Ryan Satter[3]; 2. T20-Michael Tuma[2]; 3. 19C-Charlie Shiek[6]; 4. 36-Ross Spitzer[4]; 5. 77-Kevin Kraemer[8]; 6. 38-Thomas O'Brien[10]; 7. 28C-John Current[12]; 8. 16-Greg Platzer[11]; 9. (DNF) 26-Ty Agen[1]; 10. (DNF) 873-Taven Woodie[13]; 11. (DNF) 55-Thomas Worth[7]; 12. (DNF) 7-Caiden Engel[9]; 13. (DNF) 7Z-Nick Emon[5]; 14. (DNF) 7BR-Lucas Boyce[14]; 15. (DNF) 34JR-Braden Brauer[15]
B Feature 2: 1. 22W-Jim Williams[2]; 2. 19-Todd Carter[1]; 3. 1R-Cole Richards[7]; 4. 10-Joe Potter[3]; 5. 00-Brandon Corbett[5]; 6. 33-Daniel Boissy[8]; 7. 22-Troy Cepak Jr[6]; 8. 37X-Quain Busitzky[13]; 9. (DNF) 15-Zach Elward[14]; 10. (DNF) 5-Brittany Smith[9]; 11. (DNF) 71X-William Fisher[11]; 12. (DNF) 21-Joe Weber[4]; 13. (DNF) 980-Kaden Woodie[10]; 14. (DNF) 62G-Kenny Barber[12]

Feature: 1. 5H-Dustin Holtquist[3]; 2. XL1-Chad Funt[4]; 3. 5-Robert Holtquist[6]; 4. 16-Skyler Smith[2]; 5. 30-Dean Shaver[14]; 6. 31J-Jordan Fischer[8]; 7. 37-Dean Larson[1]; 8. 5F-Jonathen Feda[11]; 9. 89-Collin Hooth[16]; 10. 6SIX-Forrest Foster[12]; 11. (DNF) TB81-Tommy Bawden[5]; 12. (DNF) 11R-Landyn Randt[17]; 13. (DNF) 04-Tommy Pogones[10]; 14. (DNF) 7L-Tyler Larson[7]; 15. (DNF) F16-Jordon Magnuson[15]; 16. (DNF) 07-Donald Mead[18]; 17. (DNS) 5JF-Brian Feda; 18. (DQ) 15H-Connor Hass[9]

Feature: 1. 27R-Matt Pederson[1]; 2. 24-Marcus Ammerman[2]; 3. OK-Joseph Wilber[5]; 4. 13-Mac Johnston[15]; 5. 17A-Jacob Aarhus[4]; 6. 92X-Mark Gangl[18]; 7. 26H-Jenna Hagemann[3]; 8. 37A-Alex Aderman[21]; 9. 11-Casey Stremick[9]; 10. 03-Bryce Huff[6]; 11. 97X-Brian Schott[24]; 12. 01-Nathan Kohl[20]; 13. 53-Branley Theel[16]; 14. 51X-Gary Schumacher[13]; 15. 14A-AJ House[23]; 16. 85-Emily Acciari[25]; 17. (DNF) 92-Payton Asche[8]; 18. (DNF) 11A-Jamie Ammerman[19]; 19. (DNF) 00X-Peyton Edelman[10]; 20. (DNF) 23T-Anthony Jenson[7]; 21. (DNF) 37-John Aderman[17]; 22. (DNF) 17B-Rachel Boston[22]; 23. (DNF) 16-Brady Albertson[14]; 24. (DNF) 21G-Paul George[12]; 25. (DNF) 37C-Colton Trembath[11]
B Feature 1: 1. 37-John Aderman[2]; 2. 11A-Jamie Ammerman[6]; 3. 37A-Alex Aderman[3]; 4. 14A-AJ House[4]; 5. 89J-Randy Jacoboski[7]; 6. 2-Kole Kampsen[5]; 7. 11PX-Presley Patrin[11]; 8. 73-Payson Patrin[1]; 9. 00-Bret Thayer[8]; 10. 27M-Katelyn Warner[10]; 11. (DNS) 46-Nate Servaty; 12. (DNS) 23JR-Marcus Ammerman Jr
B Feature 2: 1. 92X-Mark Gangl[6]; 2. 01-Nathan Kohl[9]; 3. 17B-Rachel Boston[2]; 4. 97X-Brian Schott[11]; 5. 13X-Travis Olafson[3]; 6. 85-Emily Acciari[5]; 7. 22 0-Nick Rahn[10]; 8. (DNF) 35-Kage Maciej[8]; 9. (DNF) 15-Megan Ammerman[7]; 10. (DNS) 0-DeJay Jarecki; 11. (DNS) 377-Ella Sparks

WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Feature: 1. 7-Mike Schnider[1]; 2. 35B-Josh Berg[2]; 3. 57-Austin Carlson[3]; 4. 66-Michael Roth[4]; 5. 72-Kevin Baumgarner[13]; 6. AK-Mitchell Kesan[6]; 7. 16-Cory Jorgensen[5]; 8. 39-Deryk Weleski[7]; 9. 32-Margo Butcher[10]; 10. 62-Joshua Bitker[12]; 11. 16R-Ashley Robinette[11]; 12. 88B-Brandon Puschinsky[9]; 13. (DNF) 31-Tom Treviranus[8]

USRA Late Models
Feature: 1. 77-Ryan Mikkelson[1]; 2. 50-Gavin Tarras[4]; 3. 89-Joe Provinzino[5]; 4. 73-Larry Fitzsimmons[3]; 5. 32-Max Nelson[2]; 6. 22-Brett Shafer[7]; 7. 2-Patrick Kelley[9]; 8. 18-Ken Dallman[10]; 9. LXV-Lucas Peterson[6]; 10. 26D-Chad Dawson[11]; 11. (DNF) 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder[8]

2021 Fall Classic Night No. 1 Recap

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (October 8) – 317 drivers checked in to race the FYE Motorsports MTH Fall Classic which included an impressive showing of drivers across six states and Canada. Night one featured heats for all nine classes of action.

The first of five WISSOTA Street Stock heats kicked off with some great race action. Kurt Becken snagged the lead with Jeremy Castro in second. Justin Pogones moved past Castro and reeled in Becken. With one lap to go Pogones was at Becken’s side, Becken however pulled off the win.

Joe Weber led the second heat to the stand and snagged the immediate lead. Weber however got loose on the track which gave Nick Traynor the chance to cruise by. Traynor went on to take the win. The remaining three Street Stock heats were won by Cody Kummer, Jay Kesan and Parker Anderson.

Brandon Mehrwerth led the first heat of WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds to the green and won in a dominating fashion.

Heat two of the Midwest Modifieds began with David Pixley in the lead, however, Kennedy Swan worked Pixley’s #3P as Ryan Savoy closed in. Savoy made his move past Swan and slid by Pixley for first. Swan also made her way by Pixley as Savoy took the win.

Heats four, five and six had a caution or two each, but it was Ashely Mehrwerth, Zach Benson and Randy Laage who took wins. Heat seven was the battle of the Schulte’s with Ashton claiming the lead off the start. Travis Schulte tracked down Ashton’s #11, made the pass and took the win.

In the eighth and final Midwest Modified heat, Jason VandeKamp sped off as the green few and other drivers battled three wide for second. Andrew Inman claimed the second point while VandeKamp snagged the win.

Don Shaw kicked off the WISSOTA Late Model features with the first heat win of the night, while the second heat had some three wide action. Shane Edginton, Bryce Sward broke free of the three wide battle and fought for first as Dave Mass closed in. Edginton slid into the top point but Mass soon caught the #5e, made his move and won the race. Pat Doar made an early move into the first position in the fourth heat and didn’t look back as the fifth heat also featured some three wide action. Harry Hanson pulled away with the top point, led through a caution and took the win.

The WISSOTA Modifieds had four heats with little to no cautions in each race. Dan Ebert, Jeremy Nelson (4), Shane Sabraski and Tyler Peterson earned wins.

With only six cautions throughout the entire race night this far, the WISSOTA Super Stocks began their features and added on many more yellows. Heats one and two were plagued with cautions, with Dylan Nelson and Erick Thiesse grabbing wins. The third heat was refreshing and caution free with Ryan Kostreba grabbing the checkers.

The fourth Super Stock heat featured Kyle Matuska in a solid lead, but with two to go, Dave Flynn caught the #43. As the race came to a close, Flynn slid by Matuska for the win. The final two Super Stock heat wins were awarded to Dexton Koch and Shane Sabraski.

With only 11 USRA Late Models signing in for the event, just one heat race was run. Lucas Peterson led the drivers to the green however Ryan Mikkelson and Max Nelson made the pass for first and second respectively. Nelson tried to make a move on Mikkelson however was unsuccessful as Mikkelson took the win.

Robert Holtquist grabbed the early lead in the first WISSOTA Mod Four heat. Holtquist’s win looked like a sealed deal until the yellow waved on the final lap. The green and white flags were waved together as Dean Larson made a charge for the top point. Holtquist didn’t back down as he and Larson raced nose to nose to the checkers. Larson was a smidge ahead at the line and took the win. Tommy Pogones sped off with the lead in the second heat but Dustin Holtquist and Skyler Smith were on his bumper. Smith and Holtquist flew to Pogones’ doors and they were three wide for first. Holtquist took the point, but before the race ended, Smith made the pass and declared victory.

The WISSOTA Pure Stocks had enough drivers to fill two heats and as the first heat began, Michael Roth grabbed the lead. Mike Schnider reeled Roth in through the eight-lap event and as they came to the line, the drivers were close. Schnider nosed ahead for the point and took the win. Josh Berg started second in the second heat, however he quickly took the top point and held it until the checkers flew.

The race night was almost complete, with just four WISSOTA Hornet races left to complete. Matt Pederson made the trip to the Big O and dominated the first heat by going from the 10th and last starting position to take the win. As the second Heat began, drivers were four wide and swapping for the top point. Five drivers kept in a close battle for top points a majority of the race until Marcus Ammerman and Anthony Jenson broke free of the pack. They remained in a battle for the lead until the checkers waved with Ammerman as the winner. The final two Hornet heat wins went to Jenna Hagemann and after a visit to tech, Bryce Huff.


WISSOTA Late Models
Heat 1: 1. 42S-Don Shaw[1]; 2. 22-Nick Panitzke[5]; 3. C4-Ryan Corbett[3]; 4. 66-Dan Ebert[7]; 5. 51-Chuck Olson[2]; 6. 29K-Ryan Kereluk[4]; 7. 44S-Sam Zender[8]; 8. 2K-Patrick Kelley[9]; 9. (DNF) 92-Richard Chasteen[6]
Heat 2: 1. 2-Dave Mass[7]; 2. 5E-Shane Edginton[4]; 3. 1 2-Bryce Sward[2]; 4. 42-Paul Niznik[1]; 5. 21-Mike Bellefeuille[6]; 6. 28-Jeff Provinzino[5]; 7. 90-Lance Matthees[8]; 8. 7L-Scott Lehn[3]
Heat 3: 1. 11D-Pat Doar[2]; 2. 28M-Sam Mars[3]; 3. 11-James Giossi[5]; 4. 18L-Jason Schill[8]; 5. 17-Mike Greseth[1]; 6. 7C-Jim Carlson[7]; 7. 27-Jared Zimpel[6]; 8. (DNF) 76-Dustin Johanneck[4]
Heat 4: 1. 7-Harry Hanson[1]; 2. 31-Travis Budisalovich[2]; 3. 12S-Brad Seng[4]; 4. 7X-Jesse Glenz[3]; 5. 15-Ryan Mikkelson[6]; 6. X-Chuck Swenson[7]; 7. 35-George Ledin Jr[8]; 8. (DNF) 22E-Kevin Eder[5]

WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat 1: 1. 60-Dan Ebert[5]; 2. 2C-Dave Cain[3]; 3. 26G-Ryan Gierke[6]; 4. 2-Denis Czech[7]; 5. 11X-Jody Bellefeuille[8]; 6. 11-Sam Fankhauser[2]; 7. 1L-Donnie Lofdahl[9]; 8. 74-Shaun Kreyer[4]; 9. 54-Ron German[1]
Heat 2: 1. 4-Jeremy Nelson[2]; 2. 14W-Clayton Wagamon[1]; 3. 18A-Landon Atkinson[5]; 4. 88L-Eric Lamm[6]; 5. 32-Jon Tollakson[4]; 6. 06-Jeremy Nelson[7]; 7. 25-Jamie Trautner[8]; 8. 442-Aaron Johnson[3]
Heat 3: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[6]; 2. 12A-Matt Aukland[7]; 3. 04JR-Adam Ayotte[1]; 4. 46R-Ryan Putnam[3]; 5. 15T-Erick Thiesse[2]; 6. 97L-Peter Loecken[4]; 7. 88-Tanner Williamson[8]; 8. 24JR-Jase Lien[5]
Heat 4: 1. 1TPO-Tyler Peterson[3]; 2. 11B-Andy Jones[1]; 3. 24-Brandon Dolman[4]; 4. 9E-Don Eischens[6]; 5. 5G-Scott Greer[5]; 6. 22B-Josh Beaulieu[7]; 7. 96-Taton Hansen[8]; 8. 12-Tony Caissie[2]

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Heat 1: 1. 25-Dylan Nelson[2]; 2. 8-Matthew Larson[1]; 3. 18-Kevin Schmidt[7]; 4. 32X-Butch Butcher[8]; 5. 7N-Nathan House[4]; 6. 55-Ernest Duckwitz Jr[6]; 7. (DNF) 10X-Josh Schmidt[3]; 8. (DNF) 67-Austin Arbogast[9]; 9. (DNF) 77J-Jim Critser[5]
Heat 2: 1. 64-Erick Thiesse[4]; 2. 12-Jim Campbell[3]; 3. 46-Dustin Nelson[7]; 4. 3-Nicholas Jacobson[8]; 5. (DNF) 57-Dalton Carlson[6]; 6. (DNF) 982-Aaron Wilson[5]; 7. (DNF) 980-Kaden Woodie[9]; 8. (DNF) L1-Andrew Johnson[2]; 9. (DQ) 81-Brian Lee[1]
Heat 3: 1. 17-Ryan Kostreba[2]; 2. 21-Jim Gullikson[3]; 3. 21C-Patrick Beeksma[1]; 4. 3S-Ryan Studanski[5]; 5. 4E-Jared Zimpel[9]; 6. 11X-Jason Schill[7]; 7. 33-Austin Niemeyer[4]; 8. 15F-Jeff Flaten[6]; 9. 71X-Travis Scott[8]
Heat 4: 1. 29F-Dave Flynn[6]; 2. 43-Kyle Matuska[2]; 3. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer[3]; 4. 9-Ronnie Malecki[5]; 5. 24L-Jase Lien[4]; 6. 20-Jeremy North[8]; 7. 10B-Rich Bishop[1]; 8. 11-Kevin Salin[7]
Heat 5: 1. 78K-Dexton Koch[6]; 2. 22T-Terran Spacek[7]; 3. 77-Scott Lawrence[4]; 4. 5-Josh Zimpel[5]; 5. 2F-Jeffrey Frey[1]; 6. 12D-David Dosh[8]; 7. (DNF) 2-Dave Mass[3]; 8. (DNF) 18X-Brendon Scott[2]
Heat 6: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski[7]; 2. 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder[1]; 3. 7R-Tommy Richards[2]; 4. 1-Karter Reents[4]; 5. 12K-Cody Kummer[5]; 6. 70X-Kurt Becken[8]; 7. 7-Joe Miller[6]; 8. (DNF) 24W-Chris Wark[3]

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat 1: 1. 7-Brandon Mehrwerth[4]; 2. 74-Gary James Nelson[2]; 3. 2C-Dave Cain[5]; 4. 19-Darrin Lawler[3]; 5. 2S-Scott Splittstoesser[7]; 6. 91-Jarrett Carter[9]; 7. 2-Charlie Castle[6]; 8. 88-Paul Veert[8]; 9. 24-Cole Elton[10]; 10. 2D-Daniel Berglund[1]
Heat 2: 1. 16-Ryan Savoy[5]; 2. 18S-Kennedy Swan[4]; 3. 3P-David Pixley[2]; 4. 8-Nicholas Krattenmaker[1]; 5. 18-Justin Feltus[6]; 6. 06-Jeremy Nelson[3]; 7. 1S-Scott Bintz[8]; 8. 110-Mike Harsh[7]; 9. (DNS) 210-Ryan Fletcher
Heat 3: 1. 33X-Justin Froemming[4]; 2. 27-Corey Mehrwerth[9]; 3. 40-Mike Schnider[3]; 4. 29-Alan Farley[7]; 5. 11-Devyn Weleski[5]; 6. 63X-Grayson Pratt[8]; 7. B37-Tim Borgeson[6]; 8. 32N-Nick Howard[1]; 9. (DNS) 97II-Josh Winsky
Heat 4: 1. 17-Ashley Mehrwerth[3]; 2. 7R-Tommy Richards[4]; 3. 17K-Mason Lesmeister[6]; 4. 14L-Benjamin Lewis[7]; 5. 13-Scott Oeltjen[5]; 6. 23-Rick Siiter[8]; 7. 10-Mervin Castle III[9]; 8. 46G-Brockton Grams[2]; 9. (DNF) 04N-Nick Ayotte[1]
Heat 5: 1. 17B-Zach Benson[1]; 2. 112-Brennan Gave[5]; 3. 33C-Cole Boston[2]; 4. 21-Wyatt Boyum[4]; 5. 21B-Cody Lee[6]; 6. 57-Corey Storck[8]; 7. 28R-Paul Ripley[9]; 8. 33-Jake Hagemann[3]; 9. 13B-Chris Bretting[7]
Heat 6: 1. EZ1-Randy Laage[2]; 2. 12M-Eric Gadach[5]; 3. 68-Todd Duchscherer[3]; 4. 28-Jake Molitor[4]; 5. 69-Justin Bassa[8]; 6. 13M-John Mueller[9]; 7. 21O-Joel Olson[6]; 8. 22M-Jared Miller[1]; 9. (DNF) 4W-Joey Wagamon[7]
Heat 7: 1. 3T-Travis Schulte[6]; 2. 11S-Ashton Schulte[2]; 3. 22T-Tyler Kintner[5]; 4. 43K-Kaden Blaeser[9]; 5. 46J-Taylor Jacobson[3]; 6. 9B-Brendan Blascyk[7]; 7. 24T-Liz Toepper[4]; 8. 32M-Mason Musel[8]; 9. 61-Andrea Keeney[1]
Heat 8: 1. 16V-Jason VandeKamp[2]; 2. 11JR-Andrew Inman[3]; 3. 9-Brady Uotinen[8]; 4. 87S-Reise Stenberg[4]; 5. 88T-Jacob Toepper[5]; 6. 3N-Nick Kipka[1]; 7. 32J-John Howard[7]; 8. (DNF) 21S-Jake Smith[6]; 9. (DNS) 44FX-Mark Froehlich

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat 1: 1. 12X-Kurt Becken[1]; 2. 01-Justin Pogones[4]; 3. 14-Jeremy Castro[3]; 4. 26-Ty Agen[2]; 5. 36-Ross Spitzer[5]; 6. 55-Thomas Worth[6]; 7. 33-Daniel Boissy[8]; 8. 980-Kaden Woodie[7]; 9. 873-Taven Woodie[9]
Heat 2: 1. 40-Nick Traynor[5]; 2. 9-Adam Soltis[3]; 3. 51-Eric Riley[6]; 4. 1S-Scott Bintz[8]; 5. 21-Joe Weber[1]; 6. 19C-Charlie Shiek[7]; 7. 77-Kevin Kraemer[9]; 8. 16-Greg Platzer[4]; 9. 37X-Quain Busitzky[2]
Heat 3: 1. 12-Cody Kummer[2]; 2. 11JR-Jeff Ekdahl[1]; 3. 10V-Justin Vogel[9]; 4. 19-Todd Carter[3]; 5. 67-Ryan Satter[7]; 6. 1R-Cole Richards[4]; 7. 7-Caiden Engel[6]; 8. 71X-William Fisher[8]; 9. 7BR-Lucas Boyce[5]
Heat 4: 1. 12K-Jay Kesan[1]; 2. 14K-Russell Kostreba[6]; 3. 20-Andrew Hanson[8]; 4. T20-Michael Tuma[3]; 5. 7Z-Nick Emon[2]; 6. 22-Troy Cepak Jr[7]; 7. 5-Brittany Smith[4]; 8. 28C-John Current[5]; 9. (DNS) 15-Zach Elward
Heat 5: 1. 27HP-Parker Anderson[2]; 2. 05-Kyle Howland[4]; 3. 9K-Kolby Kiehl[6]; 4. 22W-Jim Williams[3]; 5. 10-Joe Potter[7]; 6. 00-Brandon Corbett[8]; 7. 38-Thomas O'Brien[5]; 8. 62G-Kenny Barber [1]; 9. (DNS) 34JR-Braden Brauer

Heat 1: 1. 37-Dean Larson[4]; 2. 5-Robert Holtquist[1]; 3. XL1-Chad Funt[7]; 4. 31J-Jordan Fischer[5]; 5. 15H-Connor Hass[3]; 6. 5F-Jonathen Feda[8]; 7. 5JF-Brian Feda[2]; 8. 89-Collin Hooth[6]; 9. 07-Donald Mead[9]
Heat 2: 1. 16-Skyler Smith[1]; 2. 5H-Dustin Holtquist[4]; 3. TB81-Tommy Bawden[6]; 4. 7L-Tyler Larson[7]; 5. 04-Tommy Pogones[2]; 6. 6SIX-Forrest Foster[3]; 7. 30-Dean Shaver[5]; 8. F16-Jordon Magnuson[9]; 9. (DNS) 11R-Landyn Randt

WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Heat 1: 1. 7-Mike Schnider[6]; 2. 66-Michael Roth[1]; 3. AK-Mitchell Kesan[5]; 4. 39-Deryk Weleski[3]; 5. 88B-Brandon Puschinsky[2]; 6. 16R-Ashley Robinette[4]; 7. (DNF) 72-Kevin Baumgarner[7]
Heat 2: 1. 35B-Josh Berg[2]; 2. 16-Cory Jorgensen[1]; 3. 57-Austin Carlson[6]; 4. 31-Tom Treviranus[3]; 5. 32-Margo Butcher[4]; 6. 62-Joshua Bitker[5]

Heat 1: 1. 27R-Matt Pederson[10]; 2. 17A-Jacob Aarhus[6]; 3. 37C-Colton Trembath[1]; 4. 13-Mac Johnston[4]; 5. 37-John Aderman[3]; 6. 14A-AJ House[7]; 7. 11A-Jamie Ammerman[2]; 8. 92X-Mark Gangl[9]; 9. 15-Megan Ammerman[5]; 10. (DQ) 97X-Brian Schott[8]
Heat 2: 1. 24-Marcus Ammerman[7]; 2. 23T-Anthony Jenson[4]; 3. 00X-Peyton Edelman[5]; 4. 16-Brady Albertson[6]; 5. 17B-Rachel Boston[2]; 6. 2-Kole Kampsen[3]; 7. 0-DeJay Jarecki[10]; 8. 89J-Randy Jacoboski[9]; 9. 00-Bret Thayer[8]; 10. 35-Kage Maciej[1]
Heat 3: 1. 26H-Jenna Hagemann[5]; 2. OK-Joseph Wilber[6]; 3. 21G-Paul George[1]; 4. 11-Casey Stremick[9]; 5. 37A-Alex Aderman[4]; 6. 377-Ella Sparks[10]; 7. (DNF) 23JR-Marcus Ammerman Jr[7]; 8. (DNF) 01-Nathan Kohl[2]; 9. (DNF) 22 0-Nick Rahn[3]; 10. (DNF) 11PX-Presley Patrin[8]
Heat 4: 1. 03-Bryce Huff[2]; 2. 92-Payton Asche[4]; 3. 51X-Gary Schumacher[1]; 4. 53-Branley Theel[3]; 5. 73-Payson Patrin[7]; 6. 13X-Travis Olafson[8]; 7. 85-Emily Acciari[9]; 8. (DNF) 27M-Katelyn Warner[6]; 9. (DQ) 46-Nate Servaty[5]

USRA Late Models
Heat: 1. 77-Ryan Mikkelson[3]; 2. 32-Max Nelson[2]; 3. 50-Gavin Tarras[4]; 4. 73-Larry Fitzsimmons[8]; 5. LXV-Lucas Peterson[1]; 6. 89-Joe Provinzino[9]; 7. 22-Brett Shafer[11]; 8. 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder[7]; 9. 2-Patrick Kelley[10]; 10. 18-Ken Dallman[6]; 11. 26D-Chad Dawson[5]

Pat Doar Defends MTH Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports Title

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

1Ogilvie, MN (October 10) – Saturday night was the second and final night of the 17th Annual MTH Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports. The Limited Late Models were added to Saturday Night’s program which brought the official car count to 322 a new Fall Classic Event record! 

11 Limited Late Models entered the pits and their heat was the first race of the night. Dylan Kromschroeder and Joe Provinzino brought the drivers to green. Provinzino built up a solid lead before the first caution flew. As the race progressed, cars began dropping to the infield like flies and as the checkers were raised, only four cars remained. Provinzino took the win.

The WISSOTA Streets Stocks were the first feature event of the night. Andrew Hanson and Justin Vogel brought the drivers to the stand and Hanson grabbed the lead. Kyle Dykhoff slid into second and remained close to Hanson. As the top two drivers pulled away from the field, the yellow waved and drivers were slowed. Hanson was in command on the restart but Dykhoff slid by. Vogel moved into second and tucked in behind Dykhoff. After another caution, Vogel, Jim Gullikson and Hanson battled three wide for second. Vogel retook the point and chased after Dykhoff while Ryan Satter came through the field. Satter started ninth and moved into third while Vogel worked Dykhoff. Vogel dove low on the track and slid up to make his move, but the yellow waved. Dykhoff led the drivers back to green and the top drivers all kept close. Satter moved to Dykhoff’s door and slid into the lead. Dykhoff held second but saw Parker Anderson out the corner of his eye. Anderson started in the 17th point, raced his way in through the B Feature and challenged Dykhoff for second. Satter led the final laps and took the first feature win of the Fall Classic. Anderson, Dykhoff, Vogel and Hanson wrapped up the top points.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were next to run their race with Jason VandeKamp and Travis Schulte on the front row. VandeKamp took the immediate lead with Schulte and Eric Lamm as the top drivers. Drivers began to spread out on the track as the yellow waved. VandeKamp led the drivers back to green and within a couple laps he built up nearly a straight away lead. Contact occurred on the backstretch and the race went red to sort out the cars. When the race resumed, the action on the track began to really heat up. Multiple drivers pulled slid jobs to further their positions, but contact occurred, and drivers sat in turn two. On the restart, Schulte kept pressure on VandeKamp. VandeKamp maintained his first position but Schulte and Dave Cain were ready to move. On the next restart, Cain and Schulte took VandeKamp’s sides and they raced three wide. VandeKamp nosed ahead but Cain and Schulte didn’t back down. The top three drivers kept close and Schulte was eager to get the win. VandeKamp didn’t want to lose his race long lead, so as the checkers were raised, they drag raced to the finish line. Schulte’s #3t crossed the line first giving him the exciting win. VandeKamp finished second with Cain, Matt Baker and Zach Benson as the top five finishers.

The WISSOTA Late Models struggled to get their feature underway with a handful of cautions within the first few laps. Jesse Glenz led through the cautions and held the lead while Pat Doar ran in second. Glenz pulled away from the pack while James Giossi closed in on Doar. With the half-way flags displayed, the top drivers were with slower cars. Doar caught Glenz with Giossi not far behind when Glenz tried to make a move. Glenz got out of the groove which allowed Doar to take over the lead. Giossi moved into the second point when more cautions were triggered. Doar led the drivers back to green in single file, and they were able to finish the race. Doar took the win with Giossi, Dan Ebert, A.J. Diemel and Marshall Fegers in top points. 

After some track maintenance, the WISSOTA Modifieds took the track. A.J. Diemel and Jake Hartung battled side by side for a few laps until Diemel broke away with the lead point. The top three drivers broke away from the pack with Diemel finding slower traffic. The yellow then waved for debris on the track and the drivers were realigned. Diemel brought the drivers back to green, however Hartung spun and drivers scattered in the turn. Diemel was still in charge when the race resumed but Shane Sabraski dove low to take the point. Diemel saw the bright orange car and sped away. Diemel rocked the high side of the track and stretched his lead out to a straight-away when he encountered traffic. Diemel used the entire race surface to weave around slower cars but while he was caught up, Sabraski closed the gap Diemel had established. With four laps to go, Sabraski was on Diemel’s rear and Diemel got a glimpse of the #7a and tried to hold the lead. The checkers were raised, and as the drivers came out of the curve, Sabraski put his foot down and stole the win. Diemel settled for second with Jody Bellefeuille, Jeremy Nelson (19x) and Jake Smith as the top drivers.

Dave Mass and Dexton Koch raced side by side the first few laps of the WISSOTA Super Stock feature. Koch moved into the lead point and sped away. Koch was still charge at the half-way mark but Mass was closing the gap. Koch ran the high-line, Mass hugged the tires and they raced parallel in the turns. Mass worked his line more efficiently and took the lead point. As laps clicked off, top drivers were intermingled with lapped drivers and cars covered the entire racing surface. Mass set the cruise control and rolled his #2 into victory lane. Dylan Kromschroeder took second with Dexton Koch, Shane Sabraski and Brandon Duellman in top points.

Limited Late Models rolled on the track for the next race event with Lucas Peterson and Joe Provinzino on the front row. Peterson claimed the lead from the start and never looked back. The race had one caution throughout it’s 20 laps, however the race order didn’t change. Provinzino began to reel in Peterson as the laps went by, however the laps ran out before he could catch him. Lucas Peterson took the win with Joe Provinzino, Miranda Carlson, Marcus Dunbar and Gavin Tarras as the top five. 

Dustin Holtquist and Jamie Lenarz led the WISSOTA Mod Fours to the green, and after a quick caution, Tommy Bawden claimed the lead. Holtquist came to Bawden’s door and they raced side by side for the top point. Holtquist pulled ahead to secure the lead but Bawden kept close. Holtquist led the Mod Fours back to green after a couple cautions, but with two laps to go, Bawden dove low on the track and snuck by Holtquist. Only one important lap remained and Bawden led it to take the win. Dustin Holtquist, Robert Holtquist, Dean Larson and Justin Will were the top finishers, however, after drivers made their stop at tech, there were a couple DQ’s issued. The drivers in second through fifth were adjusted and Robert Holtquist was awarded second with Dean Larson, Gerry Nohner and Chad Funt grabbing other top spots. 

Jared Akervik grabbed the immediate lead in the WISSOTA Pure Stock feature with Cory Jorgensen and Ryan Clausen to his rear. Akervik continued to lead through a caution but Jorgensen didn’t let him out of his sight. With five laps to go, contact occurred between the top drivers resulting in a caution. Akervik was called for the caution, and after a delay of him exiting the track, Jorgensen brought the cars back to green. Kevin Baumgarner slid to Jorgensen’s door and they ran side by side for the top spot. The white flag was raised and as the drivers came to the checkers, Baumgarner pulled ahead to take the win. Cory Jorgensen finished second with Dusty Caspers, Margo Butcher and Josh Berg in the top points.

John Aderman and Mac Johnston brought the WISSOTA Hornets to the green for the night’s final feature event. The Hornets ran three and four wide going into the first turn, and at the end of lap one, Aderman snagged the lead. Corey Mehrwerth dove low on the track and claimed the lead point while Grayson Pratt moved next to Aderman. Marcus Ammerman and Joe Wilber joined Pratt and Aderman racing four wide for second which allowed Mehrwerth to stretch out his lead. After a caution, Pratt sped by Mehrwerth, but Mehrwerth kept close and tried to retake his front spot. The two drivers remained glued to one another in a drag race for the lead as they encountered slower drivers. One final yellow waved, and when the green reappeared, Pratt and Mehrwerth resumed their door to door fight for first. Wilber joined the excitement and they went into the curve three wide. Mehrwerth slowly broke away from the battle and stretched out enough of a lead to secure his win. Joe Wilber was second when the checkers flew with John Aderman, Grayson Pratt and Alex Aderman grabbing top points.

Two Nights, 67 Races, 322 Drivers, 12 hours of Great Racing and Countless Memories is how the 17th Annual Fall Classic will go down in the record books. Thank you to all the drivers, fans, families, employees and volunteers that made this year’s MTH Fall Classic another great FYE Motorsports event.

WISSOTA Late Models
Feature- Pat Doar, James Giossi, Dan Ebert, A.J. Diemel, Marshall Fegers, Travis Budisalovich, Jeffrey Massingill, Lance Matthees, Steve Laursen, Mike Bellefeuille, John Kaanta, Jeff Provinzino, Zach Wohlers, Jim Carlson, Jesse Glenz (DNF), Don Shaw (DNF), Bryce Sward (DNF), T.J. Adams (DNF), Scott Ward (DNF), Dave Mass (DNF), Sam Mars (DNF), Kyle Peterlin (DNF), Cole Schill (DNF), Jordan Tollakson (DNF), Shaen Sabraski (DNF)
B Feature- Lance Matthees, John Kaanta, Jim Carlson, Scott Ward, Jordan Tollakson, Kyle Peterlin, Zach Wohlers, Dave Mass, Joe Kienzie, Jr., James Kannegiesser, Miranda Carlson, Tim Lillo, T.J. Adams (DNF), Jody Bellefeuille (DNF)

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Shane Sabraski, A.J. Diemel, Jody Bellefeuille, Jeremy Nelson (19x), Jake Smith, Landon Atkinson, Denis Czech, Jesse Glenz, Dan Ebert, Jeremy Nelson (4), Don Eischens, Dave Cain, Greg Chesley, Mike Anderson, Eric Lamm, Jake Hartung, Andy Jones, Tyler Kaeter, Alex Williamson, Aaron Johnson, Jason Richardson, Clayton Wagamon (DNF), Danny Vang (DNF), Adam Ayotte (DNF), Kelly Estey (DNF)
B Feature 1- Clayton Wagamon, Jesse Glenz, Eric Lamm, Alex Williamson, Michael Truscott, Taton Hansen, Mike Knopps, Brandon Dolman, Wade Skindelien, Kelly Estey, Devin Fouquette, Scott Engholm, Duke Erickson, Mason McEvers, Arne Anderson, Joel Collins, Ken Henka, Brandon Copp (DNF), Robby Bunkelman (DNF), Jason Gross (DNS), Jake Kierstead (DNS)
B Feature 2- Dan Ebert, Andy Jones, Aaron Johnson, Jason Richardson, Donnie Lofdahl, Richard Jacobson, Ryan Putnam, Curt Myers, Matt Leer, Sam Fankhauser, Erick Thiesse, Ryan Nelson, Jake Hiatt, Josh Beaulieu, Pat Hardy, Chad Dawson, Jason VandeKamp (DNF), Zack Drews (DNF), Scott Greer (DNS), Chuck Olson (DNS)

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- Dave Mass, Dylan Kromschroeder, Dexton Koch, Shane Sabraski, Brandon Duellman, Tommy Richards, Kevin Burdick, Tanner Erickson, Nick Oreskovich, Mike Loomis, Dylan Nelson, Dan Nissalke, Dustin Nelson, Jordan Henkemeyer, Ryan Kostreba, Tim Johnson, D.J. Keeler, Willie Johnsen, Chris Wark, Austin Niemeyer, Ryan Flaten (DNF), Danny Thomas (DNF), Jared Zimpel (DNF), Josh Zimpel (DNF), Don Eischens (DNF)
B Feature 1- Dustin Nelson, Dan Nissalke, Chris Wark, Ryan Flaten, Jason Schill, Butch Butcher, Jeff Flaten, Ronnie Malecki, Kaden Woodie, Jase Lien (DNF), Ryan Studanski (DNF), Patrick Beeksma (DNF), Joel Snyder (DNF), Travis Scott (DNF), Vincent Zirbes (DNF), Cody Emmans (DNF), Nicholas Jacobson (DNF), Mark Blood (DNF), Karter Reents (DNF), Kevin Salin (DNF)
B Feature 2- Nick Oreskovich, Josh Zimpel, Jordan Henkemeyer, Tim Johnson, Kevin Schmidt, Jared Zimpel, Wayne Dean, Dustin Zieske, Marcus Simonson, Brian Carl, Kurt Becken, Rich Bishop, Andrew Johnson, Brandon Linquist, Colton Budreau, David Dosh, Lucas Christiansen, Jim Critser, Scott Lawrence (DNF),

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Travis Schulte, Jason VandeKamp, Dave Cain, Matt Baker, Zach Benson, Cody Lee, Shane Howell, Ashely Mehrwerth, Marcus Dunbar, Cody Borgeson, Mark Kangas, Jake Smith, Dano Ostrander, Jaren Wibstad, Nick Ayotte, Randy Laage, Jess Brekke, Andrew Inman (DNF), Eric Lamm (DNF), Brady Larson (DNF), Terry Reilly (DNF), Ashton Schulte (DNF), Josh Smith (DNF), Jay Richardson (DNF), Haley Lee (DNF), Cody Carlson (DNF)
B Feature 1- Marcus Dunbar, Ashley Mehrwerth, Jay Richardson, Scott Splittstoesser, Brandon Hines, David Pixley, Cody Krueth, Zach Reinke, Tim Siercks, Jon Starnes, Darrin Lawler, Justin Feltus, Joey Price, Brockton Grams, Les Schoon, Cole Boston, Craig Elliott
B Feature 2- Brady Larson, Randy Laage, Jake Smith, Chad Fouquette, Dalton Mains, McLean Andrews, Tommy Richards, Mark Thomas, Mark Froehlich, Kennedy Swan, Ben Lewis, Kevin Hautala (DNF), Jake Molitor (DNF), Chris Bretting (DNS)
B Feature 3- Cody Carlson, Haley Lee, Nick Ayotte, Adam Prieve, Leo Schweiss, Shaun Kreyer, Brady Uotinen, Butch Butcher, Gunner Peterson, Tianna Mithun, David Bidney, Cole Mueller (DNF), Laine Schwehr (DNF), Jess Brekke (DNF), Jack Rivord (DNF), Tyler Kintner (DNF), Eric Gadach (DNS)

WISSOTA Street Stocks 
Feature- Ryan Satter, Parker Anderson, Kyle Dykhoff, Justin Vogel, Andrew Hanson, Eric Riley, Jim Gullikson, Travis Loew, James Clausen, Russell Kostreba, Jeff Ekdahl, Joe Potter, Gavin Rowland, Charlie Shiek, Caiden Engel, Ben Rothstein, Brandon Corbett, Danny Richards (DNF), Jim Williams (DNF), Dustin Doughty (DNF), Zach Elward (DNF), Hunter Anderson (DNF), Brittany Smith (DNF), Taven Woodie (DNF), Adam Soltis (DNF)
B Feature- Parker Anderson, Dustin Doughty, Eric Riley, Gavin Rowland, Ben Rothstein, Joe Potter, Taven Woodie, Brittany Smith, Ty Agen, Tom O’Brien, James Stands, Russell Kostreba, Quain Busitzky, Kenny Barber, Joe Weber (DNF), Kegan Stueve (DNF), Kaden Woodie (DNF), Michael Tuma (DNF), Richard Chasteen (DNS), Jay Kesan (DNS)

Feature- Tommy Bawden, Robert Holtquist, Dean Larson, Gerry Nohner, Chad Funt, Tommy Pogones, Tyler Larson, Dean Shaver, Jamie Lenarz, Doug Merrill, David Fortier, Steve Schicketanz, Chris McClain, Jordan Fischer, Alexander McFarlen (DNF), Skyler Smith (DNF), Jeff Kittle (DNF), Patrick Specht (DNF), Jonathen Feda (DNF), Nicole Feda (DNF), Forrest Foster (DNS), Justin Will (DQ), Dustin Holtquist (DQ)

WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Feature- Kevin Baumgarner, Cory Jorgensen, Dusty Caspers, Margo Butcher, Josh Berg, Rob Grabon, Michael Roth, Austin Carlson, Deryk Weleski, Devyn Weleski, Karles Knopps, Nick Shumansky, Jamie Chlebecek, Landon Gross, Ryan Clausen, Mark Gangl, Jared Akervik (DQ)

Feature- Corey Mehrwerth, Joseph Wilber, John Aderman, Grayson Pratt, Alex Aderman, Hunter McDougall, Jenna Hagemann, Marcus Ammerman, Jon Birdsell, Brady Albertson, A.J. House, Daniel Harstad, Travis Olafson, Zach Besmehn, Josh Winsky, Jamie Ammerman, Colton Trembath, Mac Johnston, Ella Sparks, Emily Acciari, Randy Jacobski (DNF), Brian Schott (DNF), Nicholas Krattenmaker (DNF), Rachel Boston (DNF), Tim Thoennes (DNF)
B Feature- Rachel Boston, Daniel Harstad, A.J. House, Nicolas Krattenmaker, Tim Thoennes, Josh Winsky, Colton Trembath, Peyton Edelman, Ella Sparks, Emily Acciari, Jordan Thayer (DNF), Payson Patrin (DNF), Nate Servaty (DNS)

Limited Late Models
Feature- Lucas Peterson, Joe Provinzino, Miranda Carlson, Marcus Dunbar, Gavin Tarras, Dylan Kromschroeder, Larry Fitzsimmons, Kyle Johnson (DNF), Richard Chasteen (DNF), Nicolas Fehlen (DNF), Ken Dallman (DNS)
Heat- Joe Provinzino, Miranda Carlson, Lucas Peterson, Richard Chasteen, Nicolas Fehlen (DNF), Gavin Tarras (DNF), Ken Dallman (DNF), Kyle Johnson (DNF), Marcus Dunbar (DNF), Dylan Kromschroeder (DNF), Larry Fitzsimmons (DNF)

17th Annual MTH Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports - Night One Results

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (October 9) – The sun was shining, the air was warm, and the pits of Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway were packed for night one of the 17th Annual MTH Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports. By the time the green waved, 313 drivers had signed into the pits and fans were ready for a night of WISSOTA Dirt Track Racing. All eight WISSOTA Classes were on the event’s agenda and night one featured all of their heats.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks were the first class to hit the clay, and as the green waved, the drivers raced three wide. Jim Gullikson claimed the early lead, however Justin Vogel tracked him down and went on to take the win. Andrew Hanson gave Danny Richards a run for his money in the second heat, and with a few laps to go, Hanson was successful and took the win from Richards’ #3R. Dustin Doughty grabbed the lead in in the third heat race, but as Zach Elward closed in, Doughty’s car drifted high in the turn and suffered a mechanical break. Elward assumed the lead and went on to the race win. The final Street Stock heat was led in its entirety and won by Adam Soltis.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds had seven heats for their 67 cars, and the first heat win went to Matt Baker. As the second heat began, Andrew Inman raced to Cody Lee’s door and they ran side by side for most of the race. In the end Inman crossed the line first and earned the win. Mark Kangas wasted no time in the third heat and moved from fourth to the lead point. Kangas retained the lead through a caution and took the win. Eric Lamm started fifth in the fourth heat, wheeled his way into first and took the win with an impressive lead. Joey Price and Shane Howell battled for the lead in the fifth heat and Howell claimed the point. Howell remained in command after a caution, but Price returned, retook the lead and won. When the drivers crossed the scales, Price’s car was underweight and therefore Howell was awarded the win. In the sixth heat, Jason VandeKamp was able to wheel his way from sixth into first and took the checkers. Dave Cain dominated the final Midwest Mod heat and won by a straight away in the #QQ car. 

Sam Mars took the lead in the first of three WISSOTA Late Model heats, but after a caution, Marshall Fegers put on the pressure. Pat Doar also moved up to battle the leaders and the three of them were nearly three wide for the lead. Fegers moved into the top point just in time to take the race’s win. Jeff Provinzino snagged the early lead in the second heat while Mike Bellefeuille and Jesse Glenz raced side by side for second. With only two laps to go, Glenz slid to Provinzino’s door and they race nose to nose to the finish. Glenz crossed the line first and took the checkers. Dan Ebert took the final heat’s lead as the green flew and grabbed the win.

Dave Cain and Jody Bellefeuille jockeyed back and forth for the lead in the first WISSOTA Modified heat until Cain claimed the point. Bellefeuille kept close to Cain, and after a couple laps, snuck by and took the win. Mike Anderson passed a couple cars in the second heat to win the race, but in the third heat, Jake Hartung started eighth and wheeled his way to the top point. Hartung passed seven cars in a matter of laps and was the top driver in passing points for the Mods. Jeremy Nelson wasn’t behind the wheel of his #06 for this event but was driving the #19x. Nelson passed the heat’s early leader, Jake Smith, and took the win. Matt Leer sped away in the final heat of the Modifieds while Denis Czech weaved his way through the traffic. Just then, Jake Kierstead made hard contact with the wall and the red lights flickered on. The race resumed with one lap to go, and Czech charged ahead of Leer to steal the win.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks were next on the agenda with Don Eischens and Shane Sabraski wining the first two heats uncontested. Dustin Zieske and Mike Loomis raced side by side for the third heat until Loomis broke away with the lead. Brandon Duellman, who started eighth, made his way into second and put pressure on Loomis. Loomis however held the lead and took the win. Dylan Nelson claimed the lead in the fourth heat, but D.J. Keller slid to his side and they raced door to door for the lead. Nick Oreskovich tucked in behind the top two cars as they swapped the lead point. Keeler began to nose ahead but as they came to the checkers, Nelson put his foot down and crossed the finish line first. Willie Johnsen sped off with the lead in the fifth heat while Dave Mass weaved his way through traffic. Mass moved from seventh to second and set sights on Johnsen nearly half a lap ahead. Within a lap, Mass caught Johnsen and with one lap to go the yellow waved. Mass made the pass for first when the green dropped and took the win. Austin Niemeyer took the immediate lead in the final Super Stock heat, but Dexton Koch reeled in Niemeyer’s #33. Koch caught and passed Niemeyer to take the win.

The first of three WISSOTA Mod Four heats had a tough start with lots of cautions, however Dean Larson led the entire race in his #37 silver bullet. Skyler Smith took control when the second Mod Four heat began and when the drivers reached the half-way point, Forrest Foster’s car took a hard roll on the back stretch. The race went red, the driver was attended too and as the race resumed, Smith snagged win. Justin Will, Dustin Holtquist and Steve Schicketanz raced three wide for the top position in the final Mod Four heat. Holtquist sped off with the point and took the win.

As the WISSOTA Pure Stocks began their first heat, cars spun on the track surface. The drivers did their best to keep the race green, however the yellow soon appeared. Ryan Clausen took the lead on the restart with a pair of 16’s to his rear. Cory Jorgensen and Rob Grabon raced side by side for second, then moved to Clausen’s side for a three-wide battle for first. Jorgensen nosed ahead for the point and won the race. When the second heat went green, contact occurred amongst the drivers and the yellow waved. Jared Akervik claimed the lead on the restart and went on to win.

The WISSOTA Hornets wrapped up night one of the Fall Classic and Brady Albertson claimed the early lead. The top drivers remained close throughout the entire race and in the end, John Aderman took the win. Jamie Ammerman and Grayson Pratt battled for the lead in the second heat until Pratt snagged the point. Pratt led through a caution and took the race win. The final race of the night went green with Randy Jacobski, Jordan Thayer and Mac Johnston going three wide for the lead point. Johnston and Jacobski pulled ahead and remained glued to one another the entire race. From the green to the checkers, neither gave the other any advantage, but it was Johnston who crossed the line first and took the win.

WISSOTA Late Models
Heat 1- Marshall Fegers, Sam Mars, Pat Doar, A.J. Diemel, Don Shaw, Lance Matthees, Jim Carlson, Jordan Tollakson, Joe Kienzle, Jr., Tim Lillo (DNF)
Heat 2- Jesse Glenz, Jeff Provinzino, Mike Bellefeuille, Steve Laursen, Bryce Sward, Scott Ward, John Kaanta, Zach Wohlers, Kyle Peterlin (DNF), James Kannegiesser (DNF)
Heat 3- Dan Ebert, Travis Budisalovich, Jeffrey Massingill, James Giossi, Shane Sabraski, Cole Schill, Jody Bellefeuille, T.J. Adams, Dave Mass (DNF), Miranda Carlson (DNS)

WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat 1- Jody Bellefeuille, Dave Cain, Dan Ebert, Donnie Lofdahl, Clayton Wagamon, Andy Jones, Jason Richardson, Zack Drews, Erick Thiesse, Ken Henka
Heat 2- Mike Anderson, Jeremy Nelson (4), Don Eischens, Eric Lamm, Curt Myers, Wade Skindelien, Richard Jacobson, Brandon Dolman (DNF), Michael Truscott (DNF), Scott Greer (DNS)
Heat 3- Jake Hartung, Danny Vang, Tyler Kaeter, Adam Ayotte, Jason VandeKamp, Duke Erickson, Robby Bunkelman, Mason McEvers, Ryan Nelson, Chuck Olson (DNF)
Heat 4- A.J. Diemel, Shane Sabraski, Taton Hansen, Jesse Glenz, Mike Knopps, Joel Collins, Ryan Putnam, Chad Gross (DNS)
Heat 5- Jeremy Nelson (19x), Jake Smith, Aaron Johnson, Brandon Copp, Alex Williamson, Devin Fouquette, Kelly Estey, Scott Engholm, Arne Anderson
Heat 6- Denis Czech, Greg Chesley, Matt Leer, Landon Atkinson, Sam Fankhauser, Josh Beaulieu, Jake Hiatt, Pat Hardy, Jake Kierstead

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Heat 1- Don Eischens, Tommy Richards, Ryan Flaten, Ryan Kostreba, Kevin Schmidt, Jason Schill, Rich Bishop, Tim Johnson, Dan Nissalke, Jim Critser (DNF)
Heat 2- Shane Sabraski, Dylan Kromschroeder, Scott Lawrence, Butch Butcher, Cody Emmans, Josh Zimpel, Ronnie Malecki, David Dosh, Lucas Christiansen
Heat 3- Mike Loomis, Brandon Duellman, Kevin Burdick, Dustin Zieske, Dustin Nelson, Brandon Linquist, Andrew Johnson, Kaden Woodie, Jase Lien
Heat 4- Dylan Nelson, D.J. Keeler, Nick Oreskovich, Chris Wark, Patrick Beeksma, Jordan Henkemeyer, Joel Snyder, Karter Reents, Mark Blood
Heat 5- Dave Mass, Willie Johnsen, Jr., Tanner Erickson, Ryan Studanski, Nicholas Jacobson, Kevin Salin, Jeff Flaten, Brian Carl, Kurt Becken
Heat 6- Dexton Koch, Austin Niemeyer, Travis Scott, Danny Thomas, Jared Zimpel, Marcus Simonson, Wayne Dean, Colton Budreau, Vincent Zirbes

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat 1- Matt Baker, Ashton Schulte, Jess Brekke, Randy Laage, Tianna Mithun, Brandon Hines, Cole Boston, Gunner Peterson, Butch Butcher, Ryan Fletcher (DNF)
Heat 2- Andrew Inman, Cody Lee, Zach Benson, Cody Carlson, Zach Reinke, Chad Fouquette, Tommy Richards, Craig Elliott, Tim Siercks (DNF), Chris Bretting (DNF)
Heat 3- Mark Kangas, Travis Schulte, Cody Borgeson, Jay Richardson, Haley Lee, Les Schoon, Laine Schwehr, Kevin Hautala, Brockton Grams, David Bidney
Heat 4- Eric Lamm, Dalton Mains, Jaren Wibstad, Jake Molitor, Mark Thomas, Cole Mueller, Benjamin Lewis, Jackson Hautala, Eric Gadach (DNS)
Heat 5- Shane Howell, Terry Reilly, Ashely Mehrwerth, Scott Splittstoesser, Brady Larson, Cody Krueth (DNF), Kennedy Swan (DNF), Shaun Kreyer (DNF), Joey Price (DQ)
Heat 6- Jason VandeKamp, Marcus Dunbar, David Pixley, Dano Ostrander, Nick Ayotte, Leo Schweiss, Adam Prieve, Justin Feltus, Casey Kintner
Heat 7- Dave Cain, Josh Smith, Jake Smith, Jack Rivord, Tyler Kintner, Mark Froehlich, Jon Starnes, Darrin Lawler, Brady Uotinen (DNF)

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat 1- Justin Vogel, Jim Gullikson, Kyle Dykhoff, Gavin Rowland, Russell Kostreba, Joe Potter, Kegan Stueve, Richard Chasteen, Kenny Barber
Heat 2- Andrew Hanson, Danny Richards, Brandon Corbett, Charlie Shiek, Ben Rothstein, Quain Busitzky, Kaden Wooden, Brittany Smith, Ty Agen
Heat 3- Zach Elward, Jeff Ekdahl, Caiden Engel, James Clausen, Joe Weber, James Stands, Dustin Doughty (DNF), Parker Anderson (DNF), Jay Kesan (DNF)
Heat 4- Adam Soltis, Ryan Satter, Jim Williams, Travis Loew, Hunter Anderson, Eric Riley, Michael Tuma, Tom O’Brien, Taven Woodie

Heat 1- Dean Larson, Jamie Lenarz, Robert Holtquist, Tyler Larson, Jeff Kittle, Nicole Feda, Dean Shaver, Jonathan Feda
Heat 2- Skyler Smith, Chad Funt, Tommy Pogones, Chris McLain, Jordan Fischer, Alexander McFarlen, Forest Foster, David Fortier
Heat 3- Dustin Holtquist, Tommy Bawden, Justin Will, Gerry Nohner, Doug Merrill, Steve Schicketanz, Patrick Specht

WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Heat 1- Cory Jorgensen, Rob Grabon, Margo Butcher, Kevin Baumgarner, Devyn Weleski, Karles Knopps, Austin Carlson (DNF), Ryan Clausen (DQ)
Heat 2- Jared Akervik, Dusty Caspers, Michael Roth, Mark Gangl, Josh Berg, Jamie Chlebecek, Nick Shumansky, Deryk Weleski

Heat 1- John Aderman, Brady Albertson, Marcus Ammerman, Alex Aderman, Jon Birdsell, Payson Patrin, Ella Sparks, Emily Acciari, Nicholas Krattenmaker (DNF), Daniel Harstad (DNF)
Heat 2- Grayson Pratt, Joseph Wilber, Corey Mehrwerth, Jenna Hagemann, Jamie Ammerman, Zach Besmehn, Tim Thoennes, Colton Trembath (DNF), Peyton Edelman (DNF), Nate Servaty (DNS)
Heat 3- Mac Johnston, Randy Jacobski, Brian Schott, Hunter McDougall, Travis Olafson, Rachel Boston, Josh Winsky, A.J. House, Jordan Thayer

MTH Fall Classic Returns to Ogilvie Raceway October 8-10, 2020
Format Will See Heats Friday With B-Mains & Features Saturday
USRA Late Models Added To Saturday Schedule For 1st Time Ever

FYE Motorsports Promotions (Las Cruces, New Mexico) - August 26th, 2020  
FYE Motorsports Promotions is extremely excited to finally announce that the 2020 MTH Fall Classic will once again be held at the Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway in Ogilvie, Minnesota for the fifth year in a row, on October 8th-10th, 2020.

2020 has been a wild year with many large-scale events being postponed, moved to new venues or cancelled, but after meetings between FYE and track management, the decision has been made to move forward with the Fall Classic at the Big O as originally planned.

FYE Motorsports owner Chris Stepan said ‘the Fall Classic has been awesome at Ogilvie in each of the past four seasons and we certainly want to continue hosting in at the Big O for many years to come, but with the restrictions that are in place in the state or Minnesota currently, we just wanted to be sure we were interpreting the guidelines correctly before making the official announcement that we were moving forward with the Fall Classic at the Big O as always planned. We are always happy to be able to work with Nate and the Wagamon’s year after year as they are excellent partners in this, and our Mod Nationals event. With the Mod Nationals being moved to the Gondik Law Speedway in Superior, Wisconsin back in May, we wanted to be sure to do everything in our power to be able to host the Fall Classic in Ogilvie, where it belongs.’ 
Practice will be held on Thursday night, October 8th from 6p-9p and racing action will happen on Friday, October 9th and Saturday, October 10th. 

The event will revert back to it’s traditional heats Friday / features Saturday format that it featured for the first 14 years in an effort to give a place for as many drivers to compete at possible and to pay hefty paychecks to Saturday night’s winners, plus the USRA Late Models will make their first ever visit to the Ogilvie Raceway with a complete one-day show on Saturday.

Details for the 17th annual MTH Fall Classic are as follows:

Thursday, October 8th
Pit Gates Open: 4pm
Practice Begins: 6pm
Practice Ends: 9pm

Friday, October 9th
Pit Gates Open: 3pm
Grandstand Gates Open: 5pm
Racing Begins: 7pm

Saturday, October 10th
Pit Gates Open: 2pm
Grandstand Gates Open: 3pm
Racing Begins: 5pm

Friday will consist of heat races for WISSOTA Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod Fours, Pure Stocks and Hornets.

Saturday will feature b-mains and championship features for all 8 WISSOTA divisions, plus a complete show for the USRA Late Models, as they make their first ever visit to the Big O. 
WISSOTA Late Models will race for $4,000 to win / $350 to start
WISSOTA Modifieds will race for $3,000 to win / $250 to start
WISSOTA Super Stocks will race for $2,000 to win / $175 to start
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds will race for $1,500 to win / $150 to start
WISSOTA Street Stocks will race for $1,000 to win / $100 to start
WISSOTA Mod Fours will race for $750 to win / $100 to start
WISSOTA Pure Stocks will race for $500 to win / $80 to start
WISSOTA Hornets will race for $250 to win / $80 to start
…and the USRA Late Models will race for $500 to win / $50 to start in a one day show on Saturday only. 

More information will be released in the coming days at

Mass and Doar Return to Fall Classic Victory Lane
Will and Elward Emerge Ar First Time Fall Classic Champs

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (October 4) – Friday night was night one of the 16th Annual Minnesota Truck Headquarters Fall Classic presented by FYE Motorsports and 222 drivers signed in for a night of WISSOTA Dirt Track race action. A total of 38 races were scheduled for the night and 37 of them were completed as Mother Nature moved her way in. Zach Elward, Pat Doar, Justin Will and Dave Mass took feature wins while Shane Sabraski took two.

1The WISSOTA Street Stocks rolled on the race surface to kick off the feature events. Eric Riley and Kurt Becken led the drivers to green and Becken took off with the lead. Gavin Rowland and Kyle Howland moved to Becken’s side and they raced three wide. Rowland nosed ahead in the lead while Riley and Becken remained side by side. Riley held the second point while Zach Elward, who started 10th, snuck by Riley and caught Rowland. Elward moved into the lead point just as the yellow waved. Elward sped off when the green reappeared, however Riley remained close. Elward held off the competition until the checkers flew and took the win with Riley, Rowland, Cory Dykhoff and Howland as top drivers.

Jason VandeKamp and Shane Sabraski claimed first and second as the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds took the green. The top two drivers built up an immediate lead over the rest of the field. Sabraski moved low on the track and slid past VandeKamp for the lead. Sabraski and VandeKamp found their way into slower traffic, however Sabraski continued to lead and took his #EZ1 car into victory lane. VandeKamp took second with Eric Lamm, Zach Benson and Jeremy Nelson as the top finishers.

Pat Doar, Dan Ebert and Mike Prochnow raced three wide down the backstretch when the WISSOTA Late Model feature began. At the end of lap one, Ebert secured the lead point. After the first five laps were complete, Ebert began to lap slower cars which slowed his #66. Doar began to close in on Ebert in the traffic but the yellow waved. The feature became plagued with cautions getting just a few laps in between each caution. When the race resumed, Doar continued to work Ebert for the lead. Ebert held the point but Doar was persistent 1and after a couple more restarts, Doar claimed the top point. Doar brought the drivers to green on the final restart and drove away from the others. Doar led the remaining laps and took the win with Ebert, Jeff Wildung, Landon Atkinson and Dave Mass to his rear.

Jeremy Nelson (4) grabbed the lead in the WISSOTA Modified feature while Kevin Eder took second. Eder worked Nelson for the lead when Shane Sabraski joined the fun. Sabraski moved back Eder’s side and they raced down the backstretch. As they entered the curve, Nelson spun out. Eder assumed the lead on the restart but Ebert snuck by. Eder and Sabraski resumed their battle when another caution occurred. A series of cautions kept the drivers at a stop and go pace, however during the cautions, Sabraski slid by Ebert for the top point. On the final restart, Ebert, Eder and Jody Bellefeuille were three wide for second. Ebert held the runner up point with Bellefeuille, Eder and Dave Cain in top points while Sabraski took the win.  

After two caution filled features, the WISSOTA Super Stocks were a breath of fresh air running a caution free race. Dave Mass and Tristan LaBarge brought the Supers to green and Mass grabbed the lead. Mass wasted no time and put space between himself and the pack while Ryan Kostreba worked LaBarge for second. Dexton Koch moved to Kostreba’s outside, made the pass and moved to the side of LaBarge. Mass was already in slower traffic while cars in positions two through four began to lap. As they approached the traffic, Koch grabbed the second point. Mass led the race entirety and took the win with Koch, LaBarge, Dan Nissalke and Dylan Kromschroeder as the top drivers.

The Mod Four feature also went flag to flag and took 5 minutes to complete. The race began with Robert Holtquist and Justin Will on the front line and Will claimed the lead. Justin Pogones caught Holtquist for second and they raced door to door until Pogones broke away with the point. The laps when by and Will kept his foot down to take the win. Pogones, Holtquist, Jamie Flickinger and Dean Larson earned top positions.

The WISSOTA Hornets took the clay for the final race of the night, however the rain began to fall as they lined up. As the race went green, they entered turn one and slid all over. The drivers exited the track as the rain fell harder and the race was called.

Mother nature continued to unleash rain on the Ogilvie Raceway through the night and following day, forcing the second day of the Fall Classic to be cancelled.

On behalf of everyone with FYE Motorsports and the Ogilvie Raceway, we appreciate the support of this year's event. 


WISSOTA Late Models
Feature - Pat Doar, Dan Ebert, Jeff Wildung, Landon Atkinson, Dave Mass, Cole Schill, John Kaanta, Don Shaw, Mike Prochnow, Jeffrey Massingill, Travis Budisalovich, Deven VanHouse, Dan Gullikson, Jeffrey Lien Jr., Michael Keller, Lyndon Bolt, Damin Eilers, C.J. Eilers, Joel Collins (DNF), Denny Cutsforth (DNF), Kevin Eder (DNF), James Giossi (DNF), Aaron Lillo (DNF), T.J. Adams (DNF)
B Feature - Damin Eilers, Deven VanHouse, Denny Cutsforth, Lyndon Bolt, Joel Collins, T.J. Adams, Michael Keller, C.J. Eilers, Carey LePage, Dan Dowling, Larry Fitzsimmons, Clarence Washburn, Cody Welch, Jordan Tollakson (DNS), Steve Hucovski (DNS), Joshua Johnson (DNS)
Heat 1 - Pat Doar, Dave Mass, Don Shaw, James Giossi, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Carey LePage, Aaron Lillo, Lyndon Bolt, Cody Welch, Michael Keller (DNF), Joshua Johnson (DNF)
Heat 2 - Landon Atkinson, Mike Prochnow, Jeff Wildung, Jeffrey Massingill, Dan Gullikson, Denny Cutsforth, Eilers, Dan Dowling, Clarence Washburn, Jordan Tollakson (DNF), Steve Hucovski (DNS)
Heat 3 - Dan Ebert, Budisalovich, John Kaanta, Kevin Eder, Cole Schill, Damin Eilers, Joel Collins, Deven VanHouse, T.J. Adams, Larry Fitzsimmons

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature - Shane Sabraski, Dan Ebert, Jody Bellefeuille, Kevin Eder, Dave Cain, Kelly Estey, Corey Jones, Clayton Wagamon, Jake Smith, Don Eischens, Jason VandeKamp, Shane Howell, Trevor Anderson, Donnie Lofdahl, Scott Greer (DNF), Peter Loecken (DNF), Aaron Johnson (DNF), Greg Chesley (DNF), Danny Vang (DNF), Sam Fankhauser (DNF), Justin Oestreich (DNF), Jeremy Nelson (4) (DNF), Jeremy Nelson (06)(DNF), Denis Czech (DNF), Eric Lamm (DNF), Landon Atkinson (DNS)
B Feature 1 - Jeremy Nelson (06), Shane Howell, Corey Jones, Jake Smith, Sam Fankhauser, Donnie Lofdahl, Peter Loecken, Aaron Johnson, Trevor Anderson, Adam Ayotte, Brandon Dolman, Jayme Lautigar, Taton Hansen, Mason McEvers, Mike Boston, Chad Dawson (DNF), Danny Vang (DNF), Chris Mensen (DNS)
Heat 1 - Jeremy Nelson (4), Justin Oestreich, Eric Lamm, Landon Atkinson, Jake Smith, Aaron Johnson, Trevor Anderson, Adam Ayotte, Mason McEvers
Heat 2- Kelly Estey, Scott Greer, Dan Ebert, Clayton Wagamon, Jody Bellefeuille, Danny Vang, Brandon Dolman, Chris Mensen, Chad Dawson
Heat 3 - Shane Sabraski, Denis Czech, Dave Cain, Don Eischens, Jeremy Nelson (06), Corey Jones, Sam Fankhauser, Taton Hansen, Jayme Lautigar
Heat 4 - Jason VandeKamp, Kevin Eder, Greg Chesley, Peter Loecken, Shane Howell, Donnie Lofdahl, Mike Boston, Bryan Hessler


WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature - Dave Mass, Dexton Koch, Tristan LaBarge, Dan Nissalke, Dylan Kromschroeder, Ryan Kostreba, Curt Myers, Shane Sabraski, Josh Zimpel, Mike Loomis, Tanner Erickson, Nick Traynor, Tim Johnson, Kevin Burdick, Jared Zimpel, Kurt Becken, Kevin Schmidt, Jeff Brauer, Scott Lawrence, Kyle Copp, Duane (D.J.) Keeler, Karter Reents, Joel Snyder, Cody Emmans, Jordan Henkemeyer, Adam Soltis
B Feature - Kevin Burdick. Kurt Becken, Curt Myers, Duane (D.J.) Keeler, Karter Reents, Adam Soltis, Kyle Copp, Joel Snyder, Scott Lawrence, Jordan Henkemeyer, Wayne Dean, Brandon Linquist, Ryan Schaufler, Vincent Zirbes, Davey Kruchten, Dan Severson, Eric Berg, Curtis Newberg, David Dosh, Jim Gullikson (DNF), Kevin Salin (DNF), Jon Tollakson (DNF)
Heat 1 - Shane Sabraski, Josh Zimpel, Jared Zimpel, Cody Emmans, Adam Soltis, Joel Snyder, Vincent Zirbes, Davey Kruchten, Eric Berg, Dan Severson
Heat 2 - Tristan LaBarge, Ryan Kostreba, Tim Johnson, Kevin Schmidt, Jeff Brauer, Kevin Burdick, Duane (D.J.) Keeler, Kyle Copp, Jordan Henkemeyer, Wayne Dean
Heat 3 - Dave Mass, Tanner Erickson, Mike Loomis, Nick Traynor, Karter Reents, Jon Tollakson, Ryan Schaufler, Curtis Newberg, David Dosh
Heat 4 - Dan Nissalke, Dylan Kromschroeder, Dexton Koch, Jim Gullikson, Kurt Becken, Scott Lawrence, Brandon Linquist, Kevin Salin, Curt Myers (DNS)


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature - Shane Sabraski, Jason VandeKamp, Eric Lamm, Zach Benson, Jeremy Nelson, Cole Searing, Skeeter Estey, Mitch Weiss, Cody Lee, Shane Howell, Travis Schulte, Brock Gronwold, Nick Bruder, Haley Lee, Brennan Gave, Kyle Matuska, Jess Brekke, Calvin Iverson, Tim Johnson, Hunter Hougard, Andy Davey, Brandon Copp. Andy Mayavski (DNF), Cody Borgeson (DNF), Ryan Gierke (DNF)
B Feature 1 - Tim Johnson, Jess Brekke, Andy Davey, Brennan Gave, Andy Miskowic, Jason Hoffman, Leo Schweiss, Thomas Gill, Tanner Williamson, Gary James Nelson, Austin Ellis, Patrick Kelley, Mike Boston, Mark Blood, Todd Duchscherer, Abby Gierke, Lou Puzio, Mason Lesmeister (DNF), Mark Froehlich (DNS)
B Feature 2 - Ryan Gierke, Calvin Iverson, Hunter Hougard, Cody Borgeson, Lucas Rodin, David Storck, David Pixley, Austin Chyba, Ryan Putnam, Jeff Reed, Cole Boston, Brandon Copp, Matt Kelley, Tommy Bawden, Jon Starnes, Cory Peterson, Vic Schmidt (DNF), Joseph Kampa (DNS)
Heat 1 - Eric Lamm, Zach Benson, Andy Mayavski, Calvin Iverson, Johnson, Gary James Nelson, Tanner Williamson, Mike Boston, Lou Puzio
Heat 2 - Brock Gronwold, Skeeter Estey, Jeremy Nelson, Cody Borgeson, David Pixley, David Storck, Patrick Kelley, Mason Lesmeister (DNF), Dustin Ellis (DNS)
Heat 3 - Shane Sabraski, Kyle Matuska, Cole Searing, Brandon Copp, Leo Schweiss, Mark Blood, Todd Duchscherer, Abby Gierke, Jon Starnes (DNF)
Heat 4 - Travis Schulte, Nick Bruder, Ryan Gierke, Jess Brekke, Lucas Rodin, Jeff Reed, Ryan Putnam, Austin Chyba, Mark Froehlich (44FX)
Heat 5 - Mitch Weiss, Andy Davey, Haley Lee, Andy Miskowic, Thomas Gill, Jason Hoffman, Cory Peterson, Vic Schmidt (DNF), Joseph Kampa (DNS)
Heat 6 - Jason VandeKamp, Shane Howell, Cody Lee, Brennan Gave, Hunter Hougard, Cole Boston, Matt Kelley, Tommy Bawden


WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature - Zach Elward, Eric Riley, Gavin Rowland, Cory Dykhoff, Kyle Howland, Jason Havel, Parker Anderson, Andrew Hanson, Jack Koranda, Shawn Amundson, Ryan Satter, Jay Kesan, Charlie Shiek, Russell Kostreba, Jim Williams, Brett Miller, Kegan Stueve, Joe Potter, Quain Busitzky, Darrel Hazelton (DNF), Kurt Becken (DNF), Scott Witkowski (DNF), Kori Richter (DNF), Dustin Doughty (DNF), Justin Vogel (DNF)
B Feature - Cory Dykhoff, Andrew Hanson, Jay Kesan, Shawn Amundson, Ryan Satter, Jim Williams, Brett Miller, Kori Richter, Tylar Wilson, Greg Platzer, Richard Chasteen, Quain Busitzky, Ty Agen (DNF), Michael Tuma (DNF), Dale Louwagie (DNS)
Heat 1 - Jason Havel, Zach Elward,, Scott Witkowski, Justin Vogel, Cory Dykhoff, Andrew Hanson, Kori Richter, 37X-Quain Busitzky
Heat 2 - Darrel Hazelton, Kyle Howland, Parker Anderson, Kegan Stueve, Brett Miller, Ryan Satter, Jim Williams, Ty Agen
Heat 3 - Jack Koranda, Kurt Becken, Gavin Rowland, Charlie Shiek, Tylar Wilson, Greg Platzer, Michael Tuma, Dale Louwagie
Heat 4 - Eric Riley, Joe Potter, Dustin Doughty, Russell Kostreba, Jay Kesan, Shawn Amundson, Richard Chasteen


Feature - Justin Will, Justin Pogones, Robert Holtquist, Jamie Flickinger, Dean Larson, Doug Merrill, Nicholas Jacobson, Tommy Pogones, Gerrald Nohner, Dean Shaver, David Fortier, Carter Oestreich, Adam Prieve (DNF), Nicole Feda, Brian Feda (DNS), Dustin Holtquist (DNF)
Heat 1- Justin Will, Doug Merrill, Nicholas Jacobson, Dean Shaver, Tommy Pogones, Carter Oestreich, Adam Prieve (DNF), Brian Feda (DNS)
Heat 2 - Justin Pogones, Robert Holtquist, Dean Larson, 16-Jamie Flickinger, Gerrald Nohner, David Fortier, Nicole Feda, Dustin Holtquist (DNF)

Feature –Grayson Pratt, Nate Servaty, Jake Smith, Corey Mehrwerth, Joseph Wilber, Paul George, Hunter McDougall, Brennan Schmidt, Tyler Kachinske (DNS), Lucas Boyce (DNS), Michael Egan (DNS), Paul Ripley (DNS), Tyler Schramm (DNS), Nate Rose (DNS), Doug Martin (DNS), Kristy Marken (DNS), Casey Fitzpatrick (DNS)
Heat 1 - Nate Servaty, Tyler Kachinske, Paul George, Joseph Wilber, Paul Ripley, Tyler Schramm, Doug Martin, Jake Smith, Kristy Marken
Heat 2 - Grayson Pratt, Lucas Boyce, Michael Egan, Hunter McDougall, Brennan Schmidt, Nate Rose, Corey Mehrwerth (DNF), Casey Fitzpatrick (DNF)

Ogilvie Raceway Gears Up for 16th Annual MTH Fall Classic Weekend

The 16th running of the Minnesota Truck Headquarters sponsored Fall Classic is set to take place at the state-of-the-art Ogilvie Raceway in Ogilvie, Minnesota for the fourth year in a row on Friday and Saturday, October 4th and 5th, with a practice session scheduled for Thursday, October 3rd from 6pm-9pm and the traditional post practice party to follow.

The Fall Classic has been a very successful fall invitational staple on the first weekend of October for the last 15 years and the 16th year looks to be as big as ever.

WISSOTA Late Models will race for a $2,000 top prize each night, while WISSOTA Modifieds will chase a $1,500 payday nightly. WISSOTA Super Stocks and WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds will race after a $1,000 nightly paycheck. WISSOTA Street Stocks will run for $750 to win nightly, with WISSOTA Mod Fours chasing a $500 to win paycheck each night. WISSOTA Hornets racing for a $250 to win payday each night as well.

Complete programs of heat races, b-mains and features are scheduled for each night for each of the seven divisions in action during the weekend. Passing points will be used in all seven divisions both nights.

Camping, reserved seating, reserved pit spots and VIP seating will be available beginning on September 1st. The event will be streamed live on pay per view at if fans are not able to make it to the track in person.

Event promoter Chris Stepan with FYE Motorsports said ‘other than Mother Nature literally raining on our parade and wiping out one night of each of the last two Fall Classic events, we have had amazing racing action and tremendous support from fans and drivers alike ever since moving the Fall Classic to Ogilvie back in 2015 and we are excited to see what the 2019 edition has in store for us. The Fall Classic has always been one of the racing weekends that many, many people look forward to and this year should be no exception. Myself, along with the Wagamon family, Nate and everyone at the Big O are looking forward to a great weekend once the first weekend of October rolls around.’

Thanks to our title sponsor Minnesota Truck Headquarters ( and the other great FYE Motorsports marketing partners for making this happen, including: Accurate Auto Repair, AJ’s Complete Automotive, Bay Lock & Security, Beltline Body Shop, Budweiser, Campbell Lumber & Supply Co., Champs Sports Bar & Grill, Chaschuk Enterprises, Collins Brothers Towing of St Cloud, Envision Cooperative, Extreme Auto & Gas, Foot & Ankle Clinics, Garberich Trucking, GRP Motorsports, G-Style Transport, Shannon Scott’s Henryetta Ford, JigE Signs,, Joe Provo Racewear, Liquid Nitro Energy, MB Customs Race Cars, M&B Services, Mesilla Valley Transportation, Minnesota Truck Headquarters, Northern Belt & Conveyor, Northern Fitness Supply, Olsen Custom Farms,,, Red Headed Rebel Brew,,, S&S Fishing & Rental, ServPro Restoration, Southworth Chevrolet, St. Cloud Auto Wrecking, Superior Fuel Company, ThermoSeal Insulation, TJ’s Oil & Racing Fuels, Village Lanes, Wehrs Machine & Racing Products, West Metro Buick GMC and Winning Edge Graphics.

Event details, times, ticket prices etx can be found at with more exciting information coming out in the upcoming weeks.

We hope to see everyone at the Ogilvie Raceway in Ogilvie, MN on October 4th & 5th. 

Weiss, Bellefeuille, Richards, Nelson, Fankhauser, Holtquist, and Pederson Top 15th Annual Fall Classic

Two-hundred and forty-one cars checked in to the Ogilvie Raceway Saturday for the 15th Annual Fall Classic, Fridays portion was cancelled after light mist fell at the track all day. Ricky Weiss, Jody Bellefeuille, Tommy Richards, Jeremy Nelson, Sam Fankhauser, Dustin Holtquist, and Matt Pederson added their names to the Fall Classic win list.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks were first up for their 20-lap feature, Kyle Dykhoff quickly jumped into the lead with Sam Fankhauser battling with Adam Soltis for the runner up spot, Fankauser would take the spot and then set his sights on Dykhoff, Fankhauser quickly closed the gap and by lap five would challenge Dykhoff for the lead, the two would race by side for several laps until Fankhauser would take over the spot, Aberdeen, South Dakota’s Scott Witkowski was on the move from his thirteenth starting spot, he quickly moved into the top five and then would challenge Dykhoff for the runner up spot in the closing laps, Fankhauser would go on to collect his first Fall Classic win he was followed by Dkyhoff, Witkowski, Gavin Rowland, and Ryan Satter rounding out the top five.

The field of 56 WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds was cut down to 26 for their 25-lap feature through six heat races and three b-mains. Cody Lee and Brandon Copp led the field to green, Copp jumped into the lead, Lee would retire from the race just a couple laps in, Shane Sabraski then moved into the second spot. Jeremy Nelson cracked the top five a few laps in after starting ninth. Nelson then continued to pick them off one at a time, he would move by Sabraski for second near the halfway point, a caution would bunch up the field and erase Copp’s nearly full straightaway lead. Nelson took full advantage of the restart and would battle with Copp for the lead for several laps before taking the lead and driving away from Copp, Sabraski continued to run third while Jeffrey Lien Jr., and Shane Howell, and Travis Schulte battled for fourth, back up front it was all Jeremy Nelson picking up his second career Fall Classic win, he was followed by Copp, Sabraski, Lien Jr., and Howell at the line.

Twenty-five WISSOTA Late Models took the green for their 35-lap feature, Travis Budisalovich grabbed the lead from his pole starting spot with Pat Doar in a close second, Doar would power into the lead on lap three, as the two battled for the lead, Ricky Weiss battled with Jesse Glenz and John Kaanta for third, Doar and Budisalovich then began to get to lap traffic allowing Weiss to close the gap, Doar and Budisalovich continued to swap the lead back and forth through lap traffic until Marshall Fegers brought out the caution near the halfway point, the would put Budisalovich and Weiss right on Doar’s bumper, Weiss took advantage of the restart and got by both and took the lead, Doar and Budisalovich battled for second, Doar would take the spot. Closing in on ten laps to go Weiss negan to get into lap traffic, this allowed Doar one more shot at the lead. Doar would get inside Weiss with eight to go but Weiss was able to fight off the challenge and would go the rest of the way unchallenged in his way to his first Fall Classic win, Doar took second, he was followed by Budisalovich, Glenz, and Kannta.

Fourty-eight WISSOTA Modified were on hand, five heat races and two b-mains were ran to set the feature field, Jody Bellefeuille started on the pole and went on to dominate the thirty lap feature, Dave Cain, Justin Oestreich, and J.T. Johnson battled for second for a number of laps before Cain would get the spot by that time Bellefeuille had built up over a full straightaway lead, Bellefuille would go on to win his first Fall Classic, Cain finished second he was followed by Johnson, Oestreich, and Denis Czech.

The WISSOTA Super Stock was plagued with several cautions, Shane Sabraski grabbed the early lead with Dave Mass in a close second, Mass would pressure Sabraski by lap three for the lead and take the lead by lap five, a caution slowed the action down and Sabraski would be forced to retire giving the second spot to Eischens. Eischens would then challenge Mass for the lead for several laps until a flat tire would force him to retire bringing out another caution. Several more cautions would slow the action down, Tommy Richards started working the middle of the race track and would be side by side with Mass with eight laps to go, Richards would make the pass for the lead, and Mass tried to reel him back in but Richards was too strong in the middle of the track, another caution slowed the action down and Richards would drive away from the field for his first Fall Classic win, Curt Myers would drive to second he was followed by Dan Gullikson, Kevin Burdick, and a fading Dave Mass slid all the way back to fifth in the closing laps after leading most of the event.

Dustin Holtquist went on to dominate the WISSOTA Mod Four feature after getting by Mitchell Hribar in the early laps, Holtquist went on to win his second straight Fall Classic, Hribar took second, he was followed by Adam Prieve, Tyler Larson, and Robert Holtquist.

Matt Pederson got around early leader Jake Smith to pick up the WISSOTA Hornet feature win, Alex Dostal had a good run finishing in second, he was followed by Matthew Dittman, Smith, and Joseph Wilber.

WISSOTA Late Models

MN Truck Headquarters A Feature 1 Late Models (35 Laps): 1. 7-Ricky Weiss, 13:03.052[7]; 2. 11-Pat Doar, 13:04.362[4]; 3. 31-Travis Budisalovich, 13:06.552[1]; 4. 7X-Jesse Glenz, 13:06.893[6]; 5. 85-John Kaanta, 13:07.290[5]; 6. 12S-Brad Seng, 13:09.455[2]; 7. 15-Ryan Mikkelson, 13:10.306[9]; 8. 44-Cole Schill, 13:11.981[3]; 9. 90-Lance Matthees, 13:12.977[17]; 10. 11G-James Giossi, 13:14.698[10]; 11. 42-Dave Mass, 13:15.427[13]; 12. 50-Jeff Wildung, 13:16.045[12]; 13. 4-Shane Edginton, 13:16.749[11]; 14. 2S-Josh Skorczewski, 13:17.203[16]; 15. B0H-Ben Hanke, 13:17.952[20]; 16. 70-Jesse Teunis, 13:04.124[18]; 17. 6M-Jeffrey Massingill, 13:18.951[24]; 18. UPI2-Aaron Lillo, 13:20.721[15]; 19. 775-C.J. Eilers, 13:05.073[23]; 20. 711-Damin Eilers, 13:14.626[19]; 21. 7L-Scott Lehn, 13:16.343[25]; 22. 73-Larry Fitzsimmons, 13:17.495[22]; 23. (DNF) 55C-Chad Mahder, 09:03.871[8]; 24. (DNF) F19-Marshall Fegers, 04:59.437[14]; 25. (DNF) 54-Jim Bruggeman, 04:59.437[21]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 1 Late Models (8 Laps): 1. 11-Pat Doar, 03:36.685[1]; 2. 7X-Jesse Glenz, 03:37.655[3]; 3. 15-Ryan Mikkelson, 03:38.508[2]; 4. 4-Shane Edginton, 03:39.650[6]; 5. UPI2-Aaron Lillo, 03:40.954[5]; 6. 2S-Josh Skorczewski, 03:42.257[7]; 7. B0H-Ben Hanke, 03:42.923[4]; 8. 73-Larry Fitzsimmons, 03:45.949[9]; 9. 7L-Scott Lehn, 03:47.807[8]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 2 Late Models (8 Laps): 1. 31-Travis Budisalovich, 02:26.993[2]; 2. 7-Ricky Weiss, 02:17.628[1]; 3. 11G-James Giossi, 02:20.783[3]; 4. 50-Jeff Wildung, 02:20.962[5]; 5. 42-Dave Mass, 02:26.993[8]; 6. 90-Lance Matthees, 02:26.311[7]; 7. 54-Jim Bruggeman, 02:26.993[4]; 8. 6M-Jeffrey Massingill, 02:26.993[6]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 3 Late Models (8 Laps): 1. 12S-Brad Seng, 03:13.914[2]; 2. 44-Cole Schill, 03:15.187[5]; 3. 85-John Kaanta, 03:23.831[7]; 4. 55C-Chad Mahder, 03:15.736[8]; 5. F19-Marshall Fegers, 03:17.307[6]; 6. 70-Jesse Teunis, 03:19.170[3]; 7. 711-Damin Eilers, 03:23.831[1]; 8. 775-C.J. Eilers, 03:23.831[4]

WISSOTA Modifieds
MN Truck Headquarters A Feature 1 Modified (30 Laps): 1. 11B-Jody Bellefeuille, 09:30.362[1]; 2. 2C-Dave Cain, 09:37.695[5]; 3. 89JR-J.T. Johnson, 09:39.367[2]; 4. 46-Justin A-Strike, 09:39.508[4]; 5. 300-Denis Czech, 09:39.905[8]; 6. 4-Jeremy Nelson, 09:40.761[6]; 7. 18A-Landon Atkinson, 09:41.335[12]; 8. 7A-Shane Sabraski, 09:45.549[11]; 9. 9E-Don Eischens, 09:46.452[7]; 10. 14W-Clayton Wagamon, 09:46.913[13]; 11. 5G-Scott Greer, 09:47.337[3]; 12. 47-Danny Vang, 09:47.718[14]; 13. 17-Mike Greseth, 09:48.886[9]; 14. 10W-Ward Imrie, 09:30.906[18]; 15. 06-Jeremy Nelson, 09:32.877[19]; 16. 73-Andy Jones, 09:34.010[21]; 17. 92-Justin Bronk, 09:35.109[16]; 18. 5K-Tyler Kaeter, 09:35.343[20]; 19. 8S-Tony Schill, 09:36.982[15]; 20. 51-Josh Thoennes, 09:37.023[23]; 21. 52-Jason Thoennes, 09:38.789[22]; 22. 99-Neil Balduc, 09:43.831[24]; 23. 308-Pat Hoffman, 09:45.285[25]; 24. (DNF) 44-Adam Hensel, 08:36.068[17]; 25. (DNF) 23-Matt Gilbertson, 05:16.134[10]

MN Truck Headquarters B Feature 1 Modified (12 Laps): 1. 44-Adam Hensel, 28:11.503[2]; 2. 06-Jeremy Nelson, 28:11.848[8]; 3. 73-Andy Jones, 28:12.127[3]; 4. 51-Josh Thoennes, 28:12.968[9]; 5. 53-Chris Mensen, 28:13.448[1]; 6. 74-Dustin Wahl, 28:13.637[14]; 7. 11-Sam Fankhauser, 28:13.781[4]; 8. 308-Pat Hoffman, 28:14.446[7]; 9. 3-Arne Anderson, 28:14.715[11]; 10. 55W-Jeffrey Wood, 28:14.941[10]; 11. 85D-Jeff Davis, 28:15.355[5]; 12. 27-Chris Unrau, 02:47.031[12]; 13. (DNF) 20-Trevor Anderson, 26:19.321[6]; 14. (DNF) 4L-Carey LePage, 03:05.429[15]; 15. (DNF) 16K-Derick Kubitz, 02:47.031[13]; (DNS) 53S-Justin Schill, 02:47.031

MN Truck Headquarters B Feature 2 Modified (12 Laps): 1. 10W-Ward Imrie, 03:48.974[4]; 2. 5K-Tyler Kaeter, 03:52.229[1]; 3. 52-Jason Thoennes, 03:52.305[3]; 4. 99-Neil Balduc, 03:55.343[2]; 5. 16-Jason VandeKamp, 03:55.677[10]; 6. 3L-Brandon Linquist, 03:57.887[6]; 7. 04JR-Adam Ayotte, 03:59.591[7]; 8. 3C-Chet Atkinson, 03:59.926[12]; 9. 442-Aaron Johnson, 04:00.819[5]; 10. 3H-Bryan Hessler, 04:01.441[9]; 11. US-Jonathan Olmscheid, 04:04.989[11]; 12. 15T-Erick Thiesse, 04:05.207[14]; 13. 10-Kyle Helling, 04:06.318[8]; 14. 15-McKenzie Gerdes, 04:07.203[13]; 15. 8-Al Giesbrecht, 04:07.203[15]; (DNS) 97-Peter Loecken, 04:07.203

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 1 Modified (8 Laps): 1. 46-Justin A-Strike, 02:29.097[2]; 2. 5G-Scott Greer, 02:33.619[6]; 3. 53-Chris Mensen, 02:35.921[4]; 4. 92-Justin Bronk, 02:36.897[8]; 5. 11-Sam Fankhauser, 02:37.411[3]; 6. 442-Aaron Johnson, 02:37.435[1]; 7. 51-Josh Thoennes, 02:38.073[5]; 8. 16-Jason VandeKamp, 02:38.564[9]; 9. 74-Dustin Wahl, 02:39.120[7]; 10. 8-Al Giesbrecht, 02:40.763[10]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 2 Modified (8 Laps): 1. 2C-Dave Cain, 03:21.609[2]; 2. 9E-Don Eischens, 03:23.493[5]; 3. 300-Denis Czech, 03:24.016[8]; 4. 18A-Landon Atkinson, 03:24.555[10]; 5. 52-Jason Thoennes, 03:26.018[1]; 6. 3L-Brandon Linquist, 03:28.410[4]; 7. 55W-Jeffrey Wood, 03:30.345[7]; 8. 3-Arne Anderson, 03:32.612[9]; 9. 15-McKenzie Gerdes, 01:02.054[6]; 10. (DNF) 97-Peter Loecken, 01:02.054[3]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 3 Modified (8 Laps): 1. 23-Matt Gilbertson, 04:25.832[1]; 2. 11B-Jody Bellefeuille, 04:14.496[10]; 3. 5K-Tyler Kaeter, 04:25.832[2]; 4. 14W-Clayton Wagamon, 04:17.748[9]; 5. 10W-Ward Imrie, 04:19.184[5]; 6. 20-Trevor Anderson, 04:19.315[3]; 7. 06-Jeremy Nelson, 04:19.430[8]; 8. 3C-Chet Atkinson, 04:21.738[6]; 9. 15T-Erick Thiesse, 04:25.832[7]; 10. 4L-Carey LePage, 04:25.832[4]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 4 Modified (8 Laps): 1. 4-Jeremy Nelson, 05:19.841[2]; 2. 89JR-J.T. Johnson, 05:22.647[7]; 3. 17-Mike Greseth, 05:23.330[8]; 4. 99-Neil Balduc, 05:24.310[6]; 5. 85D-Jeff Davis, 05:25.887[5]; 6. 308-Pat Hoffman, 05:30.237[4]; 7. 10-Kyle Helling, 05:28.948[1]; 8. US-Jonathan Olmscheid, 05:29.373[9]; 9. 16K-Derick Kubitz, 05:30.237[3]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 5 Modified (8 Laps): 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski, 04:16.138[1]; 2. 8S-Tony Schill, 04:19.462[2]; 3. 44-Adam Hensel, 04:20.549[3]; 4. 47-Danny Vang, 04:21.963[9]; 5. 73-Andy Jones, 04:22.112[7]; 6. 04JR-Adam Ayotte, 04:23.961[4]; 7. 3H-Bryan Hessler, 04:25.693[6]; 8. 27-Chris Unrau, 00:51.650[5]; 9. (DNF) 53S-Justin Schill, 00:51.650[8]

WISSOTA Super Stocks
MN Truck Headquarters A Feature 1 Super Stock (25 Laps): 1. 7R-Tommy Richards, 26:08.986[6]; 2. 41-Curt Myers, 26:09.136[10]; 3. 31X-Dan Gullikson, 26:09.754[5]; 4. 30-Kevin Burdick, 26:10.253[12]; 5. 2-Dave Mass, 26:10.450[4]; 6. 19-Tristan LaBarge, 26:10.881[7]; 7. 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder, 26:11.032[18]; 8. 24W-Chris Wark, 26:11.248[21]; 9. 12-Duane (D.J.) Keeler, 02:15.349[9]; 10. 17-Ryan Kostreba, 26:11.915[19]; 11. 10-Cole Searing, 26:12.149[16]; 12. 78K-Dexton Koch, 26:12.318[15]; 13. 70X-Kurt Becken, 26:12.757[24]; 14. F5-Chad Fouquette, 26:12.862[3]; 15. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer, 26:13.156[23]; 16. 5-Josh Zimpel, 26:13.503[17]; 17. 9M-Ronnie Malecki, 26:13.811[20]; 18. 9-Adam Soltis, 26:13.847[8]; 19. 77-Scott Lawrence, 26:14.183[25]; 20. 25-Dylan Nelson, 26:14.391[22]; 21. 27X-Andy Miskowic, 26:15.849[14]; 22. (DNF) 27-Jared Zimpel, 21:31.311[13]; 23. (DNF) 9E-Don Eischens, 16:01.845[2]; 24. (DNF) 29F-Dave Flynn, 07:29.586[11]; 25. (DNF) 7A-Shane Sabraski, 07:29.586[1]

MN Truck Headquarters B Feature 1 Super Stock (13 Laps): 1. 5-Josh Zimpel, 06:05.306[1]; 2. 17-Ryan Kostreba, 06:05.687[2]; 3. 24W-Chris Wark, 06:05.876[3]; 4. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer, 06:07.557[8]; 5. 69-John Adams, 06:08.904[5]; 6. 50-Roger Host, 06:10.139[10]; 7. 55S-Ryan Schaufler, 06:10.145[4]; 8. 29S-Joel Snyder, 06:10.772[7]; 9. 15V-Travis Vanderby, 06:13.167[9]; 10. 4A-Allan Cleveland, 06:13.793[13]; 11. 22X-Vincent Zirbes, 06:14.212[11]; 12. 11K-Davey Kruchten, 06:16.100[12]; 13. H3Z-Jim Harris, 06:16.100[6]

MN Truck Headquarters B Feature 2 Super Stock (13 Laps): 1. 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder, 09:35.085[4]; 2. 9M-Ronnie Malecki, 09:39.567[1]; 3. 25-Dylan Nelson, 09:39.774[5]; 4. 70X-Kurt Becken, 09:40.879[10]; 5. 77-Scott Lawrence, 09:41.157[2]; 6. 21-Jim Gullikson, 09:41.558[11]; 7. 10B-Michael Blevins, 09:42.343[7]; 8. 12T-Trent Brutger, 09:43.303[9]; 9. 2R-Jeff Reed, 09:44.499[3]; 10. 127-Neil Chevalier, 09:45.327[12]; 11. (DNF) 15-Devin Fouquette, 00:43.413[6]; 12. (DNF) 11-Kevin Salin, 00:43.827[8]; 13. (DNF) 3Z-Eric Zitelman, 00:43.827[13]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 1 Super Stock (8 Laps): 1. 9E-Don Eischens, 03:56.269[4]; 2. 7R-Tommy Richards, 03:56.535[5]; 3. 10-Cole Searing, 04:03.540[2]; 4. 78K-Dexton Koch, 03:58.712[7]; 5. 17-Ryan Kostreba, 04:00.217[8]; 6. 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder, 04:03.540[9]; 7. 15V-Travis Vanderby, 04:01.507[3]; 8. 21-Jim Gullikson, 04:02.193[6]; 9. 127-Neil Chevalier, 04:03.540[1]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 2 Super Stock (8 Laps): 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski, 03:56.449[7]; 2. 30-Kevin Burdick, 03:48.178[2]; 3. 5-Josh Zimpel, 03:50.627[3]; 4. 9M-Ronnie Malecki, 03:50.670[5]; 5. 69-John Adams, 03:51.474[1]; 6. 29S-Joel Snyder, 03:52.034[6]; 7. 11A-Jordan Henkemeyer, 03:52.105[8]; 8. 70X-Kurt Becken, 03:52.630[9]; 9. 4A-Allan Cleveland, 03:56.449[4]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 3 Super Stock (8 Laps): 1. 2-Dave Mass, 02:31.981[2]; 2. 12-Duane (D.J.) Keeler, 02:42.563[3]; 3. 27-Jared Zimpel, 02:36.736[5]; 4. 27X-Andy Miskowic, 02:39.231[8]; 5. 55S-Ryan Schaufler, 02:40.780[6]; 6. H3Z-Jim Harris, 02:42.563[4]; 7. 50-Roger Host, 02:42.563[7]; 8. (DNF) 3Z-Eric Zitelman, 02:42.563[1]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 4 Super Stock (8 Laps): 1. F5-Chad Fouquette, 07:50.919[3]; 2. 19-Tristan LaBarge, 07:42.145[5]; 3. 9-Adam Soltis, 07:44.481[7]; 4. 2R-Jeff Reed, 07:45.650[4]; 5. 25-Dylan Nelson, 07:46.554[1]; 6. 10B-Michael Blevins, 07:50.919[6]; 7. 11-Kevin Salin, 07:49.240[8]; 8. 22X-Vincent Zirbes, 07:50.919[2]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 5 Super Stock (8 Laps): 1. 31X-Dan Gullikson, 02:33.059[2]; 2. 29F-Dave Flynn, 02:33.820[1]; 3. 41-Curt Myers, 02:35.601[6]; 4. 24W-Chris Wark, 02:37.861[3]; 5. 77-Scott Lawrence, 02:40.112[8]; 6. 15-Devin Fouquette, 02:41.224[5]; 7. 12T-Trent Brutger, 02:45.409[4]; 8. 11K-Davey Kruchten, 02:45.409[7]

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
MN Truck Headquarters A Feature 1 Midwest Modified (25 Laps): 1. 06-Jeremy Nelson, 13:44.772[9]; 2. 22-Brandon Copp, 13:45.967[2]; 3. 19X-Shane Sabraski, 13:50.422[3]; 4. 31JR-Jeffrey Lien Jr., 13:50.648[15]; 5. L1-Shane Howell, 13:50.807[6]; 6. 11-Travis Schulte, 00:47.776[7]; 7. 7-Brandon Mehrwerth, 13:51.614[5]; 8. 88-Eric Lamm, 13:52.380[21]; 9. 33X-Justin Froemming, 13:53.369[13]; 10. 112-Brennan Gave, 13:55.117[4]; 11. 15-Wade Skindelien, 13:55.806[12]; 12. 16-Jason VandeKamp, 13:56.449[17]; 13. RED1-Dan Wheeler, 13:57.162[11]; 14. 44FX-Mark Froehlich, 13:57.404[16]; 15. 1S-Scott Bintz, 13:58.514[22]; 16. 11JR-Andrew Inman, 13:59.517[10]; 17. 50H-Haley Lee, 14:00.224[23]; 18. 24-Tyler English, 14:00.792[8]; 19. 2-Scott Splittstoesser, 14:01.126[14]; 20. 16S-Ryan Savoy, 14:01.798[19]; 21. 13B-Jess Brekke, 14:03.843[24]; 22. (DNF) B37-Cody Borgeson, 12:44.280[20]; 23. (DNF) 10-Cole Searing, 03:08.329[18]; 24. (DNF) 74-Gary James Nelson, 03:09.477[25]; 25. (DNF) 17B-Zach Benson, 03:10.152[26]; 26. (DNF) 50C-Cody Lee, 00:47.776[1]

MN Truck Headquarters B Feature 1 Midwest Modified (13 Laps): 1. 16-Jason VandeKamp, 06:52.279[4]; 2. B37-Cody Borgeson, 06:55.311[3]; 3. 50H-Haley Lee, 06:56.969[2]; 4. 17B-Zach Benson, 06:57.301[6]; 5. 27XX-Calvin Iverson, 03:29.334[14]; 6. 26G-Ryan Gierke, 06:59.756[1]; 7. 04N-Nick Ayotte, 07:00.949[5]; 8. 11X-Austin Chyba, 07:02.125[8]; 9. 21-Wyatt Boyum, 07:02.767[9]; 10. 33A-Austin Overwater, 07:03.428[13]; 11. 94-Cory Ziebol, 03:29.334[12]; 12. (DNF) 12R-Tony Schill, 03:29.334[7]; (DNS) 07-Jason Hoffman, 03:29.334; (DNS) 2D-Daniel Berglund, 03:29.334

MN Truck Headquarters B Feature 2 Midwest Modified (13 Laps): 1. 10-Cole Searing, 12:34.279[2]; 2. 88-Eric Lamm, 12:35.583[1]; 3. 13B-Jess Brekke, 12:37.166[4]; 4. 20-Thomas Gill, 12:38.735[7]; 5. 96-Charlie Zander, 12:39.372[8]; 6. 26-Abby Gierke, 12:39.532[3]; 7. 11B-Mike Boston, 12:40.370[6]; 8. 63-Patrick Kelley, 12:41.696[12]; 9. 20L-Mason Lesmeister, 12:42.707[13]; 10. 8-Shawn Roy, 12:45.976[11]; 11. (DNF) 9B-Brendan Blascyk, 08:13.883[5]; 12. (DNF) TB81-Tommy Bawden, 02:24.269[10]; 13. (DNF) 14J-James Kannegiesser, 02:24.471[9]

MN Truck Headquarters B Feature 3 Midwest Modified (13 Laps): 1. 16S-Ryan Savoy, 05:21.080[8]; 2. 1S-Scott Bintz, 05:22.134[10]; 3. 74-Gary James Nelson, 05:23.639[3]; 4. 3S-Ryan Studanski, 05:23.993[13]; 5. 31-Travis Schurmann, 05:25.305[2]; 6. 2G-Brock Gronwold, 05:25.647[7]; 7. 43-Kyle Matuska, 05:27.044[6]; 8. 86-Patrick Howell, 05:27.710[1]; 9. 88W-Tanner Williamson, 05:28.593[11]; 10. 3-Adam Unrau, 05:28.702[12]; 11. 3P-David Pixley, 05:28.992[4]; 12. (DNF) 29M-Andy Mayavski, 04:29.321[5]; 13. (DNF) 15G-Eric Gadach, 04:08.586[9]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 1 Midwest Modified (8 Laps): 1. 22-Brandon Copp, 09:55.547[4]; 2. 112-Brennan Gave, 09:56.358[6]; 3. 50H-Haley Lee, 09:56.971[2]; 4. 26G-Ryan Gierke, 09:57.361[8]; 5. 31-Travis Schurmann, 09:57.628[9]; 6. 11B-Mike Boston, 09:57.650[7]; 7. 11X-Austin Chyba, 09:57.915[1]; 8. 15G-Eric Gadach, 10:00.391[10]; 9. 63-Patrick Kelley, 09:58.336[3]; 10. (DNF) 27XX-Calvin Iverson, 09:58.336[5]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 2 Midwest Modified (8 Laps): 1. 11-Travis Schulte, 02:42.375[2]; 2. 44FX-Mark Froehlich, 02:34.992[1]; 3. 88-Eric Lamm, 02:35.183[4]; 4. 10-Cole Searing, 02:37.815[6]; 5. 04N-Nick Ayotte, 02:38.175[3]; 6. 16-Jason VandeKamp, 02:38.560[9]; 7. 96-Charlie Zander, 02:39.364[5]; 8. 1S-Scott Bintz, 02:40.073[7]; 9. 3-Adam Unrau, 02:41.159[8]; 10. 33A-Austin Overwater, 02:42.375[10]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 3 Midwest Modified (8 Laps): 1. 24-Tyler English, 02:35.287[2]; 2. 7-Brandon Mehrwerth, 02:35.443[6]; 3. 33X-Justin Froemming, 02:36.102[7]; 4. 74-Gary James Nelson, 02:37.253[4]; 5. 3P-David Pixley, 02:37.771[1]; 6. 12R-Tony Schill, 02:37.983[5]; 7. 2G-Brock Gronwold, 02:39.985[9]; 8. TB81-Tommy Bawden, 02:41.847[3]; 9. (DNF) 3S-Ryan Studanski, 01:42.737[8]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 4 Midwest Modified (8 Laps): 1. RED1-Dan Wheeler, 02:35.285[1]; 2. 15-Wade Skindelien, 02:35.996[4]; 3. 06-Jeremy Nelson, 02:38.146[8]; 4. 26-Abby Gierke, 02:38.494[3]; 5. 29M-Andy Mayavski, 02:38.725[5]; 6. 13B-Jess Brekke, 02:39.606[9]; 7. 16S-Ryan Savoy, 02:39.995[6]; 8. 07-Jason Hoffman, 02:40.816[7]; 9. 88W-Tanner Williamson, 02:44.546[2]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 5 Midwest Modified (8 Laps): 1. 19X-Shane Sabraski, 02:23.165[3]; 2. L1-Shane Howell, 02:38.590[6]; 3. 86-Patrick Howell, 02:39.518[4]; 4. 31JR-Jeffrey Lien Jr., 02:39.764[9]; 5. 17B-Zach Benson, 02:40.391[5]; 6. 43-Kyle Matuska, 02:41.997[2]; 7. 21-Wyatt Boyum, 02:42.641[7]; 8. 8-Shawn Roy, 02:44.914[8]; 9. (DNF) 20L-Mason Lesmeister, 02:23.165[1]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 6 Midwest Modified (8 Laps): 1. 50C-Cody Lee, 06:58.270[5]; 2. 2-Scott Splittstoesser, 06:59.596[3]; 3. 11JR-Andrew Inman, 07:00.890[8]; 4. B37-Cody Borgeson, 07:01.748[1]; 5. 9B-Brendan Blascyk, 07:02.004[4]; 6. 20-Thomas Gill, 07:02.374[6]; 7. 14J-James Kannegiesser, 07:03.061[7]; 8. 2D-Daniel Berglund, 07:04.927[9]; 9. 94-Cory Ziebol, 07:04.927[2]

WISSOTA Street Stocks
MN Truck Headquarters A Feature 1 Street Stock (25 Laps): 1. 11-Sam Fankhauser, 03:52.290[5]; 2. 11D-Kyle Dykhoff, 10:21.321[1]; 3. 88-Scott Witkowski, 10:21.570[13]; 4. 18-Gavin Rowland, 10:23.110[7]; 5. 67-Ryan Satter, 10:23.374[12]; 6. 3R-Danny Richards, 10:23.552[8]; 7. 15-Jim Randall, 10:23.922[4]; 8. 05-Kyle Howland, 10:23.994[9]; 9. 19C-Charlie Shiek, 10:24.685[11]; 10. 11F-Brandon Fah, 10:26.437[3]; 11. 37X-Quain Busitzky, 10:27.403[18]; 12. 27P-Parker Anderson, 03:52.290[10]; 13. 14-Russell Kostreba, 10:27.973[14]; 14. 12K-Mitchell Kesan, 10:28.098[6]; 15. T20-Michael Tuma, 10:32.791[19]; 16. 6J-Taylor Jacobson, 10:33.102[16]; 17. (DNF) 16-Rob Grabon, 08:23.904[15]; 18. (DNF) 7-Adam Soltis, 03:52.290[2]; 19. (DNF) 72-William Fisher, 03:52.290[17]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 1 Street Stock (8 Laps): 1. 11D-Kyle Dykhoff, 04:06.805[3]; 2. 15-Jim Randall, 04:08.190[1]; 3. 11-Sam Fankhauser, 04:09.618[5]; 4. 3R-Danny Richards, 04:16.451[7]; 5. 05-Kyle Howland, 04:09.777[9]; 6. 19C-Charlie Shiek, 04:10.522[4]; 7. 14-Russell Kostreba, 04:11.888[6]; 8. 6J-Taylor Jacobson, 04:13.752[8]; 9. 72-William Fisher, 04:15.558[10]; 10. T20-Michael Tuma, 04:16.451[2]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 2 Street Stock (8 Laps): 1. 7-Adam Soltis, 04:43.529[1]; 2. 11F-Brandon Fah, 04:39.022[3]; 3. 18-Gavin Rowland, 04:39.319[4]; 4. 12K-Mitchell Kesan, 04:39.697[8]; 5. 27P-Parker Anderson, 04:43.529[6]; 6. 67-Ryan Satter, 04:41.168[5]; 7. 88-Scott Witkowski, 04:41.705[9]; 8. 16-Rob Grabon, 04:42.045[7]; 9. 37X-Quain Busitzky, 04:43.529[2]

MN Truck Headquarters A Feature 1 Mod Four (20 Laps): 1. 5H-Dustin Holtquist, 09:31.134[2]; 2. M16-Mitchell Hribar, 00:32.383[1]; 3. 9-Adam Prieve, 00:32.383[8]; 4. 7L-Tyler Larson, 09:33.542[4]; 5. 5-Robert Holtquist, 09:34.236[5]; 6. 41J-Josh Jensen, 09:35.232[6]; 7. 37-Dean Larson, 09:35.413[3]; 8. 01-Justin Pogones, 09:36.793[7]; 9. 21-David Fortier, 09:36.972[9]; 10. N88-Gerrald Nohner, 09:37.688[13]; 11. 30-Dean Shaver, 09:37.746[12]; 12. 32-Dwight Gilyard, 09:38.586[18]; 13. 5F-Nicole Feda, 09:41.203[10]; 14. 17-Katrina McMartin, 09:42.871[11]; 15. 00-Payton English, 09:51.775[14]; 16. (DNF) 6SIX-Forrest Foster, 05:02.715[21]; 17. (DNF) 25K-Alexis (Lexy) Kastner, 01:36.218[15]; 18. (DNF) 89-Chris McClain, 00:32.383[16]; (DNS) 05F-Brian Feda, 00:32.383; (DNS) 95-Brenda Shaver, 00:32.383; (DNS) 23-Shadloe Haag, 00:32.383

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 1 Mod Four (8 Laps): 1. 37-Dean Larson, 10:43.755[4]; 2. 7L-Tyler Larson, 10:44.469[3]; 3. 01-Justin Pogones, 10:45.400[1]; 4. 5-Robert Holtquist, 10:46.010[9]; 5. 9-Adam Prieve, 09:52.096[8]; 6. 30-Dean Shaver, 10:47.194[5]; 7. N88-Gerrald Nohner, 10:47.638[6]; 8. (DNF) 89-Chris McClain, 09:52.096[7]; 9. (DNF) 32-Dwight Gilyard, 09:52.096[2]; 10. (DNF) 23-Shadloe Haag, 09:52.096[10]; 11. (DNF) 05F-Brian Feda, 09:52.096[11]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 2 Mod Four (8 Laps): 1. M16-Mitchell Hribar, 01:22.325[8]; 2. 5H-Dustin Holtquist, 06:15.107[10]; 3. 41J-Josh Jensen, 06:16.749[5]; 4. 21-David Fortier, 06:18.431[3]; 5. 5F-Nicole Feda, 06:21.355[6]; 6. 17-Katrina McMartin, 06:21.956[4]; 7. 00-Payton English, 06:30.902[7]; 8. (DNF) 25K-Alexis (Lexy) Kastner, 06:04.455[9]; 9. (DNF) 95-Brenda Shaver, 01:22.325[1]; (DNS) 6SIX-Forrest Foster, 01:22.325

MN Truck Headquarters A Feature 1 Hornets (15 Laps): 1. 4P-zzzMatt zzzPederson, [2]; 2. 18-Alex Dostal, [10]; 3. 22-Matthew Dittman, [3]; 4. 21S-Jake Smith, [1]; 5. 0K-Joseph Wilber, [4]; 6. 32X-Max Nelson, [9]; 7. 77H-Daniel Harstad, [11]; 8. 21-Paul George, [5]; 9. 5AR-Adam VanDerostyne, [6]; 10. 11S-Zachery Schreder, [8]; 11. 99-Nate Servaty, [13]; 12. 27M-Corey Mehrwerth, [7]; 13. 24-Marcus Ammerman, [19]; 14. 14A-Allen House, [14]; 15. 89J-Randy Jacoboski, [22]; 16. 13R-Jim Ripley, [23]; 17. 17X-Ian Tjaden, [18]; 18. 62G-Kenneth Barber, [20]; 19. (DNF) 60X-Andrew Milz, [25]; 20. (DNF) 3-Amy Studanski, [24]; 21. (DNF) 29-Josh Rowe, [21]; 22. (DNF) 11-Paul Ripley, [15]; 23. (DNF) 13-Tyler Schramm, [16]; 24. (DNF) 1-Hunter McDougall, [17]; (DNS) 63X-Grayson Pratt,

B Feature 1 Hornets (13 Laps): 1. 1-Hunter McDougall, [1]; 2. 17X-Ian Tjaden, [2]; 3. 24-Marcus Ammerman, [3]; 4. 62G-Kenneth Barber, [4]; 5. 29-Josh Rowe, [6]; 6. 89J-Randy Jacoboski, [7]; 7. 13R-Jim Ripley, [8]; 8. 3-Amy Studanski, [11]; 9. 60X-Andrew Milz, [13]; (DNS) 64-Eric Pfundt, ; (DNS) 27-Lawrence Herron, ; (DNS) 7BR-Lucas Boyce, ; (DNS) 8-Jason Studanski,

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 1 Hornets (8 Laps): 1. 21S-Jake Smith, [9]; 2. 21-Paul George, [3]; 3. 5AR-Adam VanDerostyne, [6]; 4. 63X-Grayson Pratt, [4]; 5. 11-Paul Ripley, [2]; 6. 17X-Ian Tjaden, [7]; 7. 64-Eric Pfundt, [5]; 8. 29-Josh Rowe, [10]; 9. 27-Lawrence Herron, [1]; 10. 60X-Andrew Milz, [8]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 2 Hornets (8 Laps): 1. 22-Matthew Dittman, 02:47.007[5]; 2. 27M-Corey Mehrwerth, 02:47.524[1]; 3. 32X-Max Nelson, 02:49.371[2]; 4. 0K-Joseph Wilber, 02:49.956[10]; 5. 13-Tyler Schramm, 02:51.885[3]; 6. 14A-Allen House, 02:53.399[9]; 7. 62G-Kenneth Barber, 03:07.069[4]; 8. 13R-Jim Ripley, 03:07.069[8]; 9. 3-Amy Studanski, 03:07.069[6]; 10. 8-Jason Studanski, 03:07.069[7]

MN Truck Headquarters Heat 3 Hornets (8 Laps): 1. 4P-zzzMatt zzzPederson, 02:50.881[7]; 2. 11S-Zachery Schreder, 02:49.272[1]; 3. 18-Alex Dostal, 02:50.881[3]; 4. 99-Nate Servaty, 02:50.881[4]; 5. 77H-Daniel Harstad, 02:50.881[9]; 6. 1-Hunter McDougall, 02:50.881[8]; 7. 24-Marcus Ammerman, 02:50.881[2]; 8. 89J-Randy Jacoboski, 02:50.881[6]; 9. 7BR-Lucas Boyce, 02:50.881[5]


7 First Time Champions Emerge at 2017 MTH Fall Classic
Blevins Only Repeat Winner

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (October 7) – After Mother Nature cancelled Friday night’s event, the MTH FYE Motorsports Fall Classic was in full effect with 190 cars signing into the pits. The night’s race format was slightly altered due to the cancellation, but the track was in good condition as the night of WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Race Series action began.

WISSOTA Street Stock heats were first on the track with two heats. Jay Kesan grabbed the lead in the first heat and led until the checkers, but in the second heat, Jim Gullikson moved to the low groove then the high line to claim the lead. Gullikson started fifth and drove away while Jimmy Randall passed Dan Richards for second. Gullikson went on to win the heat.

A solid field of WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds prepared for their round of heats and Andy Miskowic and Travis Schulte brought the drivers to green. Miskowic grabbed the lead but Schulte snuck by him after a couple laps. Schulte went to take the win. Eric Lamm grabbed the lead in heat two, and after a caution, continued on to take the win. Heat three began with some contact in turn one and then a spun car in turn four triggered a caution. Skeeter Estey claimed the lead after each restart and won. The final heat began with Dan Kingsley in the lead while others battled for points. Zach Benson challenged Kingsley on the restart but Grant Hall suffered a mechanical issue and made contact with Matt Kelley sending him towards the wall. Kingsley led the back to green with Benson at his rear. Kingsley broke free from Benson and took the win.  

Marshall Fegers and Darrell Nelson brought the WISSOTA Late Models to green and Fegers jumped into the lead. Nelson chased after Fegers and as they flew around the track they put a driver a lap down. Fegers led the race entirety and took the win. Heat two rolled on the raceway with Tim McMann and Ben Hanke on the front row. Hanke grabbed the lead while Jake Redetzke worked McMann for second. Just as Redetzke made the pass, Hanke spun in turn four. The field was reset with McMan in the lead. Redetzke and Chad Mahder fought for second but Mahder slid into the lead. Mahder wheeled the #7c tonight for his first time, and went from seventh to first. Jesse Glenz sped off as the third heat began while Travis Budisalovich kept close in second. Glenz stretched his lead out, but on the final lap, he was slowed by a lapped car. Budisalovich caught Glenz with the checkers being raised, but Glenz grabbed the win.

Chet Atkinson and Jody Bellefeuille sped off in the first of three WISSOTA Modified heats, but a quick caution happened. Bellefeuille took the lead on the restart and won the heat. Dan Ebert sped away as the second heat began while Andy Jones and Tyler Kaeter battled for second. They remained door to door for a few laps, but the yellow waved. As the race resumed, J.B. Stortz made the battle thee wide and stole the point. Jones however came back to his inside and slid by for the point. Ebert went on to win the race. Dustin Nelson took the lead in the final Modified heat, but after a restart, Shane Sabraski passed him and won.

Chris Wark, Brent Duellman and Tanner Erickson went three wide into the turn when the first green waved for the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Andy Miskowic took the lead as the yellow flew. Miskowic brought the drivers back to green and Dexton Koch moved to his rear. Koch couldn’t get by the “Rockstar” of Miskowic. Koch dove low a final time and they drag raced to the checkers, Koch took the win by a slim margin. Shane Sabraski took the win in the second heat while Kevin Burdick took the lead in the third heat. Dustin Nelson made his way into second and worked Burdick. On the final lap, Burdick swooped down which made contact with Nelson. They became hooked and slid into the infield as Jason Schill crossed the finish line. After discussion about the finish, a call was made to award Nelson with the win. Kevin Eder won the fourth heat.

Dean Larson won the first WISSOTA Mod Four heat, and Dustin Holtquist won the second after starting in seventh.

The WISSOTA Pure Stocks began with Victor Westerlund in first, but Dustin Doughty made the pass for the lead. Tucker Quinn moved to Doughty’s side and took the lead but Doughty and Mike Blevens kept close to Quinn. They swapped for top points, but when the checkers flew, Blevens took the win. The second heat had a few cautions in the starting laps, but as the race resumed Kyle Copp took the lead. Justin Madsen took second and worked Copp for the lead point. All of a sudden, flames shot out of Michael Roth’s #24m and the yellow and checkers flew. Madsen took the win and Roth was ok as the flames were extinguished.

The WISSOTA Hornets wrapped up the heats and as the drivers took the first green, they went three wide into the turn. However a yellow followed and the drivers were slowed. On the restart, Derek Ament rolled into the lead point but Matt Dittman came through the field and claimed first. Dittman went on to win the race. Jake Smith took first in the second heat, but Greg Platzer worked Smith and moved into the lead point. Platzer pulled away while Corey Mehrwerth reeled him in. Mehrwerth and Platzer raced door to door the final laps, and Mehrwerth took the win.

With the heats and B Features in the books, it was time for the main events. The WISSOTA Street Stocks took the clay for the first race, as the green flew and drivers entered the turn, contact occurred and James Clausen rolled. Clausen was ok and drivers were sorted. As the race resumed, Jim Gullikson drove away and built a lead of over a straight-away. Kolby Kiehl grabbed second with Kevin Schmidt and Jimmy Randall in tow. Schmidt moved to Kiehl’s side and took over the runner up point. Randall however moved aside Schmidt when the yellow waved. Gullikson brought the drivers back to green and took the feature win. Randall, Kiehl, Danny Richards and Kyle Howland took top points.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds took the the green, however contact occurred amongst various cars and the yellow followed. Travis Schulte brought drivers back to green and drivers raced three wide for points. Skeeter Estey moved to Schulte’s door and they battled for first. They remained side by side, swapped points and some paint until the yellow waved. Schulte remained in command after a couple cautions with Estey and Zach Benson in tow. Jason VandeKamp came through the middle of the pack and moved to Schulte’s side. They raced nose to nose and VandeKamp nosed ahead. Schulte didn’t back down and moved back to VandeKamp’s side. The checkers were raised and they floored it to the finish line. Schulte crossed .076 seconds ahead of VandeKamp to take the win. Benson, Estey and Eric Lamm grabbed top positions.

Chad Mahder and Jake Redetzke led the WISSOTA Late Models around the track and Redetzke sped off when the green dropped. Mahder took second and Marshall Fegers snagged third. Fegers moved into second while the yellow waved. Redetzke brought the drivers back to green with Glenz and Fegers to his rear. Glenz claimed second and moved to Redetzke’s side. They battled for first, encountered a slower car and Glenz slid into the lead. The yellow then appeared again and there was trouble on the restart sparking the caution to be extended. Glenz led the drivers through the restarts and back to green with Fegers, Redetzke and James Giossi going three wide for second. Redetzke grabbed the point, unfortunately another caution slowed them. Glenz led the drivers to their final restart and Redetzke, Fegers and Giossi went three wide for second once more. Redetzke grabbed the point but Giossi moved to his door. Giossi took second with few laps to go. Glenz took the win with Giossi, Redetzke, Fegers and Dan Ebert in fifth.

Just as the WISSOTA Modifieds wrapped up lap one, drivers made contact and collided causing eight drivers to become tangled together on the front stretch. All drivers were ok as track crew sorted and realigned remaining cars. Shane Sabraski and Denis Czech brought the drivers back to green and they raced side by side for the lead. Sabraski snagged the point while Dan Ebert caught and passed Czech. Ebert began to chase down Sabraski, and after a few laps, Ebert was at #7a’s door. Ebert clinched the lead and soon thereafter, Sabraski exited to the infield. Clayton Wagamon moved into top points and to Czech’s door. Wagamon made the final lap pass for second with Dave Cain, Andy jones and Denis Czech as the top drivers. Dan Ebert took the checkers and rolled his #60 into victory lane.

Dexton Koch claimed the lead with Kevin Eder and Dustin Nelson to his rear when the WISSOTA Super Stock feature began. Jason Schill passed Nelson for third as three drivers collided in turn two. A series of cautions kept the drivers slow, but when they resumed, Eder brought them to green. Schill and Koch battled for second while others were three and four wide throughout the field of cars. Koch held second, Schill kept third but Dan Gullikson and Kevin Burdick closed in. Burdick, Czech, Gullikson and Schill raced close for points three through seven and Gullikson snagged third. Czech and Burdick made Gullikson fight three wide again but Gullikson retained the position. Eder led the remaining laps and took the checkers with Koch, Gullikson, Czech and Shane Sabraski as the top five drivers.

Dustin Holtquist and Dean Larson battled for the lead and Larson snagged the point in the WISSOTA Mod Four feature. Holtquist kept close to Larson, and when Larson drifted high in the turn, Holtquist stole the lead. The race was slowed due to a caution, but once it resumed Holtquist remained in charge. Larson and Jamie Flickinger continued in second and third when Dean Shaver moved in to challenge the top drivers. He dropped low on the track surface and passed Flickinger, but Flickinger kept up. Holtquist led the final laps and took the win with D. Larson, Shaver, T. Larson and Flickinger claimed top points.

The WISSOTA Pure Stocks managed to pull off a caution free feature with Michael Blevens in the top point. Blevens, Justin Madsen, Kyle Copp and Andrew Hanson raced close and they separated themselves from the pack. Blevens remained in command as Copp pulled into second. Copp attached himself to Blevens’s rear as they encountered slower cars. Blevens kept his lead and put space between himself and Copp. The top drivers had heavy traffic as the laps passed, but Blevens weaved his way through and took the win. Copp, Hanson, Madsen and Brian Hoff took the top five points.

The final race of the 2017 MTH Fall Classic belonged to the WISSOTA Hornets and Matt Dittman and Corey Mehrwerth brought the drivers to the stand. Dittman and Mehrwerth fought for the lead for a few laps until Mehrwerth broke free. Dittman and Joe Martin held top points until the yellow flew. Mehrwerth brought the drivers back to green while Dittman closed in. Dittman put pressure on Mehrwerth and the top two pulled away. Mehrwerth continued on until the checkers flew. Remaining top points went to; Dittman, Joe Martin, Greg Platzer and Joseph Wilber.

The last race of the 2017 Ogilvie Raceway race season will be Friday and Saturday October 20th and 21st. The infamous Topless Nationals will take place at the Big O where drivers remove the tops off their race cars and battle in the most fun event of the season. Friday night will be heats for all classes and Saturday will be B Features and features. Check out Facebook and the website for more information.

WISSOTA Late Models

Feature (30 Laps): 1. 7X-Jesse Glenz, [4]; 2. 11-James Giossi, [11]; 3. 27-Jake Redetzke, [2]; 4. F19-Marshall Fegers, [3]; 5. 66-Dan Ebert, [7]; 6. 31-Travis Budisalovich, [6]; 7. 7C-Chad Mahder, [1]; 8. B0H-Ben Hanke, [12]; 9. 11D-Tim McMann, [8]; 10. 7-Harry Hanson, [9]; 11. 21X-Joel Collins, [18]; 12. 22-Cale Berry, [15]; 13. (DNF) 6M-Jeff Massingill, [14]; 14. (DNF) 85-John Kaanta, [13]; 15. (DNF) 28N-Dustin Nelson, [22]; 16. (DNF) 28-Jeff Provinzino, [10]; 17. (DNF) 44-Darrell Nelson, [5]; 18. (DNF) T23-John Toppozini, [17]; 19. (DNF) 55-Jason Schill, [16]; 20. (DNF) 73-Larry Fitzsimmons, [20]; 21. (DNF) T3-Richard Thomas, [19]; 22. (DNF) 73E-Brandon Englund, [21]; (DNS) 71-Zach Wohlers,

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. F19-Marshall Fegers, [1]; 2. 44-Darrell Nelson, [2]; 3. 66-Dan Ebert, [4]; 4. 28-Jeff Provinzino, [6]; 5. 85-John Kaanta, [7]; 6. T23-John Toppozini, [3]; 7. T3-Richard Thomas, [8]; 8. (DNF) 71-Zach Wohlers, [5]
Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 7C-Chad Mahder, [7]; 2. 27-Jake Redetzke, [6]; 3. 11D-Tim McMann, [1]; 4. B0H-Ben Hanke, [2]; 5. 22-Cale Berry, [5]; 6. 55-Jason Schill, [8]; 7. 73-Larry Fitzsimmons, [3]; 8. 28N-Dustin Nelson, [4]
Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. 7X-Jesse Glenz, [1]; 2. 31-Travis Budisalovich, [2]; 3. 7-Harry Hanson, [3]; 4. 11-James Giossi, [5]; 5. 6M-Jeff Massingill, [7]; 6. 21X-Joel Collins, [6]; 7. 73E-Brandon Englund, [4]

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature (30 Laps): 1. 60-Dan Ebert, [4]; 2. 414-Clayton Wagamon, [6]; 3. 2C-Dave Cain, [7]; 4. 73-Andy Jones, [9]; 5. 2-Denis Czech, [2]; 6. 11-Jody Bellefeuille, [3]; 7. 308-Patrick Hoffman, [10]; 8. 5K-Tyler Kaeter, [12]; 9. (DNF) 7A-Shane Sabraski, [1]; 10. (DNF) 22J-JB Stortz, [5]; 11. (DNF) 27-Chris Unrau, [21]; 12. (DNF) 37-Kelly Estey, [23]; 13. (DNF) 23-Matt Gilbertson, [13]; 14. (DNF) 04JR-Adam Ayotte, [25]; 15. (DNF) 46-Dustin Nelson, [8]; 16. (DNF) 3C-Chet Atkinson, [11]; 17. (DNF) 46O-Justin Oestreich, [14]; 18. (DNF) 20-Brian Swenson, [15]; 19. (DNF) 5G-Scott Greer, [16]; 20. (DNF) 44-Darrell Nelson, [17]; 21. (DNF) 442-Aaron Johnson, [18]; 22. (DNF) 22E-Kevin Eder, [19]; 23. (DNF) 4-Jeremy Nelson, [20]; 24. (DNF) 1L-Donnie Lofdahl, [22]; 25. (DNF) 18-Ken Dallman, [24]

B Feature: 1. 22E-Kevin Eder, [1]; 2. 4-Jeremy Nelson, [7]; 3. 27-Chris Unrau, [2]; 4. 1L-Donnie Lofdahl, [11]; 5. 37-Kelly Estey, [8]; 6. 18-Ken Dallman, [4]; 7. 99-Neil Balduc, [3]; 8. 57-Duke Erickson, [9]; 9. (DNF) 53-Jason Schill, [5]; 10. (DNF) 04JR-Adam Ayotte, [12]; (DNS) 89JR-JT Johnson, ; (DNS) 12-Joel Collins,

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 11-Jody Bellefeuille, [2]; 2. 2-Denis Czech, [6]; 3. 3C-Chet Atkinson, [1]; 4. 414-Clayton Wagamon, [10]; 5. 46O-Justin Oestreich, [7]; 6. 44-Darrell Nelson, [8]; 7. 99-Neil Balduc, [4]; 8. 18-Ken Dallman, [3]; 9. (DNF) 1L-Donnie Lofdahl, [5]; 10. (DNF) 04JR-Adam Ayotte, [9]
Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 60-Dan Ebert, 04:18.826[1]; 2. 73-Andy Jones, 04:21.076[2]; 3. 22J-JB Stortz, 04:22.474[7]; 4. 5K-Tyler Kaeter, 04:23.128[3]; 5. 20-Brian Swenson, 04:25.884[6]; 6. 5G-Scott Greer, 04:26.279[9]; 7. 22E-Kevin Eder, 04:27.197[10]; 8. 12-Joel Collins, 04:31.210[8]; 9. 4-Jeremy Nelson, 04:31.480[5]; 10. 89JR-JT Johnson, 04:33.681[4]
Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski, [5]; 2. 46-Dustin Nelson, [1]; 3. 2C-Dave Cain, [6]; 4. 23-Matt Gilbertson, [4]; 5. 308-Patrick Hoffman, [10]; 6. 442-Aaron Johnson, [8]; 7. 27-Chris Unrau, [9]; 8. 53-Jason Schill, [3]; 9. 37-Kelly Estey, [7]; 10. 57-Duke Erickson, [2]

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature (25 Laps): 1. IYQ-Kevin Eder, [3]; 2. 78K-Dexton Koch, [1]; 3. 31X-Dan Gullikson, [9]; 4. 2C-Denis Czech, [11]; 5. 7A-Shane Sabraski, [5]; 6. 30B-Kevin Burdick, [21]; 7. 46-Dustin Nelson, [2]; 8. 0-Brandon Duellman, [18]; 9. 7R-Tommy Richards, [19]; 10. 6-Jason Schill, [4]; 11. 40-Nick Traynor, [23]; 12. 12-Jim Campbell, [12]; 13. 24W-Chris Wark, [24]; 14. 9M-Ronnie Malecki, [25]; 15. (DNF) 17-Wayne Dean, [10]; 16. (DNF) 19-Tristan LaBarge, [15]; 17. (DNF) 13-Kyle Oman, [22]; 18. (DNF) 29F-Dave Flynn, [7]; 19. (DNF) 27X-Andy Miskowic, [6]; 20. (DNF) 26-Chad Fouquette, [8]; 21. (DNF) 11-Kevin Salin, [16]; 22. (DNF) 9-Adam Soltis, [13]; 23. (DNF) 77-Scott Lawrence, [17]; 24. (DNF) 4E-Tanner Erickson, [14]; 25. (DNF) 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder, [20]

B Feature: 1. 7R-Tommy Richards, [2]; 2. 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder, [4]; 3. 30B-Kevin Burdick, [12]; 4. 13-Kyle Oman, [1]; 5. 40-Nick Traynor, [6]; 6. 24W-Chris Wark, [9]; 7. 12K-Duane Keeler, [5]; 8. 41-Mikey Vajdl, [3]; 9. 01X-Marcus Simonson, [10]; 10. 27M-Bodhy Monserud, [11]; 11. 9M-Ronnie Malecki, [8]; 12. (DNF) 30-Kevin Schmidt, [7]; (DNS) 89-Brett Johnson,

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 78K-Dexton Koch, [7]; 2. 27X-Andy Miskowic, [4]; 3. 31X-Dan Gullikson, [6]; 4. 4E-Tanner Erickson, [3]; 5. 0-Brandon Duellman, [2]; 6. 41-Mikey Vajdl, [8]; 7. 24W-Chris Wark, [1]; 8. (DNF) 89-Brett Johnson, [5]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski, [1]; 2. 2C-Denis Czech, [2]; 3. 9-Adam Soltis, [3]; 4. 19-Tristan LaBarge, [4]; 5. 77-Scott Lawrence, [6]; 6. 9K-Dylan Kromschroeder, [7]; 7. 30-Kevin Schmidt, [8]; 8. 27M-Bodhy Monserud, [5]
Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 46-Dustin Nelson, [6]; 2. 6-Jason Schill, [5]; 3. 26-Chad Fouquette, [7]; 4. 11-Kevin Salin, [4]; 5. 13-Kyle Oman, [3]; 6. 40-Nick Traynor, [2]; 7. 9M-Ronnie Malecki, [8]; 8. (DNF) 30B-Kevin Burdick, [1]
Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. IYQ-Kevin Eder, [2]; 2. 29F-Dave Flynn, [4]; 3. 17-Wayne Dean, [6]; 4. 12-Jim Campbell, [7]; 5. 7R-Tommy Richards, [5]; 6. 12K-Duane Keeler, [1]; 7. 01X-Marcus Simonson, [3]

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature (20 Laps): 1. 3T-Travis Schulte, [1]; 2. 16-Jason VandeKamp, [18]; 3. 17B-Zach Benson, [8]; 4. 37X-Skeeter Estey, [3]; 5. 88-Eric Lamm, [2]; 6. 43-Kyle Matuska, [9]; 7. 27X-Andy Miskowic, [11]; 8. 88W-Tanner Williamson, [19]; 9. 68K-Dan Kingsley, [4]; 10. 112-Brennan Gave, [16]; 11. 11JR-Andrew Inman, [24]; 12. 3-Ryan Studanski, [7]; 13. B37-Cody Borgeson, [22]; 14. 4H-Grant Hall, [21]; 15. L1-Shane Howell, [14]; 16. 50C-Cody Lee, [12]; 17. 29-Ryan Savoy, [20]; 18. (DNF) CRAZY1-Craig Lofdahl, [6]; 19. (DNF) 88T-Jacob Toepper, [23]; 20. (DNF) 22-Brandon Copp, [10]; 21. (DNF) 44FX-Mark Froehlich, [5]; 22. (DNF) 5-David Swearingen, [13]; 23. (DNF) 7A-Eric Anderson, [25]; 24. (DNF) B26-Jesse Krause, [15]; (DQ) TB81-Tommy Bawden, [17]

B Feature 1: 1. 88W-Tanner Williamson, [2]; 2. 4H-Grant Hall, [3]; 3. 88T-Jacob Toepper, [6]; 4. OK-Matt Kelley, [4]; 5. (DNF) 21-Wyatt Boyum, [7]; 6. (DNF) 63JR-Brady Larson, [5]; 7. (DNF) 5K-Tyler Kaeter, [1]; 8. (DNF) 7P-Jake Hanson, [9]; (DNS) L1H-Patrick Weidenfeller,
B Feature 2: 1. 29-Ryan Savoy, [1]; 2. B37-Cody Borgeson, [8]; 3. 11JR-Andrew Inman, [4]; 4. 00-Ross Fuhrman, [3]; 5. 7A-Eric Anderson, [2]; 6. 7-Brandon Mehrwerth, [9]; 7. 24T-Liz Toepper, [6]; 8. 78-Nate Erickson, [5]; (DNS) 13-Chris Bretting,

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 3T-Travis Schulte, [2]; 2. 27X-Andy Miskowic, [1]; 3. 43-Kyle Matuska, [6]; 4. 50C-Cody Lee, [8]; 5. 16-Jason VandeKamp, [7]; 6. 5K-Tyler Kaeter, [9]; 7. 63JR-Brady Larson, [3]; 8. 88T-Jacob Toepper, [4]; 9. 21-Wyatt Boyum, [5]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 88-Eric Lamm, [2]; 2. 44FX-Mark Froehlich, [4]; 3. 5-David Swearingen, [3]; 4. 22-Brandon Copp, [9]; 5. 29-Ryan Savoy, [1]; 6. 00-Ross Fuhrman, [6]; 7. 11JR-Andrew Inman, [8]; 8. 24T-Liz Toepper, [7]; 9. 13-Chris Bretting, [5]
Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 37X-Skeeter Estey, [2]; 2. CRAZY1-Craig Lofdahl, [4]; 3. L1-Shane Howell, [3]; 4. TB81-Tommy Bawden, [1]; 5. 112-Brennan Gave, [8]; 6. 7A-Eric Anderson, [7]; 7. 78-Nate Erickson, [6]; 8. (DNF) L1H-Patrick Weidenfeller, [5]; 9. (DNF) 7-Brandon Mehrwerth, [9]
Heat 4 (7 Laps): 1. 68K-Dan Kingsley, [1]; 2. 17B-Zach Benson, [3]; 3. 3-Ryan Studanski, [7]; 4. B26-Jesse Krause, [6]; 5. 88W-Tanner Williamson, [5]; 6. 4H-Grant Hall, [2]; 7. OK-Matt Kelley, [9]; 8. (DNF) B37-Cody Borgeson, [8]; 9. (DNF) 7P-Jake Hanson, [4]

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature: 1. 21-Jim Gullikson, [1]; 2. 15-James Randall, [3]; 3. 9K-Kolby Kiehl, [5]; 4. 3R-Danny Richards, [7]; 5. 05-Kyle Howland, [6]; 6. 01-Justin Pogones, [8]; 7. 19C-Charlie Shiek, [13]; 8. 7-Mitchell Kesan, [15]; 9. 37X-Quain Busitzky, [10]; 10. 40-Travis Loew, [9]; 11. 16-Rob Grabon, [16]; 12. (DNF) 18-Gavin Rowland, [11]; 13. (DNF) 15S-Brad Schmidt, [4]; 14. (DNF) 12K-Jay Kesan, [2]; 15. (DNF) 44P-Steve Eggersgluess, [12]; 16. (DNF) 24-James Clausen, [14]

Heat 1: 1. 12K-Jay Kesan, [2]; 2. 9K-Kolby Kiehl, [1]; 3. 15S-Brad Schmidt, [6]; 4. 40-Travis Loew, [4]; 5. 01-Justin Pogones, [8]; 6. 18-Gavin Rowland, [3]; 7. 24-James Clausen, [5]; 8. 7-Mitchell Kesan, [7]
Heat 2: 1. 21-Jim Gullikson, [5]; 2. 15-James Randall, [4]; 3. 3R-Danny Richards, [1]; 4. 05-Kyle Howland, [8]; 5. 37X-Quain Busitzky, [3]; 6. 44P-Steve Eggersgluess, [6]; 7. 19C-Charlie Shiek, [2]; 8. (DNF) 16-Rob Grabon, [7]

Feature (20 Laps): 1. 5D-Dustin Holtquist, [1]; 2. 37-Dean Larson, [2]; 3. 30-Dean Shaver, [5]; 4. 7L-Tyler Larson, [7]; 5. 16-Jamie Flickinger, [6]; 6. 5H-Robert Holtquist, [9]; 7. 23-Trever Roediger, [3]; 8. 11-Chad Funt, [20]; 9. M1-Mike Rau, [15]; 10. 22S-Calvin Saldana, [17]; 11. N88-Gerrald Nohner, [10]; 12. 5-Doug Frederick, [11]; 13. 2-Josh Seely-Sautbine, [8]; 14. (DNF) 21-David Fortier, [18]; 15. (DNF) Y4-Thomas Sabraski, [14]; 16. (DNF) 5L-Larry Harp, [16]; 17. (DNF) 7-Donna Schmidt, [12]; 18. (DNF) 3-Josh Madson, [19]; 19. (DNF) 32-Dwight Gilyard, [13]; 20. (DNF) 6SIX-Forest Foster, [4]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 37-Dean Larson, [2]; 2. 30-Dean Shaver, [1]; 3. 6SIX-Forest Foster, [6]; 4. N88-Gerrald Nohner, [4]; 5. 2-Josh Seely-Sautbine, [9]; 6. 7-Donna Schmidt, [3]; 7. Y4-Thomas Sabraski, [5]; 8. 5L-Larry Harp, [8]; 9. 22S-Calvin Saldana, [7]; 10. 11-Chad Funt, [10]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 5D-Dustin Holtquist, [7]; 2. 23-Trever Roediger, [5]; 3. 16-Jamie Flickinger, [4]; 4. 7L-Tyler Larson, [6]; 5. 5H-Robert Holtquist, [9]; 6. 5-Doug Frederick, [1]; 7. 32-Dwight Gilyard, [3]; 8. M1-Mike Rau, [10]; 9. 21-David Fortier, [8]; 10. 3-Josh Madson, [2]

WISSOTA Pure Stock
Feature (15 Laps): 1. 10-Michael Blevins, [1]; 2. 26-Kyle Copp, [4]; 3. 20-Andrew Hanson, [6]; 4. 15M-Justin Madsen, [2]; 5. 16X-Brian Hoff, [5]; 6. 11-Tucker Quinn, [3]; 7. 35B-Josh Berg, [15]; 8. 4-Jeremy Cash, [9]; 9. 40-Andy Poll, [10]; 10. 3C-Jamie Chlebecek, [13]; 11. 78-Victor Westerlund, [12]; 12. 16R-Ashley Robinette, [11]; 13. 17B-Mackenzie Bjorklund, [14]; (DNS) D1-Dustin Doughty, ; (DNS) 24M-Michael Roth,

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 10-Michael Blevins, [7]; 2. 11-Tucker Quinn, [5]; 3. D1-Dustin Doughty, [3]; 4. 16X-Brian Hoff, [8]; 5. 4-Jeremy Cash, [1]; 6. 78-Victor Westerlund, [2]; 7. 3C-Jamie Chlebecek, [4]; 8. 17B-Mackenzie Bjorklund, [6]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 15M-Justin Madsen, [6]; 2. 26-Kyle Copp, [3]; 3. 20-Andrew Hanson, [1]; 4. 24M-Michael Roth, [5]; 5. 40-Andy Poll, [4]; 6. 16R-Ashley Robinette, [7]; 7. (DNF) 35B-Josh Berg, [2]

Feature (15 Laps): 1. 27-Corey Mehrwerth, [2]; 2. 22-Matthew Dittman, [1]; 3. 2-Joe Martin, [6]; 4. 15P-Greg Platzer, [5]; 5. 0K-Joseph Wilber, [10]; 6. 99-Nate Servaty, [14]; 7. TR3-Terry Romick III, [17]; 8. 21G-Paul George, [7]; 9. 21-Jake Smith, [8]; 10. 21K-Allen Keske, [13]; 11. 00-Derek Ament, [3]; 12. 11-Paul Ripley, [9]; 13. 53-Branley Theel, [12]; 14. 16-Brady Albertson, [15]; 15. (DNF) 18-Alex Dostal, [4]; 16. (DNF) 5-Brittany Smith, [16]; 17. (DNF) 1-Hunter McDougall, [11]; 18. (DNF) 62G-Kenneth Barber, [18]; (DNS) 11B-Josh Benson,

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 22-Matthew Dittman, [6]; 2. 00-Derek Ament, [8]; 3. 18-Alex Dostal, [10]; 4. 11-Paul Ripley, [2]; 5. 21G-Paul George, [9]; 6. 53-Branley Theel, [4]; 7. 21K-Allen Keske, [3]; 8. 16-Brady Albertson, [1]; 9. TR3-Terry Romick III, [5]; 10. (DNF) 11B-Josh Benson, [7]
Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 27-Corey Mehrwerth, [5]; 2. 15P-Greg Platzer, [3]; 3. 2-Joe Martin, [2]; 4. 21-Jake Smith, [1]; 5. 0K-Joseph Wilber, [6]; 6. 1-Hunter McDougall, [9]; 7. 99-Nate Servaty, [4]; 8. 5-Brittany Smith, [7]; (DNS) 62G-Kenneth Barber,

Justin Vogel, Jeremy Nelson, Jake Redetzke, Dave Cain, Dave Mass, Keith Thell, Michael Blevens and Joe Martin Earn Fall Classic Victories

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

1Ogilvie, MN (October 8) – Saturday night at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway featured night two of the FYE Motorsports Shaw Trucking Fall Classic presented by Allstate Peterbilt. The night began with a handful of B Features and then rolled into the main events. All eight WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Race Series classes were in action and put on a fantastic night of race action.

Justin Pogones and Jay Kesan led the WISSOTA Street Stocks to the first feature green of the night. Kesan jumped into the lead while others battled three and four wide for points. Pogones secured the second point and Sam Fankhauser took third. Kesan stretched his lead out as Brad Schmidt took third and then second. Jim Gullikson closed in on Schmidt for second as the first yellow waved. Kesan’s significant lead was gone as Schmidt and Gullikson lined up to his rear. As the race resumed, Gullikson worked Kesan’s inside line, but Kesan remained in command. Gullikson snuck by after a couple laps and Justin Vogel put pressure on Kesan, however another yellow was triggered. Gullikson was alone on the restart but Vogel moved to his door. They raced side by side for a few laps until Vogel nosed ahead. Vogel inched further away from the competition and soon took the checkers. Gullikson finished second with Davey Kruchten, Kesan and Schmidt as the top drivers.

Lance Schill and Travis Schulte brought the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds to the green, but contact occurred in the turn and the leaders spun. Drivers scattered all over and as they were realigned with Cody Lee and Andy Miskowic on the front row. Lee slid into the lead and Miskowic took second with Skeeter Estey in third. Estey dove to Miskowic’s inside but Miskowic held the point. Estey kept after the runner up point, and soon claimed it. Jeremy Nelson moved to his favorite high line and took third, then he moved to Estey’s side for second. Estey pulled away and drove to Lee’s door instead. They were door to door a bit, but on the exit of turn two, Estey became the leader. Nelson closed in on Lee and the top three drivers remained close as they caught slower drivers. Nelson and Lee were door to door and on Estey’s rear when Nelson tried to make the pass. Estey held the lead, but Nelson was all over him. Estey and Nelson caught a slower driver and Nelson made the pass first. Estey slid up the track and tried to catch Nelson, but Nelson shot out of the turn with two laps to go. Nelson led the final laps and rolled his #06 into victory lane. Estey, Lee, Jason VandeKamp and Miskowic claimed to points.

The WISSOTA Late Models rolled on the track and prepared for a 40 lap feature race. As the race went green, Jake Redetzke shot into the lead. John Kaanta and Matt Gilbertson battled for second but Kaanta claimed the point. The top drivers began to spread as Jimmy Mars passed Gilbertson for third. Debris on the track triggered a caution, and Redetzke was in charge on the restart. He sped away when the green dropped, Kaanta retook second while Mars and Gilbertson ran door to door for third. Mars secured the point and set sights for Kaanta. Meanwhile, Redetzke began to lap slower cars which allowed Kaanta and Mars to close in. Kaanta tried to get by Redetzke but Redetzke made it through traffic first. Redetzke put some space between him and second place while Mars tried a different groove to pass Kaanta. Mars moved mid track and went three wide for the point but the yellow appeared. Redetzke was still in command and had an open track in front of him when the race resumed. Mars took second and worked Redetzke, but Redetzke held the lead. Mars went high and low to make the pass, but Redetzke drove away. Kaanta moved to Mars’s side and they battled for second as the race concluded. Redetzke took the win after leading all 40 circuits of the race while Mars, Kaanta, Nelson and Wildung grabbed top points.

Jason Thoennes claimed the lead in the WISSOTA Modified feature race, while Jake Hartung and Jody Bellefeuille battled for second. Bellefeuille took the point but Darrell Nelson worked his inside. Hartung came back to Bellefeuille’s side and flew by for the second point. Hartung continued to rock the high line and caught and passed Thoennes for the lead. Hartung pulled away from the field and the top five separated from the pack, however the yellow waved and drivers were regrouped. Hartung brought the drivers back to green but Bellefeuille moved to his door. Bellefeuille and Hartung were side by side for the lead when contact was made and Hartung spun. The yellow waved and field was reset with Hartung in the lead. Hartung, Dave Cain and Darrell Nelson went three wide for first as the race resumed and Hartung held the point. Hartung then went high on the track and Nelson shot by, but the yellow followed. As the field was realigned, Hartung was first but Nelson flew by when the green dropped. Cain, Hartung and Jeremy Nelson (06) went three wide for second and Cain snagged the point. Shane Sabraski took third and worked Cain as the yellow waved again. D. Nelson was in charge on the restart but Cain worked the low groove and moved to his side. With only three laps to go, D. Nelson and Cain were nose to nose at the line. Cain inched ahead down the back chute but D. Nelson was back in the turn. The checkers were raised and they both floored to the line, Cain was the faster driver and earned the victory. Darrell Nelson, Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson (06) and Thoennes were the top drivers.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks began their feature with four cautions, but when the race resumed, Dave Mass showed the way. Shane Sabraski and Dustin Nelson snagged top points but Kevin Burdick worked Nelson’s inside. Burdick snuck by Nelson for third but Nelson kept close. After a few laps, the yellow appeared again and slowed the field, but Mass brought them back to green. Sabraski and Burdick battled for second as Dan Gullikson joined them. Sabraski retained second and Gullikson took third. The top drivers spaced out, but as laps went by, Sabraski closed the gap with Mass. With only four laps to go, the yellow showed again. Mass sped off on the restart but Sabraski and Gullikson stayed glued to one another. They were nose to nose the final laps and crossed the line side by side. Gullikson crossed first to snag second and Sabraski settled in third. Nelson and Burdick took other top points while the Dominator Dave Mass grabbed the win.

Jerry Esler and Dean Larson led the WISSOTA Mod Fours to green, but a few cautions kept them slow. After the restarts, Esler claimed first and Keith Thell slid into second. Thell moved low on the track and took Esler’s side. They were door to door a couple laps, but eventually, Thell made the pass. A total of three more cautions kept the drivers at a stop and go pace, but Thell continued to set the speed. Thell led most of the race and rolled his #00t into victory lane. Esler, Robert Holtquist, Dean Larson and Tyler Larson took top points.

Jamie Chlebecek grabbed first and Josh Kallas took second as the WISSOTA Pure Stock feature went green. Michael Blevens went from sixth to third within the first lap and closed in on the leaders. Kallas was all over Chlebecek for the lead as Blevens joined the battle. Blevens passed both Chlebecek and Kallas for the lead and drove away. Ashley Robinette moved into third but was far behind Kallas and Blevens. Blevens kept his cruise set and grabbed the checkers to claim the first ever Pure Stock Feature Win at the Ogilvie Raceway.

The WISSOTA Hornets wrapped up the night and the 2016 Shaw Trucking Fall Classic. Joe Martin and Paul George sped off as the race began, but Martin slid into the lead. George kept close to Martin, but Martin’s car began to smoke when he exited the turn. Martin kept his car going and kept the lead with George and Darrin Braaten in tow. Top drivers spaced out while Dustin Virkus and Erik Cleasby battled for fourth. Cleasby snagged the point but Virkus kept close in fifth. The smoke of Martin’s car stopped near the races end, and Martin took the win in his #2. George, Braaten, Cleasby and Virkus were the top finishers.

The Fall Classic was in the books, but the season is not over at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway. On Friday and Saturday October 21 and 22, the Annual Topless Nationals will be at the Ogilvie Raceway. Practice will be on Thursday with heats on Friday night for Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks. The Hornets will run a complete show on Friday night. Saturday will feature B Features and remaining Features as well as a complete show for Traditional Sprints. Racing begins at 7pm on Friday and 5pm on Saturday. Check out or the Facebook page for the up to date Topless Nationals race information.

WISSOTA Late Models
Feature- Jake Redetzke, Jimmy Mars, John Kaanta, Darrell Nelson, Jeff Wildung, Jeffrey Massingill, Matt Gilbertson, Pat Doar, Jesse Glenz, Marshall Fegers, Don Shaw, Brad Seng, Lance Matthees, Harry Hanson, Blake Swenson, Jody Bellefeuille, Shawn Kirwin, Cole Schill, Tim McMann, Zach Wohlers, Clarence Washburn, Scott Lehn, Rick Nelson, Travis Budisalovich, Zach Johnson, Steve Laursen

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Dave Cain, Darrell Nelson, Shane Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson (06), Jason Thoennes, Dan Ebert, Brandon Aggen, Justin Oestreich, Matt Gilbertson, Shawn Fletcher, Jody Bellefeuille, Travis Saurer, Denis Czech, Dustin Nelson, Don Eischens, Joey Jensen, Paul Wrazidlo, Seth Brede, Adam Ayotte, Jake Hartung, Ward Imrie, Jeremy Nelson (4), Kelly Estey, J.B. Stortz, Billy Vogel, Scott Greer
B Feature 1- Fletcher, Wrazidlo, Brede, Aaron Johnson, Trevor Anderson, Zack Drews, Brian Swenson, Rick Niemi, Mark Blood, Donnie Lofdahl, Tyler Peterson, Terry Engebretson, Paul Niznik, Jeff Davis, Landon Atkinson
B Feature 2- Stortz, Aggen, Greer, Don Eischens, Jerome Guyot, J.T. Johnson, Neil Balduc, Jeffrey Massingill, Justin Froemming, Dustin Wahl, Jason Blascyk, Marcus Simonson, Danny Vang, Brandon Linquist
B Feature 3- Ayotte, Jensen, D. Nelson, Zach Johnson, Cory Bruggeman, Jeff Hart, Jason Gross, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Tyler Kintner, Chris Mensen, Jayson Good, Jay Richardson, Ryan Mikkelson, Clayton Wagamon, Peter Loecken, Nick Musel

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- Dave Mass, Dan Gullikson, Shane Sabraski, Dustin Nelson, Kevin Burdick, Willie Johnsen, Chris Wark, Tristian LaBarge, Ronnie Malecki, Andy Grymala, D.J. Keeler, Don Shaw, Adam Soltis, Ryan Kostreba, Andy Davey, Jared Zimpel, Scott Lawrence, Larry Fitzsimmons, William Lund, Adam Ayotte, Nick Traynor, Denis Czech, Levi Voss, Jeff Klopstein, Josh Zimpel,
B Feature 1- Traynor, Soltis, Ayotte, Lawrence, Dexton Koch, Jon Stepan, Butch Butcher, Marcus Simonson, Mike Loomis, William Lund, Zach Docktor, Jason Goedker, Kevin Salin
B Feature 2- Fitzsimmons, Keeler, Jo. Zimpel, Ja. Zimpel, Rich Bishop, Allan Cleveland, Dylan Nelson, John Adams, Mikey Vajdl, Keith Corcillus, Dylan Kromschroeder, Kurt Becken

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Jeremy Nelson, Skeeter Estey, Cody Lee, Jason VandeKamp, Andy Miskowic, Mack Estey, Brandon Hines, Tyler Peterson, Tyler English, Jordan Wahl, Matt Baker, Nick DaRonco, Justin Froemming, Austin Hunter, Shane Howell, Tyler Kaeter, Corey Jones, Travis Schulte, Gunnar Watkins, Karl Kolek, Shawn Olson, Grant Hall, Craig Lofdahl, Lance Schill
B Feature 1- Hunter, Froemming, Kaeter, Lofdahl, Keith Thell, Nick Ayotte, Nick Bruder, Tommy Bawden, David Mastell, Jess Brekke, Mason McEvers, John Kallas, Mike Jacques, Cody Borgeson, Scott Harrington, Charlie Zander
B Feature 2- Stepan, Watkins, Kolek, Howell, Andrew Viehauser, Eric Anderson, Josh Wahlstrom, Dale Suomala, Jr., James Kannegiesser, Brandon Mehrwerth, Jeff Nelson, Andrew Inman, Corey Jones, Mike Bellefeuille, Jordon Monson

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Justin Vogel, Jim Gullikson, Davey Kruchten, Jay Kesan, Brad Schmidt, Ryan Satter, Sam Fankhauser, Justin Pogones, Shawn Amundson, Cory Dykhoff, Charlie Shiek, Andy Rossow, Eric Riley, Jimmy Williams, Kris Peterson, Taylor Willms, Kolby Kiehl, Adam Soltis, Shawn Teunis, Jimmy Randall, Ryan Pommerer, Quain Busitzky, Kevin Schmidt, Ashley Wahlstrom, Kyle Dykhoff
B Feature- Satter, Soltis, Williams, Willms, Shiek, Riley, Rossow, Busitzky, Chris Johnson, Don Cook, Kyle Howland, Russell Kostreba, Brandon Englund, Gavin Rowland, Ryan Pommerer

Feature- Keith Thell, Jerry Esler, Robert Holtquist, Dean Larson, Tyler Larson, Brennan Gave, Trevor Roediger, Jamie Flickinger, Dwight Gillyard, Mike Rau, Adam Prieve, Doug Frederick, Nick Jelacie, Gerry Nohner, Larry Harp, Payton English, Josh Madson, Laramie Peiker, Dustin Zieske

Feature- Joe Martin, Paul George, Darrin Braaten, Erik Cleasby, Dustin Virkus, Jacob Aarhus, Brittany Smith, Alex Driscoll, Jessica Stransky, Teale Kraft, Jimmy Hines, Hunter McDougall, Caleb Dallmann, Drew Johnson

WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Feature- Michael Blevens, Josh Kallas, Ashley Robinette, Mackenzie Bjorklund, Kade Leeper, Andy Poll, Jamie Chlebecek

253 Impressive Drivers Raced at Night One of the Fall Classic

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Ogilvie, MN (October 7) – 253 drivers signed into the Ogilvie Raceway Friday night for the Shaw Trucking Fall Classic. The night of PolyDome WISSOTA Dirt Track Race Series action was presented by Allstate Peterbilt and this was the first time the event was at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway. Night one featured heat races for all eight WISSOTA classes, and even though the weather was quite brisk, the race action was hot.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks began the night’s action and featured four heats. Jay Kesan took the lead when the first green waved while Shawn Amundson held the second point throughout the race. Kesan built up a lead and took the win with Amundson and Kevin Schmidt in tow. Kolby Kiehl claimed the race lead in heat two but as the laps passed, Dykhoff and Brad Schmidt kept Kiehl on his toes. As they wrapped up the final lap, Kiehl, Dykhoff and Schmidt raced three wide, and as they crossed the finish line, Schmidt grabbed the win. Sam Fankhauser sped away when the third heat began, but all eyes were on Jim Gullikson’s #21g. Gullikson started eighth and passed cars each lap. As the white flew, Gullikson and Fankhauser were side by side for first and they remained glued to each other when the checkers flew. The margin was .002, and Fankhauser took the win. In the final Street heat, Davey Kruchten snagged the lead and never looked back. Kruchten led every lap and took the race win.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were next up with five heats of cars. Tyler English took first while Shane Howell, Tommy Bawden and Lance Schill raced three wide for second. Howell took the point but Schill passed Howell and caught English. After a side by side battle, Schill took the lead and then the win. Karl Kolek, Jordan Wahl and Travis Schulte began the second heat with a three wide battle for the first point. Schulte pulled ahead of his competitors and took the checkers. Shawn Olson sped away in the third heat, but Nick DaRonco rocked the high side and flew by Olson. DaRonco continued on and took the win. Mason McEvers and Andy Miskowic brought the next heat to green, and Miskowic snagged the lead. Justin Froemming and Matt Baker battled for second and challenged Miskowic for the first. Miskowic held the lead but as the white flew, Baker was on his rear. Miskowic and Baker put the pedal down as they crossed the line, and Miskowic claimed the win. Pat Stepan took the lead in the final Midwest Modified heat, but Scott Harrington stole the point. Cody Lee drove from seventh to third, and after a restart, Lee drove high for the lead. Jason VandeKamp weaved through traffic and caught Lee, but Lee held him off and took the win.

After a quick caution, the WISSOTA Late Models were back in action with the first of three heats. Blake Swenson was the early leader while Tim McMann and Marshall Fegers were door to door for second. Jimmy Mars joined the fight and they were three wide. Mars nosed ahead for second and then wheeled his way aside Swenson. Mars took the lead out of turn four and soon checked out. Mars took the win with Fegers and Swenson as top drivers. Lance Matthees and Jake Redetzke brought heat two to green, but Redetzke dominated the track, lapped a driver and took the checkers. Matt Gilbertson led the final Late Model heat, but Darrell Nelson was on his trail. Nelson and Gilbertson were door to door as they came down the front chute and Nelson claimed the lead. Gilbertson worked the track surface, but came up short as Nelson crossed the finish line.

A stellar group of WISSOTA Modifieds filled seven heats with talent and action. Jeremy Nelson (4) took first in the first heat while Brandon Aggen, J.B. Stortz and Jeremy Nelson (06) ran three wide for second. Aggen dropped out of the battle while Nelson (06) claimed second. The pair of Jeremy Nelson’s raced one and two, but car #4 held the lead and took the win while #06 settled in second. Charlie Hillukka took first while Cory Bruggeman and Chris Mensen battled for second in the next heat. Bruggeman and Mensen raced very close to Hillukka and were three wide in the turn. As the cars came out of turn four, contact was made on the track and Josh Thoennes rolled. The emergency crew rushed to Thoennes, and he was ok. Bruggeman was alone on the restart but Jason Thoennes slid by on the low groove for the lead.  Justin Oestreich came through the field, went from eighth to second and reeled in Thoennes. They were door to door in the turns, but Thoennes grabbed the win. Landon Atkinson, Travis Saurer and Darrell Nelson jockeyed for the top points in the third heat, but Nelson emerged as the top driver. Saurer rode the wall and remained close to Nelson, but Nelson remained in command and took the win. Jake Hartung, Dan Ebert, Matt Gilbertson and Shane Sabraski all claimed early leads in their heats and took the wins as well.

WISSOTA Super Stocks were next for the night and also had five great heats. Dylan Kromschroeder and Kurt Becken led the first heat to green, but Willie Johnsen made the battle three wide. Johnsen took the lead and after a caution, he stretched out his lead. Kevin Burdick however took second and caught Johnsen. Burdick made the pass on the final lap to take the win. After a fight for first, Ryan Kostreba broke away from the crew in the next Super heat. Chris Wark moved into second and reeled in Kostreba’s #17. Wark tried to make a pass, but Kostreba kept him back and grabbed the checkers. Dave Mass wasted no time and went from fourth to first in the first two laps of his heat. Drivers chased after Mass, but Mass took the victory. In the final two Super Stock heats, both Dustin Nelson and Andy Davey took the lead off lap one, and went on to win.

Three heats of WISSOTA Mod Fours were next after a quick intermission and Jerry Esler and Doug Frederick brought the first heat to green. Keith Thell joined the battle and Thell pulled away with the lead. Thell continued to take the win. Dean Larson got some pressure from Adam Prieve in the second heat, but Larson re-stretched his lead and took the win. Tyler Larson started fifth in the final Mod Four heat, and by the end of lap one, he was in second. Laramie Peiker ran first and saw Larson move to his outside, but Peiker held his line and took the checkers.

For the first time in Ogilvie Raceway history, the WISSOTA Pure Stocks took the 3/8 mile. Seven Pures made the trip to Ogilvie and they went green with Ashley Robinette and Michael Blevens on the front row. Blevens took first out of turn two and built an immediate lead. Blevens had such a significant lead, when the drivers were exiting turn four, he was in turn two. Blevens took the win.

Joe Martin took first and Erik Cleasby claimed second when the WISSOTA Hornet heats began. Paul George moved to Cleasby’s side and took the runner up point while Martin stretched out his lead and grabbed the checkers. Darrin Braaten sped away in the second heat, but Dustin Virkus closed the gap and made the pass on Braaten. Virkus took the checkers in his #60 Hornet.

The Hornets wrapped up Night One of the Shaw Trucking Fall Classic. Racing will resume at 5:00 on Saturday with B Features and Features.

WISSOTA Late Models
Heat 1- Mars, Fegers, Swenson, McMann, Doar, Bellefeuille, Laursen, Washburn, Shaw
Heat 2- Redetzke, Matthees, Wildung, Massingill, Budisalovich, Kirwin, Lehn, Johnson, Schill
Heat 3- D. Nelson, Gilbertson, Seng, Kaanta, Wohlers, Hanson, Glenz, R. Nelson

WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat 1- J. Nelson (4), J. Nelson (06), Stortz, Aggen, Brede, J.T.  Johnson, Swenson, Engebretson, Lofdahl, Lien, Jr.
Heat 2- Ja. Thoennes, Oestreich, Mensen, Bruggeman, Ayotte, A. Johnson, Froemming, Jo. Thoennes, Hillukka
Heat 3- Da. Nelson, Saurer, Vogel, Atkinson, Musel, Vang, Linquist, Wahl, Z. Johnson
Heat 4- Hartung, Cain, Estey, Drews, Balduc, Massingill, Good, Gross, Loecken
Heat 5- Ebert, Bellefeuille, Peterson, Greer, Richardson, Guyot, Hart, Wagamon, Uotinen
Heat 6- Gilbertson, Czech, Wrazidlo, Du. Nelson, Jensen, Kintner, Blascyk, Niznik
Heat 7- Sabraski, Imrie, Eischens, Niemi, Fletcher, Mikkelson, Blood, Davis, Simonson

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Heat 1- Burdick, Johnsen, Shaw, Cleveland, Becken, Dy. Nelson, Kromschroeder, Bishop,
Heat 2- Kostreba, Wark, Voss, Gullikson, Ayotte, Keeler, Koch, Loomis
Heat 3- Mass, Sabraski, Klopstein, Soltis, Lawrence, Stepan, Lund, Salin
Heat 4- Du. Nelson, Czech, Malecki, Fitzsimmons, Jo. Zimpel, Corcillus, Vajdl, Butcher
Heat 5- Davey, Grymala, Traynor, LaBarge, Docktor, Simonson, Adams, Ja. Zimpel

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat 1- L. Schill, English, Hines, Bawden, Lofdahl, Castle, Bruder, Bellefeuille, Brekke
Heat 2- Schulte, Wahl, S. Estey, Watkins, Jones, Kolek, Mehrwerth, Kallas, Mastell, Inman
Heat 3- DaRonco, Olson, Hall, M. Estey, Suomala, Jr., Kaeter, Ayotte, Zander, Jeff Nelson, Borgeson
Heat 4- Miskowic, Baker, J. Nelson, Peterson, Froemming, McEvers, Thell, Kannegiesser, Jacques
Heat 5- Lee, VandeKamp, Harrington, Anderson, Hunter, Stepan, Viehauser, Wahlstrom, Monson

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat 1- Kesan, Amundson, K. Schmidt, Vogel, Satter, Pommerer, Rossow, Johnson
Heat 2- B. Schmidt, C. Dykhoff, Kiehl, K. Dykhoff, Kostreba, Shiek, Busitzky, Burrows
Heat 3- Fankhauser, Gullikson, Teunis, Randall, Williams, Willms, Rowland, Englund
Heat 4- Kruchten, Pogones, Wahlstrom, Peterson, Soltis, Riley, Cook, Howland

Heat 1- Thell, Frederick, Esler, Roediger, Madson, Harp, English
Heat 2- D. Larson, Prieve, Jelacie, Gave, R. Holtquist, D. Holtquist, Lindquist
Heat 3- Peiker, T. Larson, Flickinger, Gilyard, Rau, Nohner, Zieske

WISSOTA Pure Stocks
Heat- Blevens, Kallas, Robinette, Poll, Chlebecek, Leeper, Bjorklund

Don Shaw Takes Fall Classic Top Honors

For the past number of  seasons, race teams from around WISSOTA land have converged on the Viking Speedway for the annual Fall Classic. This year marked the 12th annual Viking Fall Classic presented by Shaw Trucking, GRP Motorspots, and Extreme Auto and Gas. When the dust settled this year, Ham Lake, MN driver, Don Shaw, who has a history of performing well during the Viking Fall Classic, used an early race pass and went on to dominate the WISSOTA Late Model feature on Saturday night. Shaw, who picked up his sixth career Fall Classic win, picked up $4000 for his efforts. Other drivers who added their names to the Fall Classic Hall of Champions included, Jordan Tollakson in the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Tyler Peterson in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Dustin Zieske in the WISSOTA Mod Fours, Tim Johnson in the WISSOTA Super Stocks, and Seth Brede capped off an incredible weekend with a Fall Classic WISSOTA Modified feature win.

Tim Johnson and Ryan Satter sat on the front row for the twenty eight car WISSOTA Street Stock feature event. Johnson, who was the Viking track champion in 2015, jumped to the early lead, while Satter came under seige from fifth starting Jordan Tollakson. Satter who couldn't find any bite on the high side of the speedway, began to slip back, as Johnson led Tollakson, Justin Pogones, and Ryan Pommerer. The first caution of the event flew over the track only six laps into the event for a multi car incident. With the field lined back up, Johnson raced back into the lead with Tollakson in hot pursuit. Near the midway point of the race, last year's Fall Classic champion, Justin Vogel raced his way into the fifth spot. As the laps continued to tick down, Johnson and Tollakson were locked in a heated battle for the lead, with Tollakson looking for a way around Johnson. As the leaders passed the stripe with two laps remaining, Tollakson raced to the outside of the speedway and pulled even with Johnson in turn two. After the duo raced side by side into turn three, Tollakson emerged as the leader as the duo took the white flag. Johnson looked to the inside of Tollakson in turn one, it was clear that Tollakson was the class of the field, as he raced to the Fall Classic win. Johnson was second, Pogones third, Pommerer fourth, and Vogel rounded out the top five.

Tyler Peterson and Kelly Haack paced the twenty five car WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature to the green. Haack, who looked strong in the second half of 2015, jumped out to the early lead with Peterson in tow. Peterson was quickly joined by Jamie Thorstad and a battle ensued for the second spot. The caution flew over the speedway only two laps into the twenty lap event, for Travis Saurer, who suffered an engine issue and he came to rest over the banking in turn four. With the field reset, Haack once again jumped to the lead while Peterson settled into the number two spot. On the following lap, Thorstad got too high on the track and slipped towards the rear of the field. Back up front, Haack continued to lead while Peterson worked to find a way around him. Behind the leaders, Blake Swenson and Jason Vandekamp moved into the third and fourth spots, when the caution flew for debris on the speedway with only ten laps remaining. On the restart, Haack's machine got loose sending him sliding back to the sixth spot, and handing the lead to Peterson. Behind Peterson, Vandekamp moved into the second spot and Swenson settled into the third spot. As the laps ticked down it was clear that no one had anything for Peterson as he cruised to the win. Vandekamp was second, Swenson third, David Carlson fourth, and Justin Froemming rounded out the top five.

Twenty four WISSOTA Late Models rumbled onto the speedway next for their 40 lap main event. Matt Aukland and Cole Schill manned the front row of the star studded event. Head flagman, Mike Blom, brought the field to life and third starting Don Shaw quickly raced by the front row starters into the lead, with Aukland in the second spot. Shaw, who has been blistering fast at Viking this season, began to open up a large lead over Aukland, John Kaanta, Lance Matthees, and Pat Doar. As the leaders began to enter lap traffic around lap ten, Aukland began to cut into Shaw's lead. Meanwhile, back in traffic, the man on the move was Jeff Wildung. Wildung, who started tenth, cracked the top five only fifteen laps into the event and began to put heavy pressure on Doar for the fourth spot. Wildung was able to complete the pass in lap traffic and quickly raced up to challenge Kaanta for the third spot. Wildung was able to complete that pass on lap twenty one. Back up front Shaw was able to clear the lap traffic and once again raced to a large lead over Aukland, who was searching for a way through the lap cars. The first caution of the event would fly over the speedway with only twelve laps left on the board. On the restart, Shaw blasted to the lead, while Wildung began to pressure Aukland for second. Wildung was able to complete the pass on the following lap and began to search for a way to reel in race long leader, Shaw. As the laps ticked down, Shaw continued to stretch his lead and he raced to the win, his sixth career Fall Classic win. Wildung was second, Aukland third, Doar fourth, and Kaanta fifth.

Tim Johnson and Bryan Hellerman shared row one for the twenty four car WISSOTA Super Stock main event. Johnson raced out to the early race lead, while Hellerman was quickly overcome by Don Shaw who raced into the second spot. With Johnson and Shaw comfortably in the top two spots, Hellerman was locked in a battle with Dave Mass for the third spot. Mass was able to move by Hellerman just a few laps later and began to look to join the party for the top spot. Mass quickly got to the inside of Shaw and moved by him before the yellow would fly with thirteen to go. On the restart, Mass chose the lowside of the track for the double file restart. Johnson jumped back to the lead, but as Mass and Shaw entered turn one, Shaw's machine drove up and over the banking, bringing out the caution once more. Shaw would retire pitside with mechanical issues, and Johnson led Mass and Hellerman to the line for another restart. Once again, Johnson moved into the lead, with Mass hot on his heels. With the leaders running bumper to bumper, the main battle on the speedway was for the fourth spot with Dominic Baker and Matt Miller battling side by side for position. Back up front, Johnson continued to hold Mass off and he raced to his first career Super Stock Fall Classic win. Mass was second, Ben Wolden third, Baker fourth, and Miller fifth.

Fourteen WISSOTA Mod Fours rolled on the speedway next for their Fall Classic main event. Brennan Gave and Dean Larson sat on the front row and Larson wasted no time moving into the lead, in search of the Fall Classic title. With Larson up front, Brandon Lindquist and Dustin Zieske began to battle for the second spot. The caution would fly for the only time in the race with eleven laps to go. On the restart, Zieske wasted no time blasting to the low side of the track in order to race by Larson, into the lead. Zieske, driving a borrowed car for the weekend, began to stretch his lead while Larson began to battle with his son Tyler for the second spot. Back up front it was all Zieske, as he cruised to the win. Dean Larson was second, Tyler Larson third, Robert Holtquist fourth, and Brandon Lindquist fifth.

The final event of the Fall Classic weekend belonged to the high powered WISSOTA Modifieds. Seth Brede, fresh of his $11,000 mod nationals feature win, and Brady Gerdes sat on row one for the the 30 lap shootout. Brede, picked up right where he left off on Friday night, and he bolted into to the lead with Gerdes in the second spot. Only two laps into the event, the field was slowed by a caution for Josh Thoennes, who broke on the exit of turn two. With the green back out, Brede jumped to the high side of the track, into the lead, while Blake Jegtvig and Tim Johnson moved into the second and third spots. With the top three running out front, Jake Hartung and Matt Gilbertson were able to work their way around Gerdes into the fourth and fifth spots. The caution would once again blink on over the speedway only ten laps into the event with Brede leading Johnson and Jegtvig. On the restart, Johnson raced to the low side of the track and moved into second while Jegtvig began to battle with Gilbertson for the third spot. Gilbertson was able to make the pass on the following lap and moved up to challenge Johnson for the second spot. With only seven laps to go, Gilbertson moved into the number two spot and began to cut into Brede's large lead lap after lap. As the white flag waved over the track, Gilbertson raced up towards Brede's back bumper. Gilbertson was unable to put any real pressure on Brede, and he capped off an incredible weekend, as Brede picked up the Fall Classic win. Gilbertson was second, Johnson third, Jegtvig fourth, and Hartung rounded out the top five.

The staff at FYE Motorspots and Viking Speedway would like to thank everyone who helped make the 12th Annual Fall Classic a success. As we head into the offseason, you may keep up with any Viking Speedway news by visiting them online at or "like" the track on Facebook. For more information regarding FYE Motorsports events please visit them online at or "like" FYE Motorsports on Facebook.

WISSOTA Late Models:
Feature: Don Shaw, Jeff Wildung, Matt Aukland, Pat Doar, John Kaanta, Cody Skytland, Dustin Strand, Lance Matthees, Marshall Fegers, Shawn Kirwin, Cole Schill, Rick Schroeder, Matt Gilbertson, Zach Johnson, Corey Nelson, Brad Parson, Travis Budisalovich, Clarence Washburn, Scott Lehn, Robert Odegard, Rob Lynch, Adam Fischer, Chris Winter, Blake Jegtvig

Heat 1: Kaanta, Doar, Wildung, Kirwin, Odegard, Schroeder, Jegtvig, Lynch

Heat 2: Schill, Gilbertson, Aukland, Budisalovich, Fischer, Nelson, Lehn, Winter

Heat 3: Shaw, Skytland, Matthees, Fegers, Strand, Johnson, Parson, Washburn
WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature: Seth Brede, Matt Gilbertson, Tim Johnson, Blake Jegtvig, Jake Hartung, Jason Thoennes, Dave Cain, Dustin Bitzan, Scot Danzeisen, Danny Bayer, Don Eischens, Jason Vandekamp, Mike Stearns, Cory Tammen, Mark Noble, Jesse Glenz, Zach Johnson, Jeremy Nelson, Corky Thomas, Brian Haben, Brandon Aggen, Brett Hoium, Tyler Peterson, Brady Gerdes, Josh Thoennes

Bmain 1: Vandekamp, Stearns, Z. Johnson, Hayden Hanson, Dustin Wahl, Dan Ebert, Mike Storck, Shaun Peterson, Terry Engebretson, Dustin Bluhm, Chris Mensen, Scott Greer, Peter Loecken, Jason Blascyk

Bmain 2: Hoium, Thomas, Aggen, Haben, Scott Tofte, Arne Anderson, Travis Saurer, Aaron Olson, Tim Alexander, Jeff Flaten, Gary Reents, Jay Richardson, Matt Leer, Jeff Wildung

Heat 1: T. Johnson, Ja. Thoennes, Jo. Thoennes, Tofte, Thomas, Flaten, Mensen, S. Peterson, Loecken, Wildung

Heat 2: T. Peterson, Brede, Nelson, Bayer, Hoium, Storck, Richardson, Anderson, Leer

Heat 3: Cain, Hartung, Eischens, Stearns, Z. Johnson, Olson, Aggen, Engerbretson, Hanson

Heat 4: Bitzan, Gerdes, Noble, Tammen, Wahl, Bluhm, Blascyk, Reents, Saurer

Heat 5: Gilbertson, Jegtvig, Glenz, Danzeisen, Vandekamp, Haben, Greer, Alexander, Ebert

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature: Tim Johnson, Dave Mass, Ben Wolden, Dominic Baker, Matt Miller, William Lund, Tyler Vanderby, Jason Cook, Jon Stepan, Kurt Becken, Christopher Lynch, Alex Wolff, Kevin Salin, Dylan Nelson, Trent Brutger, Allan Cleveland, Scott Lawrence, Jeff Flaten, Bryan Hellerman, Don Shaw, Mike Peterson, Donnie Lofdahl, Jeff Kluver, Jeremy Tyson

Heat 1: Johnson, Shaw, Lund, Lawrence, Nelson, Salin, Lynch, Peterson

Heat 2: Mass, Stepan, Vanderby, Baker, Wolff, Lofdahl, Kluver, Cleveland

Heat 3: Hellerman, Miller, Wolden, Flaten, Brutger, Becken, Cook, Tyson
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature: Tyler Peterson, Jason Vandekamp, Blake Swenson, David Carlson, Justin Froemming, Kelly Haack, Shawn Olson, William Lund, Jason Hoffman, Grant Hall, Jamie Thorstad, Haley Lee, Josh Muzik, Matt Thoennes, Brian Kakela, McKenzie Gerdes, Austin Hunter, Blake Boelens, Tony Caissie, Brooke Hellerman, Shane Howell, Ron Saurer, Travis Saurer, Brock Gronwold, Jeremy Kerzman

Bmain 1: R. Saurer, Olson, Lund, Jon Stepan, Corey Storck, Andrew Hulstein, Scott Tofte, Dave Mass, Terry Merten

Bmain 2: Kakela, Hunter, Kerzman, Ashley Mehrwerth, Mckenzie Gerdes, Chris VanMil, Sam Zender, Corey Bruggeman, Kyle Reents

Heat 1: Haack, Boelens, Thoennes, Hellerman, Muzik, Hoffman, Mehrwerth, Storck, Stepan

Heat 2: Carlson, Peterson, Vandekamp, Froemming, R. Saurer, VanMil, Tofte, Reents, Hunter

Heat 3: Thorstad, Hall, Howell, Caissie, Bruggeman, Gerdes, Kerzman, Mass, Hustein

Heat 4: T. Saurer, Lee, Gronwold, Swenson, Lund, Olson, Merten, Zender, Kakela
WISSOTA Steet Stocks:

Feature: Jordan Tollakson, Tim Johnson, Justin Pogones, Ryan Pommerer, Justin Vogel, Durand Peterson, Ryan Satter, Kyle Dykhoff, Andrew Bangsund, Mark Blom, Jim Williams, Jordan Fisher, John Adams, Kelly Hoerner, Ethan Liams, Tami Naslund, Cory Dykhoff, Scott Huston, Brendan Scott, Eric Riley, Tyler Erdman, Robert Petroff, Brandon Fah, Justin Tammen, Adam Burrows, Brian Oehlert, Bruce Lundin, Brett Miller

Heat 1: Tollakson, Adams, Satter, Scott, Erdman, Fisher, Huston, Hoerner, Miller, K. Dykhoff

Heat 2: Johnson, Riley, C. Dykhoff, Naslund, Williams, Burrows, Oehlert, Tammen, Lundin

Heat 3: Pogones, Pommerer, Vogel, Petroff, Blom, Peterson, Fah, Liams, Bangsund

Feature: Dustin Zieske, Dean Larson, Tyler Larson, Robert Holtquist, Brandon Lindquist, Dustin Holtquist, Brandon Ferris, Brennan Gave, Laramie Peker, Mike Christanson, Myron Flickinger, Josh Gebhart, Forrest Foster, Cody Jacobson

Heat 1: T. Larson, D. Larson, Gave, Peker, Zieske, Flickinger, Gebhart

Heat 2: Lindquist, R. Holtquist, Jacobson, Ferris, Foster, D. Holtquist

Doar Dominates Frigid Viking Fall Classic For 250th Career Victory

By Ryan Schmitz

ALEXANDRIA, MN (Oct. 3-4) - For more than a decade, the first weekend of October has been synonymous with the annual Viking Fall Classic. New Richmond, WI driver Pat Doar added another big win to his resume when he claimed the WISSOTA Late Model feature during the 11th Annual Viking Fall Classic presented by Shaw Trucking. Other drivers who put their names in the Fall Classic Hall of Champions this year included Justin Vogel in the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Travis Saurer in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Dave Mass in the WISSOTA Super Stocks, Brady Gerdes in the WISSOTA Modifieds and Dustin Holtquist in the WISSOTA Mod Fours.

With all the heat race and B-feature action in the books, 27 of the 28 scheduled starters in the WISSOTA Street Stock feature took to the track for their 20 lap main event. Tim Johnson and Justin Vogel, who were first and second in WISSOTA national points, sat on the front row and led the field to the green. Johnson took his machine to the high side of the speedway and into the lead while Vogel settled into the second spot. A pair of cautions slowed the event before a lap could be completed and on the third attempt, Johnson again bolted to the front. Vogel continued to put heavy pressure on Johnson with Ryan Satter in the number three spot. WISSOTA 100 champion Jordan Tollakson moved into the third spot on lap three but jut as quickly retired to the pits with an apparent engine issue; that moved Satter back into the third spot.

As Johnson and Vogel continued to battle at the front of the pack, a trio of drivers moved through the field. Mark Blom, Jimmy Williams and Travis Robertson continued to march to the front after a yellow flew on lap nine.

At the halfway point, Johnson led Vogel, Satter, Ryan Pommerer and Jonny Carter. During the yellow flag period, however, Pommerer retired to the pits with a spark plug issue.

As the laps continued to tick down, Johnson maintained the lead over Vogel and Satter. After the leaders came across the stripe with seven laps remaining, Johnson's car suffered a mechanical issue; he slowed going into turn one and pulled into the infield. That gave Vogel the lead and Satter applied heavy pressure to his friend. The final caution of the event came out with five laps remaining.

Vogel led Satter and 19th starter Jimmy Williams to the green for a five lap shoot out. Vogel led the final handful of laps en route to his second straight Viking Fall Classic victory. Satter was second, Williams was third, Carter was fourth and Justin Pogones rounded out the top five.

After five heat races and two B features, 25 qualifiers for the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature hit the track for a 20 lap feature event. Former national champion Travis Saurer and Blake Swenson paced the pack to the green and Saurer moved to the early lead. Swenson was locked in a second place battle with Jason VandeKamp. Swenson was able to fight VandeKamp off and settled into the second spot as Saurer built a big lead.

Meanwhile, back in traffic, the main battle on the track was between Jeremy Kerzman, Jonathon Olmscheid and Andrew Bangsund for the number seven spot. The trio exchanged the spot lap after lap until Kerzman was able to clear both drivers with a power move on the high side of the speedway.

The first caution of the event flew on lap 12 when Shane Sabraski got too low on the track and clipped a tractor tire. Sabraski was able to continue and went to the back of the field.

Saurer led Swenson and VandeKamp back to the green and VandeKamp tried to make a daring pass on the high side. But his machine got loose, which allowed Michael Truscott and Tyler Peterson to slip past; Vandekamp was shuffled back to the number six spot.

As the laps ticked down, Saurer continued to pull away and cruised to the win. Swenson held on for a solid second, Peterson was third, Truscott was fourth and Kerzman rounded out the top five.

Twenty six of WISSOTA's finest Late Models took the track next for a 40 lap main event. Pat Doar and Canadian traveler Mike Balcaen paced the field to head flagman Mike Blom, who brought the field to life. Balcaen got the early advantage over Doar, who faced pressure from Eric Breeschoten and Adam Hensel.

Balcaen continued to race ahead of the pack until shortly after the leaders entered slower traffic on lap 10. Doar raced to the outside of Balcaen and shot to the lead with 28 laps left on the board. Doar immediately started to build a lead, which the main battle on the track between Jeff Wildung, John Kaanta and Brad Seng for the number six spot.
Wildung was able to get past the other two and moved into sixth with 26 laps remaining.

At the halfway point, Doar led Balcaen, Breeschoten, Hensel, Marshall Fegers and Wildung. The first caution of the event came out with 16 laps remaining for Mindy McCord, who spun on the back chute. That put Balcaen and Breeschoten on Doar's bumper, but Doar was able to fight the pair off when the green flew again.

As the leaders passed the line with eight laps remaining, Balcaen slowed with mechanical issues and he coasted to a stop, which drew the caution flag and ended his second place run.

With the field reset, Doar blasted back to the lead while Fegers raced into the second spot and then challenged Doar. Doar fought back, picked the middle line and raced to the win ahead of Fegers, Breeschoten, Hensel and Lance Matthees in the top five.

The next event of the evening was the star-studded WISSOTA Modified division’s 30 lap feature event. Villard, MN driver Brady Gerdes and Montevideo's Matt Gilbertson paced the field to the green and Gerdes moved into the lead when Gilbertson's car pushed up the track and he lost several positions. Gerdes moved out to a large lead as Cody
Skytland settled into the second spot and Shaun Peterson pulled into third.

Behind the top trio, there was a battle between Aaron Olson, Brian Haben, Travis Saurer and Corky Thomas for the fifth through eighth spots. Haben was able to make his way through the pack and moved into fifth with 18 laps remaining.

Gerdes continuing to stretch his lead until Peterson encountered an engine issue on lap 16, which ended his night.

At the halfway point, Gerdes had a large lead over Skytland, Don Eischens, Saurer and Haben. The running order remained the same until Skytland's car blew a tire with nine to go; that ended his night and brought out the first caution of the Modified feature. ischens and Haben pulled up to Gerdes’ bumper for the restart but Gerdes again flexed his muscle and raced back into the lead. Haben moved by Eischens into the second spot.

A scary incident occurred with only seven laps remaining when Ryan Canon flew over the banking in turn three and rolled his #47 machine. Canon exited the car with no injuries and after a lengthy red flag period, the field lined back up with Gerdes ahead of Haben and Eischens once again.

Gerdes held on to the lead the final seven laps and raced to the largest payday of his young career. Haben was second, Eischens was third, Gilbertson raced back up to finish fourth and Corky Thomas rounded out the top five.

All 27 scheduled starters in the WISSOTA Super Stock main event rolled onto the speedway for that division’s 20 lap feature. Dave Mass and Andy Davey led the pack to the green and Mass immediately moved to the point with Davey, Tim Johnson, Don Shaw, and Shane Sabraski behind him. Davey moved comfortably into second but Sabraski's machine slowed on lap three; his night ended with an engine issue.

Mass continued to hold a large advantage until the caution came out for the first time on lap seven for Gary Nelson, Jr., who slowed on the back chute.

On the ensuing restart, Mass moved back to the lead while Johnson, Larry Lund and Shaw shuffled Davey back to fifth. Johnson set his sights on Mass and raced up to challenge for the lead. The yellow came out again at the halfway point when Chris Winter's car stalled on the backstretch.

Mass once again led Johnson and Shaw to the green. Johnson made a power move to the low side of Mass in an effort to take the lead. As the duo exited turn two, Mass fought back and charged back into the lead. Another caution flew with five laps remaining for debris on the speedway.

On the ensuing restart, Shaw's machine encountered a mechanical issue and quit in front of the field, which sent cars spinning in turn two. Shaw's night was done and he was taken off on the hook.

Mass once again paced the field to the green, then went on to lead the remaining circuits to claim the Fall Classic win. Davey raced back into the second spot, which dropped Johnson to third. Ryan Aho was fourth and Jon Stepan rounded out the top five.

The final event of the weekend belonged to the WISSOTA Mod Fours. All 11 scheduled starters liined up and Dustin Holtquist moved to the early lead with Bryce Bjerken in tow. The caution appeared before a lap could be completed when Bob Holtquist spun in turn one.

When the green flag came back out, Dustin Holtquist moved back into the lead and quickly began to stretch his advantage. With Holtquist and Bjerken comfortably in the top two spots, the main battle was between Josh Abrahamson, Matt Halls, Ryan Buer and Dustin Zieske for the third spot. Abrahamson was able to clear the pack and settled into third while Holtquist continued to build his advantage. Holtquist went on to win the event with Bjerken second, Abrahamson third, Halls fourth and Buer fifth.

The staff of FYE Motorsports and Viking Speedway would like to thank all the drivers, crew, fans, and sponsors for helping make the Fall Classic a successful event. For more information on the speedway please visit and for more information on FYE Motorsports events, go to


WISSOTA Late Models:

Feature - Pat Doar, Marshall Fegers, Eric Breeschoten, Adam Hensel, Lance Matthees, Jeff Wildung, John Kaanta, Don Shaw, Shawn Kirwin, Zach Johnson, Dan Ebert, Rick Schroeder, Dave Fieber, Corey Nelson, Harry Hanson, Brad Parson, Caley Emerson, Clarence Washburn, Blake Jegtvig, Scott Lehn, Mindy McCord, Brad Seng, Zach Wohlers, Mike Balcaen, Rick Nelson, Mark Rose

Heat 1 - Hensel, Breeschoten, Fegers, Shaw, Seng, Wildung, Rose, Wohlers, R. Nelson

Heat 2 - Parson, Kirwin, Doar, Emerson, C. Nelson, Jegtvig, Washburn, McCord, Lehn

Heat 3 - Balcaen, Matthees, Z. Johnson, Schroeder, Kaanta, Ebert, Fieber, Hanson

WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature - Brady Gerdes, Brian Haben, Don Eischens, Matt Gilbertson, Corky Thomas, Kelly Estey, Zach Johnson, Scot Danzeisen, Dan Ebert, Ryan Mikkelson, Josh Thoennes, Brandon Aggen, Travis Saurer, Mike Stearns, Chris Mensen, Ryan Canon, Scott Greer, Aaron Olson, Ward Imrie, Jeff Wildung, Cody Skytland, Shane Sabraski, Shaun Peterson, Jason Thoennes, Blake Jegtvig

Heat 1 - Olson, Johnson, Canon, Jo. Thoennes, Good, Broking, Schroeder, Blascyk, Tofte, Reents

Heat 2 - Eischens, Estey, Stearns, Danzeisen, Guyot, Engebretson, Jegtvig, Anderson, VandeKamp, Mass

Heat 3 - Gilbertson, Imrie, Thomas, Ebert, Ja. Thoennes, Wildung, Esala, Corell, Bayer, Maasch

Heat 4 - Peterson, Saurer, Aggen, Mikkelson, Greer, Bitzan, Sabraski, Loecken, Brede, Prueser

Heat 5 - Skytland, Mensen, Gerdes, Haben, Krog, Hoium, Willms, Flaten, Tammen

B Feature 1 - Wildung, Stearns, Ja. Thoennes, Jayson Good, Danny Bayer, Kent Willms, Brian Krog, Dave Mass, Jason VandeKamp, Dennis Bitzan, Arne Anderson, Mark Prueser, Peter Loecken, Dave Schroeder, Shane Sabraski, Cory Tammen

B Feature 2 - Danzeisen, Jegtvig, Greer, Brett Hoium, Terry Engebretson, Jason Blasyck, John Corell, Scott Tofte, Gary Reents, Seth Brede, Jeff Maasch, Jerome Guyot, Mark Esala, Johnny Broking, Jeff Flaten

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature - Dave Mass, Andy Davey, Tim Johnson, Ryan Aho, Jon Stepan, Curt Myers, Larry Lund, Dexton Koch, Jason Cook, Dominic Baker, Ben Wolden, Mike Peterson, Donna Schmidt, Bryan Hellerman, Dave Jacobson, Chris Lynch, Alan Johnson, Wally Mass, Don Shaw, Ben Johnson, Matt Miller, Randy Laage, Chris Winter, Scott Lawrence, Gary Nelson, Jr., Jeff Kluver, Shane Sabraski

Heat 1 - D. Mass, Shaw, Lund, Lawrence, Baker, Cook, W. Mass, Schmidt, Lynch

Heat 2 - Davey, T. Johnson, Aho, Laage, Stepan, Winter, Hellerman, Miller, Myers

Heat 3 - Sabraski, Koch, A. Johnson, Peterson, B. Johnson, Nelson, Jr., Wolden, Kluver, Jacobson

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Feature - Travis Saurer, Blake Swenson, Tyler Peterson, Michael Truscott, Jeremy Kerzman, Andrew Bangsund, Cory Crapser, Jason VandeKamp, Mack Estey, Nick Bruder, Jonathon Olmscheid, Scott Bintz, Shane Sabraski, Ron Saurer, Justin Froemming, Bill Yonke, Grant Hall, Brian Haben, Jason Hoffman, Chris VanMil, Denis Czech, William Lund, Dan Ebert, Josh Muzik, McKenzie Gerdes

Heat 1 - T. Saurer, Estey, Bangsund, Sabraski, Thorstad, Hanson, Hellerman, Brutger, R. Bohlman

Heat 2 - Bruder, Truscott, Czech, Lund, Ebert, Michel, Haben, Muzik, Merten

Heat 3 - Swenson, Olmscheid, Peterson, R. Saurer, Lee, Froemming, Seavers, Caissie, Vanderby

Heat 4 - Bintz, VandeKamp, Hall, VanMil, Hoffman, Reents, Haack, Boelens, Storck

Heat 5 - Kerzman, Yonke, Gerdes, Crapser, A. Bohlman, Hunter, Dolman, Schwardt

B Main 1 - Hoffman, Ebert, Haben, Haley Lee, Austin Hunter, Andrew Michel, Brandon Dolman, Tyler Vanderby, Richard Bohlman, Kelly Haack, Blake Boelens, Trent Brutger, Jamie Thorstad

B Main 2 - R. Saurer, Lund, Froemming, Hayden Hanson, Brad Seavers, Corey Storck, Josh Muzik, Kyle Reents, Alan Bohlman, Brooke Hellerman, Tony Caissie, Terry Merten, Dick Schwardt

WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Feature - Justin Vogel, Ryan Satter, Jimmy Williams, Jonny Carter, Justin Pogones, Mark Blom, Kyle Dykhoff, Eric Riley, Taylor Willms, Scott Huston, Cory Dykhoff, Jake Knapper, Russ Carlson, Nick Linert, Jake Huston, Bruce Lundin, David Deters, Tim Johnson, Travis Robertson, Ryan Pommerer, Bryan Crandall, Derek Rieck, Chuck Olson, Jordan Tollakson, Adam Burrows, Brett Miller, Durand Peterson, Chuck Lundeen

Heat 1 - Satter, Riley, Olson, Lundin, K. Dykhoff, Robertson, Rieck, Pogones, Lundeen

Heat 2 - Vogel, Burrows, Johnson, S. Huston, Linert, Blom, Willms, Deters, Crandall

Heat 3 - Peterson, Carter, Tollakson, Pommerer, Carlson, C. Dykhoff, Williams, Knapper, Miller, J. Huston

WISSOTA Mod Fours:
Feature - Dustin Holtquist, Bryce Bjerken, Josh Abrahamson, Matt Halls, Ryan Buer, Dustin Zieske, Brandon Linquist, Brandon Ferris, Bob Holtquist, Dean Larson, Ashley Zieske

Heat 1 - Abrahamson, Buer, Halls, D. Zieske, Ferris, A. Zieske

Heat 2 - D. Holtquist, Bjerken, B. Holtquist, Larson, Linquist


Fegers, Josh Thoennes, Crouse, Hoffman and VanMil Victorious At 9th Fall Classic While Swenson Bags Back to Back Street Stock Titles By: Ryan Schmitz

ALEXANDRIA, MN (Oct. 7-8) - For the past eight years in early October, drivers and fans from all over the upper Midwest have converged on Viking Speedway for the annual Viking Fall Classic. This past weekend marked the 9th annual Fall Classic presented by Shaw Trucking, with support from NAPA Auto Parts, GRP Motorsports and as usual, promoted by FYE Motorsports.

After an intense practice session on Thursday night, the heat race action began on Friday with 239 race teams checked in to do battle at the high banked half-mile track, located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. The event concluded with six feature events on Saturday evening and five first time champions were crowned, along with one repeat winner.
Justin Fegers of Minnetonka, MN completed a great weekend and picked up his first Fall Classic championship in the WISSOTA Late Models, Carlos, MN driver Josh Thoennes did the same in the WISSOTA Modifieds, as did Alexandria’s Jeff Crouse in the WISSOTA Super Stocks and Villard’s Jason Hoffman in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Two time WISSOTA Mod 4 national champion Rob Van Mil of Hawley, MN added a Fall Classic title to his resume as well.

Meanwhile, Bismarck, ND pilot Brian Swenson wrapped up his second straight Fall Classic title in the WISSOTA Street Stock division.

Fegers and Chad Mahder brought the 25-car WISSOTA Late Model feature to the green flag and Fegers wasted no time getting to the high side of the speedway and jumped out to an early advantage over Mahder. Fegers continued to ride the cushion in his #F15 machine, while Winona’s Lance Matthees worked his way up to challenge Fegers on the low side of the track.

A caution near the middle of the 35-lap event put Matthees and national touring Late Model driver Jimmy Mars of Elk Mound, WI on Fegers’ back bumper. Once the green flag flew again, the trio was joined by 10th starter Brady Smith of Solon Springs, WI and Nassau’s Jeff Wildung. Fegers continued to work the top of the speedway and Matthees and Mars battled for second and third as the laps continued to tick down.

A caution, for contact between fellow Bismarck, ND drivers Jeremy Keller and Paul Mueller bunched the field up with only four laps remaining. Matthees and Mars threw everything they had at Fegers during the final four circuits, but in the end Fegers was able to hang on and collect the $4,000 payday.

Following Fegers across the line were Matthees, Mars, Wildung and Brad Seng rounding out the top five. Winners of the four heat races included, Wildung, Zach Johnson, Seng, and Mars. B Feature wins went to Don Shaw and Kyle Peterlin.

Josh Thoennes and Hermantown’s Darrell Nelson manned the front row for the 25-lap WISSOTA Modified feature. For the first handful of laps, Nelson and Thoennes battled up front with Thoennes using the high side and Nelson working the low side. Thoennes gained the advantage and Nelson was left to battle Thoennes’ brother, Jason Thoennes, for the runner-up spot.

While Nelson and Jason Thoennes jockeyed for second, Fargo’s Cody Skytland and Jimmy Mars began their march to the front from the ninth and 11th starting spots, respectively. Skytland was able to clear Jason Thoennes and Nelson for second near the midway point of the feature and Mars was not far behind. Skytland got a great run on the low side of the speedway and in just a matter of laps was up to challenge Josh Thoennes for the lead.

A caution with two laps to go put Skytland and Mars alongside each other in the second row with Josh Thoennes still leading. Skytland drove his #19B machine in turns one and two as hard as he could and made a brief pass of Josh Thoennes, only to see Thoennes power back by him on the backchute. Josh Thoennes went on to lead the final two laps and pick up his first Fall Classic title. He was followed across the line by Skytland Mars, Jason Thoennes and 10th starter Dave Cain.

Scott Ward, Matt Gilbertson, Jason Thoennes, Dan Ebert, Brett Hoium and Cain each won a heat race, while Shane Sabraski, Travis Saurer and Rick Jacobson each won a B feature.

Viking Speedway point champion Crouse and former WISSOTA national champion Dan Gullikson led a very strong field of Super Stocks to the green for their 25-lap main event. Crouse jumped out to an early advantage with Gullikson in tow. As the two leaders continued to work the high side of the track, Hancock’s Jeff Flaten started making a charge on the low side of the speedway. Unfortunately for Flaten, he lost the bite on his machine early on, spun and brought out the first caution of the event.

Once the green waved again, Crouse and Gullikson resumed their battle up front. Near the middle of the pack, Shane Sabraski, 19th starter Don Shaw and 21st starter Shawn Nolan picked off car after car as the trio rallied toward the front. A caution was brought when Jerome Guyot spun his machine in turn two. A light mist began to fall, during the caution period but event officials decided to carry on.

When the green came back out, Gullikson and Mike Peterson made contact and Gullikson went over the banking in turn two. It was determined the track was too slick for racing at that point, and both drivers were given their positions back. Once the mist let up, racing began with Crouse leading Gullikson and Scott Lawrence.

The caution flag was waved several more times and race officials were forced to go to a green, white, checkered finish. During the final circuit, Gullikson made a hard run on the low side of the speedway but Crouse kept up his momentum and captured his first Fall Classic title. Dave Shipley, Shaw and Sabraski rounded out the top five.

Lawrence, Shipley, Peterson and Gullikson each won a Super Stock heat race and Shaw and Joel Collins advanced to the main event with B feature wins.

Fellow Villard drivers Hoffman and Brady Gerdes lined up on the front row of the $1,500-to-win WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature. When the green flew, Hoffman jumped out to an early lead with fifth starter Sabraski and Chris Mensen in tow. Hoffman used the high line around the track and Sabraski worked the middle of the track looking for the bite to get around Hoffman.

Behind the leaders, 12th starter Travis Saurer was on the attack; he charged into the top five within the first 10 laps and then began working on Scott Bintz for fourth. Back up front, Sabraski’s machine slowed on the back straightaway and he retired from the event.

Saurer quickly disposed of Bintz and then set his eye on Mensen for second, completing the task a few laps later. A late race caution tightened the field up one last time, and Saurer tried everything in his power to get around Hoffman, but it was not meant to be. Hoffman held on to collect the big pay day followed by Sauer and Mensen. Jason Vejtruba made a late charge to finish fourth and Bintz came home fifth.

Hoffman, Canadian Brodie Dobson, Josh Muzik, Sabraski and Bintz won the Midwest Modified heat races. Todd Berg and Dusty Bitzan won the divisions two B features.

After his 2010 Fall Classic win, Swenson said he would be back to defend his title in 2011. Swenson shared the front row of the WISSOTA Street Stock feature with Brooten driver Justin Vogel. Swenson quickly jumped to his preferred line, the high groove, and raced to an early lead on Vogel and Travis Berends.

A few laps into the event the top three were joined by Chris Winter and Mark Blom as they continued to duke it out on the top side of the track. Berends continued to work the middle groove and Vogel rode the ditch around the track lap after lap. The final caution of the event waved with a few laps to go putting Vogel and Berends on Swenson’s rear bumper.

As the green flag came out, Berends made a brief pass only to see Swenson rocket by on the outside. Vogel spun his machine on the bottom of turn four during the final lap and Winter inherited the podium finish behind winner Swenson and runner-up Berends. Oak Grove’s Leon Sorrell came home fourth and Josh Fredeen rounded out the top five.

Blom, Ryan Pommerer and Vogel won the Street Stock heat races.

Moorhead’s Josh Abrahamson jumped out to an early advantage in the Speedway Motors WISSOTA Mod Four feature. Third starter VanMil quickly entered the picture and the lead duo battled lap after lap with Abrahamson on the low side and VanMil running up top. With six laps to go, Abrahamson lost the bite on his machine and gave the lead to VanMil.

That put Tom Silver and Dustin Zieske back into the mix and they lined up in row two behind VanMil. Once the green flag came back out, VanMil was not to be denied his second straight Fall Classic win ahead of Silver, Zieske, VanMil’s dad, Corry VanMil, and 10th starter Tyler Larson.
Rob VanMil and Abrahamson won the Mod Four heat races.

FYE Motorsports and Viking Speedway would like to send out a big thank you to the racers, fans and sponsors who supported the Ninth annual Fall Classic. For more information on the speedway, and its plans for the 2012 race season, you may check them out online at  For more information on the Fall Classic and other FYE Motorsports promoted events check out



Mars, Thoennes, Swenson and Abrahamson Attach Fall Classic Titles to Resume, While Mass and Sabraski Score Second VFC Victories 10.10.10

For Immediate Release – St. Cloud, MN

By: Chris Stepan – FYE Motorsports The 8th running of Viking Fall Classic presented by Shaw Trucking Inc., NAPA Auto Parts and GRP Motorsports was held under bright sunny skies and unseasonably warm temperatures, which greeted thousands of fans and nearly 300 racers to the ‘High Flying Half Mile’ at the Viking Speedway in Alexandria, MN on October 8th and 9th 2010. The event featured all six WISSOTA sanctioned divisions and saw a whopping 289 drivers take place in the event, which started with an open practice session on Thursday night, October 7th. 33 Preliminary heat races and 10 b-features were held to set the stage for the 6 championship features to round out the 8th annual Fall Classic weekend in front of a standing room only crowd on a beautiful 80* degree day on Saturday. In preliminary action, Justin Tammen outraced his brother Cory from the front row to win heat one in the Street Stocks, while Justin Pogones held off Brian Swenson to win heat race number two. Tim Johnson ran away from Rusty Kollman in heat race three and Nitro Jimmy Williams came from the second row to win heat four, holding off 9th starting Andrew Bangsund at the line.  The most notable incident in the Street Stock heat races was a violent barrel roll by Elk River, Minnesota’s Kevin Schmidt on the final lap of the heat. Schmidt went end over end a few times off the backstretch, completely destroying his race car. He did emerge ok. In Midwest Modified heat race action it was Jamie Thorstad racing from the third row to secure the win in heat one over 9th starting Scott Werk; while Josh Muzik dominated the most stacked heat race of the day, holding off 7th starting Shane Sabraski for the home town win in heat two. Heat three saw polesitter Nick Bruder take command and win over Brian Haben, while Marshal Tofte stormed through the field to win heat four after starting 9th on the grid. Tofte went by the field with ease early, while 5th starting Rick Jacobson got to second before 7th starting Dusty Bitzan could reel him in. Heat six saw the drivers who started in the fourth row together charge through the field with 8th starting Jeremy Kerzman getting to the front first to win over Peter Loecken and heat six saw Rusty Kollman lead every lap from the front row to get the victory in the final Midwest Modified heat race of the day. Late Models were third on the agenda and the first heat race had an enormous amount of talent in it, but saw part-time Late Model pilot Blake Jegtvig (in Cody Skytland’s backup car) pull away early and then hold on to hold off the charging Pat Doar and Zach Johnson for the first Late Model heat win of the afternoon. Heat two saw 2010 National Champ Ricky Weiss jump to the lead from the front row and never look back and pole sitter Eric Breeschoten ran a solid second the entire event. The third heat was a doozy as Darrell Nelson and Lance Matthees dueled each other lap after lap for the lead while Jimmy Mars and Justin Fegers put on a show for third as well. Nelson began to smoke late in the race and gave up the lead to Matthees on the final lap for the win. Marshal Fegers dominated heat race number four after starting on the front row, while Don Shaw and 9th starting Steve Laursen (in Jeff Wildung’s backup car) charged through the field to second and third at the finish and Jeff Provinzino, after blowing a motor in practice on Thursday night, stormed from his 6th starting spot to overhaul early leader Chuck Swenson to win the final Late Model heat race of the day. Seven Modified heat races were run next with the first one being a run away by 2009 Fall Classic Champ Scot Danzeisen. Danzeisen started outside of the front row and cruised to the win over Ron Jones, who rallied from 7th. Heat two saw third starting Dave Cain, in his white #2c for the weekend, slip by Bryan Nayes on a caution to steal the lead and then dominated the remainder of the heat, while 8th starting Scott Tofte stormed to second at the finish. Jimmy Mars, sitting in his new BMS for only the second time in 2010, charged through the field from his 8th starting spot to overhaul Cody Skytland to win heat number three for the Mods, while Darrell Nelson stormed from 9th to third at the checkered. Travis Saurer ran to the front from 6th in heat number four to win over pole sitting Shane Sabraski. Heat five was a good one and saw Dustin Nelson and Terry Engebretson put on a whale of a show for the race lead for much of the event until Nelson eventually pulled away for the win. Jason Thoennes came from outside of the second row to win heat race number six impressively over Dave Schroeder and 7th starting Zach Schultz, who was only in a Modified for the fifth time in 2010 and the final heat race saw 2009 Mod Nationals champ Dale Mathison rally late to win after 8th starting Jamie Lemke, in his final race of his 27 year racing career, stormed to the front on the high side to swipe the lead from Mathison as he was battling with Kelly Estey out front. In the Super Stock division, Jimmy Gullikson pulled steadily away from Jeff Hapala to easily win heat race number one, while double duty racer Cory Tammen outran Don Shaw to win heat race number two with ease. Devin Neske won an entertaining heat race three over front row starter Jeff Flaten and 10th starting Shawn Nolan, while Matt Miller started off his impressive weekend by holding off Tim Johnson to win heat race number four and National Champ Dave Mass outran Rick Kobs to win the final heat race for the Supers on the evening. Three Mod Four heat races were run to complete the heat race portion of the show with National Champ Rob VanMil running away with the first one over Josh Abrahamson. Ryan Buer had a great run to hold off 2009 National Champ Justin Bjorklund, in his first and only night in a Mod Four in 2010, to win heat race number two in impressive fashion and first time visitor Jamie Flickinger held off 7th starting Steve Johnson to win the final of 33 scheduled heat races to open up the weekend.  B-features were next on tap with Mandan, North Dakota driver Craig Ohlhauser picking up his first ever Viking Speedway checkered flag by winning a flag to flag Street Stock b-feature. The Mdiwest Modified b-mains were worth the price of admission alone as Matt Weisman took the lead from the second row and won b-main number one, but 12th starting Dave Mass stormed through the field to claim a transfer spot in the first b and 19th starting Ryan Mikkelson thrilled the crowd with his worst to first run to the front of b-main number 2. Mikkelson charged through traffic to win the second and final b-main over a spirited battle between Skeeter Estey and Jason VandeKamp for second. Seth Brede and Shawn Kirwin won the twin Late Model b-features, while polesitting Scott Lawrence and Jason Vejtruba did the same in the Super Stock b-mains. The Modifieds had three b-mains with only the winner advancing out of each of them, setting up some incredible 15-lap events. In the first one, veterans Mitch Johnson and Jay McDonald ran door to door for nearly the entire event until 5th starting Shayne Laske snuck by both of them late in the going to steal the win and the transfer spot. National Champ Blake Jegtvig out jumped fellow front row starter Craig Thatcher and ran away with the second b-main from the pole to get into the feature and the third b-main saw 11th starting Shane Edginton talk after early leader Curt Lund to take the lead with just a handful of laps remaining and then hold off 13th starting Kyle Wieberdink to earn the final transfer spot into the feature. Provisional starters were then added to the show, being the highest feature finisher from the 2009 event that had not yet qualified for the main event and the stages were set for the running of the six championship a-mains. The Street Stocks were up first in their $1,000 to win, 20-lap event with first time visitor Brian Swenson out of Bismarck, ND and 2010 AVS track champ Andrew Bangsund sharing the front row. Swenson got the jump and took the lead at the initial drop of the green and began his search for the win, while Rusty Kollman, Justin Tammen, Tim Johnson and Bangsund were all in a great battle with Swenson for the top spot. Tammen’s bid for the win came to an early end with a flat tire ending his night, but the battle for the top spot continued on with Swenson leading each lap by no more than a car length over Kollman and Johnson. Meanwhile, 17th starting Chris Winter and 14th starting Jason Babcock were making progress through the field and both appeared in the top ten before the mid-point of the show. Swenson went on to upset the field in a shocker to win over Kollman and Johnson. Winter snuck by Travis Berends at the line to complete his 17th to 4th run. Josh Muzik and Jamie Thorstad lead the Midwest Modified field to the green for their $1,000 to win 20-lap event and after a few early cautions, things began to heat up as Muzik lead the field in search of what would have been a hometown upset, but his bid for the VFC win came to a halt with a flat tire. On the restart, 8th starting Shane Sabraski began to battle with Rusty Kollman and Marshal Tofte out front, while Cale Arneson was storming through the field from his 18th starting spot. Ryan Mikkelson was charging from 20th as was 24th starter Jason VandeKamp as all three were in the top ten before ten laps were complete. Sabraski took the lead prior to the mid-point of the race and began to drive off on the field, while Arneson and Tofte were locked in a tremendous battle for second. Shane ran off to his second straight Fall Classic Midwest Mod win with Arneson coming home in second ahead of Tofte at the line in a very entertaining Midwest Modified event. The mighty Late Models were up next for their $4,000 to win, 40-lap affair and after the 4-wide salute to the fans with the missing man formation in tact for the late great John Seitz, it was on with Marshal Fegers and Ricky Weiss set to blast off out front. Fegers took the lead early with 4th starting Lance Matthees sliding into second at the drop of the green as well. While the leaders were running out front, the packed house had all eyes on 18th starting Jimmy Mars and 25th starting Jeff Wildung as the duo was slicing and dicing their way through traffic toward the front. Back up front, Fegers lead, but Matthees had run him down and the pair were racing hard for the lead out front, while Mars was working on Pat Doar and Weiss for a top five spot before the half way point. Matthees was able to wrestle the lead away from Fegers before the mid point, while Mars had emerged into the top three and had his sights set on the lead duo. Wildung and 11th starting Zach Johnson were both making their way toward the front as well and were both in the top ten with 15 laps remaining in the event. Wildung continued his march toward the top five as Mars dispatched Fegers for second and moved in on Matthees for the lead. Jimmy and Lance ran door to door for several laps for the top spot until Mars was just too much and took command for the final twelve laps to race to his first ever Fall Classic championship. Matthees ran a solid second for the remainder of the event while Fegers held off a charging Wildung for third and Johnson rallied to a fifth place finish. In the Modified a-main, Jason Thoennes took the lead from outside of the front row at the onset of the 30-lap $3,000 to win feature event with his sights set on his first Fall Classic win in 8 tries, but 3rd starting Dale Mathison and 4th starting Jimmy Mars had other ideas. Mathison moved in on Thoennes early and the duo put on a great battle for the lead with Mars in tow. Dave Cain and Scot Danzeisen both were relegated to restart at the tail for separate incidents and were beginning to mount their charges back through the field, while Kelly Estey, Dennis BItzan, Ron Jones and Shane Sabraski were engaged in a tremendous race for 5th for much of the race. JT continued his smooth pace out front with Mathison being forced to fend off Mars during much of the event, allowing Thoennes to stretch his lead slightly throughout the mid point of the race.  As the leaders were running along out front, most eyes were on Cain, as he was methodically picking off cars left and right on his way back to the front and quickly appeared in fifth with a handful of laps to go, not too far off the leaders. Thoennes began to see the back of the field as the laps wound down, allowing Mathison and Mars to reel him in, but Thoennes was not to be denied his first ever Fall Classic win, backing up his 2005 Mod Nationals title. Mathsion held off Mars for second while Cain ran from last to 4th ahead of Sabraski in the top five. Dave Mass capped off his 21 win National Championship season by winning a non-stop 25-lap $2,000 to win Super Stock feature, holding off WISSOTA 100 champ Cory Tammen all the while. The duo ran nose to tail the entire distance, with Matt Miller capping off a tremendous weekend for his #13m team with a third place run ahead of Jimmy Gullikson and Jeff Hapala. A good battle from fifth through tenth was the best race to watch on the track as Don Shaw, Devin Neske, Jeff Flaten, Dave Read and Tim Johnson were locked in battle, but out front Mass held Tammen at bay to win his second Fall Classic championship. The Supers typically use the ‘rubbing is racing’ motto, but tonight the event was as clean as clean could be with only one car dropping out – leaving 24 cars running at the finish. Scott Lawrence earned hard charger honors by coming from 21st to 14th in the event. The final event of the weekend was the $1,000 to win 20-lap Mod Four feature event, which saw 2009 Fall Classic champ Dustin Zieske and hometown boy Steve Johnson lead the field to the green. Zieske took the lead early with his weekend teammate Justin Bjorklund sliding into second with Johnson third early on. 8th starting Josh Abrahamson and 9th starting Rob VanMil were both on the move early working their way into the top five before the half way point. The race ran off smoothly with Abrahamson sliding into the lead around the bottom of the big half mile, brining VanMil along for the ride. The duo took the top two spots with seven or eight laps remaining in the event and were able to hold the rest of the field off for a one-two finish to the final event of 2010. Everyone at FYE Motorsports and Viking Speedway would like to thank all the fans, drivers, crews, sponsors, volunteers and employees that made the 8th annual Viking Fall Classic such a gigantic success. Check out for 2011 event dates.


WISSOTA Late Models Feature: Jimmy Mars, Lance Matthees, Marshal Fegers, Jeff Wildung, Zach Johnson, Eric Breeschoten, Steve Laursen, Ricky Weiss, Kyle Peterlin, Chad Mahder, Justin Fegers, Brad Seng, Jake Redetzke, Corey Nelson, Don Shaw, Seth Brede, Jeremy Keller, Jeff Provinzino, Darrell Nelson, Shawn Kirwin, Cody Skytland, Blake Jegtvig, Chuck Swenson, Brock Gronwold, Pat Doar Heat 1: Jegtvig, Doar, Johnson, Redetzke, Seng, Paul Mueller, Rick Nelson, Mike Balcaen, Mike Bruns, Jeff Wildung, Scott Greer

Heat 2: Weiss, Breeschoten, C. Nelson, Peterlin, Skytland, Jordan Yaggy, John Kaanta, Scott Atkinson, Cory Jorgenson, Josh Johnson, Chris Lehn Heat 3: Matthees, D. Nelson, J. Fegers, Mars, Kirwin, Joel Cryderman, Adam Hensel, Jeff Hinkemeyer, Troy Schill, Scott Lehn Heat 4: M. Fegers, Shaw, Laursen, Keller, Brede, Dave Tyrchniewicz, Brian Swenson, Clarence Washburn, John Meeds, Shaun Peterson Heat 5: Provinzino, Swenson, Gronwold, Mahder, Harry Hanson, Matt Weisman, Dave Zimmerman, Brady Johanneck, TJ Adams, Rick Schroeder B-main 1: Kirwin, Seng, Hanson, Tyrchniewicz, Hensel, Atkinson, Schroeder, Zimmerman, Schill, Yaggy, R. Nelson, Washburn, Greer, J. Johnson, Bruns, Adams B-main 2: Brede, Skytland, Cryderman, Kaanta, Balcaen, Mueller, Swenson, Johanneck, Weisman, Jorgenson, Meeds, S. Lehn, Hinkemeyer, Wildung, Peterson, C. Lehn


WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature: Jason Thoennes, Dale Mathison, Jimmy Mars, Dave Cain, Shane Sabraski, Dennis Bitzan, Ron Jones, Kelly Estey, Scot Danzeisen, Travis Saurer, Shayne Laske, Josh Thoennes, Darrell Nelson, Blake Jegtvig, Dustin Nelson, Scott Tofte, Joey Jensen, Dave Schroeder, Zach Schultz, Cody Skytland, Shane Edginton, Matt Gilbertson, Jamie Lemke, Jay Richardson, Terry Engebretson Heat 1: Danzeisen, Jones, Bitzan, Mitch Johnson, Ward Imrie, Justin Jones, Mike Bruns, Tyler Sjoman, Gary Reents, Arne Anderson, Luke Dykstra

Heat 2: Cain, Tofte, Josh Thoennes, Jegtvig, Bryan Nayes, Craig Christiansen, Joel Waba, Brad Loveday, Andy Miskowic, Ryan Engels Heat 3: Mars, Skytland, Darrell Nelson, Curt Lund, Jay McDonald, Ben Wolden, Dave Storck, Jason Blascyk, Jeremy Kerzman, Jim Nystrom Heat 4: Saurer, Sabraski, Richardson, Danny Bayer, Jeremy Houle, Jensen, Jamie Trautner, Shane Bruns, Jodi Olson, Randy Schumm Heat 5: Dustin Nelson, Engebretson, Gilbertson, Craig Thatcher, Tim Alexander, Mark Esala, Cale Arneson, Edginton, Kyle Wieberdink, Mark Blood Heat 6: Jason Thoennes, Schroeder, Schultz, Mark Froehlich, Laske, Ryan Canon, Jerry Esler, Shawn Kelley, Randy Tarno, Mark Trautner Heat 7: Mathison, Estey, Lemke, Duwayne Clarke, Corky Thomas, Erick Thiesse, Kent Willms, Chris Prussman, John Baltich, Brett Johnson B-main 1: Laske, M. Johnson, McDonald, Esala, Clarke, Bayer, Christiansen, Willms, J. Trautner, Kelley, Blascyk, Blood, M. Bruns, Reents, Tarno, Nystrom, Dykstra B-main 2: Jegtvig, Houle, Thatcher, Canon, Imrie, C. Thomas, Olson, Prussman, Arneson, Wolden, A. Anderson, Schumm, Waba, S. Bruns, Sjoman, Baltich, M. Trautner B-main 3: Edginton, WIeberdink, Lund, J. Jones, Esler, Miskowic, Kerzman, Storck, Loveday, Froehlich, Alexander, Nayes, Thiesse, Jensen, Johnson, Engels


WISSOTA Super Stocks Feature: Dave Mass, Cory Tammen, Matt Miller, Jim Gullikson, Jeff Hapala, Devin Neske, Don Shaw, Jeff Flaten, Tim Johnson, Daev Read, Larry Lund, Rick Kobs, Shawn Nolan, Scott Lawrence, Scott Duval, Andy Hofteig, Ron Host, Cody Lee, Terry Merten, Derrick Lemke, Steve Weber, Zach Schultz, Jason Vejtruba, Aaron Leininger, Dan Gullikson Heat 1: J. Gullikson, Hapala, Duval, Hoeftig, Lawrence, Jon Stepan, Adam Ayotte, Ryan Siegle, Mike Martin

Heat 2: Tammen, Shaw, D. Gullikson, Lund, Vejtruba, Schultz, Ashley Donald, Donnie Lofdahl, Alan Johnson, Dominic Baker Heat 3: Neske, Flaten, Nolan, Weber, Leininger, Lee, Bryan Hellerman, Jason Babcock, Rick Niemi, Jeremy Mierhofer Heat 4: Miller, T. Johnson, Read, Host, Luke Johnson, Dusty Peterson, Jeff Kluver, Ryan Aho, Jim Johnson Heat 5: Mass, Kobs, Lemke, Merten, Cal Rossner, Mike Peterson, Al Cleveland, Kurt Kromschroeder, Shane Sabraski B-main 1: Lawrence, Leininger, Peterson, Aho, Lofdahl, Baker, Rossner, Niemi, Peterson, Martin, J. Johnson, Cleveland, Schultz, Donald B-main 2: Vejtruba, Lee, Siegle, Ayotte, Sabraski, Stepan, A. Johnson, L. Johnson, Meirhofer, Kromschroeder, Hellerman, Babcock, Kluver


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature: Shane Sabraski, Cale Arneson, Marshal Tofte, Ryan Mikkelson, Rusty Kollman, Jason VandeKamp, Dave Mass, Travis Saurer, Peter Loecken, Matt Weisman, Kyle Reents, Justin Bjorklund, Josh Muzik, Dan Menk, Mike Brenny, Rick Jacobson, Scott Werk, Skeeter Estey, Brett Hoium, Chris Mensen, Brian Haben, Dusty Bitzan, Jamie Thorstad, Jeremy Kerzman, Nick Bruder Heat 1: Thorstad, Werk, Brenny, Nate Barber, Derek Quinn, Menk, Justin Mackedanz, Justin Remus, Ryan Stall, Joel Peterson

Heat 2: Muzik, Sabraski, Saurer, Estey, Hoium, Darrin Braaten, Travis Vanderby, Randy Laage, Cory Crapser, Dan Greeley Heat 3: Bruder, Haben, Justin Bjorklund, Scott Bintz, Scott Splittstoesser, Mark Blom, Brandon Hines, Lloyd Hudson, Brandon Spanswick, Mikkelson Heat 4: Tofte, Jacobson, Bitzan, Ryan Studanski, Scott Gill, Todd Berg, Dennis Czech, Brent Kahout, Kelly Haack, Jason Hoffman Heat 5: Kerzman, Loecken, Reents, Weisman, Ron Saurer, Shawn Olson, Mass, Tyler Modlin, Barry Bremmer, Zach HIntermeier Heat 6: Kollman, Mensen, Arneson, VandeKamp, William Lund, Brady Gerdes, Jared Thelen, Peewee Kuhnau, Brooke Hellerman, Hayden Hanson B-main 1: Weisman, Mass, Menk, R. Saurer, Olson, Blom, Hellerman, Kahout, Mackedanz, Splittstoesser, Hines, Remus, Quinn, Barber, Bintz, Crapser, Kuhnau, Bremmer, Hudson, Peterson, Hanson, Hoffman B-main 2: Mikkelson, Estey, VandeKamp, Czech, Studanski, Braaten, Gill, Hoium, Spanswick, Lund, Vanderby, Gerdes, Greeley, Stall, Laage, Haack, Modlin, Thelen, Berg, Hintermeier


WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature: Brian Swenson, Rusty Kollman, Tim Johnson, Chris Winter, Travis Berends, Jason Babcock, Jimmy Williams, Cory Tammen, James Wall, Henry Peters, Scott Messner, Cory Rosen, Ryan Hugelen, Grady Myers, Dave Chambliss, Justin Pogones, Adam Burrows, Chris Ritter, Andrew Bangsund, Tim Rhode, Craig Olhauser, Luke Nelson, Doug Songer, Jerry Esler, Justin Tammen, Kevin Schmidt Heat 1: Williams, Bangsund, Hugelen, Esler, Winter, Olhauser, Wall, Nelson, Tiffany Maus

Heat 2: Johnson, Kollman, Berends, Babcock, Peters, Dan Allord, Rosen, Matt Kometz, Jerome Guyot Heat 3: Pogones, Swenson, Ritter, Myers, Burrows, Ryan Pommerer, Josh Fredeen, Justin Vogel Heat 4: J. Tammen, C. Tammen, Schmidt, Messner, Rohde, Chamblis, Songer, Scott Walker B-main 1: Olhauser, Chambliss, Wall, Songer, Rosen, Fredeen, Walker, Nelson, Maus, Guyot, Vogel, Kometz, Pommerer, Allord


WISSOTA Mod Fours Feature: Josh Abrahamson, Rob VanMil, Dustin Zieske, Justin Bjorklund, Steve Johnson, Tom Silver, Tyler Larson, Jamie Flickinger, Paul Hartman, Kurt Deters, Dean Larson, Justin Smith, Tommy Sabraski, Corey Nehk, Ryan Buer, Brennan Borg, Jesse Ouren, David Anderson, Corey Pourrier, Tim Hart, Matt Staab, Mike Hart, Scott Atkinson, Dallas Buchholz, Bryce Bjerken Heat 1: VanMil, Abrahamson, Zieske, Smith, D. Larson, Sabraski, Staab, T. Hart, Pourrier

Heat 2: Buer, Bjorklund, T. Larson, Deters, Buchholz, M. Hart, Anderson, Hartman Heat 3: Flickinger, Johnson, Atkinson, Bjerken, Silver, Borg, Nehk, Ouren

Wildung, Danzeisen, Schultz and Sabraski claim Classic mainsBy Ray BesteAlexandria, Mn (April 17th, 2010) - Jeff Wildung took the lead on lap 32 of the 40 lap WISSOTA Late Model A-main picking up the $4,000 feature win Saturday night at Viking Speedway. Scot Danzeisen moved from his third row starting position to claim the win in the WISSOTA Modified finale while Zach Schultz scored the biggest win of his career in the WISSOTA Super Stock A-main. Shane Sabraski led all 25 laps garnering the win in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified main event with Ryan Buer scoring the WISSOTA Street Stock feature win in his #F7 machine. Dustin Zieske picked up his first ever Viking Speedway victory holding off an early challenge from Rob VanMil in the WISSOTA Mod Four finale. A nice field of 197 cars packed the pits for the FYE Motorsports promoted "Fall Classic in the Spring" this past weekend at Viking Speedway.Chris Ritter took the lead on lap one of the WISSOTA Street Stock main event. Ritter worked the top side of the speedway leading lap one of the 20-lap event. Fourth starter Buer quickly moved into second while 10th starter Cory Tammen was quickly on the move. Tammen cracked the top five just five laps into the event while Buer had caught the backside of Ritter for the lead. Buer made a power move to the inside of Ritter taking the lead on lap seven while Tammen slid into third. Tammen quickly disposed of Ritter for the second spot with Buer holding a six car length advantage. Tammen quickly closed in on Buer when the first yellow of the event waved on lap 11. On the rest, Luke Nelson and Joe Potter dueled side by side with Nelson taking the spot from Potter exiting turn two. Buer moved away from the rest of the field with seven laps remaining when the final yellow of the event bunched up the field for a seven lap dash to the finish. Tammen edged ahead of Nelson on the restart to hold the second spot while Buer pulled away from the field once again. Back in traffic, Jason Babcock and Roger Christiansen worked their way through the field. Babcock started the event in the 14th position finishing in seventh while Christiansen started 16th and finished eighth. Out front it was all Buer picking up the win in convincing fashion. Tammen, Nelson, Potter and "Nitro" Jimmy Williams rounded out the top five. Heat race wins were collected by Buer and Cory Rosen.
The next item on the docket was the WISSOTA Midwest Modified finale with Shane Sabraski and Jason VandeKamp sharing the front row starting duties. Sabraski beat the field to turn one and took the lead as the field worked off of turn two. Sabraski led the field around and was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap. Tyler Limoges slid past Ryan Mikkelson into the second spot early on when the first yellow waved just two laps into the event. Limoges chose the bottom for the Delaware-double file start with Sabraski out front. When the green flag waved, Mikkelson moved by Limoges for the second spot while eighth starter Ron Jones was on the move. Jones cracked the top five on lap three and quickly began to work the back side of VandeKamp for the fourth spot. A myriad of yellow flags halted action during the midway point of the race with Jones working his way into the third position.. With eight laps remaining it was Sabraski ahead of Mikkelson, Jones, Limoges and Austin Arneson. Sabraski checked out on the rest of the field once again on the restart with Mikkelson and Jones battling door to door for the second spot. Back in traffic, 23rd starter Travis Saurer found himself in the eight spot with three laps remaining. VandeKamp's car began to work well during the ladder stages of the event as he and Arneson battled for the fourth spot. In the end it was Sabraski leading all 25-laps picking up the win in convincing fashion ahead of Mikkelson, Jones, VandeKamp and Arneson. Heat race wins were collected by Limoges, Brian Haben, Sabraski, Josh Muzik, Mikkelson and VandeKamp. Paul Mueller and Shawn Kirwin shared the front row starting duties for the 40-lap, $4,000 to main event. Kirwin blasted off from the outside of row one taking the lead as the field worked off of turn two. Kirwin used the top of the track to his advantage as he was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap. Fourth starter Zach Johnson quickly worked his way into second while eleventh starting Lance Mathees was on the move as well. On lap nine, Johnson blasted by Kirwin for the lead using the bottom of the Speedway exiting turn two. Fifteen laps into the event Mathees was glued to the bottom as he worked by Ricky Weiss and Pat Doar moving into the third spot in the process. Johnson continued to lead out front as the halfway mark neared. Mathees disposed of Kirwin for the second spot with the cross flags showing as he reeled in Johnson for the lead. Wildung began his surge to the front as well as he cracked the top five with 17 laps still up on the board. Wildung ran the extreme high side of the speedway with Johnson in the middle and Mathees on the bottom. Just as the lead trio began to encounter lap traffic the yellow flag waved with 12 laps still up on the board. It was Mathees now in front ahead of Johnson and Wildung. Johnson chose the outside of the second row on the Delaware double-file start. Mathees once again headed for the ditch as Wildung blasted by Johnson for the second via the middle groove in turn two. Wildung climbed the banking in turns three and four pulling even with Mathees with just ten laps remaining. With eight to go, Wildung used his top side momentum propelling himself into the lead while Mathees was left to do battle with Johnson for second. Johnson worked by Mathees and rallied for one final challenge with five laps remaining. Wildung, however, was steady in the remaining laps and cruised on to his first victory of the season (only start). Wildung was followed to the line by Johnson, Mathees, Marshall Fegers and Ricky Weiss. Don Shaw picked up the hard charger award starting 21st and finishing 10th. Heat race wins were collected by Pat Doar, Marshall Fegers, and Shawn Kirwin. Jay McDonald took the lead from the pole on the opening lap of the 30-lap WISSOTA Modified A-main. Fifth starter Scot Danzeisen used the bottom of the speedway to slide into second on lap four while McDonald continued to lead up front. With five laps in the books it was McDonald, Danzeisen, Jensen, Thoennes and Darrell Nelson in the top five. On lap eight, Danzeisen overtook McDonald for the lead exiting turn four while Jensen quickly began to pressure McDonald for second. Jensen was able to sneak by McDonald for the second spot on lap ten with Thoennes still anchoring the fourth spot. Jensen began the long process of running down Danzeisen while McDonald was left to do battle with Thoennes for the third spot. Thoennes and McDonald waged the best battle on the speedway for the time being with Jensen inching closer and closer to Danzeisen. Two yellow flags slowed action during the midway point of the race with Danzeisen continuing the lead the field. On a lap 15 restart, Thoennes moved by McDonald for the third spot as the battle for the top spot was now a three car party. Jensen looked to the outside of Danzeisen exiting turn four with ten laps remaining as the duo drag raced down the frontstretch. Danzeisen, however, held the groove and the lead for the time being as Jensen regrouped in second. Back in the pack, 23rd starter Kelly Estey used the bottom of the speedway to his advantage. While most cars worked middle to high, Estey was glued to the bottom. Estey cracked the top five with four laps remaining moving by Pat Doar exiting turn two. Jensen tried everything in his power to overtake Danzeisen but in the end it was Scot picking up the $3,000 feature win. Jensen had a great run coming home second ahead of Thoennes, Nelson, and Estey. Estey moved up 18 spots during the 30-lap affair garnering the hard charger award in the process. The WISSOTA Super Stock finale proved to be a good one with Larry Lund leading the first 24 laps from the pole. Lund endured early challenges from Don Eischens and Don Shaw holding the lead as the white flag flew over the field. Lund, however, began to pour smoke out of the rear of his car with two laps remaining which allowed Zach Schultz to power by for the lead entering turn one on the final lap. Schultz, Mike Peterson, Dave Mass and Jeff Hapala were able to sneak by Lund on the final circuit as his machine slowed drastically. Schultz made no mistakes on his final trip around picking up the biggest win of his career in the process. Mike Peterson had a great run in the second spot followed by 14th starter Dave Mass. Hapala and Lund rounded out the top five running order for the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Scott Lawrence garnered hard charger honors starting 22nd and finishing 7th. The final event of the evening belonged to the WISSOTA Mod Fours with Dustin Zieske grabbing the opening lap advantage. The field was able to complete the first lap before a myriad of yellows halted action. Zieske ran around the top of the speedway with Rob VanMil challenging on the bottom. Zieske and VanMil ran side by side for the better part of six laps before Zieske seized control of the event in the ladder stages of the 20-lap affair. Out front it was Zieske picking up his first Viking Speedway victory and the $750 payday that went with it. VanMil had a nice run in the second spot followed by 11th starter Josh Abrahamson. Second generation racer Tyler Larson finished in the fourth spot ahead of Corry VanMil. Dean Larson and Rob VanMil picked up heat race wins earlier in the event with Josh Abrahamson picking up the hard charger award moving up eight spots during the duration of the event. The FYE Motorsports Staff as well as the crew at Viking Speedway would like to thank all the drivers, fans, pit crew members, and sponsors that made the first "Fall Classic in the Spring" a success. The first regular Saturday night racing event of the season will take place this coming Saturday, April 24th at Viking Speedway. Races start this Saturday night at 5:30 p.m.
1 WISSOTA Late Models: Feature- Jeff Wildung, Zach Johnson, Lance Mathees, Marshall Fegers, Ricky Weiss, Justin Fegers, Shawn Kirwin, Pat Doar, John Kaanta, Don Shaw, Brad Seng, Corey Nelson, Matt Aukland, Mike Balcaen, Shaun Peterson, Dave Tyrchniewicz, Scott Greer, Seth Brede, Rick Nelson, Rick Schroeder, Dave Zimmerman, Joel Waba, Paul Mueller, Joel Cryderman, Steve Laursen, Darrell Nelson Heat 1- Kirwin, Zimmerman, Peterson, D. Nelson, Kaanta, R. Nelson, Cryderman, Greer, Schroeder Heat 2- Marshall Fegers, Wildung, Johnson, Mathees, Justin Fegers, Brede, Balcaen, Aukland, Waba Heat 3- Doar, Weiss, Mueller, Seng, Corey Nelson, Tyrchniewicz, Shaw, Laursen 1 WISSOTA Modifieds: Feature- Scot Danzeisen, Joey Jensen, Jason Thoennes, Darrell Nelson, Kelly Estey, Pat Doar, Danny Bayer, Jay McDonald, Blake Jegtvig, Jason Grimes, Craig Thatcher, Keith Tourville, Shane Sabraski, Shane Edgington, Brandon Nelson, Jason Strand, Travis Saurer, Scott Tofte, Justin Jones, Bill Byholm, Don Eischens, Dennis Bitzan, Mark Noble, Dale Mathison, Dave Schroeder Heat 1- Danzeisen, Nelson, Schroeder, Strand, Grimes, Saurer, Wildman, Kerzman, Storck, Crapser Heat 2- Eischens, Brandon Nelson, Sabraski, Bayer, Estey, Engebretson, Lautigar, Laske, Dykstra, Waba Heat 3- Ja Thoennes, Byholm, Tra Saurer, Jegtvig, Christiansen, Jones, Lund, Nystrom, Gilbertson Heat 4- McDonald, Thatcher, Mathison, Edgington, Tofte, Tourville, Broking, Reents, Bjorklund Heat 5- Jensen, Doar, Bitzan, Noble, Jo Thoennes, Duval, Wieberdink, Gierke, Lemke B-main 1- Grimes, Estey, Jo Thoennes, Tre Saurer, Tourville B-main 2- Tofte, Jones, Engebretson, Lautigar, Wildman 1 WISSOTA Super Stocks: Feature- Zach Schultz, Mike Peterson, Dave Mass, Jeff Hapala, Larry Lund, Don Eischens, Scott Lawrence, Donnie Lofdahl, Dave Read, Todd Carter, Jeff Kluver, Dominic Baker, Irvin Cook, Jason Vejtruba, Matt Miller, Paul Veert, Ron Host, Jon Stepan, Jeff Flaten, Dan Gullikson, Bryan Hellerman, Steve Weber, Joel Collins, Jeremy Jerve, Don Shaw Heat 1- Kluver, Lofdahl, Miller, Veert, Hellerman, Lawrence, Baker, Cody Lee Heat 2- Shaw, Lund, Schultz, Mass, Carter, Stepan, Host, Robertson Heat 3- Eischens, Hapala, Weber, Flaten, Collins, Cook, Dusty Peterson, Ashley Donald Heat 4- Peterson, Vejtruba, Gullikson, Read, Jerve, Merten, Hauer, Horn B-main- Ron Host, Lawrence, Stepan, Cook, Lee 1
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds: Feature- Shane Sabraski, Ryan Mikkelson, Ron Jones, Jason VandeKamp, Austin Arneson, Jason Hoffman, Tyler Limoges, Travis Saurer, Jason Strand, Brett Hoium, Ron Saurer, William Lund, Steve Johnson, Kyle Reents, Lance Schill, Shawn Fernkes, Aaron Olson, Chris Mensen, Dustin Bitzan, Matt Weisman, Ryan Studanski, Paul Veert, Skeeter Estey, Brian Haben, Josh Muzik Heat 1- Limoges, Hoium, Reents, Mackedanz, Vanderby, Ron Saurer, Levi Arneson, Cale Arneson, Tyler Modlin Heat 2- Haben, Jones, Mensen, Bohlman, Czech, Broking, Bruder, Menk, Berends Heat 3- Sabraski, Hoffman, Olson, Veert, Lund, Gerdes, Greeley, Krog, Blascyk Heat 4- Muzik, Austin Arneson, Schill, Estey, Loecken, Braaten, Kahout, Hellerman, Suckow Heat 5- VandeKamp, Strand, Weisman, Bitzan, Prieve, Johnson, Al Sadek, Laage, Brenny
Heat 6 - Mikkelson, Fernkes, Studanski, Lien, Werk, T. Saurer, Kerzman, Marshall B-main 1- Estey, Johnson, Ron Saurer, Suckow, Loecken B-main 2- Bitzan, Travis Saurer, Bohlman, Gerdes, Czech B-main 3- Lund, Veert, Arneson, Blascyk, Lien 1
WISSOTA Street Stocks: Feature- Ryan Buer, Cory Tammen, Luke Nelson, Joe Potter, Jim Williams, Cory Rosen, Jason Babcock, Roger Christiansen, Andrew Bangsund, Rick Nelson, Henry Peters, Chris Ritter, James Wall, Tim Rhode, Travis Berends, Justin Tammen, Josh Beauliew, Micheal Nelson, Justin Vogel, Scott Walker Heat 1- Rosen, Justin Tammen, Nelson, Bangsund, Williams, Berends, Beauliew, Rhode, M. Nelson, Rick Nelson Heat 2- Buer, Potter, Ritter, Wall, Cory Tammen, Peters, Babcock, Christiansen, Vogel, Walker 1 WISSOTA Mod Fours: Feature- Dustin Zieske, Rob VanMil, Josh Abrahamson, Tyler Larson, Corry VanMil, Ryan Buer, Tom Sabraski, Steve Johnson, Dean Larson, Justin Schneider, Brennan Borg, Micheal Griffin, David Anderson, Tommy McGough, Tom Silver, Mike Hart, Jim Erdmann, Jesse Ouren, Jason Bloch, Tim Hart Heat 1- D. Larson, Sabraski, Schneider, McGough, Silver, Abrahamson, Griffin, Johnson, Erdmann, Bloch Heat 2- R. VanMil, C. VanMil, T. Larson, Zieske, Buer, Borg, Anderson, M. Hart, Ouren, T. Hart 2010 Results Via SPEEDNET DIRECT

Fat Daddy’s To Host Post Practice Party At Fall Classic In The Spring Fat Daddy’s Bar & Grill, located at 115 30th Avenue West in Alexandria, MN – adjacent to the new Hampton Inn & Suites, which is serving as the host hotel for the Fall Classic in the Spring – has agreed to come on board as the official Post Practice Party Location for the Classic in the Spring. Fat Daddy’s will host an exclusive get together for the folks who come to practice on Thursday, April 15th 2010. Details of the get together are as follows: ·        The post practice party will run from 9:30pm to closing on Thursday, April 15th 2010. ·        Anyone who purchases a pit pass for practice night will receive a wristband – This wristband will be good for a buy 1 / get 1 free drink at Fat Daddy’s after practice is over. ·        Fat Daddy’s has committed to keeping their kitchen open until midnight to accommodate anyone who wishes to grab a bite to eat after practice. ·        Fat Daddy’s will also offer a 10% discount on your food purchase if you come in on Saturday or Sunday, April 17th or 18th for lunch between 11am and 3pm. As usual, the post practice party is always a must-attend event for all who are in town to kick off the weekend with a bang. Thanks to Fat Daddy’s for coming on board and we hope to see everyone at the Fall Classic in the Spring on April 15th, 16th and 17th 2010. For more information, please log on to Fall Classic in the Spring Just Around the Corner!
For Immediate Release: St Cloud, Minnesota (March 15th 2010)The racing season in the Upper Midwest is set to kick off with a bang in central Minnesota with the running of the three-time postponed 7th annual Viking Fall Classic on Friday and Saturday, April 16th and 17th 2010 with an open practice session set for Thursday, April 15th from 6pm to 9pm at the Viking Speedway in Alexandria, Minnesota.As everyone in the area knows, the Fall Classic, which was originally set for early October of 2009, was rained out three weekends in a row last fall, forcing the postponement until mid-April of 2010. The event has been temporarily re-named to the Fall Classic in the Spring for the 2010 event and then discussions will take place of re-naming it permanently if the event becomes a staple on the schedule for years to come.As mentioned, there will be an open practice session on Thursday night from 6pm to 9pm with a post-practice party to follow. Action will get underway at 6:30pm on Friday night and at 3:00pm on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, April 17th will be reserved for an inclement weather date if needed.The event will feature WISSOTA Late Models racing for a large purse of $4,000 to win; WISSOTA Modifieds, who will run for a top prize of $3,000 to win; WISSOTA Super Stocks running for the largest Super Stock payoff anywhere of $2,000 to win; WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks, who will each be gunning for a whopping $1,000 to win each and for the first time ever the WISSOTA Mod Fours will be on the card, racing for a sizeable $750 to win payday, setting up the Fall Classic in the Spring to be one of the biggest all-WISSOTA event of the 2010 season. The event car count record of 317, which was set in 2004, may be in jeopardy when the ’10 Spring Classic rolls around. The 2008 Fall Classic saw Zach Johnson race to his first Late Model Fall Classic title, adding to his 2003 Midwest Modified and 2005 Modified Fall Classic titles, making him the only driver to win the Classic in three divisions, while Pat Doar stole the Modified title, winning his first career Modified feature at Viking. Young Ryan Mikkelson stunned the capacity crowd with the upset win in the Midwest Modifieds. Corey Rosen finished one spot better than in 2007 by racing to a long-awaited Street Stock title, while Don Shaw stormed to his third consecutive Super Stock win, bringing his overall Fall Classic win total to five. These drivers have secured provisional starting positions into their respective feature’s at this year’s Fall Classic in the Spring. The Mod Fours will also have a provisional awaiting the driver that finished highest in the June 20th Mod Four event that was held at Viking last season. The all new Hampton Inn & Suites will again serve as the official host hotel for the Fall Classic in the Spring. Racers and fans can call 320 763 3360 for room reservations. Make sure to ask for the Fall Classic room block rate.The Pipeline Travel Plaza is also on board as the official Travel Plaza of the Fall Classic in the Spring. Make sure to stop into the Pipeline on your way to the track for food, fuel and any other supplies you may need for the weekend. Pipeline will also serve as the official Long Tow award sponsor for this event, giving a $100 fuel card to the driver that tows the farthest in EACH of our six divisions!Thanks to the event’s title sponsor: Shaw Trucking Inc. and associate sponsors NAPA Auto Parts, Budweiser, Pepsi, Lucas Oil Products and GRP Motorsports for making this event possible.For more information, please check out or or call Chris at 715 497 8916.

7th Annual Fall Classic Postponed Due To Wet & Snow AGAIN!!   For Immediate Release – St. Cloud, MN (October 21st 2009)   The 7th annual Viking Fall Classic presented by Shaw Trucking Inc. has regrettably been postponed AGAIN due to wet grounds this week leading up to and into the weekend. The 7th annual Viking Fall Classic has been rescheduled for Thursday, Friday & Saturday, APRIL 15th-17th 2010.               As of mid-day on Wednesday, the forecast calls for below average temperatures and more rain showers to fall in the Alexandria area over the next day, therefore the decision has been made to postpone the entire weekend yet again.               Event promoter Chris Stepan said ‘Just like the last two weeks, the weather has been just terrible over the past couple of days and even though the temperatures and weather forecast looks decent for Friday and Saturday, the grounds and race track are still very wet and with the forecasted rain over the next day likely, we just don’t see any way of getting the track and grounds ready for even a Saturday/Sunday or Sunday only event and I certainly don’t want to get everyone here to Alex and then be forced to pull the plug because we can’t get it on once everyone’s already here.’               Stepan also said ‘After discussing this with Phil, the other Viking board members and the track prep crew at Viking for quite some time over the past three days and throughout the morning today, we came to a consensus that with the extreme wetness of the facility, the forecast for more rain and snow tonight and the cold temperatures and snow that is expected through Friday, that the best thing to do would be to postpone the event until next spring.’               The plan is to run the same schedule as was previously planned during the weekend of the 15th-17th of April with an open practice on Thursday night, April 15th from 6p-9p and then racing on Friday night, April 16th and Saturday afternoon, April 17th with a rain date for Sunday, April 18th if needed. Stepan commented ‘The only small piece of good news that comes out of our postponement is that next year we get to have a Fall Classic, or Spring Classic if you will, in April and then the regularly scheduled 8th annual Fall Classic in October as normal.’              ‘Thanks to everyone who has held off putting your race cars in storage for the winter to support this event. Trust me, I wanted to get this event in more than anyone, but we just don’t see any way of beating the weather.’ Stepan added.  For more information regarding the event, please log on to or   See everyone in April!
2009 Viking Fall Classic Event Shirts ON SALE NOW!!! Contact Chris to order your shirt

Pipeline Travel Plaza Named Official Travel Plaza of 7th Viking Fall ClassicThe Pipeline Travel Plaza, located just off of Interstate I-94 at Exit 100 in Alexandria, MN has been named as the official Travel Plaza of the 7th annual Viking Fall Classic coming up on October 8th, 9th and 10th 2009. Pipeline has awarded a long tow award to one lucky driver each week throughout the entire regular season at the Viking Speedway, but has really stepped it up for the year ending Fall Classic.Pipeline will be offering a $100 fuel card to the driver that tows the farthest in EACH of the six divisions in competition at this year’s Fall Classic. One driver per class will be rewarded with some free fuel to help offset the costs of towing so far to support the 7th annual Fall Classic.Pipeline also has a full truck repair shop that is open from 7am to 5pm on Friday as well as from 7am to noon on Saturday for racers or fans that may need any repairs done to their big or small rigs throughout the course of the weekend. They will also have mechanics and parts ‘on call’ all weekend for emergency repairs if needed.Pipeline will also offer 10% off all food purchases made at Willy’s Roadside Café (located inside Pipeline Travel Plaza) and you can take an additional 10% off of your meal purchase (20% total) if you fuel with Pipeline throughout the course of the weekend.Pipeline promises to have a full line of ice cold beer, ice, assortment of snacks and even firewood for you campers who are coming to town for the weekend. And finally, Pipeline will offer a discounted truck wash/wax for racers who want a clean rig either before or after the Fall Classic, by offering this service for only $50 and all you have to do is mention the Fall Classic to get the discount.Thanks to Bill and Kevin from Pipeline for stepping up to support the event and help the racers in such a big way!
7th Annual Viking Fall Classic: Bigger Than Ever In 2009
Mod Fours Added To Weekend Program For First Time
March 25th 2009 –
St. Cloud, MN (Prepared by FYE Motorsports Promotions)
The year-ending Viking Fall Classic is set to wrap up the ‘09 racing season in grand style on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 8th, 9th and 10th 2009 at the Viking Speedway in Alexandria, Minnesota. This year-ending mega event is already amazingly entering its 7th year of existence and has quickly grown into one of the Midwest’s premier and must see events with car counts typically reaching near 300 throughout the course of the weekend. This event, promoted by FYE Motorsports Promotions from nearby St. Cloud, Minnesota is sponsored by Ham Lake, Minnesota’s Shaw Trucking Inc. with assistance from NAPA Auto Parts, Bernick’s Pepsi, H. Boyd Nelson/Budweiser, Lucas Oil Products and GRP Motorsports, typically sees upwards of 5,000 race fans over the course of the weekend’s festivities and is certain to entertain fans young and old with the non-stop weekend action. The 7th Viking Fall Classic will feature WISSOTA Late Models racing for a large purse of $4,000 to win; WISSOTA Modifieds, who will run for a top prize of $3,000 to win; WISSOTA Super Stocks running for the largest Super Stock payoff anywhere of $2,000 to win; WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks, who will each be gunning for a whopping $1,000 to win each and for the first time ever the WISSOTA Mod Fours will be on the card, racing for a sizeable $700 to win payday, setting up the 7th annual Fall Classic to be the biggest all-WISSOTA event of the 2009 season. The event car count record of 317, which was set in 2004, may be in jeopardy when the ’09 Classic rolls around. The 2008 event saw Zach Johnson race to his first Late Model Fall Classic title, adding to his 2003 Midwest Modified and 2005 Modified Fall Classic titles, making him the only driver to win the Classic in three divisions, while Pat Doar stole the Modified title, winning his first career Modified feature at Viking. Young Ryan Mikkelson stunned the capacity crowd with the upset win in the Midwest Modifieds. Corey Rosen finished one spot better than in 2007 by racing to a long-awaited Street Stock title, while Don Shaw stormed to his third consecutive Super Stock win, bringing his overall Fall Classic win total to five.Event details will be much like in previous years and will feature an open practice session on Thursday night, October 8th from 6pm to 9pm for anyone interested in coming and testing prior to the event. A social gathering will then take place after practice on Thursday night. Details will be released at a later date. Friday, October 9th will then see the grandstand and pit gates both open at 3pm with the draw cut off at 6pm and racing beginning at 6:30. All heat races will be run on Friday night. Saturday will see the pits and grandstand gates both open at noon with racing beginning at 3pm.
Log onto for event details and updates throughout the coming months. We hope to see you in Alexandria for the 7th annual Fall Classic.

The new Hampton Inn & Suites has recently signed on as the official host hotel for both the 5th annual Minnesota Modified Nationals and the 7th annual Viking Fall Classic events promoted by FYE Motorsports at the Viking Speedway in Alexandria, MN in 2009. The new Hampton Inn & Suites is located at 2705 South Broadway Street in Alexandria, MN and offers a complimentary hot breakfast, indoor pool, whirlpool, state of the art fitness center, wired/wireless high speed internet, a microwave and refrigerator in all guest rooms. The hotel is also conveniently located next to Fat Daddy’s Bar & Grill, Garden Center Lanes, the Viking Plaza Mall and Cinema 9 Theatre.  

The special discounted rate that has been set aside for both events is a whopping 25% off of a regular standard rate at only $104.95/night. The management of the Hampton Inn feels confident that the racers/fans will enjoy their experience at the new Hampton Inn & Suites. 

Racers and fans alike can make reservations for the 5th annual Minnesota Modified Nationals, which will be held on July 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2009 and/or the 7th annual Viking Fall Classic, which will be held on October 8th, 9th & 10th 2009 by calling the hotel directly at (320) 763-3360 and mentioning the room block for the Mod Nationals and/or Fall Classic. FYE Motorsports would like to welcome the Hampton Inn & Suites as the new host hotel for the Mod Nationals and Fall Classic!

Johnson, Doar, Shaw, Mikkelson and Rosen Victorious at "Classic"
Zach Johnson
Pat Doar
Don Shaw
Cory Rosen
Lucas Oil
Ryan Mikkelson

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2008 Race Report By Ray Beste
Alexandria, Mn (October 3rd-4th, 2008) - Zach Johnson put on a cap on his 2008 WISSOTA Late Model National Championship by winning the 6th Annual Viking Fall Classic held at Viking Speedway in Alexandria, Mn. Pat Doar charged from mid-pack to garner his first ever Fall Classic trophy in the WISSOTA Modifieds while Don Shaw picked up his third straight win in the WISSOTA Super Stock division. Perhaps the most impressive run of the weekend was turned in by Jamestown, ND driver Ryan Mikkelson who scored the win in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified division. Cory Rosen put an exclamation point on another great season by winning the WISSOTA Street Stock finale. 263 race teams participated in the year end spectacular with drivers and fans showing up from all over WISSOTA country, for one of the last sanctioned events of the season. Two solid days of Amsoil Dirt Track Series action was seen by the aforementioned spectators and drivers.

With a whopping 263 race teams packing the pits, many thought some of the heat race action would have to be pushed off to Saturday afternoon. They were wrong, however, as each division was able to complete the heat races during the 4 hours of race time slated for Friday night. The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds got the program underway. The 68 cars in attendance were divided into seven heat races with Matt Weisman, Brian Haben, Josh Thoennes, Dusty Bitzan, Ryan Mikkelson, Randy Klein and Brock Gronwold all picking up victories. Other drivers to qualify for the WISSOTA Midwest Modified A-main through the heat races included: Brendan Blascyk, Wes Hines, Cale Arneson, Andy Jones, Brandon Nelson, Jeremy Kerzman and Travis Saurer. Saturday's installment of the Fall Classic would feature three B-mains with the top three from each transferring on to Saturday night's main event.

The WISSOTA Street Stock division boasted 52 cars with heat race wins going to Cory Rosen, Justin Pogones, Henry Peters, Cory Tammen, Jim Williams and Scott Paulson. Other drivers to qualifying for the main event through the heat races included: Justin Vogel, James Tandeski, Devin Neske, Jason Babcock, Cory Crapser, Tyler Lambert, Rusty Kollman, Levi Babcock, Travis Berends, Kris Peterson, Shawn Wageman and Mike Jans. Two WISSOTA Street Stock B-mains were scheduled for Saturday with the top three in each putting on their dancing shoes for Saturday night's feature event.

Five WISSOTA Super Stock heat races were held during Friday night's qualifying action. The 50 car field was divided into five 10-car qualifying events with Jason Vejtruba, Todd Carter, Corky Thomas, Rick Kobs and JB Stortz all reigning victorious in heat race action. Don Shaw, Jon Stepan, Dave Mass, Mike Peterson, Roger Host, Jeff Flaten, Tim Johnson, Matt Sparby, Jim Gullikson and Shawn Nolan were all successful in qualifying for Saturday night's main event as well through heat race action held on Friday night. The top two in each of Saturday's twin B-mains would transfer on to Saturday night's A-main feature event for the WISSOTA Super Stocks.

A loaded field of 58 Modifieds took to the speedway next. Heat race wins were collected by Scott Gilbertson, Keith Tourville, Ron Jones, Jason Thoennes, Craig Thatcher and Joey Jensen. Second place finishes in Friday night's heat race action were collected by Terry Engebretson, Pat Doar, Scott Tofte, Jay Richardson, Danny Bayer and Dale Mathison. A third place finish would too garner a driver a spot in Saturday night's main event. The final six drivers to qualify through the heat races included: JJ Schuelke, Shane Sabraski, Dennis Bitzan, Scot Danzeisen, Randy Tarno and Kent Wilms. Two large B-mains were scheduled for Saturday afternoon with the top two finishers from each qualifying them self for Saturday night's $3,000 to win main event.

The WISSOTA Late Models boasted a nice car count of 35. Those 35 drivers were split into four heat races with Dave Tyrchniewicz, Shaun Peterson, Don Shaw and Zach Johnson all garnering heat race victories. The top five drivers in each heat race would qualify for Saturday's $4,000 to win main event. These drivers included: Jeff Wildung, Ricky Weiss, Blaine Doppler, Scott Greer, Shawn Kirwin, Brad Seng, Joel Cryderman, Dave Zimmerman, Jeff Hinkemeyer, Pat Doar, Mike Balcaen, Rick Schroeder, Danny Bayer, Ryan Corbett, Matt Aukland, Brady Johanneck.

With all the heat race action in the books, Saturday's portion of the Fall Classic got underway at 3:00 p.m. The first three drivers to lock themselves into Saturday night's A-main were WISSOTA Midwest Modified pilots Jason Hoffman, Josh "Buzz" Muzik and Shane Sabraski. The 2nd WISSOTA Midwest Modified B-main seen Ron Saurer, Ryan Restad and Kyle Koehntop sneak their way into the main event by running 1-2-3 in the second consi. The 3rd and final consi was collected by Korey Krafthefer. Krafthefer was followed to the line by Modified legend Ron Jones and Pete Loecken. Marshal Tofte would receive the provisional to set the lineup for Saturday night's $1,000 to win main event.

The first of two WISSOTA Street Stock B-mains was held next with Atwater, Mn driver Ryan Buer scoring the victory. Buer was followed to the line by a very game Scott Walker and third place finishing Chuck Olson. The 2nd and final B-main was collected by Luck, WI driver Chanda Fjorden-Nord. Chanda reigned victorious in B-main number two followed to the line by fellow transfers Mark Blom and Roger Christiansen.

Speedway regulars Larry Lund and Dominic Baker transfered through B-main number one for the WISSOTA Super Stocks while Derek Lemke picked up the win in the second. Canadian driver Leo Feeleus picked up the 2nd and final transfer spot in B-main two with a last lap, last corner pass on Eric Thiesse and Paul Veert.

The WISSOTA Modified B-mains were dominated by Jamestown, ND veteran John Corell and Elk River, Mn mudslinger Trent Follmer. Brad Loveday and Don Eischens each garnered transfer spots as well with Jamie Lemke picking up the champions provisional setting Saturday night's A-main field.

The WISSOTA Late Model division only had one B-main qualifier which was dominated by 2007 Viking Fall Classic Champion Lance Matthees. Matthees took the lead from the get go and proceeded to check out on the field in a very short time. Dave Mass, Tom Corcoran and Joey Jensen each garnered transfer spots as well setting Saturday nights Late Model A-main.

With all heat races, qualifiers and tributes in the books, the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were first to get the call. Young drivers Brian Haben and Ryan Mikkelson shared the front row starting duties as head flagman Mike Commerford dropped the green. Mikkelson charged his Elite Chassis machine into turn one taking the lead as the field spread out down the backstretch. On lap three, however, Haben suffered a mechanical breakdown which caused a chain reaction sending Cale Arneson into a series of rolls on the front stretch. Arneson and Kyle Koehntop were unable to continue. Order was restored and Mikkelson once again showed the front runners to the green. While Mikkelson stretched his advantage out front, Josh Thoennes and Brock Gronwold waged a great battle for the second spot. Twentieth starter Ron Jones moved up eleven positions in the first seven laps finding himself in ninth while Mikkelson still lead out front. Gronwold worked to the inside and also to the outside of Thoennes but was unable to take the spot for the time being. Thirteenth starter Travis Saurer and seventeenth starter Korey Krafthefer began to work their way through the field as the cross flags showed signaling there was 12 laps in the books. Yellow flags hampered the middle of the event before order was restored and Thoennes and Gronwold ignited their memorable battle once again. Saurer and Krafthefer each entered the top five with four laps remaining while Jones moved up to seventh when the final checkered flags waved. Thoennes was able to hold off Gronwold in the end for the second spot while Mikkelson cruised on to his first ever Viking Speedway victory. Out front it was Mikkelson scoring the win ahead Thoennes, Gronwold, Saurer and Krafthefer. Jones picked up the hard charger award starting 20th and finishing 7th.

Two of the best in the business in Cory Tammen and Cory Rosen were aligned on the front row for the 25-car WISSOTA Street Stock main event. Rosen beat Tammen to turn one and grabbed the lead as the field exited turn two. Rosen kept his momentum up on the high side and was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap. Tammen settled into the second spot while eighth starter Shawn Wageman cracked the top five early on. Near the midway point of the race, the yellow flag waved for an incident in turn two. During that time, second place runner Cory Tammen headed pit side to change a flat tire. That would now hand the second place spot to Wageman, who was very fast near the midway point of the race. Back in traffic, Tyler Lambert and Mark Blom began picking their competitors off one by one. Lambert, who started the event in 16th, cracked the top five with six to go while Blom moved to fifth from his 22nd starting position. Rosen continued to work the high line with five laps still up on the board while Wageman followed closely. Babcock, Lambert and Blom battled for the third spot while Rosen and Wageman began to distance themselves from the pack. On the final lap, Rosen jumped the cushion in turn three which allowed Wageman to work to the inside off of turn four. When the two front runners crossed the line, it was Rosen taking the victory by a half of a car length. Fourteenth starter, Babcock, finished third ahead of the hard charging duo of Lambert and Blom. Blom was the hard charger of the event moving up 17 positions in 20 laps.

Ham Lake, Mn driver Don Shaw took the lead from the outside of row one during opening lap action in the WISSOTA Late Model division. Shaw immediately stretched his advantage out front while Jeff Wildung quickly moved his way forward from his third starting spot. Pole-sitter Danny Bayer remained strong early on before fading back to the seventh spot five laps in. Two drivers who were more than apparently on the move were Joel Cryderman and Lance Matthees. Cryderman, who started the event in the sixteenth spot, moved up eight positions in the first twelve laps finding himself in the eighth position. Matthees, who started twenty-first, cracked the top ten, fifteen laps into the event. Shaw continued to lead out front while the lap cars started to become part of the equation. Eighth starter Zach Johnson moved by Wildung for the second spot on lap twenty-one before tracking down Shaw for the lead with fourteen laps remaining. Shaw rode the high side with Johnson in the ditch. The two remained side by side for the better part of the five laps before Johnson took the lead off of turn four. Cryderman and Mathees cracked the top five with six laps remaining but were unable to make anymore progress in the final laps. Wildung closed up on the backside of Shaw for the second spot with three laps to go and was able to overtake Don using the high groove in turn two. In the end, however, it was Johnson picking up the biggest win of his young career. Wildung had another great run in the second spot ahead of Shaw, Cryderman and Matthees. Matthees moved up 16 spots during the 40-lap affair garnering the hard charger award in the process.

Joey Jensen took the lead on the opening lap of the WISSOTA Modified finale. Jensen held the lead early on while the action was hot and heavy behind. Sixth starter Ron Jones looked as if he might be the car to beat early on when he moved into second on lap seven. Fifteenth starter Scot Danzeisen looked very impressive with 22 laps still up on the board as he moved into seventh just eight laps into the event. Jensen still held the lead on lap twelve as Pat Doar and Craig Thatcher were now locked into a battle for the second spot. Danny Bayer moved into the top five from his eleventh starting spot on lap seventeen and looked as if he might spoil the party. Doar, however, found the high side of the speedway to his liking as he pedaled by Jensen for the top spot with ten laps remaining. A late restart would put Thatcher and Jensen next to each other behind Doar for the final time. As the field entered turn one, Thatcher was able to work his way past Jensen for the second spot while Doar continued to pound the high side of the speedway. JJ Schuelke and Jason Thoennes had a great battle going for the sixth spot with Schuelke eventually grabbing the spot in the end. Schuelke ran very well moving up eleven positions during the duration of the A-main. Danzeisen continued to chip away at the field, and with two laps remaining was able to dispose of Jensen for the third spot. Thatcher tried everything to reel in Doar, but in the end it was Pat taking his first ever WISSOTA Modified win at Viking. Doar was joined in the star studded top five by Thatcher, Danzeisen, Jensen and Bayer. Don Eischens picked up the hard charger award, starting 22nd and finishing 8th.

The final event of the 2008 season belonged to the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Tim Johnson stoled the lead from Corky Thomas early on and was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap. Johnson held the lead until lap five when Don Shaw blasted by on the extreme high side of the speedway. With the track sporting a very racy surface, many drivers began to move forward. Myriad of yellow flags halted action before Shaw and Johnson began to get after it once again for the point. Shaw continued to run the high side while Johnson diamonded the corners in attempt to overtake Shaw. Johnson was able to pull even on more than one occasion, but was unable to overtake Shaw out front. Shawn Nolan made a hard charger from deep in the field. With four laps remaining, Shawn found himself in a great battle with Dave Mass for the fourth spot. Nolan actually overtook Mass for a short time, before Dave worked back to the inside taking the position in the end. Deer Park, WI native Rick Kobs looked very strong during Saturday night's A-main as well finishing third in his Fegers Super Stock mount. For the third time in his career, and third year in a row, Don Shaw picked up the Fall Classic win in the Super Stock division. Shaw was joined in the top five by Johnson, Kobs, Mass and Nolan. Nolan picked up the hard charger award starting 20th and finishing 5th.

FYE Motorsports owner Chris Stepan and all the staff at Viking Speedway would like to thank all the fans, drivers, pit crew members and sponsors that made the 6th Annual Viking Fall Classic a success. With the help of all you great people, an event of this magnitude would not be possible. Stay tuned to for dates of next year's FYE events. We hope to see you all back here next year.


WISSOTA Late Models:
Feature- Zach Johnson, Jeff Wildung, Don Shaw, Joel Cryderman, Lance Matthees, Dave Tyrchniewicz, Jeff Hinkemeyer, Mike Balcaen, Brad Seng, Dave Zimmerman, Pat Doar, Pat Doar, Dave Mass, Scott Greer, Tom Corcoran, Shaun Peterson, Blaine Doppler, Ricky Weiss, Danny Bayer, Rick Schroeder, Shawn Kirwin, Ryan Corbett, Joey Jensen, Rick Nelson, Matt Aukland, Brady Johanneck
Heat 1- Tyrchniewicz, Wildung, Weiss, Doppler, Greer, Eilers, Bruns, Dyrdahl, Jensen
Heat 2- Peterson, Kirwin, Seng, Cryderman, Zimmerman, Matthees, Corcoran, Nelson, Lehn
Heat 3- Shaw, Hinkemeyer, Doar, Balcaen, Schroeder, Mass, Mueller, Jegtvig, Chris Lehn
Heat 4- Z. Johnson, Bayer, Corbett, Aukland, Johanneck, Brian Diede, Rick Nelson, Williamson
B-main- Matthees, Mass, Corcoran, Jensen, Mueller

WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature- Pat Doar, Craig Thatcher, Scot Danzeisen, Joey Jensen, Danny Bayer, JJ Schuelke, Jason Thoennes, Don Eischens, Dennis Bitzan, Ron Jones, Dale Mathison, Rick Jacobson, John Corell, Jay McDonald, Keith Tourville, Shane Sabraski, Jay Richardson, Kent Wilms, Terry Engebretson, Trent Follmer, Scott Gilbertson, Randy Tarno, Scott Tofte, Jamie Lemke, Brad Loveday
Heat 1- Scott Gilbertson, Engebretson, Schuelke, Lemke, Corell, Edgington, Nayes, Aukland, Cain, Matt Gilbertson
Heat 2- Tourville, Doar, Sabraski, Follmer, Eischens, J. Trautner, Froehlich, Lofthus, Blue, Thiesse
Heat 3- Jones, Tofte, Bitzan, Loveday, Duval, Miskowic, Arneson, Laske, Nystrom, Bryce Bjerke
Heat 4- Thoennes, Richardson, Danzeisen, Romdalvik, McDonald, Sexton, Thomas, M. Trautner, Wildman, Frollik
Heat 5- Thatcher, Bayer, Tarno, Mike Storck, Jegtvig, Mike Anderson, Williamson, Blood, Olafson
Heat 6- Jensen, Mathison, Wilms, Jacobson, Bruns, Alexander, Schroeder, Arne Anderson, Gulbrandson
B-main 1- Corell, Loveday, Lemke, Edgington, Jegtvig, Cain, Duval, Gilbertson, Storck, Wildman
B-main 2- Follmer, Eischens, Jacobson, Trautner, Romdalvik, Gulbrandson, Bruns, Sexton, Thomas, Schroeder

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature- Don Shaw, Tim Johnson, Rick Kobs, Dave Mass, Shawn Nolan, Todd Carter, Larry Lund, Jon Stepan, Cory Tammen, Ed Rolfson, JB Stortz, Dominic Baker, Mike Peterson, Jason Vejtruba, Jeff Flaten, Cal Rossner, Jim Gullikson, Jim Urseth, Corky Thomas, Ron Host, Derrick Lemke, Leo Feeleus, Matt Sparby, Zach Schultz, Scott Brown
Heat 1- Vejtruba, Shaw, Stepan, Schultz, Baker, Collins, Shipley, Eischens, Thiesse, Lancaster
Heat 2- Carter, Mass, Peterson, Rolfson, Lemke, Gangl, Wilson, Johnson, Miller, Host
Heat 3- Thomas, Roger Host, Flaten, Tammen, Lund, Hauer, Sauby, Brown, Yeats, Feeleus
Heat 4- Kobs, Tim Johnson, Sparby, Rossner, Hellerman, Veert, Jerve, Lee, Kluver, Lawrence
Heat 5- Stortz, Gullikson, Nolan, Urseth, Lindell, Pellersels, Cleveland, Thieschafer, Read, Balcaen
B-main 1- Lund, Baker, Gangl, Wilson, Eischens
B-main 2- Lemke, Feeleus, Thiesse, Balcaen, Collins

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Feature- Ryan Mikkelson, Josh Thoennes, Brock Gronwold, Travis Saurer, Korey Krafthefer, Matt Weisman, Ron Jones, Ron Saurer, Jason Hoffman, Shane Sabraski, Jeremy Kerzman, Ryan Restad, Marshal Tofte, Brandon Nelson, Pete Loecken, Wes Hines, Brendan Blascyk, Dustin Bitzan, Josh Muzik, Andy Jones, Kyle Koehntop, Cale Arneson, Brian Haben, Randy Klein
Heat 1- Weisman, Blascyk, Vezina, Koehntop, Smith, Schultz, Zenner, Mensen, Kipka, Dowdell
Heat 2- Haben, Hines, R. Saurer, Jones, Kollman, Heinle, Sogge, Kuhnau, Menk, Hellerman
Heat 3- Thoennes, Arneson, Krafthefer, Hoffman, Thorstad, Loecken, Smith, Limoges, Brenny, Kyle Reents
Heat 4- Bitzan, Andy Jones, Muzik, Al Sadek, Krog, Ims, Merten, Bintz, Czech, Stall
Heat 5- Mikkelson, Nelson, Restad, Sniezek, Tofte, Olson, Pavlicek, Kuhlman, Greeley
Heat 6- Klein, Kerzman, Jumbeck, Hoium, VandeKamp, Schmidt, Vanderby, Deering
Heat 7- Gronwold, Saurer, Sabraski, Reents, Berg, Studanski, Swanson, Sparby, Anderson
B-main 1- Hoffman, Muzik, Sabraski, Kollman, Ims, Smith, Studanski, Czech, Limoges, Kuhnau
B-main 2- Ron Saurer, Restad, Koehntop, Thorstad, Hoium, Reents, Swanson, Olson, Greeley, Merten
B-main 3- Krafthefer, Jones, Loecken, VandeKamp, Mensen, Berg, Pavlicek, Jumbeck, Sniezek, Kuhlman

WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Feature- Cory Rosen, Shawn Wageman, Jason Babcock, Tyler Lambert, Mark Blom, Scott Paulson, Henry Peters, Devin Neske, Rusty Kollman, Kris Peterson, Cory Tammen, James Tandeski, Ryan Buer, Roger Christiansen, Chuck Olson, Levi Babcock, Cory Crapser, Scott Walker, Scott Horn, Chanda Fjorden-Nord, Justin Vogel, Mike Jans, Justin Pogones, Travis Berends, Jim Williams
Heat 1- Rosen, Vogel, Tandeski, Juven, McCain, Rhode, Johnson, Horn, Huston
Heat 2- Pogones, Neske, Babcock, Fjorden-Nord, Christiansen, Sorrell, Blumke, Blom, Kern
Heat 3- Peters, Crapser, Lambert, Buer, Olson, Sahli, Miskowic, Leininger, Burrows
Heat 4- Tammen, Kollman, Babcock, Goulet, Schmidt, Peterson, Wall, Jacobson, Severson
Heat 5- Williams, Berends, Kris Peterson, Bangsund, Walker, Laage, Berg, Becker
Heat 6- Paulson, Wageman, Jans, Winter, Swartz, Potter, Voigt, Forcier
B-main 1- Buer, Walker, Olson, Blumke, Juven, Burrows, Huston, Horn, Wall, Sahli
B-main 2- Fjorden-Nord, Blom, Christiansen, Miskowic, Potter, Goulet, Severson, Winter, Kern, Berg

th Annual Viking Fall Classic: Ending The Season In Style
April 20th 2008 – St. Cloud , MN (Prepared by FYE Motorsports Promotions) The year-ending Viking Fall Classic is set to wrap up the 2008 racing season in grand style on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2008 at the Viking Speedway in Alexandria , Minnesota . This year-ending mega event is entering its 6th year of existence and has quickly grown into one of the Midwest ’s premier and must see events.This event, promoted by FYE Motorsports Promotions from nearby St. Cloud , Minnesota and sponsored by Ham Lake , Minnesota ’s Shaw Trucking Inc. with assistance from NAPA Auto Parts and GRP Motorsports, typically sees upwards of 300 competitors and 5,000 race fans over the course of the weekend’s festivities. The 6th Viking Fall Classic will feature WISSOTA Late Models racing for $4,000 to win; WISSOTA Modifieds, who will run for $3,000 to win; WISSOTA Super Stocks running for $2,000 to win and WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks, who will each be gunning for a top prize of $1,000 to win each.The 2007 event saw Lance Matthees, Jamie Lemke, Danny Bayer and Jason VandeKamp race to their first ever Fall Classic titles in the Late Models, Modifieds, Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks respectively and also saw Don Shaw storm to his second consecutive Super Stock championship.Event details will be much like in previous years and will feature an open practice session on Thursday night, October 2nd from 7pm to 10pm for anyone interested in coming and testing prior to the event. A social gathering will then take place after practice on Thursday night. Details will be released at a later date. Friday, October 3rd will then see the grandstand and pit gates both open at 3pm with the draw cut off at 6pm and racing beginning at 6:30. All heat races will be run on Friday night. Saturday will see the pits and grandstand gates both open at noon with racing beginning at 3pm.Log onto for event details such as ticket prices and admission fees. We hope to see you in Alexandria for the 6th annual Fall Classic.

ALSO... Holiday Inn Back On Board As Host Hotel For Fall Classic.....Holiday Inn of Alexandria Named Host Hotel For 6th Viking Fall Classic

The Holiday Inn of Alexandria has once again come on board for the fourth consecutive season to be the official host hotel of the 6th Annual Viking Fall Classic. The staff and accommodations at the Holiday Inn are second to none and will provide a great home away from home for those planning on attending this year’s Fall Classic on October 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The Holiday Inn will be offering discounted rates for all guests that mention the Fall Classic upon registration and will be offering free drink vouchers for Rudy’s Redeye Grill, the lounge/restaurant attached to the hotel. The Holiday Inn has recently been renovated and each room offers new furnishings, wireless internet and large work desks. The holidome recreation center in the center of the complex features a swimming pool, whirlpool, wading pool, an indoor volleyball court and a basketball court. You can check the hotel out at Room rates will be reserved at a discounted price per night for the weekend, providing an affordable stay while in town for some awesome racing action!

To make reservations, please call (320) 763-6577 and be sure to mention that you are staying with them because they are the host hotel of the Fall Classic in order to get your discounted room rate. The Holiday Inn is conveniently located just off of Interstate 94 as you come into Alex. At the top of the ramp, turn left onto Highway 29 South and the Holiday Inn is your first building on the left, just across the bridge. The address is 5637 Hwy 29 South, Alexandria, MN 56308. For more information about the Fall Classic, please check out or call Chris at (715) 497-8916. 1

Mathees, Lemke, Shaw, Bayer and VandeKamp 2007 Classic at VikingBy Ray Beste
Alexandria, Mn (October 7th) - Lance Mathees endured a late race surge from Joel Cryderman to score his first WISSOTA Late Model feature win of the season Saturday night at Viking Speedway during night two of its annual Viking Fall Classic. The $4,000 win did not come easy as Mathees endured pressure from Jeff Wildung and Cryderman during the duration of the forty lap event. Jamie Lemke danced side by side with Craig Thatcher for 27 laps before being declared the winner in the WISSOTA Modified division while Don Shaw scored the win in the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Danny Bayer, who started 20th, endured a late race challenge from Ron Saurer to score the win in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified finale while Jason VandeKamp scored his second Viking Speedway victory of the season in the WISSOTA Streets. The fifth Annual Viking Fall Classic proved to be a great one with drivers from all over WISSOTA country taking part in the sanctioning bodies final weekend of racing in 2007. Saturday's portion of the program was comprised of B-main's for all five divisions as well as the aforementioned feature events.
Saturday's program began with two WISSOTA Midwest Modified B-main events. The top two from each would transfer on to the night's A-main while the rest would load their machines onto the trailer for the final time in 2007. The first WISSOTA Midwest Modified B-main was dominated by Kensington, Mn mudslinger Korey Krafthefer. Krafthefer, fresh off a great weekend at the Western 100, cruised on to the win relatively unchallenged. The battle for the second spot was a good one between Zach Schultz, Brandon Nelson and Dan Menk. Schultz, however, was able to hold the position and stole the final transfer spot in the process. Nelson, Menk and Rusty Kollman rounded out the top five behind Krafthefer.
Like the first WISSOTA Midwest Modified B-main, the leader went relatively unchallenged. Morris, Mn driver Buddy Thorstad checked out on the field early on which left the second and final transfer spot up for grabs between Jason Hoffman and Shane Sabraski. On the final trip around the speedway, Hoffman and Sabraski made contact out of turn four with Sabraski ultimately being awarded the transfer spot. Jeremy Kerzman started 15th and finished fourth ahead of fifth place finishing Danny Vang.
Like the Midwest Modified division, the WISSOTA Street Stocks held two B-mains with the top three in each transferring on to the A-feature event. Row six starter Mike Jans proved once again why he is one of the best in the business picking up the win in the first B-main. Jans worked the extreme top side of the speedway passing a bevy of cars on his way to victory. Hanley Falls, Mn driver Brandon Jacobson followed Jans to the front and came home second while Aaron Leininger picked up the final transfer spot just ahead of Jason Long and Jerome Guyout.
Princeton Speedway regular Rod Debernardeaux scored the win in B-main number two. Debernardeaux, who rarely visits the Viking Speedway, has a great history at the Fall Classic and once again locked himself into another A-main with his win in B-main two. 2006 Viking Fall Classic WISSOTA Street Stock champion Keith Tourville worked his way through traffic after starting midpack finishing a strong second behind "Rodney D." Andrew Bangsund, Travis Berends and Justin Pogones were also members of the top five in B-main two for the WISSOTA Streets.
The WISSOTA Super Stocks were next to roll out onto the racing surface with four more drivers looking to lock themself into Saturday night's 30-lap A-main. Brainerd, Mn ace Tim Johnson scored the victory in B-main number one behind the wheel of DJ Dondelinger's #8. Johnson, however, looked as smooth as usual as he cruised on to victory. Local product Jeff Kluver finished a strong second behind Johnson putting on his dancing shoes in the process. Grand Meadow, Mn driver Ryan Siegle narrowly missed a transfer spot in third while Roger Host and Dale Gangl rounded out the top five.
Speedway regulars Jon Stepan and Jason Blascyk were able to go dancing as well as they finished one-two in B-main two. Blascyk's transfer spot did not come easy, however, as he endured heavy pressure from Forrest Lake, Mn driver Jim Gullikson. Gullikson, however, promoted clean racing and never made contact with Blascyk during the event. Jeff Hapala and Jason Thoennes were each members of the top five as well in Super Stock B-main 2.
Scott Tofte grabbed the early lead in WISSOTA Modified B-main 1. Tofte led early before looping his machine in turn four bringing out the yellow. Tofte would not stay in the back for long, however as he powered around the high side of the speedway. After going back to fourteenth, Tofte staired a transfer spot right in the rear bumper with three laps remaining. Tofte continued to slam the cushion around the speedway as he closed in on second place Mark Froehlich for the second and final transfer spot. On the final trip around the speedway, Tofte made a bonzai run for the cushion in turn three. Froehlich, however, held the groove and picked up the final transfer spot in fine form. Out front it was all Scott Gilbertson picking up the win in B-main 1.
Morris, Mn driver Dave Storck dominated action in WISSOTA Modified B-main 2. While Storck cruised to a sizable advantage out front, Dennis Bitzan closed in on Shane Sabraski for the second and final transfer spot. With two laps remaining, Bitzan had successfully caught the back side of Sabraski. On the final lap, Bitzan loaded his Specialty Fabricating machine one last time as the duo raced out of turn four. Sabraski was able to hold his line and went on to score the final transfer spot. Storck picked up the win while Rick Delaine and Joe Bean rounded out the top five.
After Proctor Speedway rained out, New Richmond, WI legend Pat Doar made his way to Viking Speedway for Saturday's portion of the program. Because Doar did not run a heat race that meant he would start Saturday's B-main in the thirteenth position. With the top two drivers moving on to the A-main, Doar had his work cut out for him. Cody Skytland grabbed the early lead but not before enduring pressure from Canby, Mn driver Corey Nelson. Doar steadily moved his way forward from the back finding himself in the top five with six laps remaining. Doar rocketed around the top side of the multi-grooved speedway and moved into third with just three laps remaining. Doar was able to cruise by Nelson for the second and final transfer spot with two laps to go and set out after Skytland for the lead. On the final lap, Doar made a bonzai run for the bottom of the track in turn three. Skytland, however, held his line and cruised on to the mighty impressive B-main victory. Doar had the near capacity crowd on its collective feet several times finishing an astonishing run in second with Corey Nelson third, Ed Turnbull fourth and Brad Jensen fifth.
Local product Shaun Peterson took the early lead in B-main two behind the wheel of his brand new Rocket Race Car. Peterson seemed to have a good handle on his new machine during the weekend ultimately finishing second to Dave Mass in the second and final B-main. Dave Zimmerman did his best to pass Peterson for the second and final transfer spot but never mounted a serious challenge. Zimmerman, however, would receive a provisional for the highest finisher from the year before. Mass went on to score the win ahead of Peterson, Zimmmerman, Ardy Eilers and Jon Henkemeyer.
With all the qualifying events in the books, it was now feature time. As customary at Viking Speedway, the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds rolled out onto the speedway for their 20-lap, $1,000 to win main event. A four wide salute to the fans was aligned before order was restored and action commenced on the big half mile. With the speedway sporting two beautiful grooves for racing, the green flag waved. Second generation drivers Marshal Tofte and Travis Saurer shared the front row starting duties with Tofte grabbing the early lead. Tofte worked the high side of the speedway while sixth starter Bryan Dyrdahl worked his way forward. Dyrdahl stole the second spot from Saurer early on and proved he would be a factor in the final outcome of the event. Dyrdahl overtook Tofte for the lead on lap seven while many hard charging efforts could be found on the speedway. Twentieth starting Bayer was already flirting with the top ten when the first yellow flag waved ten laps in. On the restart it was still Dyrdahl out front with Tofte in second. Row six starter Pete Loecken entered the top five with eight laps remaining as Bayer continued his spirited march toward the front. One by one Bayer stalked his foes before moving into second with six laps remaining. Dyrdahl continued to impress however and seemed to have an answer for Bayer's moves early on. A plethora of cautions halted action in the ladder stages of the event which would play into Bayer's hands. With four laps remaining, Bayer used a power move in turn three to dispose of Dyrdahl for the lead. The story of the race, however, was yet to be told. Thirteenth starter Ron Saurer had found the extreme high side of the speedway to his liking with five laps remaining as he moved into third past Tofte. Saurer quickly moved by Dyrdahl for the second spot when the final caution of the event waved with two laps remaining. On the restart, Bayer continued to work the middle groove with Saurer up on the ledge. On the final trip around the speedway, Saurer closed in on Bayer for one last run in turns three and four. Bayer, however, held his line, didn't make any mistakes and went on to score the biggest win of his young career. Saurer ended a great run in second ahead of Dyrdahl, Troy Berends and Tofte. Berends, who started fifteenth, was awarded third later on after Dyrdahl was light at the scales. Bayer not only picked up the win but was awarded the hard charger as well.
Cambridge, Mn driver Jason VandeKamp took the early lead during action in the 20-lap WISSOTA Street Stock finale. Row eight starters Dave Rohweder and Tim Johnson proved that they would be factors early on passing cars and nearing the top ten just a few laps into the event. Row five starter Cory Rosen made a bevy of moves on his way to the front and was scored in the second spot with twelve laps remaining. VandeKamp and Rosen, who have went door to door many times, put on a good old fashion slobber-knocker during the remainder of the event going side by side several times. Tenth starter Shawn Wageman worked his way into fourth early on while the battle for the lead ignited once again. With seven laps remaining, Rosen tried an inside move once again which was fought off by Vandy. Rosen was left to regroup while some drivers from the back began to move forward. Jamestown Speedway regulars Rohweder and Spencer Johnson each moved up several positions and each finished just outside the top five in sixth and seventh respectively. Rosen would throw everything but the kitchen sink at VandeKamp in the remaining laps but it was not enough as Vandy cruised on to the win. Rosen had another great run in second with Ryan Buer third, Wageman fourth and Cory Tammen fifth. Scott Horn picked up the hard charger award starting the event in 25th and finishing 9th.
With track conditions perfect, speedway officials decided that the WISSOTA Late Models would be next. Long time racing veterans Troy Olson and Jeff Hinkemeyer shared row one as the green flag dropped. Fourth starter Lance Mathees put his Rocket Race Car up on the shelf early on and was scored the leader at the conclusion of lap two. Hinkemeyer and Olson battled for second early on before Jeff Wildung moved from his row four starting spot to do battle with Troy and Jeff. Wildung moved into second just eight laps into the race while Mathees had stretched his advantage considerably out front. Thirteenth starter Joel Cryderman found himself in the eighth spot ten laps into the event while Pat Doar began to march through the field. After starting 23rd, Doar entered the top ten just eighteen laps into the contest. As the laps wore down, Wildung began to creep closer and closer to Mathees. Zach Johnson disposed of both Olson and Hinkemeyer for the fourth spot near the midway point of the race while Cryderman and Olson battled for position. The yellow flag waved with seventeen laps remaining which would bunch up the field double file behind race leading Mathees. On the restart, Cryderman got a great jump on his competitors and entered the top five behind Johnson while Wildung pressured Mathees out front. Doar, like Cryderman, used a great jump to advance a few positions locking himself in a duel with Olson for the sixth spot. Olson rode the rim with Doar on the bottom. The yellow flag waved once again with eleven laps remaining which would once again bunch things up behind Mathees. On the restart, Cryderman made a bonzai run for the bottom of the track in turn one. He overtook Johnson for the third spot and began to pressure Wildung for the second spot. Mathees stretched his lead out front while Doar entered the top five with six laps remaining. Wildung began to pull away from Cryderman when the yellow flag once again waved with four laps remaining. Now it was Mathees out front with Wildung, Cryderman, Johnson and Doar lined up single file behind. On the restart, Cryderman once again headed for the ditch in turn one. He overtook Wildung for the second spot as he closed in on Mathees for the lead down the backstretch. On the final trip around the speedway, Mathees and Cryderman dueled door to door down the backstretch. Mathees, however, used his top groove momentum to pick up the win by a half of a car length ahead of seventh row starting Cryderman. Wildung had a great run in third with Johnson and Doar rounding out the top five. Doar picked up the hard charger award starting 23rd and finishing fifth. Between his B-main and the A-main, Doar passed a gaughty 29 cars over the weekend. The win was Mathees' first on the season, which netted him $4,000 in the process.
Hutchinson, Mn driver Jamie Lemke took the early lead on the opening circuit of the 35-lap WISSOTA Modified A-main. Sixth starter Scot Danzeisen made an unbelievable move ducking under four of his fellow competitors grabbing the second spot as the field raced out of turn two. Lemke was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap while Danzeisen settled into second. Fourth starter Craig Thatcher quickly moved into third and didn't waste any time applying pressure to the backside of Danzeisen. Danzeisen worked the cushion with Thatcher in the ditch. Thatcher moved his way by Danzeisen for the second spot on lap seven while Lemke stretched his advantage out front. Back in the pack "Mr. Modified" Jay McDonald began a spirited march toward the front as he worked the cushion past several of his competitors. Long time racing veteran Dave Storck did the same moving up eight positions in the first eight laps after starting 22nd. With twenty-three laps remaining, Thatcher closed in on the backside of Lemke as the duo began to race side by side for the lead. Lemke man-handled his machine around the cushion while Thatcher worked the ditch. Dave Cain and Mike Anderson looked as if they might be a factor as each competitor worked the extreme high side of the speedway. Cain, after moving into the top five, would retire off the backstretch with a flat tire. Mark Noble too look as if he might be a factor near the midway point of the race, but he too had to retire pitside with mechanical failure. Row nine starter Jason Thoennes found the extreme high side of the speedway to his liking. Thoennes cracked the top five with six laps remaining while smoke began pour out the backside of Lemke's #17L. The final caution of the event waved with five laps remaining which would put Thatcher on Lemke's bumper for the restart. Lemke once again climbed the hill in turn one, slammed the right rear on the cushion, and blasted off to a nice lead down the backchute. Thatcher was poised for Lemke to make a mistake as he stayed a close distance, but the mistake would never come as Lemke cruised on to his biggest win of his great career. Thatcher tried everything during the duration of the race but had to settle for second ahead of Danzeisen, Don Eischens and Thoennes. Storck and McDonald each passed 14 cars during the event each picking up a hard charger award in the process. Lemke was very excited in victory lane as he shared hugs with his loved ones and a big smile for the camera. It was found out later that a rear axle tube had busted and that was the reasoning behind the smoke.
The WISSOTA Super Stocks owned the final event of the 2007 season and after the A-mains the fans had seen in the other four division's, they had a tough act to follow. Mike Peterson and Zach Schultz shared row one as the green dropped over the field. Schultz grabbed the opening lap advantage while Scott Brown quickly moved into third. Todd Carter looked as if he might be the victor early on as he battled door to door with Schultz for the lead. Brown, however, disposed of Carter for the second spot on the bottom of the track in turn four and immediately set off to catch Schultz. Schultz would lead until lap ten when Brown blasted by on the bottom for the top spot. The double file restarts really seem to help Don Shaw, who cracked the top four near the midway point of the race. Shaw moved into third two laps later and quickly began to pressure the backside of Schultz for second. Shaw went to the bottom in turn three and disposed of Schultz for the second spot while Brown still held the lead out front. Shaw, with the help of another restart, closed in on the backside of Brown with eleven laps remaining. Shaw was able to make the pass for the lead stick one lap later. Brown, however, battled back and the casual fan was still unsure as to who would be the victor. After falling back a few spots early on, 21st starter Tim Johnson began to work his way through the field. Johnson worked the extreme top side of the speedway while most cars ran middle to bottom. On the final trip around the speedway, Johnson worked his way past Carter for the seventh spot. On the final trip around, the best battle on the speedway was for the fourth spot between Dave Mass, Mike Anderson and Scott Lawrence. Mass would ultimately win the battle and ended a nice run in the spot. Out front it was Shaw scoring his second Viking Fall Classic WISSOTA Super Stock triumph in as many years. Scott Brown really turned some heads over the weekend ending a great run in second with Schultz third, Mass fourth and Anderson fifth. Johnson picked up the hard charger award starting 21st and finishing seventh.
All in all it was a great weekend at the Viking Speedway. FYE Motorsports and Viking Speedway would like to thank all the fans, drivers, sponsors and race related people that made this weekend a sucessful one. Without all the help received by the aformentioned people, a show of this magnitude could not go on. We hope to make 2008's version of the Viking Fall Classic even more special.

WISSOTA Late Models:
Feature- Lance Mathees, Joel Cryderman, Jeff Wildung, Zach Johnson, Pat Doar, Jeff Hinkemeyer, Troy Olson, Don Shaw, Matt Aukland, Andy Simonson, Brad Seng, Brent Larson, Rick Nelson, Paul Mueller, Shaun Peterson, Dave Mass, Dave Tyrchniewicz, Ricky Weiss, Jeremy Keller, Cody Skytland, Blake Jegtvig, Dave Zimmerman, Mitch Johnson, Ben Mickelson, Chad Corbett
B-main 1- C. Skytland, Doar, Corey Nelson, Ed Turnbull, Jensen
B-main 2- Mass, Peterson, Zimmerman, Eilers, Henkemeyer
WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature- Jamie Lemke, Craig Thatcher, Scot Danzeisen, Don Eischens, Jason Thoennes, Jay McDonald, Jason Miller, Dave Storck, Jay Richardson, Scott Gilbertson, Shane Sabraski, Mark Froehlich, Ken Hron, Kent Wilms, John Corell, Terry Engebretson, Mike Anderson, Dave Cain, Chad Nieland, Bill Mooney, Jason Voigt, Blake Jegtvig, Mark Noble, Joey Jensen, Mike Bruns
B-main 1- Scott Gilbertson, Froehlich, Tofte, Jegtvig, Matt Gilbertson
B-main 2- Dave Storck, Sabraski, Bitzan, Delaine, Bean
WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature- Don Shaw, Dr. Scott Brown, Zach Schultz, Dave Mass, Mike Anderson, Scott Lawrence, Tim Johnson, Todd Carter, Jeff Kluver, Curt Myers, Cory Tammen, Larry Lund, Corky Thomas, Irvin Cook, Tim Borgeson, Scott Baker, Jon Stepan, Dennis Charles, Jason Blascyk, Mike Peterson, Jeff Flaten, Jason Thoennes, Kevin Robertson, Al Cleveland, Joel Collins
B-main 1- Johnson, Kluver, Siegle, Host, Gangl
B-main 2- Stepan, Blascyk, Gullikson, Hapala, Thoennes
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Feature- Danny Bayer, Ron Saurer, Troy Berends, Marshal Tofte, Pete Loecken, Brian Haben, Shane Sabraski, Travis Saurer, Kyle Reents, Dan Greeley, Brooke Hellerman, Randy Vezina, Brett Hoium, Korey Krafthefer, Kyle Krafthefer, Zach Schultz, Terry Merten, Ross Romdalvik, Kenny Klaudt, Ryan Restad, Josh Thoennes, Buddy Thorstad, Nate Barber, Ryan Studanski, Jon Henkemeyer, Bryan Dyrdahl
B-main 1- Korey Krafthefer, Schultz, Nelson, Menk, Kollman
B-main 2- Thorstad, Sabraski, Hoffman, Kerzman, Vang
WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Feature- Jason VandeKamp, Cory Rosen, Ryan Buer, Shawn Wageman, Cory Tammen, Dave Rohweder, Spencer Johnson, Rusty Kollman, Scott Horn, Mike Jans, Keith Tourville, Tim Johnson, Devin Neske, Chanda Fjorden-Nord, Levi Babcock, Scott Huston, James Tandeski, Adam Burrows, Rick Sahli, Jim Williams, Justin Vogel, Brandon Jacobson, Ryan Schroeder, Rod Debernardeaux, Cory Crapser
B-main 1- Jans, Jacobson, Leininger, Long, Guyot
B-main 2- Debernardeaux, Tourville, Bangsund, Berends, PogonesHeat races kick off 5th Annual Viking Fall ClassicBy Ray Beste
Alexandria, Mn (October 6th) - FYE Motorsports and Viking Speedway teamed up for the fifth consecutive year this past weekend hosting the 5th Annual Viking Fall Classic year end invitational. A gaughty 262 competitors checked in for battle in the five WISSOTA sanctioned divisions offered for the weekend. Friday's program was comprised of heat races for all five WISSOTA sanctioned divisions. Competitors in the WISSOTA Late Models, WISSOTA Modifieds, WISSOTA Super Stocks, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and WISSOTA Street Stocks all took part in Friday's portion of the program which seen high speeds and great racing despite some damp weather.
With over 70 WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds in attendance, the competitors were split into seven heat races with the top three competitors from each locking themselves into Saturday nights $1,000 to win A-main. Heat race number one was dominated by outside pole-sitter Brett Hoium of Villard, Mn. Hoium got the early jump and was never seriously challenged during the 10-lap affair. Iron Range racer Randy Vezina raced hard during the duration of the event and ended a great run in second ahead of division rookie Troy Berends. Joining the aformentioned drivers in the top five finishing order was speedway regulars Korey Krafthefer and Todd Berg.
After a hard wreck temporarily haulted her season back in early September, Parkers Prairie, Mn driver Brook Hellerman made her return to the division in heat race two. Hellerman took the lead from the get go and quickly endured pressure from Ryan Studanski. Brian Haben made some stellar moves to make his way into third late in the race and He joined the fray with Hellerman and Studanski. On the final trip around the speedway, Studanski loaded up his machine on the high side for one final attempt. Hellerman, however, held the groove and went on to score the heat race win, much to the delight of the near capacity crowd. Matt Smith and Charlie Mass were each members of the top five as well in heat race two.
Heat number three was dominated by Bismarck, ND driver Kenny Klaudt. The second year pilot grabbed the early advantage and rode the middle groove to victory. Second row starter Ryan Restad moved up a couple positions during the 10-lap event to finish second with Ross Romdalvik stealing the final transfer position. Perennial WISSOTA Street Stock front runner Jason VandeKamp finished fourth in Alan Bohlman's car while Benson, Mn driver Scott Huston finished fifth.
Heat race four featured two racing names that have competed at Viking Speedway for quite some time. 40+ year racing veteran Terry Merten battled door to door with second year driver Josh Thoennes during the duration of heat four. Merten worked the middle groove while Thoennes tried to duck under Terry several times. Merten made few mistakes during the contest and went on to score the win. Thoennes finished a close second ahead of the final transferer, Jon Henkemeyer. Buddy Thorstad finished fourth ahead of long time racing veteran Alan Olafson.
WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat race five was dominated early on by Litchfield, Mn driver Pee Wee Kuhnau. Kuhnau would lead until lap four when a breakdown would end his great run. That handed the lead to Madison, Mn driver Marshal Tofte. From there on out it was Tofte pedaling his Perfect Chassis machine to victory ahead of a hard charging Pete Loecken. Speedway regular Dan Greeley stole the final transfer spot ahead of Bemidji's Matt Sparby and Donnelly's Joe Schmidt.
Dalton, Mn father and son duo Travis and Ron Saurer shared row one for heat race six. Travis grabbed the early lead ahead of the elder Saurer while fourth row starter Danny Bayer quickly moved his way to the front. Brandon Nelson looked as if he might be a factor in the outcome early on before contact with the fronstretch wall halted his forward momentum considerably. Bayer moved into third with three laps remaining and closed the gap considerably on Ron for second. In the end it was Travis picking up the heat race win ahead of his father, Ron. Bayer earned the final transfer spot finishing a great run in third ahead of Randy Schumm and "The Franklin Flyer" Dan Menk.

The seventh and final WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat race was dominated by first time visitor Bryan Dyrdahl. Dyrdahl dominated the event from start to finish while fifth starter Nate Barber moved up three positions to finish a great run in second. Speedway regular Kyle Reents made a couple of nice maneuvers in the final laps to grab the final transfer spot while Nick Kipka and Shane Sabraski each finished in the top five finishing order as well.

After the seventh and final WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat race was completed, the speedway welcomed the WISSOTA Street Stocks out onto the speedway for their qualifying events. Each qualifier featured nine cars with ten laps being the distance for each heat. Red River Valley Speedway regular Levi Babcock earned the victory in heat race one. Row four starters Devin Neske and Tim Johnson did their best to work there way to the front while Babcock was on cruise control out front. Hancock, Mn driver Ryan Schroeder finished second while the aformentioned drivers, Neske and Johnson, each locked themselves into Saturday night's A-main with top four finishes. Hanley Falls, Mn driver Brandon Jacobson finished fifth.

After Brooke Hellerman had already scored a heat race win in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified division, one might've thought it was ladies night when Luck, WI driver Chanda Fjorden-Nord took the early lead in heat race two. Fjorden-Nord held the lead until lap six when Western 100 Street Stock champion Cory Tammen overtook her for the lead with a power move in turn three. Fjorden-Nord, however, held strong and finished the race in second which would lock her into Saturday night's $1,000 to win A-main. Scott Huston pedaled his Evolution Chassis machine to a very impressive third place finish while speedway regular Rick Sahli finished fourth. Travis "Trapper" Berends was the final member of the top five.

Outside pole-sitter Jason VandeKamp dissappeared off into the night during action in heat number three for the WISSOTA Streets. Montana WISSOTA Street Stock pilot Adam Burrows looked very strong during the event holding on to a strong second place finish ahead of James Tandeski and a hard charging Rusty Kollman. Kollman started the event tail end and worked his way into the final transfer spot with Harold Peters in fifth.

"Nitro" Jimmy Williams, after taking a year off, made his return to racing in heat race four. Williams would endure heavy pressure early on from Cory Rosen before picking up the hard fought heat race win. Rosen, a perennial Street Stock national front runner, settle for second and locked himself into the A-main. Jamestown, ND driver Spencer Johnson had a great run in his second career visit to Viking finishing third while 2007 WISSOTA Street Stock national champion Cory Crapser finished fourth. Rod Debernardeaux finished fifth.

Ryan Buer and Shawn Wageman battled for the top spot early and often during the fifth and final WISSOTA Street Stock heat race. Buer and Wageman, however, were joined by Dave Rohweder by lap five and the top three competitors battled for the top spot. Rohweder did everything in his power to overtake Wageman for the second spot but had to settle for third in the end. Out front it was all Buer picking up the heat race win. Wageman, Rohweder, Justin Vogel and Mark Blom each were members of the top five as well.
A very stout field of 52 WISSOTA Super Stocks were next on the docket with five big heat races being scheduled for the full fendered machines. Heat number one was dominated by Dr. Scott Brown of Winnipeg, MB. Superior, WI driver Scott Lawrence moved from tail end to pressure Brown in the ladder stages of the event. Lawrence, in only his second ever appearance at the speedway, looked right at home motoring around the top side of the speedway. Dennis Charles and Tim Borgeson each garnered transfer spots in heat race one with Deer Creek Speedway regular Chris Quast also in the top five finishing order.
Lisbon, ND ace Todd Carter was able to score the win in heat race two. Dave Mass, a past winner of the event, steadily moved forward during the ten lap event finishing a close second behind Carter. Speedway regulars Irvin Cook, Corky Thomas and Jon Stepan joined the aformentioned drivers in the top five.

Ever since purchasing a Brunette Chassis in early August, Grove City, Mn driver Zach Schultz has been very steady behind the wheel of his new Super Stock. Heat race three proved to be another successful venture as he scored the win despite some heavy hitters nipping at his heels. Mike Anderson, fresh off a win at the Red Clay Classic, finished a strong second behind Schultz while Joel Collins and Jeff Flaten each picked up transfer spots during the duration of the event as well. Brainerd, Mn ace Tim Johnson finished fifth in heat three.

Speedway regular Mike Peterson did what many have struggled to do at Viking Fall Classic's in the past, thats keep Don Shaw out of the top spot. After starting in row three, Shaw steadily worked his way forward ending a nice run in second behind Peterson. Long time racing veterans Scott Baker and Al Cleveland each picked up transfer spots with Valley City, ND driver Tim Compson finishing up his qualifying effort in the fifth spot.

The fifth and final heat race was dominated by Marshfield, WI driver Curt Myers. The surprise of the event, however, was division rookie Cory Tammen. Tammen, who started the event in row four, steadily worked his way to the front using the extreme top side of the speedway in the process. Once Tammen overtook second he worked the backside of Myers before settling for a hard fought second place finish. Enderlin, ND driver Kevin Robertson finished a strong third with Larry Lund taking home the final transfer spot. Roger Host, in a former Scot Danzeisen Fegers machine, finished the qualifier in the fifth spot.
The high powered WISSOTA Modifieds were next to do battle with five heat race scheduled for the open wheeled machines. The top four from each heat race would lock themselves into Saturday night's 35-lap A-main. Heat race one featured a close battle for the lead between Jamie Lemke and Scot Danzeisen. The top line seemed to be the preferred groove and each competitor tried there best to make it work. Danzeisen pressured Lemke several times but was never able to overtake him for the lead. Back in traffic, ninth starter Scott Tofte moved up four positions during the event ending a nice run in fifth. Out front it was Lemke scoring the heat race win followed by Danzeisen, Bill Mooney, Kent Wilms and the aformentioned Tofte.

Fargo, ND veteran Mike Bruns got the jump on the field in heat race two and never looked back on his way to a mighty impressive heat race win. The battle for the second spot proved to be a good one with Don Eischens ultimately sneaking by John Corell for position in turn three. Jason Thoennes made a late race surge by Joe Bean for the final transfer spot with Bruns cruised on to victory out front. Eischens, Corell, Thoennes and Bean were also members of the top five finishing order.
Outside pole-sitter Mike Anderson grabbed the early lead in heat race three but not without enduring pressure from the #V2 of Joey Jensen. Anderson, however, stretched his lead to three car lengths while row four starter Dave Cain began to pressure Jensen for the second spot. Cain pulled even with Jensen a few times but was never able to make the pass as Jensen held on to the second spot. Out front it was all "Dirt Digger" as Anderson picked up the heat race triumph. Jensen, Cain, Jay Richardson and Mark Trautner were each top fivers as well.
Terry Engebretson checked out on his fellow competitors in heat race four. Engebretson took the lead from the get go while Chad Nieland and Jason Voigt were left to do battle for the second spot. Voigt would venture to the cushion in turn three with four laps remaining overtaking Nieland for the second spot while Nashwauk, Mn driver Ken Hron grabbed the final transfer spot in fourth. Engebretson was followed to the line by Voigt, Nieland, Hron and Dave Storck.
Two of the best Modified drivers to ever strap into a car shared the front row for the fifth and final heat race. Knapp, WI's Craig Thatcher and Blooming Prairie, Mn's Mark Noble were aligned on the front row as head flagman Mike Commerford dropped the green. The red #91of Thatcher slammed the right rear tire on the cushion in turn one and blasted off to the early lead while Noble settled into second. Row three starter Jason Miller quickly moved into third while Noble tried to keep pace with Thatcher. Thatcher continued to run the rim while Noble began to experiment with the bottom. Miller closed in on Noble for the second spot while Thatcher began to stretch his advantage out front. In the end it was all Thatcher picking up the heat win ahead of Noble, Miller, Jay McDonald and Scott Gilbertson.
With the other four division's heat races already in the books, it was now time for a little WISSOTA Late Model qualifying action. 40+ Late Models packed the pit gates with some of WISSOTA's top runners on hand. Lance Mathees used his outside row one starting position to dominate heat race one. Mathees, who traditionally works near the inside tire barrier, had his machine "cowboyed up" on the cushion and cruised on to a relatively easy heat race win. Fargo, ND driver Troy Olson finished a very strong second with Ricky Weiss and Joel Cryderman garnering the final two transfer positions. Bismarck, ND driver Jeremy Keller finished fifth.
Matt Aukland took the lead early on in heat race two while the action behind him was hot and heavy. Fourth row starter Brad Seng used a plethora of moves to work his way to the front disposing of some tough competition in the process. Seng would ultimately find himself in the third spot with two laps remaining as he worked the backside of Dave Tyrchniewicz for second. Seng would pull along side of Tyrchniewicz a couple times but was never able to comindeer the position. Out front it was all Aukland picking up the heat race win. Tyrchniewicz, Seng, Brent Larson and Ryan Corbett were each members of the top five as well.
Heat race three featured the top two runners in WISSOTA national points for the season. Speedway regulars Jeff Wildung and Zach Johnson had the near capacity crowd on their feet as they ignited a battle for the lead in heat three. Wildung moved out front early on after starting in the second row. Third row starter Johnson followed Wildung to the front and began to close in as the laps wore off. Johnson moved to within a car length on the final trip around the speedway but was never able to overtake Wildung for the lead. Blake Jegtvig and Paul Mueller were able to transfer to Saturday night's A-main while Mitch Johnson finished fifth.
Heat race four proved to be the best race of the night for the WISSOTA Late Models. Rick Nelson raced out to an early advantage from his outside row one starting spot while second row starter Jeff Hinkemeyer closed in to do battle on lap four. Hinkemeyer pressured the backside of Nelson during the duration of the ten lap event before briefly taking the lead with three laps remaining. Hinkemeyer bolted by Nelson in turn one with three laps remaining. Nelson, however, returned the favor and ducked back under Hinkemeyer for the top spot as the duo drag raced down the backstretch. From there on out it was Nelson picking up the heat race win. Hinkemeyer had a great run in second ahead of Don Shaw, Andy Simonson and Ben Mickelson.
With all the heat races in the books, Saturday's program was set to run off without a hitch. B-main's would be held in each division to fill out the field in each division as well as Saturday night's Viking Fall Classic A-main events.

WISSOTA Late Models:
Heat 1- Mathees, Olson, Weiss, Cryderman, Keller, Dyrdahl, Corey Nelson, Turnbull, Jeff Pritchard, Mass, R. Corbett
Heat 2- Aukland, Tyrchniewicz, Seng, Larson, Corbett, Zimmerman, Huizenga, Scott Lehn, Miller, Chris Lehn, Jon Henkemeyer
Heat 3- Wildung, Zach Johnson, Jegtvig, Mueller, Mitch Johnson, C. Skytland, Jensen, Kirwin, Mike Bruns, Malsam
Heat 4- Nelson, Hinkemeyer, Shaw, Simonson, Mickelson, Peterson, Eilers, Jason Weis, David Vennard, Greer
WISSOTA Modifieds:
Heat 1- Lemke, Danzeisen, Mooney, Wilms, Tofte, Bitzan, Eddington, Tim Thomas, Muzik, Ed Turnbull, M. Storck
Heat 2- Bruns, Eischens, Corell, Thoennes, Bean, Froehlich, Delaine, Esala, Nystrom, Malmlov
Heat 3- Mike Anderson, Jensen, Cain, Richardson, Mark Trautner, Sabraski, Jegtvig, Sexton, Williamson, Wieberdink
Heat 4- Engebretson, Voigt, Nieland, Hron, D. Storck, Jamie Trautner, Mathison, C. Thomas, Alexander, Matt Gilbertson
Heat 5- Thatcher, Noble, Miller, McDonald, Scott Gilbertson, Blue, Jacobson, Pritchard, Engels, Ohnstadt
WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Heat 1- Brown, Lawrence, Charles, Borgeson, Quast, Blascyk, Chambliss, Dave Jacobson, Veert, Hellerman, Arnold Witt
Heat 2- Carter, Mass, Cook, Thomas, Stepan, Johnson, Thoennes, Gullikson, Hauer, Siegle, Read
Heat 3- Schultz, Anderson, Collins, Flaten, Johnson, Halstrom, Kluver, Pellersels, Rolfson, Kropuenske
Heat 4- Peterson, Shaw, Baker, Cleveland, Compson, Jensen, Sparby, Thieschafer, Gangl, Sauby
Heat 5- Myers, Tammen, Robertson, Lund, Host, Hapala, Thompson, Urseth, Balcaen, Miller
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Heat 1- Hoium, Vezina, Berends, Korey Krafthefer, Berg, Sertich, Young, Kollman, Eberhardt, Mensen
Heat 2- Hellerman, Studanski, Haben, Smith, Charlie Mass, Kahout, Hoffman, Matt Dickie, Wildman, Truesdell
Heat 3- Klaudt, Restad, Romdalvik, VandeKamp, Huston, Schultz, Kyle Krafthefer, Dave Peterson, Deering, Koehntop
Heat 4- Merten, Thoennes, Henkemeyer, Thorstad, Alan Olafson, Czech, Shawn Davis, Vang, Ben Johnson, Don Shaw
Heat 5- Tofte, Loecken, Greeley, Sparby, Schmidt, Zenner, Kuhnau, Ryan Stall, Limoges, Mikkelson
Heat 6- Travis Saurer, Ron Saurer, Bayer, Schumm, Menk, Nelson, Myers, Lund, Zimmerman
Heat 7- Dyrdahl, Barber, Reents, Kipka, Sabraski, Swanson, Possehl, Schroeder, Mohrman
WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Heat 1- Levi Babcock, Schroeder, Neske, Johnson, Jacobson, Christiansen, Jerome Guyot, Laage, Scott Walker
Heat 2- Tammen, Fjorden-Nord, Huston, Sahli, Travis Berends, Podratz, Wall, Carlson, Voigt, Brandon Hilliard
Heat 3- VandeKamp, Burrows, Tandeski, Kollman, Peters, Bangsund, Horn, Justin Pogones, Tim Rhode
Heat 4- Williams, Rosen, Johnson, Crapser, Debernardeaux, Leininger, Sorrell, Jans, Long
Heat 5- Buer, Wageman, Rohweder, Vogel, Blom, Tourville, Hagel, Jim DeRosier, Miller