2008 Badger State Nationals Info
1st Annual Badger State Nationals
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday - September 25th, 26th, & 27th
Cedar Lake Speedway, New Richmond, Wisconsin




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2nd Annual Badger State Nationals - Tire Rule

Topless NASCAR Late Models: Goodyear G45 & G50, Hoosier WRS2-55, American Racer 56 Spec Tire.  Grooving & siping allowed.

IMCA Modifieds: IMCA stamped Hoosier G60-15 to be used on all four corners. No chemical softening, conditioning, or grooving of tires. Tires may be ground or siped within confines of tread (not past factory straight line).

NASCAR Super Stock: Goodyear G60 & G65, Hoosier E-Mod H40.  Grooving & siping allowed.

NASCAR Midwest Modified: Goodyear G60 & G65, Hoosier E-Mod H-40.  Grooving & siping allowed.  Note: Goodyear 8 G60 is also allowed.

NASCAR Street Stocks:
Goodyear 8 G60 & Hoosier E-Mod H40 will be allowed on all four corners.  Grooving and siping allowed.

Pure Stocks:
Hoosier Series 500 tires allowed or DOT approved tires with no wider than 8" measured tread width. No grooving or siping.

Hornets: RULES

Drivers may elect to mix tire brands.  Softening of tires is not allowed and will be penalized.

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